All in the family part Two


All in the Family 2

Ok, Now that you have heard how it all started lets get to now. I finally got married and have my own kids. I still sleep with my family members, but my husband does not know about it. I am afraid of what to tell him and what he would think. But now I have too. My family called and told me that one of my nieces, are becoming of age. Her dad is in the military and is over seas and since my husband and I are the closest to them they want my husband to do the job. They want me to have my husband take her virginity. So now I am in a tough spot. I told them to let me see what I could do. So to kind of get my husband in the mood for it, I started to bring home a few teenagers from work that were very cute. We would all sit around have some drinks, play some games. I would work my way to kissing them and finally get these girls naked. I would eat them out and tell them to suck my husbands cock, then let him fuck the girls, and me. It worked he started to crave teenagers, I could see it and I knew it. We slept with six girls and he loved it every time and would ask when I wanted to do it again.

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   So now I sort of wheeled him in. I asked him what he would think of if I could get him a virgin and let him take her virginity. He thought that was the sweetest thing. He even asked me if I knew of one already. I told him I indeed did and I was actually asked if he would take it for her. That it would just be the two of them and not a threesome this time. He was in total shock and didn’t believe his ears he thought I was messing with him. I told him I wasn’t. I talked to my family and told them he was game so far. I picked her up and we talked on the ride over to my house. I asked her if she knew what was going on. She said it was suppose to be something for her birthday and that she was becoming of age what ever that meant. So I told her that she will like what is about to happen to her. That I went through this when I was her age and I have never looked back. We got back to the house and I led her in.

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   I walked her to the bedroom and told her this is where it is all going to happen. She asked me what was going to happen and I told her she will see in a bit. We sat on the bed and talked a little bit more. I heard my husband pull in and told her to sit still her gift just showed up. I walked out and met my husband. I told him to strip down that his gift was in the bedroom ready for him. He was all excited. He quickly got undress and followed me to the bedroom. I told him to wait in the hall while I talked to her. I went in and told her the time has come for her to come of age. That I will be in there to watch everything and that I wanted her to just do what she is told and relax and enjoy her self. She agreed that she would try since she didn’t know what was planned. So I turned the lights down just enough to see her and her body but to dim out everything else. I opened the door and told my husband to come on in. he walked in with his cock exposed, and you could see her gasp.

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   I told her that in our family, we lose our virginity to a family member at the age of 16. I told her that her dad was suppose to do it and since he was over sea’s that her mom asked if my husband would do it for her. My husband and her were both in shock. I led my husband to the bed and made him sit down. I sat next to them and started to jack my husbands cock while I talked to them, I kept seeing her glance at it while we talked. I told her to put her hand around it that it was ok. She did as I said and now I had her where I wanted her. She was jacking my husband off while I continued to tell them about my 16th birthday. This was the first my husband has ever heard of it. I told her that she was rubbing his cock very well, and asked her if she could kiss the head of it. She bent down and placed her lips on the tip and gave it a kiss. I told her to do it again and this time longer. She did as I asked her and while she was kissing it I told her to part her lips a little. When she did I grabbed the back of her head and forced her lips open with his cock head. She had the tip of his cock in her mouth and I told her to bob it in and out of her mouth.

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   She asked me what I meant and I decided to show her. I took my husband into my mouth and started to move it in and out. I made sure she saw how I used my tongue and hands to get all of the shaft while I made sure I hit every part of the head. After I blew my husband for a bit I asked her if she thought she understood. She said she thought so and she replaced my hand with hers and my mouth with her’s. She started to suck my husbands cock just the way I showed her. I was very proud of her. You could tell my husband liked it. He closed his eyes and leaned further back on the bed. While she was sucking on my husbands cock I slid of her bottoms and exposed her ass and pussy. Wow she looked so yummy. I told her to hold up a second and I helped her remove her top. I saw my husbands eyes light up when he saw her perfect little titties. My husband sat up a bit and took her nipples into his mouth and started to suck on each tit back and forth. I told her to climb on top of him and place her pussy in front of his face while she continued to suck on his cock.

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   She did as she was told and my husband dove right in to her pussy and started to lick her clit and lips. She moaned as she placed his cock back in her mouth and continued. I told her no matter what happens to not stop sucking on him. I whispered into his ear that I wanted him to cum in her mouth. He nodded while he kept eating her virgin pussy. He was driving his tongue deep in her hole. He started to use his fingers in her pussy and in her ass. She was going crazy, but she never stopped sucking like I told her too. She did get surprised when my husband brought her to her first orgasm and I told her she will have many of them and that they get more intense when she has more and more durning the period that she is having sex. She kept going till my husband said he was going to cum, I told her that he was going to be shooting sperm into her mouth and that I want her to swallow and suck it all up. I told her that I didn’t want her spilling any of it. She kept sucking and using her hands, when he started to explode into her mouth. I saw her swallowing away. But she never missed any. She closed her eyes and gulped it all down.

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   When my husband stopped spurtting into her mouth I told her she could stop sucking. She got off my husband and I asked her how it was. She said it was fun and very salty. I laughed and told my husband to go ahead and walk it off that he was not finished. She asked what was next and I told her that now she was going to fuck the same cock that she was just sucking on. I had her lay back on the bed and told my husband to mount her. My husband did as I told him, he placed his cock head at her pussy lips and slowly inserted his cock into her. She let out a little yelp and bit her lip. He was able to squeeze all of himself into her after a little while. I told him that I want him to fuck her and make her cum. My husband started in and out of her and she was really getting into it. He grabbed her legs and placed them in his shoulders and got as deep as possible into her pussy. She was loving it. He switched her to doggie style for a while, then he had her flat on her belly, he fucked her sideways and any other way he could think of. She was moaning and screaming and having so many orgasms.

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   When my husband was sweaty and panting I told him I wanted him to fuck her virgin ass. He bent her back into the doggie position and he eased his cock into her ass. He started to fuck her hard and fast. He was pounding the shit out of her ass, when my husband said he was ready to cum, I told him I want him back in her pussy. He did what I told him and he fucked her from behind again. When he was ready he thrust him self deep inside her and they came together. They folded on the bed together spent. I asked her it was and she said it was totally awesome and fucking fantastic. She asked if she could do it again and I told her she was not done yet. I laid her on her back and I started to eat her out. I had her having orgasms with in minutes. I placed my pussy in front of her face and told her to do everything I do to her to me. She did as I told her when I licked and sucked her pussy she did the same to me. When I started to finger her pussy I felt her fingers go into mine, when I placed a finger in her ass she had one in mine. We did this for a long while I couldn’t get enough of her pussy.

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   I think she was enjoying her new experience of pussy too. She never came up for air it seems. After her and I got each other off a few times I told her it was time for her first 3 some and told my husband to get back onto the bed. I dropped below her legs, he placed his cock back in her mouth. I watched her suck of my husband again while I was eating her pussy. When my husband was hard I told her to get back into the 69 position and told my husband to fuck me. My husband would go back and forth between my pussy and her mouth. It was hot as hell then we switched places again and my husband would bounce back and forth between her pussy and my mouth. I could taste every juice of her on his cock. It was the greatest thing ever. We fucked in so many different positions that night. When we all came we laid in the bed to rest up. I told her that her night just started and told my husband even tho it was not his 16th birthday his was not over yet either. I told him to go into our room and lay in bed and told her to stay where she was. I went out and started calling all the family members I could reach and all night long my husband fucked any female in the family that was older then 16 and she was fucked by all the males that were older then 16.

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   When the next day came around I checked on my husband, who at the time had my mom and one of my aunts with him, he was still going strong. When they finished I went in and broke the news to him that now he knows the family secret that when our kids reach the age him and I will have to break them in too, But that will be a story for another time.

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