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"No, really. " She said smacking her lips. "My family is very loving. I'm sure you would like them and I know they would like you. " "So? What's the big deal?" Henry asked as he put his numb and damp tool back into hiding. "Everyone I know thinks their parents are weird. ""My parents aren't weird!" She exclaimed. "My family is unusual but in a wonderful and loving way. ""Like what?" He asked. "Well", she started, "we're nudists for one thing. " She watched his eyes carefully. They grew larger as she suspected they would. But no hurt or anger, "that's good" she thought. "So would I have to be nude when I meet them?" he asked. "Yes" she said flatly. "And your mom and dad would be nude too?" Henry's eyes widened.

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  "And my brother, and my sisters, and my grandparents. . " she added. "Jeez!" Exclaimed Henry as he tried to picture the meeting. "What if I get a boner? Christ I'd be so embarrassed. ""Trust me baby," she cooed as she rubbed his package, "you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. And I know my family will make you feel welcome. You know how a belch at the dinner table in some homes is considered a compliment?""Yeah" he smiled. "Well in mine a boner is a compliment!" she giggled. Seeing his relief she added, "I'll set it up for Saturday afternoon if that's OK with you. ""Works for me. " He grinned. "Will I need to bring anything?""Just your boner", she laughed, "and an open mind. " With this she ran off waving her good-bye. 2The directions Tammy gave Henry to her beachside home were clear.

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   What wasn't clear to him was what to wear. She hadn't mentioned swimming so he couldn't just show up in his swim trunks. She had made no mention of what to wear because clothes were taboo. But then he couldn't leave the house nude. Finally he decided on a pair of cotton shorts, sandals and a tee shirt. No underwear. He hardly ever wore underwear anymore. He never wore underwear around Tammy. She hated it. A dash of cologne in a few optimum places and he was off to meet the parents. Henry laughed to himself at the movie industry trying to tell an unusual story with that title. If only they knew his predicament. The only thing he could think to do was masturbate just before leaving. Maybe his boner would stay asleep. He rang the doorbell at three just as Tammy had requested.

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   She answered the door in a clinging silk robe. "Hey!" she smiled and kissed him. "I'm naked under this robe but everyone else is dressed to make you feel more comfortable. How much longer they will stayed dressed though is anyone's guess!" She giggled and tugged at his hand as she closed the door and led him into a large room filled with comfy over-stuffed furniture, a large fireplace, and seven others nervously smiling and moving his way. He glanced quickly at Tammy. Part of him wanting to climb inside the robe with her and hide. He thought about her full supple breasts and the way she shaved her pussy hair like a heart. Her high round ass that caused any cock within fifty yards to dream of fucking it. She caught his gaze and immediately spoke. "Everyone, this is Henry. Henry this is my Dad, Jim. " A tall handsome man with a charming smile took Henry's hand and shook it saying only "Welcome, son. ""My brother Todd," A boy of about twelve or thirteen with jet black hair so opposite Tammy's golden blonde locks, smiled and said "Hey. ""My twin sisters, Ginny and Rosey," Two of the cutest little girls with light golden brown hair and dimpled cheeks walked up to Henry and took either hand. They pulled him to bend over then each kissed him on a side.

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   "I'm Ginny. " said the left. "I'm Rosey. " said the right. "Hi ladies!' Henry said teasing them. They both giggled and wrapped their arms around his legs. Hugging him kid style. "We like him Tammy. " said Ginny "Yeah he's nice. " Said Rosey. Burying her cheek into his leg and hugging him tighter she pressed her nose against the side of his hidden cock. Henry felt a small steam of hot air on his balls and looked down to see Rosey looking up. She gave him a wink and a smile. Tammy rolled her eyes and pulled the twins away much to their obvious disapproval and continued. "My mother, Alice.

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  "A page out of a men's magazine he had beat off to, thought Henry, as a woman with full bra-free breasts and long curvaceous legs ending in the perfect fuck me now ass walked up to him smiling. So much for no boner. His dick came immediately to attention and engaged his brain's fantasy mode as he imagined a hundred ways to fuck sperm into this bewitching receptacle. How easily he could picture her sucking the last of his nut juice from the tip of his spitting cock. "Welcome Henry. " He thought he heard her say as she kissed his cheek and pulled him into a hug that left no doubt the braless boobs were hers and his cock was hot, hard and wanting. He tried to keep his boner from her thigh's touch but she dropped a hand to his lower back and pushed his hips forward just enough to feel his length with her leg. "Thank you. " said Henry and he meant it. "Mom, really. " said Tammy again rolling her eyes. "And finally Gramps and Grams. ""Oh Tammy dear he's perfect. " said Grams as she hugged him much the same as Alice only more subtle. An older but very shapely version of Alice.

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  "Welcome young man. " said Gramps shaking his hand. "Tammy has told us alot about you. I hope you brought your appetite. We're eating off the grill today. Why don't you two go for a swim before we eat. Maybe work up an appetite. " said Gramps looking at Tammy and Henry approvingly. "Good idea. " said Tammy and she again was leading Henry to another room. She led him through the house into the backyard and by the pool. There she dropped her robe. Henry could see her nipples were hard and her pubic hair glistened showing she was turned on. "Come on," she said, "give me your clothes. "Henry stripped quickly and handed all to her.

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   She put the clothes on a bench next to the tall fence that surrounded the property and returned to his side. She looked and noticed he was semi-hard still. She gripped his pole and milked it a little. "Ummm" she said. "Come on now. " said Henry "I'm trying to maintain cool here. ""Remember what I told you?" asked Tammy as she dived into the sparkling pool. Her perfect ass a calling card for Henry to follow. He did. They played underwater touchy feely for awhile. The freedom of being naked and in the water was refreshing and extremely erotic to Henry. He heard the twins come outside with Todd and looked their way. Of course all three were naked and playing with a Frisbee. Todd's penis was limp but a nice size for his age thought Henry. The twin's hairless bodies were tanned and fascinating to observe.

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   Henry felt a little funny about looking at naked little girls trying to catch a peek of their little holes when they jumped for the toy and spread their legs. Once Todd was tired of chasing their poor returns he jumped into the pool. "You guys OK?" He asked Henry from the other end of the pool. Henry just smirked. Tammy was felating him under water. Todd looked down a little and then back at Henry. "She's pretty good at that. " "She can't seem to get enough. " said Henry apologetically. "None of 'em can. " said Todd and smiled. "What do you mean?" asked Henry. "You'll soon see. " replied Todd. Another splash announced Ginny as she frantically swam to Todd with eyes tightly closed.

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   Once there she wrapped her arms and legs around him. "Let me dive off you. " She begged. "OK" said Todd and he helped her up to his shoulders. Ginny's little bare ass pointing at Henry as she climbed her brother's shoulders. Tammy was standing beside Henry now and clapping to encourage her sister. "Me next!" cried Rosey as she jumped naked into the pool next to her brother. Henry thought he saw Rosey playing with Todd's penis and balls while waiting her turn. Ginny concentrating did a nice head first dive off her brother's shoulders and straight towards Henry. He watched her underwater approach then was stunned as she swam straight to his cock and stuffed it (no hands)into her open mouth. Henry instinctively jerked his hips back and his cock free. Ginny surfaced and exclaimed, "I scored. " as she raised one arm triumphantly over her head. "Hey!" Tammy said, "You didn't ask Henry if he wanted to play. It's a game they call torpedo.

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  " she looked at Henry smiling. "And it's OK for them to do that?" asked Henry. "Sure it is," said Alice, "if they want to and you don't mind. " Henry turned to see Tammy's mother totally nude. Her legs were spread slightly above Henry's head and as he looked up he saw her pussy partly open and invitingly damp. "Mr. boner is back," thought Henry as his dick snapped to attention for Tammy's mother. Just then another splash and he had caught Rosey on the end of his dick. She hummed her delight with her mouth full of Henry's cock and then surfaced yelling "SCORE" as Henry sighed his pleasure. Alice sat on the edge of the pool behind Todd at the shallow end. "Mmmm, maybe I should take a turn. " She said this looking right at Henry. She pulled her knees up to her ears and fired a full open beaver shot at Henry's wide open eyes. The first thing he noticed was she had shaved her pussy hair to the shape of a heart, just like Tammy's. He looked at Tammy expecting a jealous frown.


   But instead she was smiling and fondling his balls. "You wanna fuck my mother?" asked Tammy. The flushed look on Henry's face made her continue quickly. "You can if you want. She has a real cum milker of a pussy. " She felt his rock hard shaft and knew she had him wanting. "C'mon" she said and led him by his dick to the other side of the pool. Alice reached down and spread her pussy lips with her fingers as Tammy guided her boyfriend's cock into her mother's hot box. Henry, standing in water just above his knees, found he was the perfect height to fuck Alice's poolside pussy. He would believe anything now, and wasn't surprised as Tammy climbed out of the pool, straddled her mother and planted her muff on Alice's groaning mouth. Todd laid down next where his mother was sitting and being fucked by Henry. Alice reached out and began masturbating her son. While pumping his cock into the slippery grip of Alice's cunt Henry saw the twins come into view playing with themselves. Ginny took Henry's hand and showed him how she like her little clit rubbed. His cum swelling up in his balls now and ready to explode.

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   He pumped Alice's creamy pussy faster. Just before his own cock spit sperm he saw Todd tighten up and shoot his first shot high up on Alice's arm. Then he saw Rosey drop down and swallow his cockhead like a kid after a popsicle. With eyes full of sleepy pleasure she drank his load as if it were pure honey. This erotic sight was too much and Henry pummeled Alice's pussy as he shot his cum high up into it. He wanted to look into her face as he spackled her cunt walls but all he could see was Tammy's ass jerking uncontrollably while her mother sucked out her daughter's orgasming cum. As his own erection subsided Ginny bent down and pulled his shaft out of her mother and swallowed the head. After sucking it dry she looked at her mother and said, "Oh mom, you taste great mixed with him. ""Wow. " Is all Henry could think to say. As he backed off, Tammy dropped and sucked her mother's pussy clean of Henry's gift. "She's right mom," claimed Tammy, "you two taste great!""It's good load. " Alice said and smiled at Henry. "A good load?" thought Henry then followed Alice's gaze to look behind him and saw Gramps decorating Gram's face with his own load as she is squatting and riding on Jim's dick. "Gawd.

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  " Jim groaned. And as Grams cooed and fondled Jim's balls Henry guessed he was cumming deep inside the silver haired box. The twins squealed delight and ran over to their grandmother kissing and licking her face clean. Then Ginny grabbed Gramps' cock and nursed at the tip while Rosey pulled her father's flaccid penis out of her grandmother and sucked it clean, then muff dived Grams to get the rest. "I told you my family was unusual. " Whispered Tammy into Henry's ear. "Aren't they wonderful?" She kissed him and he could smell and taste Alice's creamy soft pussy. "Yeah, wonderful," said Henry, wishing he were hard so he could fuck Tammy's mother again. This is my first. Should I continue the story or give it up and leave the story writing to others. PepperINCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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