A Week To Remember


My name is Carmen, a 35 year old woman who until this past week, had been with no man but my husband for over 18 years.   Before that I had only one other experience with a drunken brother who raped me.   I am no the model that young women of today are, but I am still attractive as I found out.   My 18 year old son and his friend’s were off for a weekend camping trip.   My husband and I thought why shouldn’t we do the same and go off somewhere alone for the weekend.   So the two of us loaded up a car and headed into the mountains and found a quiet little spot in the back country all alone.   It was nestled under fur trees and between a babbling brook and a small lake on a hill.   We thought we were totally alone but we did not think to check out the far side of the lake.
Now my husband wanted to go to be alone all right, with his rod and reel and lures.   The only passionate necking we did was when he needed my blessing to leave me alone at the camp all day and night.   The first day was absolutely boring, so boring in fact that I took full advantage of it and caught up on my sleep.   He returned to camp after sundown with two minnows that he claimed were whales, sort the six inch rule ladies and that isn’t six if it fits in a four inch pocket huh?
The second day started just as badly but this time I wasn’t sleepy.   Now a little about me, I am 5’9” 150 pounds, 42D-30-38, thick in the belly maybe, but not a lot.   Some scars and saggy pockets and two extra long round firm nipples from breast feeding our only child for 4 years, I kid you not.   When they are erect they are almost two full inches round and long.   My husband refers to them as the dial twins.

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   I have raven black hair that flows to my upper hips and brown eyes to match my native cheek bones and heritage.   I also have very defined and soft hairless legs and even my private are is completely hairless after they removed all the follicles.  
I was prancing around in my two piece red bathing suit when I started to get the urge to play with myself.   I went up on the hill to where these flat boulders were protruding from the ground and sort got hot thinking of what happened to me as a young girl.   You see my brother came home drunk and thought I was his girlfriend.   He ripped all my clothes off before I could say a word and then he pounded me from behind before he realized I was not her.   I yanked my bottoms down and bent over the one big high stone and flattened myself out and fingered myself thinking of his truly full six inch cock in my ass.   Then I got so hot I came loud enough to wake the dead.   No of course my husband didn’t hear, he was dreaming of a Trout.
When I pulled up off the stone my top now below my tits and my bottoms on the ground, I sort of sat there panting exposed to the world as I heard a noise from the trees.   I looked up and saw several heads bobbing about.   I quickly dashed behind the big stone with hands covering my bottom and then slowly ebbed back to get my bikini when they started shuffling through the path behind me.   I heard a young voice say, “What on earth was that Frankie?”  The reply came from an equally younger voice came, “Not sure, sounded like someone watching a porno movie or something. ”  Another voice of the same age range called back, “Sam I thought, well I could have sworn I saw the most beautiful woman in the world naked on that boulder up there a few minutes ago. ”  Then another added in, “If it wasn’t a woman than these bears in this place must be sexy as hell.

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I was blushing and a bit puffed up by their complements.   I now had managed to pull on my bottoms and replace my tits inside the top, but I was so embarrassed that I started to slink down the hill to my campsite, when they all walked right up behind me.   They had circled around me and as they did I let a frightful yelp and sank back to the hard rock.   They quickly started to speak apologies, “Sorry miss if we frightened you. ”  “We don’t mean you know harm, please don’t be afraid. ”  “Careful miss you could hurt yourself, forgive our stupidity. ” “We are sort for scarring you like that. ” The words were so many I forgot most of them.   As I sat back then to examine what I saw, in front of me were 8 young boys little younger than my own son and looking more like a bunch of scared rabbits than I. They were clean cut all just at or slightly taller than me, except for one very small boy and one really muscular boy.   They were dressed in trunks and had towels around their necks and it would seem they were returning from a swim.   As I caught my breath, I said, “Oh it’s not a problem boys.   I was just walking around the path and saw a big spider and started crying then when it ran away I was startled by you. ”  I thought my shallow attempt to hide the truth would work.
The one boy with freckles and red hair spoke up and said, “We thought we heard some one moaning up here?”

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    No one moaning here.   I mean I didn’t hear anyone moaning,” I stammered out with.
“We thought some hot babe was having sex,” another boy blurted out before the big boy pushed an elbow in his ribs and said, “Excuse Sam, he is sort of mental sometimes.   What means is that we heard a noise that sounded like some one was in trouble and we came to offer help.   We had no ideal it would be a beautiful lady like you. ”
My face turned bright red and I almost came, as my still tingling pussy felt his words.   Then I stupidly stuck my foot in my mouth with, “Well I am sure if someone were to need your assistance that you are more than adequate to provide what I need…Sorry I mean…What they would need. ”
He blushed and then as the others started back down the hill the smallest one came over took my hand kissed it and said, “Miss it is honor to have met you.   We are camping at the cabin just down the trail there a quarter mile.   Call on us anytime we can help.   We would be delighted to do anything at all to you. ”  His devilish little grin and then his sly soft hand slid up my arm and brushed my right breast.
As he walked away I felt a gushing wet soaking flow come from me.   I had to put my fingers in my mouth and bit them to keep from screaming as I came fully from that youngsters touch.
I went back to camp and inside my tent with my panties in mouth; I fingered myself to four more powerful quakes.

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    Then I stripped myself completely and fell asleep.   I dreamed about them and me and having sex with them and when I awoke my tent was open and my panties were no longer in my mouth but gone along with my bathing suit.   I searched high and low and all I found was one set of small footprints and one large wet spot just outside my tent by the stake.   I also noticed that somehow my nipples were wet and erect a feat for one alone and asleep.
That night after my husband came back tired and sleepy I got up and dressed in my short skimpy T-shirt that barely covered my braless tits and matching high cut shorts with my pockets removed.   Then I slipped off into the woods and towards where the boys were at.   As I walked along at first it was just to see if they were there.   Then after a few minutes it was to see if my missing clothing was there.   When I saw the cabin I admit that was when I started hoping for some action.
I stumbled over some twigs that snapped loudly and for all the world it looked as if they had been placed there.   I was nearly ten yards from the cabin when I heard one of the boys call out, “Is someone there?”
Now I could have hid or ran or even stood silent and they wouldn’t have known it was me, but as I was there I replied, “Yes dear.   I was looking for some help. ”
I pranced now with a purpose in my step as I walked up to find all 8 of them there and two almost naked already.   They had a radio playing music and cards on the table.   The biggest one was dealing as the one at the door led me inside.

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    They stopped and rose to their feet and asked me, “How can we help you miss?”  It was almost a unified reply.
“I seemed to have misplaced something this afternoon, and wondered if you could help me find it?” I said as the small boy approached me.   He was grinning evilly as walked up and took my hand and led me into the center of the room where I was surrounded by them quickly.   Then he asked, “May I help you?”  With that question he kissed my hand.
I shuttered in an odd way and then he asked, “What may we do with you?”
“Anything you wish,” I said in a way that showed exactly how horny I was.
The large boy offered me a glass of wine, but I took the bottle and turned it up and swallowed a large mouthful as two other boys sort of cleared off the table, except for the radio.   Then one of the boys behind me moved up and said, “Miss you are very beautiful, would you care to dance?”
I turned and saw his face clearly and he was so sexy looking that I allowed him the chance and as they found suitable music, we started to slow dance.   His hands slid down to my aching butt and slowly moved over it and then as they did his mouth moved to kiss my cheek and neck.   I felt another pair of hands slowly come around my waist and caress it.   The boy touching my bottom found the holes in the back and slid his hands to touch my flesh and I cooed, “Take me. ”
Hands began to caress my back and as my shirt came up and off my pants went down and away.   Still dancing I felt fingers began to toy with and fondle my nipples and ass.   Then a finger made its way into soaking wet slit and I was guided to the back of the building and one of the beds.   The wine was offered to me and accepted as one of them poured it down me as two mouths fed on my nipples and hands coated my other parts and as my body reclined my legs lifted and a hard cock entered me.   I looked up to see the smallest one naked and shoving his seven inch dick into my cum soaked pussy.

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    Two sets of mouths were smothering each nipple and then a very hard thin cock came towards my mouth and I began to suck it.   I took all five inches in and to the hairy hilt I licked and sucked until the boy exploded inside me.   As soon as he retreated another came to my lips from the other side.   I turned to it and began again just as the small boy began thumping me wildly and shouting out, “I love this woman. ”  I was creaming so much that my pussy squirted all over his lower body.   That act made the boy cum inside me and it was a load.
Another lad got inside my hot box and started to pump me.   He was thicker but not longer and when he bumped me I swallowed the second load from the boy I sucked.   Then came another to my mouth, all the while the boys were also fingering my asshole while sucked me like professionals.
      I was so hot that when the third boy came in my mouth I sucked him until his cock was semi hard again.   The fourth cock came calling in my mouth as the second fucker exploded in my pissing pussy hole.   Streams of hot juices flowed from me and someone was eating me in between fucks.   I didn’t take time to see but their mouth was really good.   Soon a fifth dick came for my mouth and was swallowed whole as the next one to fuck me took their place.   I had so many hands and mouths on my body I lost count.

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        All eight of these boys fucked me and sucked me and I sucked them all off before they were so worn out they were strewn about the cabin puffing and huffing.   All except the small boy, who pulled me from the bed and led my cum soaked body out of the cabin and back up the path to the boulders I had first met them at.   The moon was overhead now a sign that much of the night had passed, as he placed me on the stones and mounted me and began to suck and fuck me wildly.   I was so hot that as I came on his body he stopped just long enough to slurp up my juices then fucked me again.   His cock came and yet he kept going for a longer time than my husband ever did.
    When he was satisfied, he spluttered out, “Meet me here at sunrise in the morning.   If you are late, I will come to your tent and rape you again.   Tonight wasn’t the first time I fucked this sweet ass. ”
    With that he raced down the trail and I staggered naked down the other side to my camp.   My husband was asleep as I slipped down to the stream and in the moonlight bathed.   Then I slipped back naked and wet and slid into my bag beside him.   He woke me just before sunrise and told me he was going fishing again, and then said, “You need to check the tent for holes, I think rained last night and leaked in, the whole damn thing is soaked. ”
    He never noticed I was naked and that my nipples were sticking straight out or that I had dried cum all over my neck.   So as I freshened up and fixed my hair the sun broke over the ridge.   I hurriedly raced up the hillside to the top and there as I did was my small lover waiting for me.

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        Not a word was spoken but I was pulled onto the stone and taken orally first.   He stood over me and lowered his cock and balls to my mouth and after I sucked, licked, nibbled and devoured it, he came in my open mouth fully.   Then he pulled me up and as I was very much naked led me back to his cabin and into the others.
    I was greeted by the other 7 hungry mouths and cocks and very soon I was being passed from bed to bed.   Sucking and being fucked by two at a time until once more I had satisfied all of them and somewhat myself.
    The day had almost turned to afternoon by the time my small lover led me back up the hillside.   Then at the stone bed, he told me, “We want to see you again tonight.   Meet me here after dark naked.   Wear a blindfold and no clothes.   We will make this a night to remember. ”
    I slumped over the stone and fell asleep and stayed there naked and alone for a few hours to I was awaken by rain drops.   I raced down the hill to find my husband sitting skinning his three fish as I ducked into the tent and dressed.   He never even noticed me at all, but the fish he wouldn’t stop playing with even when the rain poured down.
    Along about nightfall he got ready and went back to fish saying, “The rain will draw them up, I’ll be back late. ”
    As he vanished beyond the bushes, I stripped again and in the rain, carrying only a hand made blindfold I walked back to the now muddy wet stones and placed myself upon them covering my eyes.

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        Not more than twenty minutes passed before I was led by the small boy to their cabin.   Inside I was led and left blindfolded and as many hands passed over around and on me, I was devoured, fucked, screwed and made to suck them all while blindfolded that is.
    Suddenly, my blindness was removed and I was exposed to the 8 of them and one additional young boy, my own son.   It was his friends that taken this cabin.   He was smiling at me as he moved to French kiss me and then says, “I have dreamed about this for a long time. ”
    Now I was too hot to stop what I knew would happen.   The others had me so horny that I had no ideal that my son had been the one in my tent jacking off.   Had been with me the two other times hidden among them but now he was taking me.   I was so hot I just let him do me until he came then I pulled him up and sucked his cock clean and then made him promise to take me more often.
    The next morning he came to my tent after sun up, and with the dad gone.   Well he took me in my sleeping bag twice.   I had his cum all over my chest and face as his dad returned and then playing with myself as he skinned more of his catch, but he never noticed.
    When the week ended I was over him, and hot for my boy.   The eight of them and my son gave me a present our last night.   I was taken to the lake and fucked in the water just on the other side of it from my husband.

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        They took me on the shore, in the water and on the dock.   So many and so much that on our ride home he remarked how he witnessed a group of kids fucking some girl crazy.   He said he was upset because they scared the fish off.
    A day or so after we got home, my husband went fishing with his buddy’s for the night.   I went to my sons room and well after that night he pretty much knew he has all of me always.
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