A short cruis turns into a long one


A Short Cruise Turns into a Long Cruise:      I am a successful businessman who runs a business with offices in several states, and four different countries.   I was setting out to start up four new offices, and the four new vice presidents who were going to run them traveled with me in the company jet.   We all were bringing our families with us.   The morning that we were to get on the plane to start our journey my 19-year-old son was notified that he needed to take some additional classes during the next few weeks, and that he needed to stay home.   My wife decided to stay so that he would have some body to travel with when he could join us. My 16 and 17-year-old daughter’s came with me.
     We made our first stop in Miami were the first office was to be started.   The girls stayed at the hotel with the other families while I worked with the VP for that office getting it going.   We then got back on the plane with the other three families and flew to Houston.   We next went to Juno Alaska and from there we flew to Moscow and then Tokyo.
     In Tokyo I sent the jet back to pick up my wife and son to meet us in Honolulu.   My daughters and I got on a sloop to sail to Hawaii.   After two hours Tricia my 17-year-old daughter asked if they could lie out to get some sun.   I said ok and off she went to get her sister Sally out of the cabin.   About an hour later I set the sloop on automatic and went down to use the head.   When I came back up I moved to the bow to sit and talk to the girls for a bit.

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    When I got forward I was shocked to see Tricia lying face up and Sally was laying face down, both completely naked.   I closed my mouth and decided that the girls were old enough to decide how they wanted to lay out and that if I made a scene about it they would get self conscious about their bodies.
     As we talked I watched as Tricia’s nipples started to get hard in the warm breeze and soon Sally turned onto her back as well.   The girls were lying with their heads at different ends so when Sally turned over her feet were towards me and she had her legs slightly spread giving me a full view of her well trimmed pubic mound and open slit.   I couldn’t take much more so I went back to the wheel and steered for the rest of the day.
     We dropped the anchor for the night in a calm sea and went down into the main cabin to eat and then we went to bed.   For the next three days we had clear skies and fair sailing with the girls laying out every day.   On the fourth day we woke to a storm starting to come up in our direct line of sail for the day.   I changed directions to avoid the storm but it seemed that no matter which way I sailed the storm followed us.   As evening came up I was still trying to out run the storm. The girls stayed below for the whole day and we found that we were not going to be lucky enough to sail around the storm.   Three days later we were still storm lost and looking for a place to put in to wait out the storm.   That evening I spotted a small island on the horizon and aimed for it.   The sloop hit a reef or something on the way into the natural harbor of the island and got a huge hole in the side below the water line so I sailed all the way up onto the beach.
     I quickly set out to secure the sloop on the shore and we found that we could stay inside for the time being to wait out the storm.

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    We were unable to get a mayday out so nobody knew where to look for us.   I was getting overly horny seeing the girls run around in just their panties, but soon the weather cleared up and we were able to get out of the cabin and assess the damage to the sloop.   The damage was enough that we couldn’t fix it on the island.   I tried to get the radio working but it was completely down.
     We spent the next two days finding out about our temporary home and getting a place to sleep set up on dry land.   After two weeks I was staying hard all the time needing to get some pussy.   I didn’t want to use my daughters that way so I would go off and beat my meat on the pretext of using the bathroom.   I knew that my daughters weren’t sexually active but that they both used the pill to control their periods.   Soon two weeks turned into two months and I found it even more impossible to keep my mind off my daughter’s bodies since they were wearing just their panties most days or lying out nude all the time.   Tricia asked me why I didn’t lay out with them, I couldn’t tell her the reason without letting on how horny I was.
     As the weeks went by I found it harder and harder to keep my thoughts away from taking both of my daughter’s and having my way with them.   I went off one day to stroke my meat to ejaculation and heard a strange noise coming from the area that we used for a bathroom.   I moved in quietly and peered through the bushes to see Sally lying back with her legs spread and her hand busy rubbing her extremely wet Pussy to orgasm.   I continued to watch her through three more huge orgasms and snuck off before she could catch me.
     We had been on the island for three and a half months now and I watched the girls go down to the beach to lay out.

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    I waited for a few minutes and walked down to join the girls.   As I neared them I heard Sally say that she thought that she had company while masturbating at the bathroom area.   I made some noise to let them know that I was coming down to the beach.   Tricia raised up on her elbows to see how close I was to them, she smiled at me and asked Sally what she would have done if daddy was watching her masturbate and she spoke up saying that she would be really embarrassed to have me catch her.   I cleared my throat and sat down next to Sally.   Well I said, you both have asked me to join you down here so I thought that I would if you still want me to.   Sally and Tricia jumped up and grabbed me to let me know how much they still wanted me to join them, wrapping their arms around my neck and pressing their naked breast into my arms.   Tricia reached down and undid the snap on my shorts and opened them.   Sally then pulled them down and over my raging hard on letting it flop free and slap her in the face.
     We then lay down to get the suntans and stayed for about a half hour before we decided to go in the water for a swim.   We played around in the water for over an hour dunking each other, and teasing our body parts.   I got to feel both of their Pussies and asses, as well as their breast, and both girls got to grab and hold my Cock.   From that day on we would spend time each day swimming and sunbathing in the nude.   I kept careful watch on the girls to see how often they went to masturbate.   I decided that if they wanted to masturbate that we would do it together and then they could feel better and not have to hide it from me.

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     For the next week we would masturbate together and then Tricia asked me if she could feel my Cock and get me to cum.   I told her sure and Sally watched as Tricia took hold of me and started to pull on it.   I showed her just how to make it feel the best and reached out to play with her clit and slit as she was busy with my Cock.   With me lying on my back and Tricia pulling my Cock I was just about to get her to move over my mouth so that I could start to eat her out but Sally jumped up and came over to us and squatted over my face saying watch me daddy.   I watched as she started to rub faster on her swollen clit but before she could cum I moved her hand away and stroked her slit with my tongue, pushing it into her slit and over her clit.   This caused Sally to squirt her cum into my mouth and over my face.   I pushed two fingers into her tight Pussy to spread it open, and started to fuck them in and out of her.   I soon had both girls screaming in pleasure as I stroked their Pussies.   I brought Sally off five times before Tricia wanted her turn on my face so the girls traded places and Sally knowing how good it felt to her for me to lick and suck on her decided to take me into her mouth.
     I couldn’t take much more so I stopped both girls for a minute and asked Sally if she wanted to feel even better.   When she said yes I had her sit on my stomach and slowly moved her down to be above my rock hard Cock.   I took hold of my Cock and slid it through her slit rubbing it across her engorged clit.   When I had my Cock well juiced up I pushed it into her opening with a lot of resistance.   Finally I got the head inside and stopped, I told Sally that when she was ready she could sit down on me and then I went back to getting Tricia ready so that I could take her cherry as well.   I was lost in my ministration of Tricia when Sally dropped down on my giving out a loud scream of pain.

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    Sally started to pull off of me but I grabbed her and held her in place to let her get used to the feel of being stretched out and Tricia lifted off my face to help Sally out, but that just let me tell them that it would stop hurting in a few minutes at the most and for Sally to just sit there until the pain went away.
     I had Tricia start to rub her back and shoulders to soothe her while I reached down and started to rub her clit giving Sally more pleasure as she got used to the size of my Cock.   Soon Sally was squeezing her Pussy on my Cock.   I helped her lift up and down on me and we got moving in a good rhythm together. Sally began to moan in pleasure as she rode me.   I continued to rub her clit until she had her first orgasm on my Cock.   I then rolled us over keeping my Cock buried inside of her and started to fuck her fast and hard.   Sally was meeting my thrust on each inward plunge.   I brought her to three more orgasms before I felt my own orgasm building.   Remembering that they were both on the pill I didn’t think anything of cumming inside of her so I thrust in as deep as I could feeling my Cock push through her cervix as the first jet of cum shot out of my Cock.   Sally came again as the first jet hit the back of her womb.   I shot what must have been a gallon of sperm into her womb before I stopped shooting off.   I pulled out of Sally while she was cumming down from her orgasm.   I was still hard so I asked Tricia if she wanted to try it out.
     Tricia quickly lay down next to Sally and spread her legs telling me to be gentile with her.

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    I got between her legs and started out rubbing the head of my Cock across her clit and through her extremely wet slit.   I stopped when I was in front of her opening and started to push into her.   I forced the head in and stopped to give her a chance to get used to it.   Then I slowly pushed in an inch at a time until I came against her hymen.   I started to piston in and out in short strokes pushing against her hymen a little more each time I pushed in.   when I thought she was ready I pulled almost all the way out and slammed back in bursting through her hymen and causing her to cry out in both pain and pleasure.   I waited for her to get used to the size of my Cock and then started to pump in and out of her.   I soon got into a nice smooth rhythm, which she was quick to match.   We continued to fuck for a half hour with Tricia cumming six times and each one getting bigger as the pleasure increased.   Finally I felt that I couldn’t go any longer and as I pulled back for that final thrust into her I got her to orgasm one last time and I plunged in to the hilt spearing her cervix and entering her womb as I did with Sally.   I shot seven full streams inside of Tricia filling her just as full as I had Sally, I held my Cock inside of her until I started to shrink finally and popped out of her very swollen Pussy.
     After that day we all slept together having sex as often as we could for the next two weeks.   I would fill their wombs full each time with my virile seed sowing the semen that could knock them up with out thinking anything about it.   I was watching Tricia one day when a thought hit me, neither of the girls had a period for over four weeks.   I called Tricia over and asked her how long it had been since they had any of their pills.

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     Tricia thought about it for a minute and then said that she knew that Sally ran out two days before she had, and that was four days after we landed on this island.   This of course told me that I had been filling my sweet daughter’s highly fertile and unprotected wombs with my highly potent seed causing them both to get pregnant with my children.   That night I talked to both of the girls and told them about my suspicions and we decided that it was already to late to think about birth control, if we got off the island they would like to continue to have unprotected sex with me, no matter how many children I gave them.
     We continued to have sex with me filling them with my seed until we were rescued three months later.   Tricia and Sally were both over three months pregnant by then and we kept it hidden from their mother until I got her alone before she saw the girls and talked to her.   I explained the situation to her and noticed that she looked like she had put on some weight as well.   Cathy my wife confessed that when they thought we were dead that she and our son had consoled each other and wound up having sex as well not thinking about birth control either so she was also three months pregnant with his child.   I smiled and asked if she wanted to keep on having sex with him, or stop and just stay between us.   Cathy said that although Jason wasn’t as big as me that she would rather she fulfilled his needs than him trying to have sex with his sisters.   I agreed and told her that the girls wanted to continue having sex with me even though they knew that she might object.
     That first night back we had a family meeting and I told Jason and the girls that we could go on having sex together but that Jason could not force himself on the girls.   That was four years ago and I now have three daughters and a son by Tricia, two daughter and two sons by Sally and we have three sons and a daughter by Cathy and Jason.   I found out that the island was uncharted and that it was also un-owned so I did all the paper work and now own the island outright, and that is where we decided to live with a huge house built on the island, and we have built a resort for others to come to and use that have found that they are also into incest.   We are raising all of our children to be able to make their own decisions about incest after they get old enough.   None of the children will be made to join us in having sex with siblings or parents.

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    That is my story for now if we have more to tell we will write about it then.       .

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