Alex & Angela (part 2)


……. And Alex asked, “When can we do it again?”

“Let my pussy recover first,” Angela laughed. “Damn, you fucked me hard!I thought you said you were going to be gentle. ”

“I thought you were liking the pounding, so I kept banging harder and harder. ”

“Truthfully, I did,” she giggled. “But my pussy still hurts. I got to take another shower to get this cum off my face and clean my cunt. Your cock has my popped cherry blood on it too, why don’t we both jump in the shower. ”

Alex didn’t need to be asked twice and followed his sister into the bathroom. He was getting hard again just watching her splendid young round ass as she stepped into the shower. She turned to him and saw his boner. “Maybe a cold shower for you bro?”

They both laughed and she turned on the hot instead. Angela liked her brother’s big long dick. She lathered it up and rubbed it up and down, from the tip to his large hanging balls. He was as hard as a baseball bat and Angela could tell he wanted to fuck her again but her pussy was hurting, especially after her hymen was broken, so she would have to blow him instead.

She knelt down and the cascading water washed the soap off of Alex’s swollen dink.

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  Angela put his huge organ in her mouth and started going up and down on him. She could only get halfway down before gagging on his large member, but Alex was not complaining. None of the girls he dated ever got his meat fully down their throats, although a couple got damn close. After all, his sister was only thirteen and barely five feet tall. “She’ll have plenty of time to learn,” he thought.

She was a fast learner though, and Alex was ready to blow his load. He thought about telling her first before he came, but decided against it. When she had his cock as far in her mouth as possible, he let go a strong blast of hot cum right down her throat. Her neck snapped back from the force of his cum shot and she gagged and sputtered reflexively. She pulled off his cock but Alex wasn’t done cumming.

“Keep your mouth open,” he ordered and Angela obliged. He shot five more spurts in her sweet soft mouth which landed like white glue on her moist red tongue. She looked up at her brother as if saying “are you done?” and seeing that he was, closed her mouth and swallowed his large load of cum in one big gulp. She loved the salty taste of his hot spunk and knew she would always swallow and never spit.

Angela smiled and Alex said, “You’re so good, let me get you off,” and this time she stood up while he got on his knees.

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  He spread her outside cunt lips and found her very aroused clit ready for the licking. He rubbed it first than started licking and sucking on her hard love button. Then Alex stuck two fingers up her wet twat and felt her hot insides. Her tight vagina was still sore and he did not finger her too hard. After several minutes and multiple orgasms from Angela, he gently spun her around so her sweet round ass was squarely in his face. He spread her soft ass cheeks to reveal her sweet pink puckered asshole. She bent over a little and opened her stance so he could get a better view and position. He put his face right on her soft cheeks and stuck his tongue out to reach her pink dirt hole. She twitched at first like it was a tickle but she liked this new sensation. Angela had not really thought about anal sex much, but now was very interested. Alex continued poking his tongue teasing her pink asshole than started licking it around the edges. “Damn,” Angela thought to herself, “this feels good!”

Alex then took a moistened finger and slowly put it in her asshole. Her cunt was tight, but her shithole was like a vice. With a little force and moving slowly, he got his middle finger all the way into her shitter. He felt over the insides of her hot moist colon and Angela moaned with pleasure.

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  Alex pulled out his finger and offered it to Angela. “Do you want to taste your asshole?” he asked. She looked at his and thought, “why not?” and licked his finger.

Her shitter must have been pretty clean because she could barely taste anything. “It doesn’t taste like shit like I thought it would,” she said.

“You don’t have any shit near your asshole and we’ve been washing for a while, that’s why” Alex answered.

He went back to work on her delicate asshole and even managed to get two fingers fully up her insides. Alex even got up the courage and licked his fingers after he pulled them out of Angela’s shithole. He knew his sister and probably would not have tasted another girl’s dirt hole unless they were damn close!

He was hard again and really wanted to fuck his sister’s asshole, but decided not to push his luck. He let Angela jerk him off into her mouth and she said, “Have you had enough fun for now?”

Alex nodded and they both got out of the shower and dried each other off.

“Thanks for not asking me,” Angela said.

“Ask what?”

“I could tell you wanted to fuck my ass,” she said. “Don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow. ”

Alex smiled and they both went to their separate rooms.

The next day, Angela again came home from volleyball practice but this time with her best friend Jena.

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  “You know Jena, don’t you bro?” she asked Alex.

“Um, sure, hi,” he said. He really didn’t know her except by name. Jena was in the same grade as Angela but was about six months younger. She had light brown hair and had them done up in two long pony tails today. She was slim and fit like Angela but her tits were just starting to bud although looking promising. Apparently she didn’t think her tits were big enough for a bra and had only a white tank top on. Her ass was perfect and her tight fitting white short shorts were outlining her pre-teen cunt lips. “I wonder if she’s aware of that or is it really intentional. ” Alex thought.

“I know you think she’s my best friend, but she really is more than that. ”

Before she could say anything else, Angela put her hand on Jena’s right tit and gave her a deep tongue kiss. She then moved her hand down to those ultra-tight white shorts and rubbed her crotch.

“Well, what do you think?” Angela asked.

“Well, uh, I guess that’s cool.

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  But, I never thought …”

“Don’t worry; I still want you to fuck me.

Alex could not believe it!She told Jena?

“I thought that was our secret!” Alex said.

“Only Jena knows and she won’t tell. Will you Jena?”

“Of course not sweetie!” Jena cried.

“All she wants is to see your big cock bro. Let’s all go up to my room,” Angela ordered.

Reluctantly Alex followed, apparently to pay off this ‘bribe’ of secrecy.

Angela and Jena fondled each other’s asses as they climbed the stairs to the second story. Alex found this to be quite titillating and felt his cock start to stiffen. They all got to Angela’s room and the girls jumped on the bed making out and heavily feeling each other over as if Alex was not even there. Then they took off each other’s shirts. Jena was braless and had only budding breasts, but with very erect nipples. Angela’s wore a pink laced bra but Jena quickly unfastened it and her lovely perky tits were revealed. They started kissing and sucking each other’s breasts and nipples.

Alex’s dick was fully erect at this time and continued to enjoy the show.

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  The girls moved from their tits downwards, kissing and licking their flat smooth stomachs. They had turned around each other in a sixty-nine position so both of them were heading towards each other’s crotch. Angela got to Jena’s short shorts and peeled them off her curvy hips down to her ankles. Jena had on a pair of laced see-through white panties that showed her young hairless slit. Angela licked Jena’s clit through her panties and Jena quivered in pleasure.

Jena wasted no time and tore off Angela’s shorts and pink thong quickly revealing her soft bald twat. Jena’s panties were wet with both Angela’s licking and her own cunt juices so she slid them off. Both girls were not totally naked and licking each other’s hairless nubile cunts. Moans and the lovely smell of hot sweating girls filled the air as the girls pleasured each other with multiple orgasms.

They fingered each other and Alex noticed Angela going into Jena’s tight pink asshole. Jena seemed to enjoy it and started fingering Angela’s dirt hole too. Alex’s pants were stretched to the limit with his hard-on. He had to unzip his pants; the strain was starting to hurt his cock!He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and his huge cock popped out. He started stroking it but the girls were so busy in fucking each other, they didn’t even notice.

Finally, Angela caught her brother out of the corner of her eye and stopped fingering and licking Jena for a second.

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“Jena, look!I told you it was big,” Angela said.

Jena turned wide-eyed to Alex and said to Angela, “That went in you!?!”

“Yeah, did you want to try it on?” Angela smiled ……

----------------I WILL CONTINUE IF YOU READERS WANT ME TO ------------------

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