An Incestoues Love story


As Ed walked into his parents’ room, around ten at night, he had just returned home from a movie and was under an impression that he had the house to himself, on such rare occasion he would sneak into his mother Susan’s wardrobe grab some undies and masturbated his time away into bliss. Ed didn’t consider himself a sicko for masturbating to his mother; he cared about her and loved her.

So finding his parents’ room vacant he groped his way in the darkness towards his mother’s closet, he had his lusty grin on his face, he had his one hand inside his shorts and just as he was about to open the closet he felt someone  in the room, he froze in his tracks, his dick went limp . With all the courage he could muster he turned around to find a figure sitting in the corner and after a second he realised that the figure was sobbing quietly, he stood there staring at it, too scared and shocked to make a move, the figure was shaking every now and then and muffled sobs filled  the room every few seconds . He slowly made his way towards the light switch and just as he was about to flip the switch – “don’t turn on the light son “, though he was petrified at the sound at first he knew this voice, his favourite voice, but he had never heard it like this, hoarse and utterly devastated, all his fear turned into solicitude, he made his way towards his mother in near darkness on the room.

Susann was sitting huddled in a corner near the large window overlooking the beach , the curtains had been drawn up and the little moonlight  light made its way between the cracks in the curtains , as he sped towards Susann the curtain billowed and moonlight streamed into the room as a solid block that made Susan visible. Ed kneeled in front of his mother and asked with all the love this fourteen year old boy had, “What’s wrong Mummy?”

She lifted her head from between her knees and looked at her son , Ed was taken aback to look at his mother in this state , her hair fuzzy her lipstick smeared across her face , her eyes puffy and red ,her nose running , her eye liner running on her beautiful cheeks, she looked at him , almost at the verge of words but then flung herself around him, wailing her heart out , Ed tried to console his mother , he patted her back , it dawned to him after almost a minute of consoling his mother that she was sitting there stark naked, minutes ago the teenage horny  kid in him would have blasted his load at the sight of that , but now he was really concerned.   As Susan’s wails subsided became quite and felt as if she was in a trance , she didn’t say a word , she just put her head on her son’s shoulder and felt the warmth and affection, she so dearly  longed for. Ed rested his back on  the wall and shouldered his mother’s head, her hair all over him , her sweet smell filling his head , he flung his other hand around her and the mother and son sat there cosy and alone , all night long, occasionally, the curtains billowed under the sea breeze and moonlight fell on both of them making them visible.

Ed sitting there in his t shirt ,cargos and sneakers , while his mother slept like a baby next to him ,completely naked , her face hidden under her hair , her ample shapely bosom visible  under the gleaming moonlight, her long slender legs curved in a gracious way , that they blocked the view of her pussy . She looked like a mesmerising angel, sad and broken.

Next morning  ,when Ed opened his eyes ,they  fell upon  his mother’s ass , round and juicy ,his morning boner made its presence felt , evidently she had just woken up , she was searching frantically for some cloths , Ed decided to act asleep , he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, he took one last look at that super-hot ass and with great effort closed his eyes . Heard the bathroom door slam, heard the flush, followed by the shower. In an attempt to fake sleep he actually dozed off, when again he woke up he could smell something delicious downstairs. He sprang up , directed his cock up to hide his boner and quietly went to his room, his head still filled with last night’s show , that happen in his mom’s bedroom , he had to ask his mother what had happed and he didn’t see dad too. He took a dump ,had a bath and went downstairs, his dad was sitting at the dinner table , He was dressed in his office suit, looking smart as ever, spotted  Ed , gave him a warm smile and dove back into his newspaper, Susann came out of the kitchen carrying  breakfast , she was wearing her usual long skirt and looked motherly yet somewhat sad, and she avoided any eye contact what so ever, she placed the breakfast , sat on the table and began eating without a word , this made Ed extremely uncomfortable , his ears became hot , she looked cold and ignored the presence of her Husband Nick and her son Edward.

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Dad stood up and left , without a word , a solid ten minutes of silence , Ed spoke , “ Are you alright mummy, what happened last-“ he was cut short in between , “what happed last night is none of your concern” and it felt as if she had a limp in her throat , the later words were more gently spoken , “it is my problem and I was a bad mother to have been so weak in front of you… I must not have broken down so shamelessly and pathetically  in front of you”, her cheek went red,” . . I must not involve you in my troubles, you are too young to be caring for me”
“ I have the right to know “ retorted Ed ,
”well” , replied Susann after a long pause , “ I think your dad has an affair , though he says he is earnestly in love with me, how retarded is that !! ,  I think I will be filing for a divorce,  I am sorry honey . ”

There was minutes silence, “ you are not actually going to do that mummy. . how can you think of that , surely things can be talked out “ almost at the verge of crying “ dad loves you…. I love you “ at those words Susan’s walls came down and she stopped pretending to be this cold urban woman and returned to her old self , that of a doting mother and hugged her son , fresh tears filled her eyes, “I love you too honey “

‘ you wanna talk about it mummy “said Ed during lunch ,when he could no longer see his mother in the present pathetic state. She sat silently for some time and then with great effort said.
“    Your dad isn’t interested in me anymore…”
“what do you mean , sure he is interested, you guys were so much fun last week on the beach”
“Honey I left everything for him at a ripe age of 17 when I had you , everyone was so angry at us and we found solace together, he is my soul mate” her eyes began to burn, “ I couldn’t complete college because of you, and I have no regrets , I had everything , and then Nick got so successful , but over the past years the spark that we had . . you know between the sheets . . ”
“you mean sex?? “
“umm . . Yes that’s true SEX .

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  . now I am talking to my kid about my sexual life “ she sounded angry at herself .
“it’s alright mummy I know everything about, I mean I haven’t done it . but everything otherwise you can talk to me without corrupting ,my innocent brain “ added Ed cheekily .
“Alright “ Susann said helplessly “alright we haven’t been very active in the bed over the past few years , initially I was frustrated but later I thought ,may be the drive in your father had slowed down ,it is common in men in their  thirties, and I decided to be the good wife and live with it, knowing I had to live in this sexless marriage for the rest of my life , but I was happy to see that I was still his best friend and that was enough for me . But …“ she took a deep breath and continued “. . but yesterday I found a huge collection of videos in his computer –“
“Holy shit dad has a porn collection “ blurted out Ed and regretted almost immediately what he had said .
Susann gave him a funny look and said “I wish it was porn . . but it wasn’t it was him . . he was in all those videos doing women , so many women , videos taken from our high def camera , and they have dates as old as four years old, he barely lost his drive , he is doing almost repulsive things in those videos ,there are more than 150 video, when I confronted him last night he said he loves me but can not deal with the plain jane that I am  any more”
She broke of crying profusely , Ed shocked and lost for words.
After sometime he said , “that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you and doesn’t want to live with you . .

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   you are still his best companion , guys just wanna fuck . . ” doesn’t caring about his choice of words …”fucking has nothing to do with love … maybe you were not able to provide him with what he wanted and in an attempt to not hurt your feelings he never forced you. May be its time you cared about him a little like he wants . . you know “
“I don’t know what he wants ,and I could never do what he would want . ”
“I think Mummy , because you never went to college you never learned the ways of a fun girl , and the fun part about fun is that you can always learn to be fun , just wait here and don’t move don’t cry and don’t be sad , I will not see you crying again , don’t come upstairs , cook something delicious and always remember mummy, you are the most beautiful girl and for me the sexiest “ and he ran upstairs .
Susann couldn’t be more happy , she felt such strong affection for her son , she couldn’t put it in words, she felt proud, his words echoed in her head , he would never let me cry , beautiful girl , he called her girl ,and sexiest , she felt elated . She would show her love for her son  by making him a blueberry cheese cake.
meanwhile in his parents room , Ed turned on his dad’s computer , and he searched for videos and amazingly found them , they were not hidden , maybe dad never thought , anyone would check his computer, yet here he was staring at his dad ,doing a pelvic grind on a teenage chick in skimpy lingerie, he forwarded it and found that chick gagging on his dad’s dick , which was enormous , absent minded he pulled his shorts down and pulled his shaft and began pumping , his dick though 6 inches looked small in his front of his father’s 7 inches monster thick cock , he smirked , now he was masturbating watching his dad cum . On the screen his dad came buckets of cum in that chick’s face.
Ed scrolled down and played another vid at random , this one was fucking party , he was surrounded by 5 super-hot women all going crazy ,he pumped his dick is a big breasted blondes’ asshole ,he pulled out his dick , clearly covered in shit and a redhead hungrily sucked that shit covered dick , he forwarded while jerking his own dick violently , his dad came inside another woman’s asshole and the blonde sucked the cum out of her ass and all five women shared that cum in an absolutely nasty way , Ed felt his own cum rising in his balls.
He scrolled a lot more and played another and saw Tiffany Rose a famous pornstar  riding his dad’s dick . Ed couldn’t contain it and blasted thick white threads of cum in the air. Totally dis oriented he cleaned the cum shut down the computer and went downstairs to his mother with a fucking hot plan !!
“You should not worry about it son , I am glad I have you , look i baked you a cake , blueberries, tell mummy you love it “said Susann with reinforced vigour.

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“I love the cake and more than anything I love you mummy and lets not stuff this problem in your closet , you must face it , before it becomes irreparable . Now you must listen to me and try and understand , don’t be appalled  and  accept facts . “ he took a deep breath and continued ,” I think that dad doesn’t want to fuck you anymore because you have not proved to be hot enough for him, I mean look at dad, He is super-hot , well built , and I saw his cock right now , and he seemed to be a master at using his tool, now tell me mummy what skills you have , sure you are beautiful , but the world is filled with beautiful chicks “
Susann felt the heat , he was using words like cock and dick but what really hit her was that he called her a chick , strangely enough , it made her feel young  she showed no sign though,
“so . . ” Ed continued “you must shape yourself to your husband’s desire, if you want to save your marriage, you must follow my advice and stick to my plan  . . . it’s called ‘Nick and Susann – Happily ever after   ‘ ,declared Ed , extremely pleased with himself , Even Susann couldn’t stop smiling at that , yet she was filled with doubts and it was visible on her face.
“son it will never work , he is no longer within my grasp, I must bear this –“
“Oh come on mummy don’t be such a pussy !!”, without any hint of regret in his tone said Ed, “now don’t try to be this damsel in distress, its all within your grasp and it all depends on your attitude . You must do and act as I tell you to and within no time you guys will be fucking the nights away. ”
Susann gave a shy smile at that prospect.
“So step one , ‘Feeling young and sexy ‘ , I want you to remove your cloths mummy “, Susann was taken aback at that , but after a minute of contemplating , he has seen me in my bikini yes , decided to do it , what harm could it do she thought , he was already taking like a friend rather than a son. She pulled the zip down of her beautiful garden dress, white and covered with printed lilies, it fell on the ground, slowly, gliding over her big breast and sliding along the length of her long slender legs, revealing her 31 year old body to her 14 year old Son Ed.
Ed twitched a little in his seat , but controlling himself , he looked at his mother as innocently as he could.
What she was wearing underneath could never be termed sexy, though she looked quite beautiful standing 6 feet ,with big busty and curvaceous   body of a 31 year old  mother , long black hair that curled naturally at their ends, resting on her shoulders .

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  Her face kind and sweet, with a defined structure , her eyes big and black, her lips pink and full , her expression naïve and scared. She was staring at her feet.
Her undies were the only wrong thing on her, “Mummy what the hell are you wearing , is that your grandma’s undies , you need to wear something more appropriate for that smoking hot body of yours!! “ She was wearing a bra that looked like a short t shirt, and underwear that looked like a short pant, white and not at all flaunting.
“so first thing we are going to do is buy some sexy and Skimpy lingerie “ he ran up to his room and brought is laptop and opened a webpage of a leading lingerie brand ,Susann sat next to him and was about to put on her dress when Ed grabbed the dress from her hands and said “ you must learn to be comfortable with your body mummy , yours is that kind of body , women spend a lot a to have ,  you must learn to be proud of those assets , “ he stared at her breast , sensing her become uncomfortable added “ and not be uncomfortable at flaunting it “
They both sat on the couch in their living room, beautiful day outside , sun shining and sea breeze filling up  the air .
“have you seen the girls in those videos, clearly dad like skimpy lingerie, you must have some too, they browed the website, seeing unimaginable stuff, on beautiful women, yet The woman on Ed’s mind was sitting next to her scantily clad and sad, after an hour of searching they found the sexiest stuff and ordered it, it was supposed to reach in a 2 days ,they were both pleased with themselves , Susan had some hope now in her face, Ed was content with what he was doing and the addition dream of seeing his mummy like this was fulfilled he couldn’t ask for more . He went to his room and grabbed his cock and masturbated himself to sleep .
Unaware that this was just the beginning .
That evening Dad came home rather happy and intoxicated ,” I have been promoted and now I am the regional head of the firm , isn’t that awesome honey “,he kissed her she tried to return the kiss , but he withdrew too quickly , Susann’s heart gave a pang .
I am supposed to go to London for a month long trip to learn some new stuff regarding my work, I must go tomorrow “and he went upstairs , leaving a hopeless Susann behind ,hot tears filled her eyes and then trickled down along her cheeks, all her plans going down along with those tears . she collapsed on the sofa, feeling dead, dread flowing through her veins.
Next morning she silently packed Nick’s stuff and bid him goodbye, she closed the door and felt the emptiness in that beautiful seaside mansion, she sat on the stairs, staring at a photograph , Nick and Susann on vacation in India , in happy times .
when Ed came out of his room, she had almost forgotten that she was not alone in the house, he came out in his shorts , bare chested , quite muscular for a fourteen year old kid , his long unkempt hair, resting over his eyes, just awoke , he said in a husky voice, “Dad’s gone already? . . you must have told me …anyway , I will get ready for breakfast “ and he went back scratching his ass.
When Ed came down again, Susann was sitting on the couch, with packets lying on the table, she looked at him with teary eyes and threw the one in her hand on the floor, clearly not trying to hide her emotions , “What the fuck am I gonna do with it now!!!”

“Ok there has been as change in plan , now , first of all stop crying a start being sexy , you and me  are going out to get you some cloths, get ready and mummy I need to buy a new ps3 game and some a few books”
She was too devastated to say anything , over the years she had lost control of things and did wat she was told , once she had been this rebellious little girl who got pregnant at 17 , now she was this chaste house wife who followed orders, but she didn’t mind them when they came from her only son , she loved him too much to say no to him.

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   She resolved “I will give him whatever he wanted , she revered him, at being so young yet so mature , he still wanted to buy that ps3 game , and wanted to have ice cream at dinner , yet he was determined to have his dad make love to his mother . They were going to buy sexy cloths for her , he was like her new best friend.
Ed came out of his room , dressed smartly to bowl over any girl , teenage or otherwise ,
“So mummy here is the plan ,you buy yourself , some hot cloths and you go out tonight , yeah you haven’t done that like ever , but tonight you will , you will lose your inhibition, I would have gone , but that would look just weird isn’t it “ and he gave out a chuckle
Susann pulled out her prius from the drive and they headed to the mall , after hours of searching , Susann freaking out at Ed , Ed ridiculing his Mother , they bought about ten hot new dresses , three new ps3 titles , had lunch at a trendy restaurant amidst doe eyed couples and came back wasted .
Ed went straight for an afternoon nap .


When he woke up it was already 6 , the sky was orange and slanting shadows made the view out of the window surreal. The house looked deserted , he went to his mother’s bedroom and found it empty , as he was closing the door he heard crumpling of paper  , he tiptoed his way towards the bathroom the door was ajar . Susann was trying out the lingerie with a rather strained look on her face. For a minute he stood there admiring her under the yellow ambient lighting of the niche bathroom. Her fair skin took shades of mesmerising gold under the light, her dark black hair complimenting her fair skin, falling on her shoulders and hiding her back like drapes. She was wearing a black lingerie which showed a lot of her shapely butt cheeks , the lacy fabric covered a fourth of her butt revealing  the soft round delicious ass. First time ever Ed had seem her like this for such a long time he realised how symmetrical her body was, how curvaceous ,how sexy .   Ed had never been so awed by a woman before , he felt helpless but to stare with his lips hanging apart, his heart pounding  , blood rushing in his penis, stiffening his cock.

Susann realised him standing at the door , turned around graciously , looking miserable said” I am so lost , tell me if it looks ok” she pushed the hair aside and caressing her breast ,looked at her stomach.
Ed had to clear his throat before he could say anything finding his voice to be too husky ,”Ok . .

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   you look smoking hot!!  “
“you should see the other  lingerie too ,there is another one that I like. “
Ed stepped back and held the door knob, “I will wait here-“ he was cut short my his Mother


 The words seemed to be hanging in the air between them for an eternity.
as she undid the hook behind her the bra fell to the ground at her feet , light fell on her boobs, her nipples made shadows on the round melons, which elongated along the length of her boobs and met with the dark shadowy under boobs where the light from the bulb didn’t fall.
The light from the right corner bulb made the flatness of her stomach even more prominent , her silken thighs were hard to resist .
like a little girl she bent forward and picked up the bra , her big boobs hanging out like nothing Ed, his heart skipped a beat , had ever seen before, he could go crazy right now. It required all his mental strength to keep looking in her eyes. She capriciously turned around and picked up the other bra and put it on , her slender hands made such gracious gestures, straps of that brassiere pressing her skin.  
She admired herself in the mirror then turned around and asked with innocence only a mother can have ,”How am I looking ?“
Ed replied with a dry throat and almost inaudible voice “. . great … I mean you look Gorgeous “
She bounced a little on her feet her heavy bosom wriggling merrily .
She then turned around and took a closer look at herself in the mirror , leaning forward as she did it , jutting her barely covered ass out , Ed had to resist ever impulse not to touch that ass.
“It’s a little tight “ she declared
“no it looks perfect , you should go out in this tonight “
“no its uncomfortable “ and she reached down and pulled her panty a little up , it was now Ed realised she was not talking about the bra and without a warning she pulled her thongs down.
Ed’s heart stopped . His mother should in front of him bottom less , she had a big tuft of black hair on her pubic mound , which killed the scenery .
Ed gained control of his senses and understood his job of helping his mother so that she could once again become the desirable  woman his dad fucked in his teenage .

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“Mummy how can you let that jungle grow , it is ruining your look “
Susann looked alarmed , she felt as if she had lost control of a car , her son had the upper hand again , she loved being in control , now she wasn’t.
”Shave that off !! NOW!! “cried Ed ,
“Women don’t have those , you know , sexy women , women Dad fucks  ,you must shave it, You will feel sexy , its all about feeling sexy . ”
After thinking for some time , Susann said “Help me “ she grabbed Nick’s shaving kit , some foam, hot water and went and sat in the bath tub , “come and do it I haven’t done it before and don’t wanna cut myself ‘
Susann thought if he could do this , I have earned a friend for life , my best friend.
She gave him the foam, for a second he was clueless what to do , then it dawned upon him , with shaking hands he squeezed a lot of cold white foam out , and moved the hands towards the place he had touched 14 years ago , as his fingers met her pussy , he almost felt an electric current surging through his body , it became hard for him to concentrate
“If you are not comfortable, touching your mummy’s pussy , you don’t have to do it “ clearly playing with him ,testing him.
He didn’t say much “its ok “, with a quivering voice .
He gently spread the foam around on her pubic hair , her black hair sticking in the white foam , he took the razor and made the first strike , soon he was doing it with all his concentration , it had become an important task for him , his boner had subsided , and he totally forgot about his naked  mother ,soon the pink pussy lips were visible , being hid under those hair for such long times, they looked like pink lilies, freshly blossomed . it was enchanting . to shave the hair towards te bottom , she pulled his mummy’s bottom rather unceremoniously and kept shaving and could see the puckered rear opening absolutely devoid of hair . She was a natural he thought . He ran hot water over her ,as water ran over her the pussy lips gleaned under the bulb’s light . He stood up professionally and said “now it looks good and you look superb , ready to go out and burn the club “ , he moved and washed his hand , clearly pleased at himself to have actined so cooly in such an awesome situation , euphoria now filled his head , he had just shaved his mom’s pussy , and what how fucking awesome it was . an hour later Susann met him in the lobby all dressed and ready to hit the club , she wore a super short black skirt , a top that revealed more than that it hide, and she stood on heals so pinted , one felt they would drill holes , yet she felt a little anxious and it was visible ,
“ you look great mummy , now go out and have some fun , loose your inhibition, and remember you are the hottest woman around always , and mummy . . umm . if things get … you know .

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  . hot and heavy . . ”
“What do you mean –“
“I mean if some guy approaches you . just go with the flow , you as entitled to have fun as any other woman , being married shouldn’t be an issue , if you husband can do it so can you , you will always have just one man in your heart , Nick . ”
She almost had tears of joy in her big mesmerising eyes ,she stepped and hugged her son , and as she stepped back ,she planted a kiss on his lips , just a little peck , her cheeks went red , so did his. There was an awkward silence , then she said

“ I must go “
“Yeah “
as she went to the door , Ed called out “ Mummy ,” he went to her , took hold of her hand and pulled out the wedding ring , “ you wouldn’t be needing it tonight “  
She was gone .


He woke up with a start, as  a car screeched in the drive way of his mansion , the it was quite late in the night , Ed searched for something to wear, found his boxer shorts and put them on , bear chested he pushed the blanket aside and as stood up to get the door , he heard someone coming up the stairs , as he was about to open the door of his room his mother burst through, crying , looking dishevelled.
At the sight of him She burst into tears “I couldn’t do it !! …. I couldn’t . . Oh my god it was so embarrassing “
Ed tried to calm her down , made her sit on the edge of his bead, his room covered with posters ranging from that of Blake lively to Marcus Fenix.
He patted her back ,she rested her head on his head. still crying .
and without his asking she told him what had happened , she had gone off with a 21 something guy to his apartment , it was going  all well, they made out for a long time , she loved it too, until he pushed his hands in her panties, and she realised she didn’t wanna do it.

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“He was atleast 10 years younger than me , … I could . . not … I love nick … and . and…” she took great gulps in between ,sobbing her heart out , “and I love you “ she lifted her head and stared in her beloved son’s deep black eyes .
“I love you . . Ed”
and then she bent forward and kissed him on the lips ,pulled back and looked him in the eyes
“I love you too Mummy “
She bent forward and planted another kiss , this time longer and more sensuous and this time Ed kissed her back , Susann kissed more vigorously this time , Ed was clearly inexperienced at kissing , he bit his mother’s lower lip , she gave out a sob and a  giggle. Now she opened her mouth and let him kiss her, Ed searched the area with his lips first , then became aware of his toungue and shamelessly stick his tongue in her mouth , devoting all his attention. Ed their tongues met and they tasted each other ,Enjoying each other’s sweet taste and slurpy kisses filled the room, their lips twisted and met their tongues wrestling with each other , after about 5 minutes of heavy kissing , of which non could get enough, Susann grabbed Ed’s hand and placed it on her breast, Ed’s hand ent into a tizzy , He withdrew , she grabbed his hand again , this time being brave he felt her boobs , growing confident by second, he caressed it along its shape,feeling its firmness, its curves ,the hard pointed nipples , the softness and suppleness of the skin , then as hs boner raged he pressed it , pressing harder and mercilessly and with audacity she pulled her top down and her big boob popped out of it ,there was no bra , maybe she left it at that guy’s place .
Susann’s sobs turned into moans , she encouraged him ,.
“ummmm…. yeaaaa…hhh…”
Feeling a puddle between her thighs , she pushed Ed on the bed and took her top off, her boobs bouncing sexily  . Ed laid on his back , his boner clearly evident , a tent in his shorts ,Susann moved and sat astride on his legs and slowly pulled his underwear down and what she say made her breast fill with pride . It had been years since she had seen it , and it certainly had grown a fucking lot during this time . His dick about six inches long and quite thick , barely any hair on his balls which stuck close to the body .


   Susann lied over his body , he was about 4 inches short of his mother, his body covered by his mothers , her boobs pressing on his chest , his dick poking her tummy , she kissed him , Ed moved his hands over her smooth back, reaching for her ass , Susann snapped his advances , then chuckled .
“I am just kidding honey , find your way, I am all yours ,Your Mummy “
All the doubts Ed had all inhibition he had , vanished , he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around so that now he was lying on top of her , Susann couldn’t contain her happiness . Lying on top of his mother completely naked with a hard dick pointing at her boobs , this could have been the most enchanting site in the universe , He went down and pulled the skirt of , it looked damaged , kind of torn , as if it was violently rummaged with , but not saying anything , he continued on his quest and pulled her skirt off , her black panties felt warm and wet underneath , he slowly pulled them down ,his face coming inches from the holy place , Susann could feel his breath on her pussy lips , Ed could smell the aroma,on the hairless pussy , he had shaved not hours ago .
“Sweetheart have you done this before “
Ed shrugged admitting his naivety ,Susann smiled kindly , ‘I love you Ed come to mummy ‘ she enclosed him in a tight embraces , her boobs squeezed his dick hurt . ” its alright dear , I will help you , take your willy …oh sorry , what do you call it honey “
“dick “
“umm okk , take your dick honey and put it in my jane , or pussy for you kids “
Ed obliged he grabbed his tool and tried pussing it in her ppussy, felt slimy and warm , he  tried a little but the lips looked unwelcoming , “you must put a little strength hon “
Ed used a lot of his strenghth , alfter the initial 1 inche the dick slid like butter in her pussy , in a second he was planted deep in her ,
Susan was taken by surprise , she gasped , her mouth ajar , she felt such strong ecstasy , catching her breath , she smiled and said
“Welcome home “
Ed’s Dick was going crazy , he felt he would blast his cum jus bein there ,
“you are the second man you be in there “ her voice breaking up with heavy breathing .
“Make love to your mummy “
Ed did as he had seen in all those pornos that hid in his laptop, moved to and fro , her pussy lips clasping his teenage dick , sliding on the wet walls of her vagina , Ed went with the flow and grabbed her boobs , massaging initially then pressing ,later squeezing painfully , he fucked her , and she moved a little under him , following his rhythm , the son and mother dua , rocked on Ed’s bed , the bedsheets all crumpled , faint light making them visible.
After about ten minutes , that stretched like infinity , Ed felt his love juice rising up in his balls, both barely said anything , just random , groans and moans of pleasure .
“Uuuuummm… urrgggghhh”
“maaa……. Uummmhhhhpp”
“yeeaaahhh !!!”
“yeaa…. aaah …aahhh . . asss!!!!”
“Ed . . Ed. .

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  ’ as she reached an orgasm , her pussy walls squeezed tightly around his cock , and then a major contraction , she was under a fit , her toes curled , Susann digging her nails in his back , his tongue licking her face , saliva dripping out of her mouth , Ed felt the pussy lips would bite his dick off , he couldn’t help but shoot his cum wad after wad of thick , pearly cum filled her womb , Ed arched his back , and then collapsed on his mother , utterly exhausted , heavy breathing filled the teenage boy’s room .
Both of them felt dizzy after their love making , and melted into each other’s arm, and merrily dozed off to sleep, Ed’s dick still deep inside her , they never knew this warmth before .


That night changed their life , next morning was the most beautiful morning in their life . Love would bloom now uninhibited . rampant sex was here .
When susann woke up the next morning Ed’s dick was sticking painfully inside her pussy , it was stuck , the cum had dried and made the dick stick . and ed had probably came again inside her during the night, she forcefully pulled out his dick from inside her , and cum erupted from her twat . flowing out like magma , slowly .
Ed opened his eyes , Susann kissed him and licked him to wake him up , backed up  little admired her young son, who was now her best friend and also her lover , she stuck her tongue out and licked his eyes ,cleaning off the dust. Ed didn’t open his eyes , but smiled , and hugged her .
“get up son , I will make you some breakfast , what do you want “
“anyfing “ blurted out Ed , still quite sleepy .

‘Did you like last night . . hon??. .

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  . , I just want to tell youi wanted this for a long time , but don’t think I fucked you because I was lonely , I wanted to fuck you for a long time, I knew you sniffed and masturbated in my panties”
“Mummy I love you and I loved last night , I never imagined that , you were always my dream girl “ He got up turned on his laptop and after a while , showed her , her pics , hundreds of then , some taken knowingly some , secretly , her face , her body displayed on the skin , Susann’s heart filled with joy.
There was nick who had hundred of other girls and here was this seet kid , loving his mummy she thought.
“That’s so sweet” she hugged him

She went  to her son’s bathroom , cum making its way down along her thigh.
There was sound of flush , then shower , she quietly came out of the bathroom , her long balck hair wet and sticking oon her body making beautiful patterns , water dripping from her body , she searched for a towel
“You don’t need to hide it that divine beauty mummy , don’t adulterate your beauty with that bad towel. “
She looked at him , smiled and let the towel be , looked at him , lying naked on his back , his dick semi erect , lying innocently on his flat stomach .

She heard his advice and went downstairs naked and beautiful , Ed also got ready .

When Ed came down , delicious smell  was in the air .
Susann came out of the kitchen , wearing only her apron , and carrying the breakfast.
They looked at each other and smiled ,sat down and had their breakfast , hiding desires to fuck again ,they talked about random things ,like school next sem , movies the conversation reached Nick and Susann didn’t say a word , got up and threw the milk aside which Ed was about to drink it spread on the table fell on the ground , she sat astride him his pecker stiffening quickly and in no time it was hard as  a steel rod , she held it under her and directed it in side her , , exchanging slurpy frecnh kisses , she bouchced on his dick , crazy in heat , Ed just sat there watching the jugs juggle in his face . But this time they were not silent , exchanging words.
Susann started feebly
“umm uhhhh ,,,yeaaahhh “
“Yeah mummy keep bouncing yeaah “
After a while of fucking things started getting violent
and both were overtaken by one powerful orgasm that make them so nastily intertwined , it as difficult to tell them apart, Ed grabbed his mother’s ass , which was red now , after a few minutes , Susann stood up and releasing his dick from the grasp of her pussy . and moved like she was drunk and collapsed on the couch , Ed stood up his dick hut from the crazy fucking and collapsed next to his mother , she flashed him a warm smile .
“So much for losing the inhibition “ said Ed jokingly
Susann couldn’t find anything to say she just giggled like a little girl .

golden shower 



“I don’t care about that anymore , I have alife of my own and have all the right to have crazy fun , Nick can do what ever he wants …”

They both lay motion less for sometime.
“I wanna suck you off to another orgasm , are you fine with that son “
“What knd of question is that ,, fuck yeah !! you don’t have to be so nice always mummy “
She jumped up and sat on the floor and kissed his dick .
“you know I haven’t done that iin years “
and she licked the penis , from balls to wards to tip of the dick , the dick as covered in her pussy juice and cum , she savoured the salty taste . After just a few licks Ed had a raging boner . and she kept sucking it like there was no tomorrow, like it was the most delicious thing in the world , like she would give anything for that cock right now , worked on Ed’s dick who could just moan and feel important .
‘ooh mummy I love you . . you ummmm. . ”
“jou lige id hoee” said Susan with Ed’s dick deep in her throat .
After a minute Ed started thursting his dick in her mouth , she gagged but never complained , just kept sucking it . Ed was deep throating a woman the and it hadn’t been a day since he lost his virginity. He felt Blessed . he put his hand in her soft black hair , pulled them a little and kept throat fucking his mother .
“mummy i.

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  . i am going to cum” and without a warning he squirted his semen in her mouth , little beads of cum drops leaked from the corner of her mouth , but she didn’t open her mouth and then a gulp and she swallowed all of it and withdrew his dick out , licked it clean.
and sat at his feet on the floor
After a long silence when the mother son caught a breath and relaxed. Susann started talking , more to herself than to Ed
“you know I was always like this , adventurous and rebellious , they used to call me class slut, in a sexy way when I was in school , I was younger than you when I lost my virginity , I did your uncle max when I was 12, but then I don’t know hat happened maybe the pressure of being a good mother , a good wife , I confined myself to this life and over time , almost forgot what I was once ,but not anymore .
“Mission achieved mummy , Inhibition has been fucked “

“Now Step two ‘ Push it to the limit ‘, now you will try and do every thing that is out their ,seeing that we have already broken the biggest taboo , that shouldn’t be a problem!! , so first we work on you then we move out side the door , Have you ever done anal sex mummy , if not we will do it today , but first of all lets have a bath .
The following hour was spent in the bathroom where Susann relived her greatest joys of bathing her child , Ed enjoyed every bit of it , jst this time he had a big boner all the time , Ed returned the favour with scrubbing first the back and breast then moved south and worked on that ass , examining the ass , and the rosy ass hole , he couldn’t resist it , and planted a kiss , Susann gave out a moan which encouraged and he moved closed to the puckered hole , and kissed the tight opening of the rosy pink almost eatable asshole , Susann felt a jolt , he kissed it and then being a little daring stuck his tongue in it , pressing gently with his tongue ,soap and saliva acted as a great lubricant He pulled his face back , spit on his fingers and spat on her asshole and pushed one finger in. susann gave out a soft cry . and he slowly finger fucked her , he then used to fingers and kept spitting in her asshole, from time to time . susann was now horny as hell . She shouted and told him to use his dick . Ed obliged . his dick was hard already . ubut it needed lub. He gave his dick to his mom . She sucked it .

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   deepthroating it , she made it all slurpy and wet . fit for some ass fucking.

“We are a little ahead of the shedule “ but fuck it “ and shove that dick in my ass hole “
He pressed his dick on the mouth pf her asshole. Pressing gently , till it gave in . his dick entered her with a pop. Susann gasped and gave out a high pitch cry , followed by deep moan of ecstacy …………………………………………………….

To be conti nude …….

My debut . . tell me if you want to read more


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