A Second Chance


It was hard to see my little girl become a woman, and even harder to see her change into a beautiful, young lady, so reminiscent of her mother. I began to have dreams of my wife, who appeared very young, very nubile, and very innocent. One night I was looking for a book and found that some sex manuals my wife had purchased had been re-arranged on the shelf. Well, I thought, I guess I don't have to tell my little girl about sex. I felt a bit relieved by that. Before going to bed at night, Sandra would always come into the family room to say good night to me. As my daughter became older and more mature, the flimsier her nightwear became. By fourteen she was wearing only panties and a thin top. I caught myself staring at her virginal, perfect body and had to force my eyes away from her and drive the impure ideas from my brain. I could not help but notice how her young pussy filled out the space between her legs and how her young breasts stretched out the sheer fabric of her top, barely holding back her sharp nipples, which appeared ready to rip through the taut fabric. After she kissed me chastely on the forehead and turned around to walk to her bedroom, my eyes would follow the flow of her young hips, and I would watch her tight ass sway. Now older, her pelvis had flared out like a little lady. As soon as she was out of sight, I would notice my cock was straining for release. I would then wait until I was sure she was asleep and stroke myself off, not needing any porno video or smutty magazine. I was always looking in on her sleeping form, seeing how her sleep had twisted and disarrayed her clothing, revealing the plumpness of her labia and part of a pink areola. Once or twice an entire breast was visible to my wanton eyes.

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   How much I hated myself for thinking evil as I looked upon her. One evening as I was walking down the hall toward my bedroom, I looked in on Sandra once again. After I had watched her for a while, I suspected that she was not really sleeping. My daughter's breathing was too audible and her eyelids seemed to be quivering. I made a pretense of pulling her blanket straight and quickly left the room. After that my daughter seemed to change into a even more seductive and enticing young lady. When I walked down the hallway, the bathroom door would open, and my daughter, wearing only a towel, would suddenly squeeze past me on her way back to her room. Almost always she would brush against me with only the towel tightly wrapped around her body. Now and then her towel loosened and fell open, giving me a glance at her smooth flesh. Then one morning she stopped in front of me clad in a small, damp, and clinging towel. "Daddy, don't forget to pick me up at Darlene's house tonight. " I looked down and gazed on her slim body with her small, firm breasts right there inches from my eyes. I could see down as far as her nipples. This was only a pretext, I realized, to allow me to see her womanhood. "Uhh.

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  . . yeah, no problem," I gulped. She knew I wanted her, wanted her so bad that I ached. She turned to walk away and the towel slid from her youthful body. I saw everything: her silky smooth legs, her soft pubic fur, her tight stomach, her round, firm breasts, and finally her face with its expression of feigned surprise. My daughter said nothing, but her eyes could see mine evaluating her body. Quickly she bent down and grabbed her towel, pressing it against her front. "Oh, I'm sorry, daddy", She mumbled as she backed toward the bathroom with the towel clutched under her neck. I saw a small smile flicker across her pretty face. I stood there. She looked at my face and ran into the bathroom, giving me a nice look at her bare round ass and slim legs. I stood there confused about what just happened. I shook my head and went to my bedroom, waiting until she was in bed so that I could relieve the huge tension she had caused in my swollen penis. I undressed and lay in my bed in just my shorts.

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   In the darkened room my eyes still saw her nakedness, just as she had been only minutes before. I could help myself; I wanted her even though I knew our love was wrong. How could I want so young a girl, and my own daughter too? Later after Sandra had been in her bedroom for a half hour, I began to relieve myself, stroking my hard cock with her image in my mind. I saw her nakedly hovering over me, running her hands lasciviously across her naked skin, wanting me as much as I wanted her. Just as I came, I thought I heard a noise outside my door, but I was too distracted by the moment to care about it. I woke up and saw that it was two in the morning. I got up and walked to the bathroom in by boxers to relieve my bladder. I did not bother with the light because a night-light was on, giving me enough illumination. I lifted up the toilet seat, pulled my dick through my boxers, and began to drain myself. After I started, I heard the door creak open. I turned my head and in the dim light saw my daughter standing in the doorway. She looked at my cock as the last few drops dripped into the bowl. She had seen me naked in the past, but it had been a while. "I'm sorry, daddy", She murmured softly. "I didn't know you were in here.

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  " She turned and ran off to her room. When I finished, I went to the door of her room to speak with her. I knocked on the door. I wanted to know now what was going on. "Um, baby doll, I need to speak to you," I said as I tapped once more the door. I heard the latch click and the door silently opened. Sandra popped her head out and smiled. "Hi daddy", She said, "What is it?" "I'm sorry. I should have locked the door, but I thought you were asleep," I said, looking at her in the dim light. "That's Okay, daddy. I'm a big girl now. " With that I nodded my head and turned back to my bedroom. I knew she was a big girl. "Daddy?" I heard her voice behind me. I turned my face back to her.

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   I could see her face reflecting the bathroom nightlight. "Yes?" I asked softly. "Could I ask you something?" she asked. "Go ahead. . . ask me," I replied. I turned toward her. "Is your. . . you know. . . your penis all right?" "Yes, why are you asking something like that?" "I peeked into your room before, and you were punishing it.

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  " "No, I wasn't, baby doll, I was just a little excited, and I had to calm myself down. " "Did I make you exited?" She asked in a soft, quiet voice. "Just a little, baby. " She was looking down at my boxers, and I already knew my cock had swollen up, but I was hoping it did not show. I turned away from her and walked to my room. "Let's talk about this in the morning, sweetie-baby. " I had to get away, or, who knows? "Sure, daddy, that would be fine," she said to me before I closed my door, my mind churning with mixed and illicit thoughts. I got underneath the blankets and closed my eyes, trying to shut out what was happening. Some minutes later, I heard a click and knew the light on my bedstand was on. I opened my eyes to see Sandra standing right there. "I don't really want to wait until morning, daddy. Maybe I should not act so sexy around you. " "No, baby doll, that's okay. " "No, daddy, I know you haven't had sex, since mommy died, and it must be hard on you. I guess I get you stirred up because I look so much like her.

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   It's natural that I arouse you because every time you look at me, you see mom. " "No," I lied. "It's not like that. " I could see by her face that she did not believe me, so I sat up and put my hand on her arm. "You wouldn't be upset if I said you excited me?" I asked. "No, daddy," she answered. "In fact, I get ideas in my head too," she admitted, "Ideas about us. " Sandra sat on the bed next to me and put her hand on my chest. She leaned down and kissed my lips, lingering just a few seconds too long. Her hand moved along the blanket until she was touching the tent above my hardened manhood. It felt good, but I knew it was wrong, so I pushed her hand away. "Do you want to make believe that I'm mommy?" She whispered seductively. Before I could answer, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against mine. This time she insinuated her sweet tongue into my mouth and nibbled on my lips. I wanted to push her away, but I could not.

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   "This is wrong, baby," I said when we came up for air. "We can't do this; we could get into big trouble if we don't stop. " "I want you to be happy, daddy. It's just the two of us here now, so no one needs to know. You've been lonely for years, and so have I. Please let me help you," she argued, pushing my doubts away. She pressed her lips on mine again. It was impossible to fend her off, and I could not even speak my objections with her lips on mine and her tongue flickering in my mouth. "Baby, I. . . " I still tried to fight my urges when we broke our kiss the next time. Sandra pulled my blanket away and put her finger on my lips. "Shush, daddy, this will make me happy too. " She grasped my sheet and slowly pulled it to the bottom of my bed.

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   She knelt on the bed and pulled off my boxers allowing my hard member to swing free. After kissing me on the lips, my daughter proceeded down my body. First she nibbled on my stiff nipples and kissed my belly button. Then the tip of her tongue slowly worked its way along my erection. I knew she had learned well from my wife's sex books. Glancing up at me with a assuring smile, she said, "Daddy, I've waited so long to do this. " Bending her head down she took the purple head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck me. With a lewd slurp my cock sprang free, glistening with her saliva. "How about that, daddy? Was that good?" Not waiting for an answer, she dragged her tongue down the back of my cock and began to suck on my balls. Moving up from my scrotum all the way to the tip of my dick, Sandra swirled her tongue around the head and then lowered her head onto my cock again. She sucked harder and bobbed her head faster. I was ready to explode, but then she raised her head from me and stood over me on the bed. Sandra yanked her top off and threw it on the floor. Her small, round tits bounced slightly with her movements. She bent over slowly and slid her panties to her ankles and kicked them to the floor.

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   Looking up at her, I could see her cunt was dewy with her excitement. She ran her hands down the sides of her body to her thighs. She was a wanton slut now, needing to fulfill her incestuous needs. My daughter never looked hotter before this. Once more she was resting on my stomach and placed her mouth to mine. She grabbed my large cock and teased it, pushing the head up and down her wet slit, rubbing it on her clitoris, letting it spread her pussy lips. "Baby," I warned, "that might hurt you. Be careful!" "I don't care. " Sandra squatted above my erect prick, still damp from her oral caresses, and put all her weight down on top of me, allowing my cock to drive deep into her wet cunt. I look of pain spread over her sweet, young face. "Owwww!" she whined. She sat frozen for a long while, allowing the pain to dissipate. Then she began to move, first slowly, then with more confidence. She bounced up and down, pinching her nipples. She moaned louder and louder and finally screamed, "Fuck me daddy! Fuck me! Oh shit, daddy, this is so godamned good!" She let out another loud moan and threw herself down on my chest, pressing her breasts against me.


   I could feel the flow of her cum all over my crotch. My groin was completely soaked in her vaginal juices. I knew I was about to come, so I tried to lift her off me. She pulled away and settled herself between my legs. Grasping my cock with both hands she began to jerk me off. "C'mon daddy! Show me how much you love me! Let me make you come. " As she spoke those words, I spurted my load again and again, splattering my cream across both our naked bodies. She rolled back onto me, kissed me and fell asleep sprawled on top of my body. I fell asleep right away. The next morning I woke with her snuggled against me. Sandra was sound asleep. The morning sun glistened off her beautiful hair and her creamy, smooth skin. She looked so peaceful. I glanced at the clock and saw that I had time to really make my daughter a woman before we had to get up for school and work. I rose and found a condom in my bureau.

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   Settling back on the bed, I began to rouse her with little kisses. A smile formed on her lips. Emboldened, I began to kiss my way down her body. I suckled her soft breasts and licked a path to her pussy. My daughter welcomed my advance by spreading her legs apart, allowing my tongue to delve into her wet cunt. "Oh, daddy, that feels so good. Keep doing that," she murmured. Her hands stroked my head, curling my hair around her small fingers. My tongue probed deep, tasting her honeyed juices. The lewd cunt eating was more than enough to arouse me. Covertly, I rolled the condom onto my straining erection. My daughter's young pelvis was rotating under my face. "Okay, baby doll, I'm going to fuck you right now," I announced in a low, firm voice. I raised myself up and pushed her knees apart. "Oh, daddy, I want that so bad!" Sandra cried out.

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   "I'm ready. daddy! Do it!" She stretched her arms out to me while I crawled close enough to press my cock against her wet labia. Feeling the tip touch her, my daughter moaned in anticipation. "You still might hurt a little from last night," I warned. "I don't care, daddy. I want it so bad. " With that, I rubbed my cock up and down her slit to lubricate myself and pushed the head between her lips. Sandra sighed and smiled, so I pushed into her tight vagina. Her lips pursed and she sucked in some air. Was I hurting her? "Don't stop now, daddy," she whined. "Put your big cock all the way inside me. " Firmly, but slowly, I slid deeper into my daughter's wet cunt. She was so wet, that the tightness did not impede me. I had filled her completely. "Oh, daddy, why did I wait so long for this! Your cock feels so good inside my pussy.

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   Go ahead, daddy, fuck me now!" I stroked her gently. Our lips met. I touched her breasts, and she wrapped her hands around my back. I drove in harder, and she locked her legs around my waist, pulling herself against me. Our bodies became moist with our passionate coupling. I could feel her becoming more excited beneath me until, with a quiver, she pulled herself tight against me. "Oh, daddy," she gasped seconds later. "I feel so wonderful. " I continued to drive into her, and Sandra assisted me by rocking her hips in time with my strokes. Her sexy moves drove me over the edge, and I came, pushing my cock deep into her as if to flood her womb with my incestuous cum. This was the best sex I ever had. "Oh yes, baby doll, it does feel so fine. " "Daddy, can I sleep in here with you from now on?" "Yes, baby doll, I wouldn't want it any other way. ".