A Twin's Dream (Part 1)


Topic: A Twin's Dream (Part 1)A Twin's Dream (Part 1) 

Tim and Jenny were just your ordinary middle school students. Their mother had them when she was 18 years old with her college sweetheart. One interesting fact about them was that they were fraternal twins. They shared all of the same features such as blonde hair, blue eyes, and slimness. They weren’t very tall, both standing at a rough 5’1, which was about average for 13 year olds. They had a very close relationship and considered each other best friends. As Jenny started developing into a very beautiful girl and joined the cheerleading squad, she was hit on constantly by boys at her school. Tim was always the one to protect her.
One day in English class, three boys were giving Jenny a hard time while the teacher put on a very boring video about grammar and sentence structure. She sat toward the back-right of the room, while Tim sat in the back-left. “Stop it, I really don’t want to!” he heard Jenny say. The older of the two boys, clearly the leader of his little group, was nothing to stare at. He was short, stocky, and was clearly just a complete jerk. “Come on, just show me one nipple, I’ll give you $5” he said. With that, he began poking at her and trying to lift up her shirt. The other boys joined in, while the teacher was completely oblivious to what was going on with his face buried behind a newspaper.

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   As soon as the bell rang, Jenny ran out the door quicker than you could imagine, sobbing. The idiots gave each other high fives, and left slowly. Their locker was right outside of the classroom. Tim left the class last, knowing exactly what was going to come next. Tim wasn’t a very large boy, or strong, but he knew how to fight due to his years of experience protecting his sister. While the boys were getting their books for their next class, he went up behind David, the older one, and slammed his head into the locker. He fell down and Tim kicked him in the face, breaking his nose. By now, a small crowd had built up around the clash, so Tim decided that was enough and it was time to go before he got in any trouble.
Tim couldn’t help but replay every second of the earlier events in his head. “You idiot, you’re gonna get suspended now. You’ll get grounded, have detention, and God knows what else mom will decide” he muttered to himself. But he realized that it had to be done; he couldn’t let his sister get pushed around like that, could he? Was there more to it than that? He started going over reasons why he might have acted in the way that he did. He had been in many fights before, but never started them.   When he was about half way home, Jenny caught up to him. She ran to him, threw her arms around him, and kissed him full on the lips.

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   “Thank you Tim, I heard what you did for me. ” He was stunned by the kiss, and couldn’t find a response. She chuckled and walked home with him lovingly with her arm around him.
After that day, Tim knew why he beat up David for his sister. He loved her. He had never really seen her as more than a sister or a best friend, but now something was different. After she kissed him, he started to realize just how beautiful she really was. He started getting feelings for her that he never had before. Rather than battle with these emotions, he embraced them. He knew that there was no girl he would rather be with than his own twin sister. He started to notice her perfectly developing features and knew she would turn out to be extremely beautiful. She already had A cup breasts, perfect thighs, and a nice round ass that accompanied her very slim figure perfectly. He noticed her long flowing blonde hair and how it matched with her ice blue eyes.
Needless to say, the next few weeks were very interesting for Tim. His sister would casually lounge around the house in short shorts and a tank top that tightened to her figure magnificently.

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   Sometimes after cheerleading practice she would be too tired to change and would just stay in her uniform all day. She was wearing more daring clothes lately than she used to, and Tim couldn’t help but wonder if this had anything to do with what had happened. Their mom made steak tonight, which was Jenny’s favorite. She quickly gobbled it up and went up to take a shower and then go to bed. Tim still had about half of his steak left. After he was done, he helped his mom clean up the dishes, and then went upstairs to get ready for bed himself. Fridays were his favorite, because he had all Saturday morning to sleep without any interruptions. After he was done showering, he noticed his mom had gone to bed because all of the lights were off, so he went to bed himself.
Tim tossed and turned for two hours, unable to go to sleep because he couldn’t get his sister dressed in her skimpy uniform out of his head. He finally gave in and stripped off all of his clothes. He started rubbing his cock, eager to let out his load that had been building up all day. He stroked his cock faster, and as he was about to cum, he heard a bang coming from his sister’s room next door. He put on a pair of boxers, not caring that his cock made a tent in them, and went to check on his sister. As he walked into her room, he was something that would change his life forever. His sister was completely naked.

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   He stood there for a minute in shock, admiring the sight. Meanwhile, his cock was pretty much bulging out of his boxers. Then, he noticed what had made the noise. On the floor next to the bed was a large purple dildo that was still vibrating away. Just then he noticed that her pussy was dripping wet. He came to the realization that she must have been masturbating, passed out, and dropped it.
“This isn’t right, she’s your sister” he thought, but the tent in his boxers was saying otherwise. He walked over next to her and turned off the vibrator. He shook her gently to make sure she wasn’t sleeping lightly, and then he climbed into bed with her. He began admiring her body; her budding breasts, her dripping wet bald pussy, her flat stomach. He couldn’t hold himself any longer. He took off his boxers and threw them to the side of the bed. He then gently picked up her hand and wrapped it around his hard cock. He moved it up and down, making her jerk him off. After a little while, he started rubbing his hand around her tits, making her nipples hard.

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   He had never felt anything like it before. He started licking them, and then moved to sucking them. As his tongue flicked over her erect little nubs, he looked up to make sure she was still fast asleep. He moved the covers all the way off her so her whole body was exposed to him. He started rubbing her pussy, moving his hand over the length of the slit, enjoying the wetness. He put himself between her legs, and started licking her pussy generously, lapping up her juices. He loved the taste and the smell. As his tongue moved over her clit, he heard a quiet moan coming from her and he stopped, frozen. After a few seconds, he started licking and sucking some more. His cock was screaming for attention, so he decided to get a little more daring. He moved himself over her so his cock had a clear entrance. He began rubbing it up and down her slit, letting her juices lubricate his throbbing cock. He had made his decision at this moment, and he didn’t care if he woke her up anymore. He was going to fuck his twin sister. The boy pushed his cock gently into her pussy so the head was all the way in and stopped on her hymen.

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   He bent down and sucked on her left nipple as he pushed his cock all the way in, taking her cherry. He heard another gasp and stopped with his cock all the way in Jenny. After a little while, he began pumping in and out slowly, enjoying the feeling of his sister’s virgin pussy. She was extremely wet, and his cock wasn’t that large yet because he had only started developing not too long ago, so it slid in and out easily. He fucked her harder, hearing a faint moan from Jenny every now and then, and letting one out himself about as often. He began really pounding her fuck hole greedily. He couldn’t contain himself any longer and finally grunted and filled up her pussy with a large load of cum. He was sure she would have waked up after that, but she didn’t budge. He then kissed her passionately on the lips, and then went back to his room.
He dreamt about his sister all night. He saw her on top of him fucking him, him doing her doggy style while spanking her little ass, and much more. He had many wet dreams before this, but this one topped them all. He then saw her sucking his cock, and him enjoying the feeling of her warm tongue rubbing over the head of his dick and rolling around on his balls. But this felt real, too real. He woke up in the morning sweating.

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   He didn’t he had woke up at first because he still felt the pleasure of his dream. Then he realized why; as he looked down, he noticed his covers moving up and down in rhythm over his cock, and he could feel the warmth of saliva dripping down his 2 is on the way - please share all opinions and criticism :)
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