Afternoon with Mom


I was giving my mom a back rub one afternoon. It was raining and it was something to do. Feeling uninhibited she had decided to take off her clothes and was laying face down on her bed. It really did not seem like a big deal. I'm nineteen and no ones coming over or anything. So I rub her back for about half and hour and finally my hands get tired so I stop. My mother thanks me, and being very nonchalant about it, she turns over, letting me see her. She's not fat, but plumpish. She has large breasts with very large nipples, and a lot of dark pubic hair. She kind of grins at me over her lax attitude, and tell me how nice it is that she can feel relaxed about letting me see her naked like this.
I try not to act overly shy about seeing her like this, and grin back. I simply tell her how nice she looks, which she does. I'm sitting there on the bed with her. I had taken off my t-shirt and was barefoot and only wearing shorts. Mom tells me that maybe I should have my clothes off too, and how nice that would be. I'm sort of hesitant about doing that, but since she doesn't seem very shy about it, I go ahead and slip off my shorts, tossing them aside.

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   My gives this pleased look. It's the first time that we've ever been naked together. It seems a Little strange for a moment, but not bad. Then I feel myself starting to get an erection. My penis goes right on up and there's nothing that I can do to stop it, or to hide the fact that I'm getting a boner.
Mom doesn't look shocked or anything as she watches it happen. She tells me what a nice one I have. I grin a little modestly and it actually feels pretty exciting to be sitting there naked like that with her, and letting her see me having a boner. She casually reaches out to give it an affectionate little squeeze. Figuring if she's going to do that, I reach out to feel her sizable breasts. She lays there, and I sit there, and we do that for a moment in a real relaxed sort of way. It seems quite nice.
Then mom brings herself up a little and gives me a small kiss on the lips.
That's nice, too. I kiss her back.

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While we're doing that, I slowly lean forward and then I'm laying on top of her. She has no objections and we continue to kiss. She moves her legs a little and I feel my erection against her pubic hair. She has her arms around me, and I sort of slide my arms around her. In the process, my stiff penis manages to push between her legs. I feel it coming in contact with her, and I push a little. The next thing I know, the swollen tip of my penis is going into her soft, hairy folds. I'm actually going into her opening. I hear mom murmur a little and I push some more. My erection slides into her wet vagina. She moans again.
It feels so good to be laying there with my penis in her. Slowly, I start fucking her, and mom just lays there letting me do that, loving how it feels. Its kind of strange how remarkable relaxed we both are, the two of us just enjoying the pleasure of being intimate like this. I keep sliding my penis in and out of her, letting her feel how big and stiff she's making my boner, and I'm feeling how wet I'm making her.

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Neither of us seem in any rush and we just lay there making love as if this is something that we do everyday.
I don't know. Maybe we should have been. Maybe we should have started when I was younger. Although I know that mom would not have done that, feeling that she would be taking advantage. Now I'm older and I she figures that I'm perfectly capable of deciding whether or not I want to make love to her in this way. It certainly feels wonderful. Admittedly my experiences with a girl are something that I can count on three fingers. Right then my best friend Josh and I have been enjoying a few homosexually indulgent moments on the side, including anal sex a few times, which we have both enjoyed quite a lot even without being gay. Just as friends. My mother doesn't know, of course, nor does Josh's parents. I have a feeling that would not be too well received.
But here I am having sex with my own mother, and feeling her getting ready to have an orgasm. I work my penis around to help her and it happens. She gasped and holds me tight, arching her back.

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   I keep fucking her the whole time. Just as she is finishing, I feel myself getting ready to ejaculate. I can't hold off any more. I let it happen with my boner deep inside her wet pussy. I know that she's been fixed, which is good. Because I'm not wearing a rubber, and I'm putting my sperm fully into her. She gasps again, loving the sensation of me doing that inside of her.
Even after it's over, it's so wonderful. The only thing that is at all surprising about this, is why hadn't we managed to do this together before?
Oh, well. We have the whole summer ahead of us. .

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