Adventures with Gwyn: Saturday Morning


Adventures with Gwyn: Saturday Morning

I appreciate the comments and votes, guys, and I'm glad you're enjoying these adventures. This one will catch you up to where things stand today, not counting little developments along the way that would be too boring to write about. My plan (and hopefully Gwyn's) is to have more adventures to write about in the future, but until then I may write more, focusing on how I'd like things to progress. Any thoughts on whether I should do that, or just "keep it real"?

Also, I've been posting anonymously, but I may sign up for an account so that I can post comments, vote on stories, and generally "own" these stories. Just keep that in mind if more of these adventures come from a different username. Of course, I know that leaves me open to having this series get "hijacked", but hopefully my writing style will stand out a little, and people will know if it's me or not. And if it is hijacked by someone who writes better than I do, all the better!

Saturday morning, five a. m. , Ingrid's alarm goes off. I'm tired but not hung over because I didn't drink much the night before. Ingrid was feeling rough, though. But she's a trooper and does what she has to do. I get up with her because I don't think it would be fair for her to get up early alone, especially on a Saturday. Plus, I had things in mind. Gwyn had told us last night she wanted to get up around seven so we could get some chores done. I hoped that was simply a euphemism for what I really wanted.

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Ingrid left just before six, and I got the dogs ready for their morning walk. I thought about taking them for a very long walk to kill more time, but they were being lazy that morning and we were back home by 6:30. I saw that Gwyn's bedroom door was open, and the bathroom door was closed, so I figured she'd gotten up to pee and would want to go back to sleep. She'd drank a lot the night before, so I figured it would be closer to eight than seven that she'd want to wake up.

She came out of the bathroom and smiled at me. She was only wearing a t-shirt and panties, and I was speechless.

"Are you going back to sleep?" I asked. Well, almost speechless, anyway.
"No, I think I'm awake now. "
"How do you feel?"
"Sleepy, still, and a bit of a headache, but I'm okay. "
"You want some coffee?"
"Yea, coffee would be great. "

I started a pot and continued small talk with her. As we talked, we moved into the living room. I sat in my usual spot on our couch, and Gwyn sat on the other couch, catty-cornered to me. I was watching her, waiting for some sign that she was ready to take advantage of our being alone, but she just sat there, looking a little dazed, watching TV.

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   Poor thing, I could tell she wasn't entirely awake and alert, especially when she fell to her side to half lay on the couch.

"I'm going to kiss you," I said, softly.
"You are?"
"If you let me. "

She didn't respond, so I took that as assent. I knelt down beside her, hopping to kiss her on the lips, but her head was turned down to the couch. I kissed her shoulder, then her neck, and she purred, but didn't turn towards me. Not wanting to push anything, I kissed her once more on the neck, then backed off.

"You're so gentle," she said. I didn't really know how to respond. I didn't want to be gentle, I wanted to ravish her. Damned this innate consideration!

"The coffee is ready," I said. "I'll get you a cup. "
"Okay. One sweet-n-low, if you have it. "
"You got it.

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I watched her watch TV, sipping her coffee silently. I don't know if she felt the tension, but I did.

"Well, I'm going to hop in the shower," I said. I was hoping she'd offer to join me, but she just said "Okay. " I was starting to think that nothing was going to happen (you may be noticing a pattern here), and during the shower I considered rubbing one out. Again, I decided on patience, but it was hard. Literally!

I got out of the shower, dried off, and put my "lounging clothes" (the loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt) on and went into the kitchen. The dogs were wanting to go outside, and Gwyn was trying to get the door opened but they were so hyper they kept getting in her way. I laughed and said I'd take care of it, and she moved aside. I pushed through two dogs that made the ruckus of 5, opened the door, and let them out. I closed the door and turned back to Gwyn, to see her looking at me intently.

Before I could say anything, she rushed into my arms, and mimicking the enthusiasm from the night before kissed me with a passion that I've long missed. My hands immediately found their way under her t-shirt, fondling her tits and pulling her nipples. She squirmed against me, her hands rubbing my sides and back. My tongue was deep in her mouth, then hers deep in mine.

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   She reached into my shorts and gripped my cock firmly, but gently, and tugged it a few time. I put my right hand in her panties, finding the access much better this morning than last night, and stroked her pussy. She was so wet, and I was so hard!

I pulled her t-shirt up and started licking and sucking her nipples, and resumed playing with her pussy. My angle to do this made it harder for her to play with my dick, and she let me know she didn't like that. I stood back up and kissed her, and she immediately grabbed it again and started rubbing me. We broke our kiss and smiled, looking deeply into each others eyes. I grabbed her hand and led her back to her bedroom. When we got there, we kissed briefly, then I sat her on the bed.

I pulled her t-shirt off and marveled again at her beautiful boobs, then reached down to her panties. She lifted her ass as I pulled them down, and I got my first look at her pussy. It was fucking beautiful! She was, as I'd determined the night before, almost completely shaved, and the lips were puffy and getting puffier. Her wetness was immediately evident, and I knew I had to finally taste that wonderful cunt!

I laid her back, put her legs on my shoulder (I was kneeling on the floor), and gently licked her labia, brushing against her clit. She responded, so I attacked her ferociously, licking and sucking her sweet juices. While eating her, I stuck a finger in her tight hole, then slowly worked in a second finger. I really just wanted to get the second finger wet with her juices so that I could then push it against her butthole, which she definitely responded too.

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   I decided not to try to enter her ass, because I know some women don't like that and we hadn't talked about it yet. I figured she'd let me know if she wanted it there.

I licked and sucked on her pussy, occasionally letting my tongue travel down to her asshole and lick and probe there. She tasted so sweet and clean, and was squirming so much. I was hoping to make her cum because I didn't know how long I'd last once we started fucking. There was finally no doubt that would happen!

She pushed me off of her and said "Take your clothes off!" I stood up and took off my t-shirt, but she was impatient and pulled my shorts down herself. She looked at my rock hard cock, like she was trying to decide what to do next, then made her decision. She quickly engulfed my dick, taking me almost all the way in, then pulled off to lick my balls while jacking it. She went back to blowing me, moving her smooth, silky mouth up and down on my cock, until I knew if I didn't stop her I was going to cum. I was tempted to let her finish me that way (and she later told me that would have been fine), but I am 45, and couldn't guarantee that I would be able to get hard again (turns out, I would have, with no problem. ) I wanted to fuck this girl, this sister of mine!

She lay back in the bed, and I crawled up her body, kissing and licking my way up to her face, where we passionately kissed again. I lifted up, used my left hand to part her pussy lips, and used my right hand to gently tap her clit with the tip of my cock. She moaned in pleasure, and responded positively when I asked her if she liked that. I rubbed the head all around, spreading her juices (and enjoying watching her squirm in anticipation), then finally positioned it at her entrance. When I pushed it, I slid in easily despite her tightness (all hail Keagle, and his exercises!) and she moaned even louder.

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   I backed out slightly, then pushed in all the way, her legs wrapped around my hips.

I fucked her slow, I fucked her fast, then slow again. Then I had to stop for a minute to keep from cumming. "Don't stop!" she mewled. "I don't want to come yet," I explained. I jumped up and went to grab a towel, knowing this could get messy. I was going to cum bucket loads, no doubt about it.

When I got back, I looked at her laying there, and immediately attacked her pussy again with my mouth. She loved that, as Barry wouldn't eat her after he'd been in her, even if he hand't cum yet. I didn't care; I wanted her in any and every way possible. After a short time of eating her delicious pussy, I again entered her, somewhat roughly, which she loved! I held her legs up by her ankles and pumped in and out, trying not to get too rough with her, but barely able to control myself. I was going to cum and couldn't stop it.

"Do you want me to cum in you, or on you?"
"Whatever you want, precious," she smiled at me, and I lost it. I wanted so badly to pull out of her and spray her down, but it was too late. I was cumming hard, and just could not leave her pussy as I filled it with my sperm.

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   I don't know if it was just the idea of fucking someone new that made it so hot or the fact that she's my sister, but I had to have cum twice or three times as much as normal. I collapsed on top of her, rolling to my side to keep from squashing her (I said before I'm overweight, right?), and just lay there in a daze. I didn't know if she'd cum or not, so I reached down and started fondling her clit. She shivered and said "stop that", pushing my hand away. "I'm too sensitive after," she explained. That answered that question.

We lay there a minute, then I decided to do (or at least try) something my wife never let me do. I figured Gwyn had time to recover, so I slid down until my mouth was over her pussy. I looked up at her, and she looked at me with anticipation in her eyes. I looked at her pussy and was surprised to see it was relatively clean; no cum leaking out. I tentatively licked her clit, then her pussy lips, then started eating her in earnest. As soon as I did that, my cum started leaking, then gushing out and I licked and sucked until it was almost completely gone. I had cum buckets!

She'd grabbed my head and held it in place during this, so even if I'd not wanted to keep eating my own cum I don't think I'd have had much choice. I continued until she shuddered violently, then pushed me away again. I can't honestly say I noticed the taste while eating her, but as soon as I was done I noticed the bitter, cloying nature of my spunk.

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   I'd tasted myself before, but this was different; better, because it was mixed with her pussy juices.

Her cell phone started ringing, and we both bolted up like a shot. It was her husband calling, so I quickly got dressed while she talked to him. I went to the bathroom, and quickly cleaned up with some wet wipes, feeling a little guilty, but better than I had in years. .
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