A Son's Touch (part 3)


Topic: A Son's Touch (Part 3)A Son’s Touch (Part 3) I couldn’t help but think to my self that I was one horny slut; I took my teenage son’s cherry and now literally letting my barely teenaged daughter please me. Her fingers and hand played with my cunt like a pro lesbian. Again she leaned in to my ear as I was just entering a tingling orgasm, “So – was Ritchie any good, can he please a woman or do you need my help too …” OMG – my eyes flicked open looking at my daughter just as an orgasmic wave struck me she inserted her middle finger in my cunt.
 “OOOOhh UUMM … Monica sweetheart (I panted, entering a very stimulating orgasm) … Why would you think Ritchie was … Ohhhhh ahhhh … doing anything with me … oooooohhhhhh … I’m his mother …” words failed me as Monica slipped in a second finger to rapidly throw me into hips thrusting against my teenage daughters hand.
 “Mom I’m almost fifteen … (she leaned in closer to my ear) … your room smells like when daddy is home, the bed sheets are in messed up and I tasted the wet spots before I came in here …” she slipped in a third finger increasing her thrust into my cunt while whispering, “…do you like Mom, I can do much more – I just want in on the action…” my daughter smiled as I bite my lower lip shuddering to her hand job.
 “Let me think about it sweetie… We’ll talk when I’m less … ohhh ummm umm … defenceless!” I smiled and winked at her.
 Monica helped me from the tub, spending a long time patting and rubbing me dry. As she knelt before me her head was right at my crotch, her hand dried my lower legs but her tongue flicked magically across my muff, lingering ever so nicely along my slit. “Monica … your teasing mommy … don’t start something you’re not willing to complete…” I hinted somewhat suggestively.
 She smiled up into my eyes from her submissive position, “Any time Mom – I wasn’t kidding” she whispered through my muff hair.
 “What are you willing to do child … or maybe I should say what do you want …?” I left that fairly open as I replied quite seductively.
 “I want to do everything and anything that your doing mom, I really do …!” she said again through my muff hair as her arms hugged my legs.
 I walked slowly from the room very naked saying to Monica, “Go sit on my bed!” as I hollered “RICHARD … come in here!“ going to my love seat in the corner of the bedroom, sitting with a hint of spread legs.
 I looked at my two – not so innocent teenagers sitting together on the bed facing me … long minutes passed before I could find my voice and figure the direction this was all heading.
 “Richard, it would appear that your sister has put one plus one together to come up with that you are getting some good tail from me … (he turned shyly towards his sister then hung his head, Monica on the other hand was all smiles) … What my intelligent daughter does not know is that all this has happened just today! (OMG I felt myself blushing) What she also does not know is that her brother most definitely has filled my womb with his baby and if he hasn’t fully seceded … will definite have done it by the weekend. (Oh jeez she is still smiling) Your father is unaware of the fall or that your brother is doing an incredible job of  … (I struggled for the appropriate words) … fucking … your mother.

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    And your brother is unaware of the sensual advances you dear girl just made on me!”
There the cards were on the table so to speak (I opened my legs a little wider) “what do we do now?”
I sat in all my 35-year-old exposed glory (smiling to myself with both arms cast helplessly), very happily content in my seduction (somewhat by accident) of my shy virgin son knowing he only wants to think with the head of that magnificent horse-cock in his animal need to drive it into my very tight cunt as he envisioned raping me. Now, (switching my gaze at Monica) what does this horny young lady want other than a little girl-on-girl action – what ultimately does she want?
 Monica surprised me as she bolted off the bed to sit beside me giving me a hug across the chest quickly followed by her hands lightly rubbing then softly kissed my belly, “I very much want one in me, mom!” she replied with such seductive suggestion as she raised her eyes to my face then gave me a simple kiss on the lips.
 “Ritchie can put it in me tonight, can’t he mom?” she cried elaborately.
 “Well – he probably could but I think we are going to have to really hear from all parties to know for sure … (we both looked at Richard) … ” I said quite honestly.
 “I guess so … but she’s just a kid … where as you’re a woman … I would definitely hurt you Sis … and … and … mom hasn’t said yes …” he fumbled with words but I was taken with his concern for his sister and the fact he recognized me as the control.
 “Please … oh please Mommy, make him put a baby in me too…” she begged as she stared me right in the eye then leaned forward hugging my neck.
 “Well I certainly can’t stop you … but Monica, sweetie, Ritchie was telling you the truth … it will take sometime … at least till after I get use of my arms back before I can prepare you …” I replied, “It would be wonderful for both of us to have swollen bellies together, don’t you think?” “Then make him do it mom … let him have me as you watch!” Monica whined.
 “Monica – Listen to mommy … I said you could but I need to prepare you … Ritchie’s penis is very large …” I spoke firmly as I watched my young teenage daughter begin to squirm from a throbbing virgin twat. “Richard, would you be kind enough to slip your pants down …”
 Richard stood slipping down his pants exposing a partially limp penis. Monica’s eyes literally popped out of her head as she stared. “Richard, come over here. Monica I want you to hold it in your hand. ”
I squeezed my tingling cunt muscles together as I was getting excited from this discussion.
 Monica attempted to put her hand around her brother’s cock as she looked to me for advice; “Sweetie, mommy has had a lot more experience than you and if you’d care to examine my vagina you will probably see its pretty tender, trust me your brother is very big. ” Monica released her brothers horse-cock and knelt before my slightly spread legs, I shifted down to open them wider.

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   “That looks pretty red mom … did it hurt?” she cried with her eyes lighting up.
 “Yes it did … it took some work to accommodate your brother…” (I winked at my teenage lover)
 “Mom – I need to do some school work if I want to see you later …” Richard moaned pathetically.
 “If you’d like … Mommy did promise you I’d teach him how to please a woman” I gave him a wink as he left the room.
 “Mom … can I take my clothes off too … would it be ok …” Monica whispered into my ear.
 “You certainly can …” I responded eagerly.
“Down to just us girls…” I smiled as I watched my daughter somewhat eagerly undressed, eyeing for the first time since her first bra fitting and tampon lesson. Before me stood a beautiful young woman with jutting perky breasts of at least a 34 – lovely pointy nipples, a flat athletic tummy and a beautiful triangle of pubic hair. My somewhat excited daughter stood before her mother (reclined back on the love seat) biting her lower lip in anticipation of her readiness of womanhood.
 “Monica, sweetheart … you are a magnificent beautiful specimen of womanhood … do a slow turn around for me …” I breathed with motherly pride.
 “Do I pass mom? Can I … ahh … do it with Ritchie…?” she pranced in nervous anticipation.
 “Oh Sweetie, you definitely pass as a woman … come sit with mommy … (she does, adjusting herself so her legs are spread as mine are) … lets find out how much you know …” I was curious and prepared for her to tell me she has been sexually active already.
 “So honestly, just us girls talking ok … (she nodded affirmative) … how many boys have been sampling the fruit of my lovely daughter?” I asked shifting on the love seat to face her with one knee propped on the couch.
 “That’s simple mom, one!” she openly stated which took me back even though I thought I’d been ready.
 “Oh – would you like to share your conquest of lust with your mother (she looked down embarrassed and blushing) … details girl, details!” I thought I used the correct teenage pyjama voice and tone.
 “Ok, I understand – the Monday after you got me my training bra, Erik – you remember Erik, always coming over here on weekends before they moved away; well he overheard us girls talking, so after school he pulled me into those bushes in the park and checked out my chest … he bite it … (I nodded I understood) … then he lifted my skirt grabbing me between the legs and pulled down my panties … then he laughed telling me to see him when I had a lot of fuzz …” she whispered slightly below a regular tone of speech.

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 “And … what lately … have you …” I started off carefully not even getting finished with my question.
 “Checked out some Internet sites … and … well, watched you and dad every chance I get … and what I just did to you (nodding towards the bathroom) … I figured I’d ask you when I should but …” speech failed Monica but she kept her eyes directly on me as I breathed a silent sigh of relief.
 “My … my – you have been busy!  And what type of girl do you want to become …” I queried.
 “Just like you mom … except I’m curious about another girl … I tasted myself and really like it, so I been really checking out sites and well I really want a baby real bad, even though I’m very young…” she replied so self-confidently.  I sat there for a few minutes wondering to myself, “Monica, have you inserted anything into yourself at any time?
 “Other than my fingers – No, I’m still a full virgin Mom. ” Again replying truthfully.
 I nodded my understanding then asked, “And why do you want to be like mommy?”
 “Because I think your incredible, the guys at school rated you a MILF and daddy calls you an wild slut and now Ritchie is walking around with a hard on and (her eyes lowered shyly) … you taste good and I want to be just like you!” she slipped from her corner to mine giving me a hug.
“Well – Oh My …” helpless without my arms to hug her and overwhelmed by her description of me.
 “Will you teach me to be a wild slut and …and … can I watch Ritchie do you all the time?” She begged. “I really want to see Ritchie put a baby in you and I’m willing to wait till you say I can have one … if you teach me to be with a woman…” With tears of mixed happiness and concern I nodded my head yes saying, “Sweetie, with my arms … I can’t hug or really please you in that way, it will be weeks yet …” “Then let me please you from what I know and PLEASEEEE, let me watch you and Ritchie…” she countered throwing in, “I can start right away, I have no homework…” Was I in over my head, my pussy was tingling from thinking of exploring my daughter, my mind stuck on my young son’s horse cock and desire for me to be pregnant; what in the world was my husband going to think when he walked back into all this and how my children both chose me to be their teacher of sex. I winked at my daughter, “So – you like watching mom getting laid … (she nodded eagerly) and you want to sample mom’s womanly nectar (again she nodded even more enthusiastically) … can you kiss my girl?” I lost – a battle waged inside my burning mind with a direct circuit to my groin.
 My eager daughter straddled my open legs thrusting her silky smooth skin against my bare chest, her erect nipples occasionally flitting across my sensitive breasts while her triangle of hair brushed my belly where her brothers seed lay in my batter uterus, cupping both her hands around my neck giving me a passionate moist kiss which she hungrily fought her way into my slowly opening mouth to play tonsil tag for endless minutes while her weight pinned me in the corner of the love seat. I don’t know where she learnt to kiss but she was incredible. She bathed my cheeks, eyes and neck in a fiery torrent of very tender kisses before once again hungrily devouring her mother’s tongue slowly edging deeper to tongue fuck my throat all the while seductively grinding her virgin twat against me (God I was going to need lessons from her) on exciting a partner.
 My breath was ragged (jeez I was struggling for breath) as my daughter’s hands slowly opened my mouth as she applied her weight fully on me while blowing her hot breath over my ears then proceeded to hold my mouth open so she could get deeper as she relentlessly tongue fucked my throat (OMG now my daughter was taking me by force) as her legs tightened around my sides, she pumped, slid and ground her hot (OMG its slick) gash against my belly as she moaned her way through a early cum.

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   She left me gasping for air as she worked her way lower to my chest sucking on skin (OMG she’ll leave a hickey) as her hands followed suit massaging and mashing my teats; ever so tenderly she drew my erect nipple into her mouth and went to work on them (My cunt was a tingling mass of burning lava waiting to explode) I moaned hotly for release and just as I was to scream she let my nipple go slipping upwards to once again smother me in kisses and tongue fuck my throat (OMG she’s deeper than before) only to repeat the whole process to my other teat.
 “OOOOhhhhh Jjeeezz …don’t … please don’t …your father!” I begged as my lustful teenage daughter branded me with a hickey on my left breast that was incredible painful (and itchy) before she again nibbled, bite and suckled my nipple. The Coe little vixen had her mother simmering.
 Once again she slipped up to passionately kiss me (leaving me nearly blacking out from excitement and lack of air) as she tenderly kissed her way over my belly lingering at the edges of my pubic hair; a wet trail marked her way over my skin from her oozing twat to come to rest on my lower leg. She firmly forced my one leg off the love seat as she winked at me burying her head between my spread. The first touch of her lips and tongue on my molten beaver cascaded me in a gut wrenching orgasm. “OHHH ahhhhhh ummmmm” (biting my lip to stop my wave of orgasm welling from within my sluttish soul) as my daughter planted a new hickey on my inner thigh again branding me as hers.
“Now mother … may I watch Ritchie plant his baby in you … hmmm (her tongue slid up and down my seeping slit lingering just at the edge of my now engorged clit) … you want me to watch don’t you … (again tormenting me as I tried squeezing my thighs together to encourage her to give me release) … he’s going to do you as I hold your hand watching you (she inserted her tongue into my quivering fuck hole) …as you tease him to make babies in your belly … (now giving my enlarged clit a slow lick to its hood as it dug in underneath) …so I can spend all night licking you afterwards (I screamed with an incredible pent-up sexual release as her attention stayed centred on my throbbing clit) … do you want your son on you now … (digging her tongue deep into my gushing pussy)”
 “Oh yes – yes please … I need him now …” I begged my daughter “Mommy needs it bad – ” as she slipped away from my gushing cunt, then helping me to the bed she hollered for my son.
 Ritchie came into the room wondering what was up, “Mom needs you now Ritchie (she slowly pulled back the sheets revealing my opening and closing legs) … undress … hurry … Mom wants it rough and hard, don’t you mom…?” “Oh yes children … mommy’s bad – mommy needs you in her now …” I begged between biting my lip as my hips thrust up in invitation. I watched as my son pulled off his clothes his horse cock already swollen he climbed up on the bed.
 Kneeling on the bed Monica orchestrated my breeding, as Richard closed in to my weeping cunt my daughter took his swollen cock in her hand setting right at my hole as her other hand grasped my shoulder, “Do her Ritchie … make a baby in mom!”
 As Monica held his cock my son rammed his horse cock in my gushing cunt and without waiting began to viciously pounding me; It felt great and my belly ached from his insistent hammering ( I was right – all my son wanted was to fuck my cunt) as he mauled my tits with his mouth all the while see-sawing into me. As promised my daughter held my shoulder changing views to watch her brothers cock slide in/out of my thrusting burning cunt till she came up whispering in my ear, “Its so big … are you getting it good … how will I know when he puts his seed in you?” Needless to say I had my (can’t say hands) my cunt full of raging thrusting animal boy who kept muttering below his breath “Raping you mom … your so tight …my baby…” and as a shameless slut I encouraged all of it with bucking hips helpless to defend myself thus surrendering to my increasing orgasms that escalated into mind boggling delirium as my son’s horse cock retched its way forcefully into my helpless uterus. His staying power was increasing – I was out of my mind (Richard pawed me, his wondering hands feeling between my legs where his cock rode in and out of his helpless mothers’ very swollen gushing twat) as his sister breathed through another orgasm herself.
 Between moans of  her infant passionate Cums, she harassed her brother, “Rape mom, fill her belly (ohhhh Eeiiiooooooo) … Rape her, take her good … Rape her … (barely audible) … then you can have me …”  That did it, he blew an animal load into me coating my walls with multiple blasts of burning cum,
Between my own mind-bending orgasm I called to him repeatedly, “… Richard, NO doing anything to Monica at any time unless you check with me first … Understood!” I spoke very firmly. He finally looked into my eyes and nodded yes as he continued to thrust into me occasional.

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