Alice 5 - A Promise


That night i dreamt about my aunt, Kerry, riding my dick. her beautiful tits bouncing up and down, in time with my thrusts into her shaven pussy. I awoke the next morning, as suspicious we patch marking the front of my boxers.
I made my way downstairs, passing aunty Kerry on the landing. We exchanged a lusty look and i couldn't help but pat her bum as she moved past me. As i descended the staircase, my dick stiffened in my boxers. I quickly dashed to the breakfast bar and sat down, to hide my tented boxers from mum. As i sat there eating my cereal, Alice cam and sat down next to me, her hand brushing my dickhead through my boxers, whilst i stroked her thigh. When my mum was turned around for a while, we stole a quick kiss, and copped a feel of the other; i of her crotch, her of mine.
This was a VERY good start to the day, i thought, as i returned to my room to get dressed for the day. But, when i got in my room, i found a lump in my bed, under the covers. I quietly made my way over to the bed, and without looking at who was in it, climbed in and spooned the occupant, my erect dick drilling into their ass. It was at that point that i found out it was Jenny under the duvet, but that didnt stop me reaching around her to cup and insert a finger into her pussy.
We lay there for a while, my middle finger buried to the hilt in my little cousin's pussy. As i worked it to wetness, i slid my dick out of my boxers and rolled Jenny up onto my stomach. She immediately sat up, which forced my fully erect member into her pussy, until she sat in my lap - the entirety of my 7 inches hidden within her.

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   With her fully clothed above the waist the duvet covering everything below, one wouldn't be able to tell i had penetrated Jenny from the doorway. So it was that we were extremely lucky, for my mum chose that moment to open my bedroom door, and stand in the doorway telling off to me the list of things she wanted done while she was out today. It was an extreme turn-on, thinking that i had my dick firmly inserted inside my preteen cousin, but my mum, stood not 15 feet away was none the wiser.
Almost before the door was fully closed, i started to bounce Jenny up and down on my pole, impaling her on it, sending the waves of pleasure through her again, until it was clear that she was lost in the current. I continued to pump at her, and she started to violently shaking, indicating she was having one hell of an orgasm, and this turn me on no end. I seemed only a second or so after Jenny climaxed that i too came, coating her inner walls and leaking out around my shaft.
I heard a creak - the door was opening, and the duvet had fallen off during our little session, so my incestuously penetrating dick was plain for all to see. . . . . .
To my great relief, it was Kerry, Jenny's mum. If she was shocked or angered to see her 13 year-old daughter impaled on my dick, she showed no sign. She simply entered and shut the door behind her.

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"I see you've had both my duaghters, James" Kerry said softly to me "but, you have yet to fuck me. . . . . you will not forget it when you do, for there is more than one hole to fill, is there not?"
My then-softening dick suddenly leapt back to full-throttle, impaling Jenny anew, and sending a jolting surge of pleasure through her small body.
"Does that mean what i think it means, Kerry?" i asked her"Think what you will, James. know this, though; i will let you do to me what Alice and Jenny are unable to take. . . . . "
Kerry then left the room without another word, leaving me still laid out on my bed, Jenny still with my dick inside her. "Jenny, do you want to go get cleaned up? I have things to do, but we'll do this again later, okay?"
"Yes please, James. I love it when you put your thing inside me!" Jenny responded enthusiastically.

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So it was that for the rest of the day, while i did my chores, that my mind was filled with fantasies involving my aunt Kerry, and imagining what her ass would feel like to fuck. The evening, and what took place, however, is coming soon. . . . . . .
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