An Unexpected Pleasure


"Knock next time you jerk!" my sister said as she stormed from the bathroom. A red hand print stained my face from where she had just slapped me.

"I don't even see what the big deal is," I thought to myself. I only happened to walk in on her as she was coming out of the shower. We live in the same house, It's bound to happen sooner or later. And plus, it's not like she had much to show anyways. She only has 32 C's. And I only know that because I had to go shopping with her once.

I shrugged it off and closed the door. I took off my shirt and looked in the mirror. "Not bad," I say as I look at a forming six-pack. It wasn't much now, but it'll get better. I took a moment to look at the rest of my features. Short dark brown hair, athletic, 5'10", but my most noticeable feature were my eyes. Ladies love the eyes. Mine were unique in the sense that when you looked into them, you really did get lost in them.

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   It was like the entire universe was captured in my eyes. All not bad for a 14 year-old.

I took off the rest of my clothes and climbed into the shower. I leaned against the wall and just let the soothing water rush over my body. I was a little confused. "Why did my sister overreact the way she did?" I thought, I didn't even know why I was so concerned about it myself. "Oh well," I said as I returned my attention to my body.

I lathered up with my green bar of soap and made sure to really get my groin. It can really stink up after a hard day football. I'm not gonna pretend I have a lot to brag about in that department. Just three inches soft and seven inches hard. But as I liked to say,"It's not the size that matters, but how you use it. "

I quickly rinsed off and shut off the water. I grabbed my gray towel and dried off from head to toe. "Oh crap!" I said as I realized someone had taken my clothes.

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   It was probably my sister Jenna. She's only two years younger than me and she was always better and pranks. This was probably in retaliation to me walking in on her. "How did I not notice her?" I wondered.

I wrapped myself up as best I could and walked out of the bathroom. My sister was standing in front of her bedroom which was right next to mine.

"Nice prank, Jenna," I said sarcastically,"Just wait til tomorrow. "

"As if," she replied. "You couldn't do a decent prank to save your life. "

"Just watch. "

I closed the bathroom door and began to walk to my room. I didn't realize until it was too late that the edge of my towel had become stuck in the door. It flew off and I was completely exposed to my sister. I grabbed the towel as fast as I could to cover myself. My sister had a shocked look with just a hint of curiosity.

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"You did that on purpose didn't you?" she said as she stormed towards me.

I instinctively covered my face to shield it from her unforgiving hand. But she just flew past me and ran downstairs.
Again, I shrugged it off and went into my room to change.

About 5-10 minutes later, I went downstairs to see if we had anything decent to eat. I looked in the pantry and sure enough, we had Doritos. I grabbed the bag and strolled into the living room watch TV.

Jenna was there but she didn't notice me enter. She was biting her lip and squiring while she stared off into space. I noisily opened the bag to alert her to my presence. She seemed a little startled and she got up and walked out of the room.

"Oh Come on!" I called after her. "You know I didn't mean to do either of those things. " But she either didn't hear me or she ignored me. Whatever the case, I plopped down onto the couch and started watchin' some good ol' TV.

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It was starting to get late and I was really tired, so I decided to do what I always do in that situation. Strip down to my boxers and just sleep on the couch. Evidently, I was more tired than I thought because I was out in the blink of an eye.

I started having this really weird dream. My sister was naked standing next to me. She pulled out my dick, looked it over a bit, and started sucking on it. It felt good. Really good in fact. Then I realized I actually COULD feel that. I opened my eyes and that's exactly what was going on.

"What the hell are you doing?!" I said as I sat up.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" she shot back.

"We're brother and sister!! We can't do that!!"

"Why not? It feels good to both of us so why can't we give each other a little pleasure?"

She did have a valid point. I took a second to look her over. She was skinny, not too skinny, but skinny just the same.

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   Long brown hair with matching eyes. She had a slight tan all over her body and DAMN. Did her boobs get bigger? They had to at least be D's maybe double. Her pussy was trimmed to a neat little line. I'm ashamed to say it, but overall, she looked really hot. I could see why all the guys in her grade liked her.

"OK, we can TRY it," I said,"but If I tel you to stop, you have to, alright?"

"That's fair enough. "

"Where do we begin?"

"Where we left off. "

And at that, she lowered her head back onto my cock. She moved up and down while simultaneously she swirled her tongue around it. Every now and then, she would pull up to stroke it and lick it.

"Oh God, Jenna. Where did you learn to do that?"

She pulled off for a second to reply,"I practiced on popsicles and hot dogs. "

"Well you did a good job. "

I layed back to enjoy it more.

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   She stopped all of a sudden and said, "Now it's my turn. "

I was a little nervous honestly. I'd never eaten a girl out before and what kind of repayment would it be if I couldn't give her the same pleasure?

"Hurry up," she said impatiently.

I walked over to where she was now sitting with her legs spread apart. I slowly and cautiously ran my finger over her pussy. It was already very wet.

"Now lets see," I thought to myself,"the clitoris is at the top and the hole is at the bottom, right?" It sounded right.

I tested it by running my finger down it again, and when I got to the bottom, I pushed a little. It slid in easily and my sister let out a small moan. I lowered my face to her clit and started licking and sucking on it while sliding my finger in and out of her. My sisters moans got increasing louder until she finally pulled my face in even deeper and shouted,"I'M CUMMING!!" And I'm guessing not even she knew she was a squirter, judging from the look on her face as a clear liquid shot out from her pussy and drenched my face and chest. It was a good thing my parents were on vacation.

"Oh my God," she said between pants,"that was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. "

"You mean you've never had an orgasm?" I questioned.

"No, never.

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   This is the first time I've done anything sexual, if you exclude when I popped my own cherry. I didn't want my first time to hurt. "

"Do you want to try sex now?"

"I thought you'd never ask," she said as she layed down on the couch.

I climbed on top of her and positioned my cock in the entrance to her pussy.

"You ready?" I asked.

"Mmhmm. "

With one quick shove, I thrusted my entire length inside her. She yelped a little bit, but motioned to continue. She was so tight since she she'd never had sex before and it felt amazing. I pushed and pulled my entire length in and out of her, slowly at first, but gaining with gradual speed. She was moaning again, almost as loud as before. It seemed she couldn't get enough of it. Once again she came, squirting my cock and ouch with all her juices.

She got on her hands and knees and looked back at me anxiously. I'd seen this position plenty of times in the porn I watched.

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   I Got up behind her, positioned my cock, grabbed her hips, and starting thrusting. I was pumping her so hard, she could hardly get a break between orgasms. The entire couch and most of the carpet was drenched,Then I began to feel a familiar feeling.

"I'm cumming," I told her.

"Cum inside me. Mom put me on birth control. "

I needed no further encouragement as I began to empty my load inside her sweet pussy. I came more than I thought possible. Wave after wave spurted into my sister.

"Oh my God, your cum feels so good. "

I pulled out and as I did, a waterfall of cum cascaded out of her pussy. It just kept coming out with no end in sight.

Finally it ended when there was maybe a pint or so on the floor. I didn't know that was even possible. My sister turned around and kissed me.

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   We then went back upstairs and layed down together and fell asleep fast. This was far from stopping anytime soon. .

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