a mom and her son pt 2


diana slowly lowered herself down onto brians lap, but as she felt his cock start to penetrate her sopping wet pussy, she hesitated"we have to go slowly brian because this is the biggest cock i have ever had and it has also been awhile for me""ok mom, whatever u say" brian replieddiana then took a deep breath and gently pushed brians cockhead into her slit, and then began impaling herself on the 7 inch rodshe felt an odd mix of pleaseure and pain as brian's manmeat began spreading her vagina walls to their limits, but as she felt her ass touch brians stomach. she knew that she was all the way downthen she began to slowly ride him, gently going up and down and moving side to side as wellbrian was in 7th heaven, as this was his first fuck, and his cock felt like it was going to explode!diana began moaning, "o what a big cock my son has" she thought to herselfsoon after brian began to feel his balls condensing and knew he was going to cumhe pushed diana off of him because he did not want to get her pregnant and once again shot his massive load all over her tits and face"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON"brian and diana turned to see brians 26 yr old cousin kristin standing at the doorway of the condo, scantily clad in a bikini, wearing a shocked expressionbrian spluttered over his words but diana smiled and said "o nothing kristin, do you care to join us?"kristin smiled, and said "i thought you'd never ask" and untied her bikini top and bottom, letting them fall to the floor.Kristen is 26 yrs old, with 34 B breasts and the most incredible ass you could imaginebrian felt his cock becoming hard again, he had always had sort of a crush on kristen and had dreamed of cuking her several times"wow cuz, i didnt kno you were packing such heat" kristen said, as she dropped to her knees and took brain into her mouthDiana slowly began rubbing her clit again, knowing that it was only a matter of time befoire brian would fill her pussy with his enourmous cock againas kristen worked brians cock with her hand and mouth, she remembered back to when she would change brians diapers, and what a small penis he had had then, and what a change it was to the throbbing monster she was sucking on nowbrian pulled his dick out of her mouth and said "bend over kristen, im gonna give u the ride of your life"kristen, more than happy to oblige, bent herself over and began to lick dianas pussy, as brian pointed his cock to her pussy and thrust himself inpt 3 to come, maybe brian's well-hung friend and his girlfriend join in as wellfeedback directed to [email protected]