Ashley...more fun with Uncle Dave


When Ashley Morgan woke up on Saturday morning it took her a minute to remember where she was. Then, as she looked over at the naked man sleeping beside her, it all came flooding back. She remembered her uncle deciding she should sleep in her mom and dad's room with him because there wasn't enough room in her little single bed. She felt her little pussy immediately get soaked as she remembered the events of the day before. Her uncle dave had come to stay with her for the weekend while her parents were away and it didn't take long before Ashley had him right where she wanted him! . . . . . fucking his horny little niece's young cunt outside by the pool!
Ashley reached down to play with her wet slit as she thought about what had happened last night. . . . After their adventure by the pool they had dinner, during which Ashley told her uncle all about her experience with the stranger at the mall, starting with finding her daddy's magazines. As she described her first time in detail she could see her uncle's cock getting rock hard all over again. She climbed into his lap and unzipped his pants.

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   She started playing with his dick as she finished telling the hot slutty story, describing how rough the man was with her virgin cunt and how it made her even more turned on. . .
"Mmmm you are a filthy little slut, aren't you?. . . ", her uncle commented, hearing this nasty tale come from his sweet little niece's lips.
He lifted her onto the kitchen table and slid her tight little shorts down her legs, exposing her dripping little cunt, still swollen from taking her uncle's big cock.
"I wanna see you be real nasty for your Uncle Davie, okay Ashley?"
"Mmm whatever you want me to do I will do Uncle Dave", she said,spreading her legs wide for him to see.
With that, he went to the refridgerator and began rifling around. He came back with and oversized cucumber.
"I wanna watch my sexy lil girl shove this in her little slut cunt," he said to her.
Ashley took it from him, wrapping both hands around it,and started rubbing it up and down  her horny slit, trying to put on a good show for Uncle Dave. Very slowly she began to work it into her tight teenage fuckhole, opening her legs as wide as she could so he could see it stretch her out. After the hard fucking by her uncle her little pussy craved more and she loved the way the cold veggie felt inside her hot little hole.

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   She began hammering her cunt with the cucumber for all she was worth, moaning and telling her uncle how good it felt fucking her own slut pussy.
As he watched, he stroked his fat pole. He couldn't believe just yesterday he hadn't seen his sweet little Ashley in two years and now here he was getting ready to fuck her for the second time while he watched her putting on a show with a veggie like a filthy little cumslut!
"Mmmm baby, you are such a hot little teen fucktoy!", he said as she lay back on the table with her legs in the air and started forcing the entire thing into her cunt.
He walked over to her and knelt down in front of the table. As she continued ramming the cuke into her hot pussy he shoved his tongue into her tiny pink asshole. Sometimes when Ashley was masturbating she would slide a finger into her tight butthole but she had never felt anything like this before and started cumming immediately, soaking the cucumber in her sweet teen juices.
"Mmm uncle dave,", she cried, "lick my little asshole, it feels so good!"
"Y'know what's really gonna feel good, baby?" he said. . .
"When I stick my big cock in that tight little fuckhole! Only nasty girls like it in the ass, and you are a very nasty little girl, aren't you, little Ashley?"
"Mmmm yeah Uncle Dave," she said, "I want you to give it to me hard with that great big man cock of yours! I can't wait to feel it in my filthy little butthole!"
"Spead your legs you little slut", he said.   "I wanna see your pretty face as you feel my dick invades that sweet virgin ass of yours!"
He rubbed his dick up and down her dripping slit getting it wet and ready. He could see that her sweet cunnie juices had already soaked the entrance to the puckered hole.
"Holy shit," he thought,"I can't believe I am getting ready to ram a 13 year old virgin asshole, much less my brother's daughter!" He knew he should feel disgusting, but the thought made him harder than he had ever been, as he imagined what it was going to feel like. Luckily he didn't have to wait to find out.
He knew he should probably get her used to it with one finger first, then two, but his dick just coulnd't wait another second.

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   Positioning it at the entrance to her little butt, he grabbed onto her and began pulling her towards him, feeling the impossibly tight hole clench around the head of his fat cock. He expected her to cry out in pain but the look on her face told him she wanted this just as much as he did. That was all the encouragement he needed to grab onto he firm little asscheeks and ram his whole huge shaft inside of her, making her scream out in pain.
He was worried that it was too much for her tiny teen body to take but when she opened her mouth her words surprised him.
"Fuck yes, Uncle Dave, your cock feels so dirty and nasty in my little asshole! How do you like fuckin your niece in the butt?"
"Mmm Ashley it is the hottest thing I have ever done. . . you look so sexy and slutty spread out like that taking my big cock!"
"Mmm stick your fingers in my tight little pussy, Uncle dave, I wanna feel both my holes getting stretched out!"
She didn't have to ask twice. . . he held onto her shoulder with one hand and with the other shobed three fingers into her hungry cunt, making her cum again.
"Oh fuck, it feels so good cumming with your dick in my ass Uncle Dave!," she said, "both my holes feel completely stuffed!"
Hearing that gave him an even nastier idea. He picked up the cucumber, still sticky with Ashley's cum and forcefully rammed it into her cunt, filling the little girl up so much he thought she might burst. He pistoned it in and out of her dripping cunthole as he continued fucking her ass in long slow strokes, letting her feel  what is was like to have both holes worked over at the same time. He wished he had a video camera as he looked down at this hot little fuckslut, spread eagle on the table with a giant cucumber in her young pussy and her uncle's dick in her ass! Maybe next time he thought.

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  . .
The sight was too much for him to take and he could feel a huge load of cum rising inside his heavy balls. He began fucking his sweet little niece's asshole as hard as he could. He couldn't wait to fill her up with cum.
"Oh fuck Ashley, you are such a good little fuck, you are gonna make you uncle cum!", he said.
"Mmmm Uncle dave, please fill my filthy ass up with your hot cum! I can't wait to feel it shooting inside me!" begged Ashley
Hearing the little whore beg for his cum sent him over the edge and he groaned hard as his cock spasmed and began filling up his niece's butthole with spurt after spurt of creamy jizz. Feeling his cock tighten inside her made her cum again, and as she did the filthy things coming out of her mouth continued to shock him.
He pulled his cock out and bent down to watch her gaping asshole as his sticky cum dripped out and pooled all over the table. She immediately got onto her hands and knees on the table and told him she wanted to suck her filthy slut juices off his cock. Just hearing the little whore talk this way made his cock start to rise again and as she lapped it clean he knew they wouldn't be getting much sleep tonight. . .