Amie, Becki and Daddy


Amie wanted to scowl or pull herself away, but she didn't want to attract attention in front of Becki. . and then to her horror, "Becki. . can you run in and get some drinks out here for us?" daddy said. . "I'll go!" Amie spluttered, but Becki was already sitting up. . "Let her go Amie" daddy smiled, and as Becki disappeared out of sight, she felt dads hand slipping into her bikini bottoms, whispering in her ear about how he wanted to touch his lil sluts pussy, running his hand over her ass then finding her pussy. ". . . . daddy" she started cautiously, able to see Becki returning, just as a finger penetrated her tight virgin cunt. Then almost a minute later dad removed it again and greeted Becki. A few minutes later, Daddy was taking it in turns to massage his daughters, Becki innocently enjoying her daddys gentle shoulder rub.

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  . Amie cringing everytime he even looked at her. And then it happened. . "Lets go for a swim you guys" Becki grinned, and daddy was only too eager. He grabbed Amies arm and pulled her up, giving her a dirty look when she scowled at him, and repaying her by picking her up over his shoulders, and dropping her into the pool. Becki burst into hysterical giggles, as daddy then joined them, swimming over so he was between the both of them. They both had a drink in their hand, and daddies arm was around both of their waists. Then Amie felt it. . daddys hand, underwater, pulling at her bikini bottoms. . ever so gently tugging them down. She blushed scarlet. .

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   "Are you ok Amie?" Becki asked, almost sensing something, but Amie nodded. . half smiled and took a sip of her drink. Amie couldn't believe daddy was actually doing this. . inches from Becki. . her bikini bottoms just above her knees now. And then she felt a finger push hard into her pussy. . then her ass. Her face went bright red. Trying not to squeal. . then suddenly looking horrified as a pair of bikini bottoms suddenly floated to the surface of the water.

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  . slowly pushing her hand down her leg, she realised her's were still on. . and suddenly she pulled right away from daddy and screamed. "You Bastard!! Get away from him Becki!" realising he had pulled off Becki's bottoms, and was touching her too. . Suddenly she let out a moan. . and daddy smirked at Amie. . "You don't wanna go anywhere do you honey?" he turned to Becki, and she shook her head viciously, then moaned again. Amie couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Becki loves her daddy" he grinned. In fact, she told me to start touching you, she wanted you to feel good too! but your too much of a frigid virgin i guess. ""Becki!!" she screamed, and grabbed her sisters arm, going hysterical, trying to tear her away.

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  . and suddenly she felt her sisters hand swing at her, hitting her on the cheek hard. Amie had her back turned to them, holding her cheek in pain, and before she knew it, her sister had grabbed her, and pulled her arms behind her back. . turning around to face daddy. . "Fuck the bitch daddy. . fuck her in the pool" she grinned. "Theres daddy's little girl" he smiled at her, then turned to Amie who was kicking and struggling. . Becky pushed her into dad, and the two of them ambushed her up against the side of the pool. . her back to them. Becki's hand disappeared under the water and suddenly, Amie squealed out in shock.

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  . In Becki's hand was daddy's swimming shorts. It all happened so quickly. . someone ripped at the top half of her bikini. . then she felt herself floating on her tummy, forced to hold onto the side of the pool, as Becki started to pull on her tits hard. . everyone was naked now, and then Amie felt her legs being forced to glide through the water. "You know i love you baby" she heard her dad say, but before she could answer Becki did. . "I know you do daddy. . but i'm not always here am i? and i don't want you to ever be without a slut". Her words made him grin, knowing at least one of his girls liked it, also knowing noone would believe Amie if she told anyone.

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   Then finally, after what seemed like ages, she suddenly felt it. . daddys cock. . pushing up against her pussy. "Don't fight Ames, you lil bitch. . its good, trust me! You'll love daddys cock" Becki grinned, and Amie wanted to hit her. *******To be continued. This is my first story, leave a comment if you like and then i'll finish it ^_^ ****************More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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