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He was late, again and his excuse was he was at Barb's house. He was always up her butt, but not in the way he really wanted to be. No, she was to busy letting every other boy fuck her other than her boyfriend, my dopey brother. "Your were suppose to help me with my home work over an hour ago", I complain. "Well I'm hear now", He tells me like so stupid not to see him standing there. I turn and head up the stair case.

Fuck Barb was suck a tease. I wasn't dumb, I knew she was sleeping around, that's why I decided to ask her out. She was suppose to be easy by she wouldn't let me at that cunt. I was 16 and still a virgin, actually one of the few virgins left in my class. As my sister climbed the stairs I watched her ass. She had a short skirt on with some tight white panties on. She would never wear anything so revealing outside but at home why not be comfortable, right. I couldn't help wondering if she'd let her big brother get at her pussy. If I didn't get some soon, I'd go crazy. "Are you coming", she turned and asked.

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   "Oh, yeah. Right behind you".

"I hate History so much", I commented as he corrected some of my answers. Something was wrong with him today. He phone rang. "Its Barb, Maybe I shouldn't answer", he said holding his cell. "Why don't you just tell her off?". He looked at me like I had just said the craziest thing in the world. "Your only 14, your to young to understand, She's the only girl that will. . . you. . . know.

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  . . ", He let the sentence hanging. "Fuck you?", I finished the sentence for him.

I can't believe she said that and so nonchalantly. She got up from the small table in her room. "I think you don't give your self enough credit. Maybe if you were nicer to girls", I cut her off. "I'm nice to girls, ain't I?". She continued, "Maybe if you acted more romantic and not act so horny all the time".
I act horny? I didn't know what to say. Her shoulder touched my arm and I was aware of her again. She was right, I was a horny ass whole. I'd even fuck her, my own sister if she'd give half a chance.

He really needs a boost of confidence I thought.

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   Maybe I should flirt with him. Could i do something that with my big brother. He was cute and he was always really nice to me. "I'm kind of tired, you mind if I take a short nap?", I got up and went over to his bed. I laid down and opened my legs wide, so he could get a good view. I pulled a pillow over my face to hide my red cheeks. I know I'm the one showing my body off but I still shy about him seeing me like this. "Ah, sure, I'll just sit here and. . . ", he must of finally noticed my position.

My eyes went straight to her panties. Her long slender legs hung off the bed and her little sock covered feet still touched the ground. She had opened her legs wide giving me a great view of her clad covered pussy mound. My dick instantly sprang into a full erection.

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   I don't know how long I sat there staring at her but after awhile she stated to stir. She lifted one leg up off the ground, bent it and placed her leg on the bed. Her skirt fell down a little and now I could see one milky white ass cheek. "Mmmm. . . Jody. . . AHhhhh. . . I want. . .

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   it. . . ", she moaned in her sleep. She was dreaming of me, I couldn't believe it. My thoughts started to race. Maybe, just maybe she would let me have some. I couldn't look away, her pussy was so close, the object of my desires could finally be in my grasp. Her mound was calling to me, begging for it. I stood and walked over to her and reached out. "Sis, I think your so beautiful", I told her as my fingers touched her bare thigh. Oh man, please don't read this wrong. My heart was about to pound right out of my chest!

I could feel his finger tips exploring. He moved slow and careful with me. His hand covered my whole mound and started massaging it.

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   I could feel the heat grow between my legs and I was becoming moist. It felt so much better than when I did it to my self. I pulled the pillow away a little and looked at him with one one. He had called me beautiful. I was blushing and so was he. He looked away breaking eye contact like he was ashamed of touching me like this but couldn't stop himself. His hand was working magic down there and I started to let out soft moans and grip the pillow tighter. He looked at me again but this time in surprise, like he didn't know he was getting me off, giving me pleasure to. He squeezed my mound tighter and I almost came right there. My whole body trembled as I laid there enjoying him masturbating me. I sat up and covered his hand with mine as his fingers rubbed my pussy lips through my now wet panties.

"Sis, would you let me fuck you?. . . Pleas?", I asked her and it felt like my heart stopped.

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   What if she said no? Could I really stop now that I'm this close to what I want. "You haven't had Barb's old dirty pussy. . . Have you?", she asked. "No, She never let me". She looked at me with those big hazel eyes. "Well if you promise not to tell anyone. . . Then I'll let you". And just like that our bodies were intertwined, we were laying on our sides on the bed. Her lips were so soft and just seemed to melt against mine. Here breath was hot and her tongue was cool. My hand snaked down her curved back and pulled her panties off her ass a little so I could get to her precious pussy.

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   It was so warm and soft and now dripping wet. I let my fingers trace up and down her slit. She turned on her back and I was forced to pull my hand out. I pushedher top up and got to see her tiny titties. She still wasn't big enough to have to wear a bra yet but I didn't mind and sucked on them for all I was worth. I pulled at her tiny hard pink nipples and squeezed her small breast. Her tongue stuck out again and she panted.

He was so loving, caressing my whole body and kissing me everywhere. He kept telling me how cute he thought I was and how much he loved me. I felt hot all over like my whole body was blushing. He wasn't fuck me, he was making love to me like he longed for my touch for years, He probably has. He got off me and got into the floor. He pulled my panties off and threw them on the floor. I tired to take my socks off but he told me I looked cute in them. He pushed my legs up and my thighs apart, my feet dangled in the air.

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   He just looked at my naked pussy, His thumb pulled one of my lips back so he could see the pinkness inside. "Jody! Don't stare at it! Its ugly", I told him. Why was he just looking at it, that was so embarrassing. He lowered his head and licked it all the way from the way bottom to the top, until he licked my clit.

Her pussy was totally bare. I thought she would have little brown hairs just starting to grown in but there was nothing. Maybe she was shaved them but the thought that she was really still hairless made me even harder. I pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. She told me her pussy was ugly. That was the craziest thing I'd ever heard because it was the most beautifulest thing I'd ever saw. I was just a tiny slit about the size of my finger. She was pinker here than her nipples. Her outer lips were small and made a perfect opening. Her clit was small and hard like a tiny bean, it was a darker pink. I had to taste her.

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   I licked all of her and stopped when I got to her clit. I flicked it with my tongue. She planted her feet on the bed and raised her ass. I stuck my tongue in past her lips and she grabbed my head and pulled my hair. She tasted sweet and her small squeaks of pleasures were just as sweet to my ears. She bucked her hips and and I tasted her juices as she came on my face, she squirted, that was amazing. "It's not ugly. Its beautiful. Just like you, Sis".

If I didn't know better I would think he was just trying to sweet talk but as he stood up, I saw it in his eyes. He really did think my pussy was cute. He pulled me up into a sitting position. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It wasn't the first time I've seen one, actually it wasn't the first time I've seen his. It was a small house.


   His dick was only about 5 inches long and narrow. He was still a growing boy, he'd get bigger but right now I think its the perfect size for my first time. He had dark brown curly public hair, It made me kind of jealous that mine still hadn't grown in. "Would you suck it Julie? Just one time so I know how it feels", he asked me sweetly. "Okay but don't shoot off in my mouth!", I warned him. He laid down on the bed and I got on top of him. I took his dick and started licking the tip. A little bit of cum would ooze out of his little slit and slide down. I lick a little and it tasted salty but still good. As I took the head in my mouth I felt him licking my pussy again. Man, he really did love my slit. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could and then stoked the rest of him. I bobbed my head, once, twice, three times before he stopped me. We rearranged our self's again so I was laying on my back again and he was standing in front of me. He lifted my ass up and put his dick against my wet pussy.

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   "Ohh man, I can hardly believe it! Pussy at last!", I took a deep breath, here we go, my brother was going to take me for my first time. He pushed against my pussy and it started to stretch for him half his head went in. I pulled my knees close to my chest, there was a little pain but nothing bad yet. He pulled it out. "Don't move sis. . . Ahhh", he went to push in again but missed the opening and slid up my slit. I reached up to help him and as soon as I touched him he shot off, "NoooOOOoooOOOo", he moaned.

Her hands on my dick plus the her silky pussy lips were to much and I released. Her eyes open real big and her mouth opened in a big O as I shot string after sting of hot sticky cum all over her stomach and small titties. I bucked my hips like she did and slid my dick against her soft slit. "Jody, you shot off before you even got it in me. . .

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A few minutes later he was on the phone with Bard, "You can stop calling, Barb! I don't have to take your shit anymore!". I got some more tissues and finished cleaning my self off. "Wow, you really told her off", I told him. He had done it for me and it meant a lot. It meant he wasn't just using me as something to fuck but as someone he wanted to be with more than just sexually, I was crushing on him now. Great now I like him, guess there nothing stopping us now.

I turned to her and she was sitting up in the bed with her legs bent so the bottoms of her feet touched each other. She leaned back a little and her bald pussy was shining in the light coming from the window. She looked amazing sitting there, I just wanted to run my hands through her long brown piggy tails and kiss her. "I'm really proud of my big Brother so. . . want to come here and try to get some again?", she said as she beckoned me to her.

"AHH, Shit! Shot off again before I could get it in!!", The End.

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