A Sudden Occurrence


Part 1 There I was one day, sixteen and a loner. I was sitting in my living room playing video games on Saturday when I got really bored. My mom was out so I thought I could get a good jerk out before she got home. I ran throughout the whole apartment to see if Jenny, my sister, was anywhere in sight. I quickly glanced in her room and saw nothing to prove she was home so I went back to my room and hopped into bed. I reached under my bed to find my magazines. I picked one up and flipped through the pages but couldn’t get any response from down under. It was pointless. What I really needed was something real, not some image of perfection playing out some crazy fantasy. I was craving a girl that I could make love to. I lay back, took off my shirt, hitched my pants down, and started to stroke it, hopefully getting something off. I vigorously worked at it, getting slightly aroused. It was nothing incredible. It seemed very boring and I thought about just giving up. But that’s when it happened. My door flew open and Jenny came in hollering, “Hey, do you know where Mom went?” I hadn’t even noticed Jenny was home and was looking for my mom.

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   She must have been sleeping in her room under the covers and with the quick glance I took at her room, I probably didn’t notice her there. This was the worst embarrassment in my life. It took Jenny a second to realize it but my erection was poking a tent in my sheets. She then just stared gawk-eyed and yelled, “Oh my God, what the fuck?” I was frozen from the emotions running through me. A while passed and Jenny finally said, “Well, I guess it’s just nature. You should definitely be more secretive about…that…stuff your doing. ” I responded in a daze with a sigh that almost sounded like “yeah. ” Jenny slowly walked out of my room and closed the door behind her. Upon her leaving, I thought about how sexy she looked. I never looked at Jenny like that until now. But her curves were shown clearly through her free flowing sleepwear bottoms. There were perfectly cut edges on her behind. Her tight shirt revealed her beautiful bosom that I never took notice of. And her blonde hair was flowing in a graceful manner that looked gorgeous. I don’t know what came over me but I was getting hot for Jenny.

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   I knew it was wrong, not only was she a year and a half younger than me, but she was my sister! How could I have thoughts like these? I never thought myself to be perverted or anything. I couldn’t help it though, my hand just reached for my member. I should have noticed this, but the shadow of Jenny was still seeping through the crack under the door. In a rush she burst right back into my room. I put my hands up to my face, thinking she was going to slap me for continuing in masturbation. For some odd reason, I thought she was reprimanding me for thinking sexually about her but how could she have known I was thinking about? I had left my whole lower body unprotected, believing she wouldn’t be as so cruel to knock me with a blow there. Then the weirdest thing in my existence happened, instead of punishing me, she wrapped her hand around my hard penis and started to stroke it. “Hey stupid, you need something more than just those pics. ” I couldn’t believe it, she was jacking me off. Before I could react, she wrapped her mouth around my dick. It was so bitter sweet; this was so wrong yet it felt so divine. I knew what the right thing to do was. I started trying to shake her off by thrusting my pelvis into her face to shake her off. I didn’t want to hurt her by tearing her off by the hair or slapping her around. Every time I pushed against Jenny’s face, the better the blowjob felt.

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   Each time, my cock would go further and further into her oral cavity, giving me such sensations. My sexual intentions were winning the best of me, I needed her now. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her against me. Jenny mumbled that sounded similar to, “Aren’t you having a great time?” “Yes…ugh. ” I couldn’t control myself. I violently pushed upward but she would just swallow me whole. Her tongue flicked at my cock that was buried in her mouth. She swirled her quick action tongue in circles around me, sending shivers through my body. I needed more, it just wasn’t enough. I needed Jenny, I needed her whole body. I could hear muffled noises coming from her throat. It must have been hard to take me all in. I grabbed her head and yanked her forcefully up. “What are you doing? Let me get back to ‘work’!” I held her head stiff so she couldn’t dive back down. “No.

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  ” “What, you don’t like it?” “It’s not that, I just have better ideas. ” My lust was all that was controlling me. I grabbed Jenny’s shoulders and pulled her on top of me. “I want you to feel this too, this great sensation I’m feeling. I want to share it with you, so we are eternally bound. ” Jenny just grinned, dropped her pants, and saddled me. She grabbed my huge throbbing cock and lowered herself onto it. I grabbed her ass and started bouncing her up and down on me while I pushed upward with my hips, getting myself deep inside of her. “Yes…yes…yes!” Her screams could be heard throughout the whole apartment. I lifted my upper body up so that I was face to face with her. I whispered in her ear, “I’m loving it. ” This empowered here to thrust her wet pussy against my long cock with amazing force. While I was doing this, my hands crept up Jenny’s back to unclasp her bra. After it was undone, my prodding hands lifted up her shirt and bra simultaneously revealing a gorgeous chest. In an instant my mouth was attached to a nipple and I was sucking on that tit so hard that it made Jenny yelp with excitement.

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       She grabbed me around my neck and forced my cock even deeper into her. “Fuck me…fuck me…yes…Oh my God, yes!” Jenny was having and orgasm that wrecked her body and forced her to shake all over. However, she kept focus on pounding my penis with precision making me approach climax. Before I would cum though, I would have my own fantasies with Jenny. I pushed her off me to make sure she would get off. She looked quizzically at me, wondering why I would do such a thing. “I need something out of you. ” That quizzical look turned to a grin of anticipation. I forced her onto her hands and knees. There she was, awaiting my prick inside of her dripping pussy. No second thoughts came over my mind, I desired this with all my body. I got on my knees and plunged into the abyss. My hands gripped her ass for balance and I forced my penis deep into her. She screamed in jubilee orgasmic sounds as I pressed into her. I loved her ass, it was such a perfect piece of art.

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       I softly ran my hands down the facets of that godly rear. She quivered in response to my gentle hands. Jenny seemed to be in complete ecstasy, with the rough hammering of her pussy and the soft caresses of my hands. She was in perfect unison with her sexual side. She began to orgasm again, letting the juices flow. Her screams grew louder, a torrent of sound, “Oh dear god, fuck me, yes, I love it! AAAHHH!” I couldn’t take anymore. “I’m going to cum babe. ” “Please, don’t do it in me. We can’t have evidence. ” She said this while gasping for air. With that she got off and fingered herself while she spun around. Jenny dipped her head down and took my gigantic penis in her mouth. “Yes…Yes…I’m…I’m cumming!” I had an amazing climax. I pushed my penis all the way past my sister’s uvula and let out stream after stream of semen. It dribbled down the back of her throat.

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       She kept sucking to make me cum nonstop. It felt so good to me I just collapsed backward onto the soft bed. Jenny went to work on the cleanup, sucking all the semen off while making sure to get every last drop. She licked here and there, making sure she did a good job on the cleanup. My sister climbed slowly up my body and gently lay atop me. All I could muster was, “I love you. ” “You too…” “Are we ever going to do this again?” But by that time my dear sister was asleep, leaving me to look off into the blue, thinking about what I had just done. It was so great but so wrong. What would the repercussions be? My train of thought left off at that I fell asleep, holding onto my naked sister. An hour later, both Jenny and I were awoken by the door opening and slamming shut. We both hurried our clothes on and ran to the front door. It was our mother, staring at us, wondering why we would run to the door in such an unorganized matter. She slowly said, “Hey kids, what’s … up?” There was a slight pause. “And what’s that stuff on your lower lip Jenny?” Jenny and I just glanced each other and giggled. However, our mother was serious and had no idea what just happened.

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       Or did she? And did she want to get into the action to? Because otherwise why wouldn’t she just kill them both. A little smirk came across my face realizing the situation I was about to enter. I think you can figure out what Part 2 will be about. Please mention if I should or shouldn't make Part 2!.

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