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Rick Johnson was a freshman in college and still lived at home with his mother, father, sister, and aunt. He enjoyed living at home because he saved money on rent and bills (plus, he could keep a close eye on his hot mom, Katie, his gorgeous sister, Patti, and his buxom aunt, Jessica ).
The strange thing about Rick, was that, when he was twelve, and started looking at jack-off books, he realized his cock was much fatter than the ones the guys had. He didn"t really think nothing of it, and just unloaded squirt after creamy squirt of cum on the pages.
It wasn't until high school when he finally got some pussy, when the girl he was pounding started screaming when his dick jammed in and out of her. He was actually giving pain and pleasure at the same time. After he slid out of her, and went home, he looked own on the ground outside of his house. It was one of those red bricks old houses were built with. He picked it up and went up to his room. He pulled out his huge penis, thought about his mother until he was hard, and layed the brick against it. His cock was about two inches longer, but the thickness between the two was the same.
After he fucked two more girls, and word got around. People were calling him "The Brick" Johnson.
Rick worked the third shift so he came down the steps at 9:00 to get some food and watch some television before going to the factory. He was only wearing gym shorts that came halfway down his muscular thighs. His well-formed chest was bare and tan.

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   As he got to the bottom, he stopped at the sounds he heard coming from the living room. "It sounds like some bitch is gettin' it hard!" he whispered. He walked over to the corner and peered around it. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. There, on the chair, was his mom shoving a six-inch dildo in and out of her cunt while watching a porn. She was wearing a bath robe, and one nice-sized tit was out and bouncing with the force. Her long legs were perched up on the small table in front of the reclining chair. It was dark in the room except for the light from the TV shining right on his mom's hairy cunt. By watching this act, his dick was instantly hard, and he brought his hand down to unload it from the hole in the front of his shorts. From the weight, even when he was rock-hard, it still pointed slightly to the ground. The head was like a portabella mushroom, and there were two veins on the side that were the width of human thumbs. He wrapped his fingers around the gigantic piece of meat and started sroking as the dildo in his mom was glistening with her slime.
Katie just noticed the clock on the VCR and knew she had to stop because her son would be coming down soon. She fumbled with the remote, but finally shut the tape off and removed it from the VCR. She didn't have time to take it back upstairs, so she slid it under the couch.

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   She threw her robe back over her legs, and pushed her bare tit back inside. Her husband was on vacation, so he couldn't finish her off, and she was frustrated. Just have to cum later when Rick leaves , she thought.
Rick's eight-inch-round shaft was let down as his holder saw his mom stop fucking herself. He stood there for a minute to let his hot, sweaty cock die down. He loved how it felt when it pressed against his naked thigh; a couple of droplets of clear pre-cum ran down his leg, and he thought he was going to get hard again. He reached in and grabbed a bead of it with his fingers. He brought his hand out, and licked the semen off--he loved the taste of women-cum better, but he still liked his own.
He strolled into the living room and stood in front of his mom. He stole a glance down at her shiny legs when he said, "What are you doing up, Ma? Aren't you tired?"
Katie saw the bulge of her son's flaccid penis inside his tight shorts. She risked a lick across her lips, and responded, "No, I'm not tired, I was just. . . uh. .

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  . watching a little TV. You going to work tonight?"
As he finally realized what he saw between his mom's thighs that were covered with the fabric of the robe, he said, "That depends. I think you forgot somethin', Mom, while you were 'watching a little TV'". He pointed at her crotch where there was a little bump poking out from the still-inserted plastic dong. Katie felt embarrassment as she felt the dildo resting inside her wet vaginal walls. Her head was down, staring at the fake cock sticking out of her pussy when she said in a low tone, "I'm so sorry, Son. I didn't want you to see this. It's just that your Dad's been gone a while, and I'm still a young-enough woman to have needs. " Her head lifted up a bit, and she saw her son's massive thickness pressing against the inside of his shorts. His cock was so long, that the bulbous head was peeking out the bottom a little. Pre-cum was dripping out, and she watched it rickle down his leg. "You forgot something, too, baby. " She gestured at his thigh.
Rick looked down and spread his legs a little; the fat head was peeking out and it was soaked with clear semen.

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   "Well, I guess were both busted, huh? Let me just turn around and I'll put it away. You could do the same with your little toy there.
"If you don't mind, sweety, I would like to look at it longer. I always knew when you were younger that you had a fat dick, but I never dreamed it would have developed into that beast!" She leaned in to get a closer look; she could smell the juices of sweat and cum. Her face was only three inches away from her son's prick-head.
"I don't mind at all, Mom, but I have to see that tiny dildo hanging out of your hairy pussy, so spread 'em wide. ""Oh honey, I've been waiting for you to say that since you strolled in here with that obscene bulge in your shorts. I'll open wide so you could see where you came from. " Katie spread her legs and hooked them on the sides of the chair. She also pulled apart the robe, and showed her son her beautiful fun-bags and overgrown cunt. The dildo was shiny with her cream as it wiggled a little back and forth; there was a tiny puddle of white fluid just under her ass-crack. "Better?""Much. Mom, I hope you don't mind, but I have to release my dick. The pressure's killing me!" He started to rub the apple-sized head that was pouring clear, viscous cream.
"Oh, please do, honey.

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   And after your done, could you pull out this dildo for me? I would love to watch you do that. ""I would like that, Mom. I can't believe we're doing this stuff. It's so awesome!" he said, as he pulled down his shorts. When he ran his hand back up his thigh, he got a handful of his semen. His thick cock was pointing right between his mother's open legs to her soaked cunt.
"Me neither, but we are. And I don't care what anyone else thinks about it. You have the most delicious prick I've ever seen. You're going to hurt me, but I want it in every one of my holes. And by the amount of pre-cum you're leaking, I'll bet you'll have enough regular cum for each hole as well. " She brought her hand down, and started rubbing her clit as she watched her son kneel down in front of her. He placed his hands on each thigh and inhaled. The smell of her vagina made his cock throb.
"Mom, you have a very hairy cunt.

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   Most women shave nowadays, so I'll have to remove all that hair after I slide that dildo out. " He placed his fingers around the plastic dick and watched, in wide-eyed splendor, his mom frigging her clit. He slowly pulled it out, and a moan of passion escaped his mother's lips. A tiny river of white juice ran out of the hole, down her bush, and into her ass-crack. He brought the dong up to his mouth and ran his tongue around the top. He then pointed it at her, and she took it and sucked it all the way in her mouth. The slurping sound her sexy mouth was making made more semen leak from his pulsing cock. "I love the taste of myself, too, but your sister tastes much better. Your Aunt is a little sour, but that's okay. "
Rick was instanty shocked at the thought. He wasn't angry. . . just jealous. His mom ate his sister's and his aunt's sweet snatch before, and, at that thought, he knew he would be cumming buckets.

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"Maybe when your Aunt Jessy comes back from vacation, and Patti gets home next week from school, we'll all have some fun. And if your Father's home by then, maybe he'll indulge as well. Now, go get the shaving stuff so you could remove this mess," she rubbed her cunt-lips hard. "I want some cock, so hurry. ""But first, Ma, I have something for you. " Rick stood up so his mother could get a better look at his horse-member. He still had a handful of his own semen, and he stretched it out to his mom's face.
"Thank you, dear. " She placed her lips on the lake of clear juice, and slurped it all up. He saw her lips shine with his seed, and when she was finished, he said, "I'll be right back. But no playing with yourself; I want all that cum for my stomach. " She was disappointed that the large flesh-snake was taken away from her, but she revelled in the sight of it slapping between her son's muscular thighs. She also loved his nut-cracking ass.
He returned a minute later with a towel, lotion, shaving cream, a razor, and a water bottle. "Please let me touch it first," his mom said.

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  "Oh, don"t worry, you"ll be touching it soon. In fact, you'll be shaving me when I'm done with you. " She settled for pinching her nipples and playing with her tits as her son sprayed the warm water onto her pussy. She gasped as she felt the shaving cream being rubbed on her swollen flaps and labia. He placed the razor on the side of the juicy cunt, and carefully removed the hair in strips.
When he was going to start on the other side, his mom said, "Can I see it yet?" She leaned over and saw the bald spot.
    She used her hand to pull up on the flesh. "Wow! I never realized how bulging my cunt was before with all that hair on it. I hope it doesn't turn you off. ""No way, Ma. I love the way your pussy looks without hair. I can't wait until my face is buried in it. " He finished the other side, and now it was time for the sensitive area. He gently brought the razor over the puffed-out lips and protruding clit.
    " Oooooh , that feels so good, darling.

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       Shave Mommy's pussy for her so I could finally touch that big, fat cock. "When he was done, he wiped the hairs away, and sprayed more water on the bald cunt. After that was dried off, he massaged the lotion over the huge hot-box of his mom. "My turn," he announced.
    His mom stood up and let her robe fall to the floor. As they changed positions, his shaft rubbed against her exposed ass, leaving a streak of his hot jizz. He sat down and his mother knelt between his open thighs, getting as close as she could to the brick-sized dick that was pointing right at her mouth. She rubbed her bare cunt as she sprayed foam on his prick with her other hand. A river of pre-cum spilled down his pulsing cock, and nestled on his large ball-sack. His mother looked up at him with pleading eyes, and begged, "Can I please just have one lick first? Just one, I promise. "
    "Okay. But just one for now; I want my dick shaved clean then sucked off. I have a body full of cum, and I want to spray it right into your beautiful mouth. "She wrapped both hands around the shaving-foamed dick. She didn't jerk it, she just stared at it for a second as she rested her nose against her son's sack.

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       She licked the clear cum that was there and she knew she had never tasted a piece of flesh as good as this. She brought her head back, and stroked the massive log, spreading the cream all over his cock, balls, and even the hair that was on his pelvis. She felt the warmth from his pulsing penis as she started removing all the hair from his nuts. His ass squirmed in the chair as she brought the razor down his shaft over and over again. After that, all of the pubic hair above his dick was taken off.
    She stroked his wet cock with both hands and pleaded, "Can I suck it now, Rick? I need it bad. ""You may suck it, Mother. "
    " Mmmmm . . . okay. " She knew she would really have to try hard to get this monster in her mouth, but it would be fun. She leaned forward and ran her tongue all over the enormous head, sucking up all of her son's fluids. She placed kisses all up and down the fat length. She exercised her mouth muscles, and placed the engorged head in her mouth.


       Only half of it would fit at first. Then her full lips and mouth relaxed, and the head popped in. Her eyes were wide at the girth, and the pressure of it pushing aginst the inside of her cheeks. She pulled it out after testing it, and she said to her son, "Now. I don't care how much it hurts at first, but I want you to stand up, and give Mommy's mouth a real good fucking. I may bleed a little, but that's okay. I want you to force this fucking cock down my throat, Son. If I gag too much, I'll pinch your balls a bit, and just take it out for a second until I can compose myself again. "
    "Whatever you say, Mom. " He stood up and grabbed the back of her head. He forced the head in at once, and waited for her hot mouth to adjust. Watching his brick-dick in his mom's mouth sent jolts of excitement up his cock. He now had both hands on the back of his mother's head and pushed his shaft into her mouth slowly. He saw his mom's throat bulge out as inch after veiny inch slipped inside. Tears were running down his mom's cheeks as the skin at the corners of her mouth split a little, and some blood ran down her chin.

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       Five inches were now in, but his balls got a pinch, so he slid his dick out. He rested it on his mom's chin as she said, "It hurts a little, but the pleasure is much more powerful. Don't worry about the blood, I'm okay. Alright, I think I'm ready for it all now. "
    She stuck her mouth on her son's dripping penis, and she immediately took in the five again. Slowly he forced his member down her thoat, and she was makng " hmmmmmmm " sounds. Finally, all nine were in, and her nose was pressed against his bare pubis. "Here comes the face-fuck of your life, Mom," he announced. He thrusted his hips violently into her, but she was receiving it well. Her mouth was puffed out in an obscene manner as she jammed three finges into her soaked cunt. Every time he would get it all in, he would leave it there for a second. His mom's spit was hanging from the cock and her mouth in ribbons.
    Ten more pumps, and he said, "Here it comes, mom! I'm not going to pull it out; I'm just going to inject your throat with it so swallow it all. "
    He yanked her head into his pubic area as far as it would go. After a moan, his cock pulsed and beat as his seed was being sent into her belly.

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       At the same time, the carpet got drenched with mommy-cum as she was in ecstasy from her own orgasm. While his prick was firing off, she was choking and gagging on the cream. After seven steaming jets of cum filled up his mom, he drew his meat-sword out of her mouth. As soon as he did, gobs of it waterfalled out of her mouth, and ran down her chin, landing on her tits. She swallowed a couple of times, and said, "I'm sorry, honey, but there was just too much of your cum for one person. I hope you have enough left for my pussy and ass?"
    "That's okay, Mom. I'll clean that up. And yes, I have plenty more. " He knelt down in front of his mother, and when he was just about to suck his cum off of his mother's face and tits, they heard, "I hope there's room for one more in there. "
    Standing in the doorway was Rick's sister wearing a French maids' outfit. . . .
    To be cunt-inued. .

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