A Real Dream


I'm only 15, my name is Kandice, I have blonde hair wit streaks of cherry red and auburn, my body is slim and my breast are a delightful 34D. I do get embarrassed due to my breast being so big. In the hallways at school, the boys would give me looks and wolf-whistles, I get I was happy but. . . was that the reason a guy ever really looked at me? I never really went out on dates, or ever really been with a boy. I was more of a stay at home girl, not a goody goody geek, I was naughty at times, but I wasn't a party animal.
After Mommy and Daddy got divorced 2 years ago, I had to help my Daddy around the house, since I lived with him. I got to choose who I wanted to be with, I dearly wanted to stay with Mommy, but she treated me like I wasn't there. It was like when I wanted to do something, or go somewhere, she didn't care where I went or who I hung out with. Oh well, the past is the past, and me and my daddy have gotten so close, I wouldn't know what I would do if I had to leave him or if something happened to him. Something did happen to us though, one night. . . I never really thought of my Daddy in a naughty way, but he was fairly handsom, and I have seen him naked sometimes. He's seen me naked too, it was normal for us, we walked around the house like that sometimes; usually at night-time after taking showers.

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One night I was sleeping, and dreaming of my Daddy. He was touching me in places I never even dreamt a man would touch me. I heard the creaking sound of my door opening, and I opened my eyes just a slit. I saw my daddy entering my room and I sleepily closed my eyes again, but I didn't back to sleep. I heard his footsteps towards my bed, and then I felt him sit besides me. My legs were splayed apart but that was how I slept, but tonight. . . it felt different, and the covers were off of me, almost thrown off my bed. I felt him looking at me and then his lean hands carress my stomach and up to my brest. I moaned under my breath just enough to where he wouldn't have heard me. His hand went up to my right tit and carressed it, tweaking my hard nipple between his thumb and index finger. I then moaned again, this time he could hear it; he looked at me closely and I pretened I was still asleep.
He shifted his hand down my stomach and carressed my inner thighs, then moving his hand on to my panties, feeling the wetness of the pantie crack. He moved his hand up slightly to my throbbing clit and slowly massaged my clit through my panties.

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   I opened my eyes right then and arched my back, moaning "Daddy, oh Daddy that feels so good!" I looked up at him and bit my lip, as he reached up to the band of my panties and lowered them, then running the tip of his index finger up and down my wet and runny slit. I jerked my hips slowly and moaned, then he let go and I looked up at him with my eyes telling him not to stop. I he then got ontop of me and kissed my lips, moving down my neck, my chest, my stomach, my navel, and he stopped at my hairless mound. The only reason I shaved was becuase I didn't like how it felt against my tight low risers.
He kissed my clit and I grabbed the back of his neck, but didn't pull him into me. My wonderful daddy stuck out his tongue ever so lightly and massaged my clit with his tongue. I was about to have a major orgasm right there and then, I was really on the edge of one. He flicked my clit, and sucked on it, making a vibrating sound as if my clit wasbeing pressed into a speaker thats volume was blasted. I wanted to scream but instead I moaned so loudly I could have sworn it went through the whole house. I jerked my hips and arched my back, my pussy tensing up and I squirt my cum all over his beautiful lips, and he licked my pussy all the way up.
He came up and greeted me with a kiss, his tongue creeping past my lips and I tasted myself from him. I thought I tasted good but sweet. He unbottoned my shirt since it was a large button down, one of the few shirts I slept in. He peeled it off me like he was peeling a banana, and he kissed my hard nipples and went back to kissing me. I didn't realize it when he came in but he was wearing only cotton thin boxers and his dick was creeping out of his boxers, poking at my clit.

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"Daddy" I whispered lightly
"Yes, baby?"
"I want you so bad" I moaned to him, and just then he slid his big thick dick inside of me. He was just at my cherry and kissed me hard but oh so lovingly as he pushed gentley pass it. I jerked my hips and moaned so loudly, I could've cracked a window. After a few minutes it felt good, and since my pussy and clit were already so sensitive from his previous actions on me, I cummed instantly. He must have felt how tight my not-so-virgin-pussy was around his dick but then he cummed right inside of me. I knew he wasn't wearing any protection, but at the moment I didn't care. I was with the man I loved, and the man who loved me. If I was pregnant, there many options to choose from. Most likely I'd probably have our baby. I looked at my daddy and he held me tight. "I love you Kandice Kimberly. " A few tears crept down the side of temples and I looked at him and hugged him, kissed him, expressing my love to him and told him I loved him. We had sex again that night.
After what happened, I knew this would be a regular thing in the future, but a loving thing. I loved my Daddy so much and he loved me.

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   I am 20 now and I still live with him. We have 2 beautiful children, my oldest is 3 years and my youngest baby was born just 2 months ago. After Adriana was born, my youngest, we had sex even more. My first born was Antonio Junior. We call him Jr.
Hopefully our actions will not be put onto our children, I wouldn't mind if he kissed my babies or carressed them when they got older, but I want them to find someone else, because I want my Daddy all to myself.
Greedy, I know, right?
Comment please, it was my first ever story, don't be so crude. <3
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