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"Yeah, take it! Take it you little ass whore!" and he began pumping his arm harder. As I stood up I could see the TV. I had to see what he was watching. On the TV was a woman with pretty, long dark hair, laying naked on her back on a counter. I could tell she was getting screwed pretty hard as her huge boobs bounced. Then they showed her pussy. Instead, I saw something I had never seen before, up to that time at least. She was being fucked up her butt by a guy with a pretty big dick. And most exciting was that she was enjoying it! She kept telling the guy she loved him pounding her ass. I couldn't believe it. I got kinda engrossed in watching it until my brother had at last had enough. He laid back on his back pumping away at his dick (which I had never seen hard before and couldn't believe the size!) and groaned again loudly. He was muttering something about "Take my cream deep in your ass, you little anal whore!" and starting coming. He shot way into the air and I couldn't believe how much. The woman on TV was crying out with him about loving it in the ass as he finished coming. He laid there jerking and still holding his dick long after the cum stopped coming out as he came down.

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   I decided to take the time to sneak back into my bedroom and leave him to clean up. I went into my room and got back under the covers and made all kinds of noise as if I just woke up. I heard him come down the hall and slam the bathroom door, then the shower started up. I decided to stay in bed a little and wait until he got out of the shower. As I laid there, with the sun falling across my chest, I began to think about what I had just seen. My brother liked anal sex! I wondered if that's why him and his girlfriend had split up. I had never thought about that before, taking a dick in the ass. I had had sex once and wasn't impressed. He was older than me and came quick. He hurt me going in and with every thrust, and I hadn't tried it since. I played around by myself and liked that. As I kept thinking about my brother beating off to anal sex movies I slipped my hand down under the covers and into my panties. I was a little surprised to find my pussy so wet! I hadn't wanted to admit that I was turned on by it all. I decided to just to go with the flow and started rubbing my pussy. There is really something about pleasing yourself.

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   Only you knows how to do it, and how it feels the best. I was already used to experimenting with different ways to make it feel good, either with a finger in me while I rubbed my clit or pinching my nips while I rubbed. I liked exploring my body. So it seemed ok as I rubbed my clit to slide my other hand down the back of my panties. I raised my butt off the bed and began by just running my finger along my butt crack. I didn't exactly know what to do. I ended up rubbing near my pussy, between my butt and my pussy. I was starting to tremble as I rubbed my pussy. I couldn't believe how excited it was, being naughty. I suddenly came, it came on so suddenly. My knees buckled as I came, clamping my eyes shut and trying not to cry out. So that was my first experience with anal sex, but certainly not my last! After that I began to think about anal differently. It became exciting thinking about doing something that was dirty and not everyone talked about or did. I became more bold the more I thought about it too. I tried touching my hole as I rubbed my pussy.

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   I loved it! and almost came right then. After that I started to rub my butthole every time I masturbated. I snuck into my brother's room once and found his stash of pornos, not surprisingly they were all anal movies! I watched a couple while he was gone one time. I saw two women doing it on a motorcycle with a strap on dildo. One girl laid across the seat and the other shoved the dildo up her butt. The first girl, kept telling her she loved it up her ass. I couldn't help it and started to rub my pussy AND my butthole as I watched. I was really getting into it, even rewinding it when the girl first shoved it in deep, when my dad came home. He called up to me that he was home and quickly pulled my pants up. I ran for the bathroom calling to him that I heard him and I was going to take a bath. Once the door was safely slammed shut, I cursed my dad. I was so damn close! I laughed it off and stripped as I turned on the water. Laying in the hot water, thinking about the movie my horniness came back. I couldn't help but start rubbing my pussy again. For some reason in the hot water, it felt wonderous! I ran a finger over my butthole and couldn't help but shiver.

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   I kept up both fingers getting my pussy good and wet and teasing my butthole with my finger. I had come to a decision. I wanted something up my butt. But I didn't know how to do it. Or what. I wasn't sure about how to do it, only thing I knew was in all the movies I had watched, the girls had greasy buttholes, so I knew I needed lube. I looked around the bathroom and found the body wash. I squeezed a bunch into my hand and rubbed it on my hole, trembling with excitement. But I found as I tried to slide a finger in, most of the body wash diluted in the water. I needed something else. I pulled the plug on the tub and stood there toweling off. Then I thought of the vaseline in the medicine cabinet. I grabbed it and stuck my finger in. I stood there ready to do it, but not sure. I had one leg up on the tub side, and a huge glob vaseline on my finger not sure if I wanted to do this.

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   I thought of the movie again and rubbed the vaseline onto my butt. It was cold at first and my butthole tightened up, but I kept rubbing it and it warmed up. I could feel my wetness running down my leg and jammed another finger into my pussy. There I stood, my leg on the tub my finger in my pussy and another finger slowly working into my butt. As it creeped into my butt, I could feel a funny feeling in my butt, like I had to go, but I was so horny I kept pushing it in. I was really getting off on my fingers when it suddenly occurred to me I didn't lock the bathroom door. I didn't care, I was in ecstasy! I had my whole finger in my ass now and two in my pussy. I was so wet they slid right it. As I fucked myself with both fingers pumping into my own holes, I began to think about a big dick sliding into my tight ass. I could see my lover coming up behind me and roughly shoving me forward, bending me over the bathroom counter. He would grab me around the tits so he could whisper in my ear that he was going to anally rape me and I would tell him "Yes, take my virgin ass!" He would roughly spread my legs and rub my asshole with his thumb. Then I would feel the heat of his cock against my cheeks. I would feel his hot breath in my ear when he told me to beg him to anally rape me. and I would jut my ass toward him and beg for him to ream me out. Suddenly I heard a car door slam.

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   I opened my eyes and looked down to the driveway. My brother was home! He'd be coming upstairs in a minute. As I watched him, my fingers still pumping into my holes even faster, I came. God, did I come! I felt it running down my legs. My knees threatened to buckle. I moaned, loudly too. I felt my pussy contract on my fingers and my horniness made me shove my finger even deeper into my ass which had also began to squeeze my finger. I watched him as he got his stuff out of his car and head inside. I knew what I wanted to do next. I ran out of the bathroom and across the hall to my room. I left my clothes, especially with my bra and panties on top, in the bathroom on purpose. I jumped under the covers naked and listened as my brother came upstairs. He walked past my room and never even looked into my room. He tossed his stuff on his bed and I heard him come back. I thought maybe he'd look in this time but he only went into the bathroom.

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   I watched as he started to take off his shirt and as he threw it on the floor noticed my clothes on the floor. He turned around and looked at me as he closed the door. I listened as the shower started up and realized that if I was going to do this I didn't have much time. I made up my mind and the wetness between my legs helped my decide. I got up and peeked down toward the stairs. I could hear the TV on downstairs. Hoping my dad would be busy for a while I tiptoed naked into my brother's room. Before I lost my nerve I knelt on my brother's bed and moved into position with my head on his pillow and my ass in the air. I wonder about covering myself up and hiding until he came in, but I didn't have a chance to think about because the shower stopped. I sat there, my anticipation and my horniness making me shake, with my bare ass in the air. What would my brother do? Freak out and call my dad, probably. But I didn't care. My asshole was still tingling from my finger and I wanted more. I laid there thinking about him entering me when the bathroom door suddenly opened. I heard Brian walk in and braced myself for his reaction.

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   Instead I heard him towelling his hair. He shut the door behind him and I waited until he dropped the towel. "What the fuck?" he hissed at me. "What the hell are you doing?" He grabbed his towel off the floor and quickly draped it over my bare ass. I froze, I couldn't even speak. As I laid there naked, he smacked my ass as he again asked me what the fuck was going on. "Look," I started, muffled by his pillow. "I watched you jacking off to an anal movie, and I got so horny. I've been thinking about it and I want to try it. I know you like it, I found all your movies. I even watched a few and rubbed myself. Please don't get mad Brian. " I begged. "What the fuck?" he said again, dazed by what I said. He sat down on the bed and I noticed he only had a towel wrapped around his waist.

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       With the split in the front where the two towel ends met I could see his cock. It made me want it more. "Please, Brian. I am so fucking horny. I want this. I wanted to do it with someone I could trust instead of some of the shitheads at school. Please, I want this bad. " I told him. I even shook my ass so the towel slid off. "Look, at it Brian. My ass is so tight. I've already had my finger in it, and it made me cum. Look at it, play with it, lick it, suck it, I don't care. I want to be your anal whore. " He had started looking at it as I was talking.

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       It was as if he was having a conversation with my ass and not me. I knew using his term of "anal whore" would get him. It was as if I presented him with something he always wanted, but could never have. He leaned back on the bed and look me straight in the brown eye. "Do it, lick it. " I said. That's all he needed. He got behind me on the bed and grabbed my hips. Lowering his face to my ass, I felt the warm, wet softness of his tongue on my asshole. It sent a shiver through me that I couldn't control. He tongued and licked my hole like a thirsty man taking a drink. It felt so great, at one moment I thought about my dad walking in and finding his son giving his daughter a rimjob and I didn't care. He would stiffen his tongue and stick it in my hole as far as it would go. I could feel a mix of his saliva and my pussy juice running down my leg and I was in heaven. "You like it don't you?" He said.


       His voice was husky. "You little whore. You like it don't you?""Yes, god yes!" I shouted into his pillow. "Don't stop!""Oh, but I have to stop. " My brother said getting off the bed. "Because its time for me to spread that tight little ass and fuck you deep. " I shuddered again. I raised my head and watched him. He went to his dresser and dug around. He pulled out a bottle of something and came back to the bed. As he turned, I saw his cock. It was hard and erect, pointing at the ceiling. It was huge, at least it seemed to me since I knew it was going in my ass. He poured so clear stuff onto his hand and rubbed it on his cock. "Like it? Its going all the way into that tight ass.

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      " Brian said as he stroked it with lube. "Start rubbing your pussy, it will make it easier for me to get in. " He said getting back behind me. I rubbed my clit like I did in the tub and felt the coldness of the lube as he let a long stream drip out of the bottle and onto my asshole. I shivered again from the cold and anticipation. I was finally going to get that gorgeous cock up my ass. As he used his finger to spread the lube around my ass, I reached back and spread both my cheeks. He liked that. "Ooo, yeah, nice ass, you little anal whore. You are going to like taking all my cock. ""Yes, I want it. All of it. " I yelled into my brother's pillow. I felt his finger pushing lube into my hole. He began pumping his finger in and out of my anus while he dripped more lube onto it.

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       After I was good and slippery and opened up he said. "Beg me to fuck your ass. "I lifted my head as I spoke. "Please, Brian, butt fuck me. Make me your little anal whore. You can fuck my ass whenever you want. I want to feel you deep in my ass. "That's all he needed. I felt the hot tip of his cock at my hole. "Push it in. Now," I said. I started rubbing my clit again, going like mad. I felt his cock spread my hole and start sliding in. I gasped a little as I felt it opening me up. My brother started pumping it in and out, going deeper each time.

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       It felt like nothing I had before or since. I could feel it sliding in and out of me, and once I was open it didn't even hurt. I loved it though as he slid in and he reached a certain spot. It sent waves of pleasure through me and I told him to speed up. "You want it faster little whore? Deeper too?" he asked. "Yes, god, faster!"One wave would hit and before it went away he was thrusting into me and another wave would come. Soon they built up until it was all I could feel. I was jamming on my clit, and I found myself muttering a kind of growl under my breath as I felt the intensity build. "Oh, god, that tight ass is going to make me cum, you little bitch!" My brother announced. That brought me back to thinking about him. I was even more turned on knowing my ass felt that good to him too. "Yeah, baby, cum for me," I told him. That made his cock jump in my ass. "Yeah, you want me to come in your ass, anal whore?" he asked hoarsely. I didn't know.

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       I hadn't thought about that. It sounded kinky to have him fill my ass with cum. But I didn't have time to answer him. "Oh god, Karen! I'm coming! I filling your tight little ass! Oh, god you little anal whore. I am going to fuck your ass everyday!" He said more but when my brother comes, he can't even remember what he says, just keeps mumbling dirty talk to me. I should know, he has been stretching my ass for three years now. Anyway, back to the story. As soon as I felt his first shot of sperm fill my insides, I felt a rush of adrenalin knowing my brother's seed was in me. I felt my pussy tighten and I was coming harder than ever. I already had my face buried in his pillow, and I used it to bite down on and muffle my own screams. My brother pulled out of my ass, holding my cheeks apart and looking at my stretched hole. "God that's a beautiful sight!" he said. He has seen it quite a bit since. Like I said this is true and I have other times I could write about. I just need to hear if you like this.

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