A Son's Revenge


"What is it mom" Johnny nervously asked"Son I have to be honest. . . I saw you get hard this morning at breakfast" said claire with a devilishly embarrased look on her face. Johnny did not know how to react so he looked down and said nothing. "It is perfectly normal to have these thoughts as i am sure every son wonders about their mothers Johnny. . . did you like what you saw" the last part came as a shock to claire as she did not know why she said it. For some reason she felt her vagina start to moisten, was she really having these feelings toward her son. It had been three years since claire had had a sexual experience, so she quickly rationalized that this was wrong to ask and it was just the lack of intimacy in her life that was causing these feelings toward her son. Beofre she could take it back though Johnny said "uhmm. . . yes mom i did"Feeling a wave of heat come over her, claire stepped back. .

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  . "that is enough Johnny, stay in your room. . . these feelings are wrong and i don;t want to hear about them", it was the only thing she could think of but it did not have the effect she wanted. Johnny was angry now, he felt that his slut mother had teased him by wearing her sexy little outfit, she then antagonized him, and when he went for it tried to punish him. He was angry and he was going to get his revenge. All of the sudden claire saw a look of lust in Johnny's eyes as he was transformed into a wild animal and lost control of his rational emotions. He grabbed her arms and pulled her close, and at the first instant she pulled away but this young buck was too strong and her face was an inch from his. "Johnny what are you doing" said claire in an exasperated tone, she was scared and ashamed but at the same time she felt her pussy get even more moist. "you little cock tease" yelled Johnny, "struttuing around in your little shorts acting like its my fault for getting hard, you got me this way now youre going to fix it""Johnny no this is wrong, i am your mother, please stop" begged claire with an increasing tone of helplesness. Johnny the grabbed a handfull of her hair and pushed her face close to his as he rammed his tongue in her mouth. t first she pulled away but Johnny could have sworn that she kissed him back. "Johnny no please" said claire in a more relaxed voice. "shut up mom you are going to feel my cock inside your little whore pussy soon"Claire tried to break away but in one motion Johnny threw her onto his bed and mounted her.

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   He pinned her hands down with only one of his and ripped her tank top right off. There were his mothers 36d breasts standing with fully erect nipples. At this time claire started to cry and was begging him to stop but Johnny rubbed his cock all over her dark brown nipples. Ozzing with precum he moved his cock down to her shorts and felt the moisture already there. "oh mommy's pussy is already wet, i knew it you little slut you want my cock just as bad as i want to give it to you""no Johnny please" cried claireHe ripped off her shorts and slammed his cock into her wet cunt. after the first stroke claire let out a loud sob and strted crying. "oh god that turns me on even more bitch cry" yelled JohnnyAfter a couple of hard pumps claire started to feel very excited and let out a moan in between sobs. This upset her even more but she could not ignore the nine inch cock thrusting in and out of her tight cunt. Being the first time claire had a cock inside her in three years she started to reach orgasm ver quickly, and thats when the ordeal turned around. he stopped cryng and started moaning very loud. Johnny worked harder and harder, as claire started to come around to the idea of her teenage son's big dick fucking her pussy. She grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. "ok Johnny you wanna play, then make mommy cum, fuck mommy's wet pussy"Johnny couldn't believe his ears his mother was really enjoying this. He fucked her untill he felt her cunt contract and explode with juices. .

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  . "oh god my baby boy is making me cum: called claire. At the same time Johnny's cock exploded and pumped a giand load in claires pussy, and both mother and son looked into each others eyes as they writhed equally in the ecstasy of fucking each other. "Mommy loves it when you fuck her cunt" said claire to Johnny as he gave his final thrust and pulled out of her. Realizing what he had done Johnny got a look of disgust on his face and started walking away. "not so fast baby, lay down its mommy's turn now". . . to be continuedMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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