Ashleys In Double Trouble


Her parents were out of town. For Ashley that was one of the most important things to happen to her in her 15 years of life. Actually it was the most important thing to happen to her. Her parents Dan and Susan were out of town for two weeks, off in Cancun for an anniversary vacation, and Ashley was staying with her two older brothers: Tom, who was 17, and Mark, who had just turned 18.
There were very few rules while the parents were gone, because Mark, who was in charge, was pretty cool. He was fine with Tom doing whatever he wanted, because Mark and Tom hung out with the same people, and were usually together. Ashley’s only rules were that he wanted her in by 1:00 and she wasn’t supposed to go to any parties with some specific people.
Ashley had told them she was hanging out with Mandy, one of her best friends, and that had gotten her brothers suspicious. Mandy hung out some guys that Tom and Mark didn’t like. The guys she hung out with were bad news. They were heavy partiers and they had a history of turning girls into heavy partiers too. So, Tom and Mark decided to keep an eye on Ashley. They called up one of their friends who frequented parties and told him to watch for Ashley and if she showed to up keep an eye on her and give them a call.
Ashley did show up at the party, but she didn’t drink. Mandy went off with some guy and Ashley felt kind of awkward. The evening picked up and she was hit on by some guys, but she kept it at flirting.

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   According to the friend who was watching her Ashley was a pretty good girl all night.
While Ashley was at her party, Tom and Mark had a little party of their own. It wasn’t much, they had been out the last few nights and decided to just chill at home with some beers and watch TV. After a while they got bored with sitcoms and starting searching the high channels for a movie. Around channel 497 they found what looked to be a pretty interesting movie. It only to took about 5 minutes to realize it was porn, but they had had a few beers and they watched it anyway. For cable porn it was pretty heavy shit. They sat there watching it making jokes at the bad acting, until one scene started that made Mark sit up a little straighter.
“Hey, that chick looks a bit like Ashley. ” he said.
“Holy shit, your right. ” said Tom.
The girl in the scene didn’t look “a bit” like Ashley, she looked almost identical to her. Dark brown hair, a nice light tan, big green eyes, tiny little frame, and about a B-cup. The girl was really hot, and the guys knew it, but they also knew it was a little weird that they found the girl that looked exactly like their sister so hot.

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   They watched the whole scene, trying to remind themselves that this was someone else, but the entire time all they could think about was their sister. After the scene was over they started talking, the conversation a little alcohol fueled.
They talked about Ashley, and they agreed that actually now that they thought about it, she was really hot. Then the conversation got a little dirtier, as they talked about whether they would fuck her if they got the chance. They both thought it was pretty wrong morally, but they decided that, yeah, if given the chance, they would.
There was a moment of silence, then Mark spoke up.
“Well, actually…” he said
“I was just thinking. . ”
“Well. . we could” Said Mark, and he started to explain his plan.
Ashley got home from the party at 1:06, and as she came through the door she got an apprehensive feeling.
“Your late” shouted Tom from the living room.
“Sorry, I lost track of time” she said as she walked into the living room.
There were beer bottles on the coffee table and Mark and Tom were staring at her intently.

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“We got a call from one of our friends Ashley, he said you were at a party tonight. ”
“What did we tell you about partying with those guys. ”
“Well, Mandy wanted to go and I just…. I dunno” At this point Ashley was scared, she had never seen this look in her brother’s eyes, they didn’t look angry though, they looked…. . hungry.
“Did you drink?” asked Tom
“No, I didn’t have anything but water” She said telling the truth.
“Well, do you want to drink with us?”
“Um, I’m actually kind of tired. ”
“Grab a beer Ashley, or Mom and Dad are going to get a call. ”
Ashley didn’t know where this was going so she took the safe bet, and grabbed a beer. They sat in silence for a while and Ashley drank. After she finished one beer, she already felt tipsy, she was a tiny girl and not a drinker, but as soon as she was done Tom handed her another beer.
“No, thanks, I think I should stop”
“Drink Ashley. ” Said Mark, so Ashley did.
After this beer Tom turned the TV on and flipped through the channels, until he settled on a repeat of the porn they were watching earlier.

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“Wow Ashley, that girl looks like you. ” he said, eyeing his sister. She was in party clothes, a tank top and a mini skirt, a she looked even hotter than the porn star to him.
“Uh, I guess. ” she said look even more nervous, the beer was getting her pretty drunk, and her brothers were freaking her out.
“Let’s see how much you really have in common. ” Said Mark as he leaned over towards Ashley.
“What?” said Ashley trying to scoot away. She couldn’t because she was already next to the arm of the couch.
Mark reached over and grabbed her by her waist, while Tom crossed from his chair and pulled off her shirt. Mark kissed her passionately, and Ashley unknowingly responded, allowing her tongue to play with his. She realized what she was doing and broke away.
“What are you jerks doing” shouted Ashley, but the beer in her system was making it hard to move away.
Tom next ripped off her bra and revealed her great tits, they were in fact a little bigger than the porn stars, but that certainly wasn’t a bad thing. Mark went to work sucking on her little nipples, which were getting hard from the contact.

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Ashley was freaked out, but she let out a moan, because even though she knew it was wrong on many levels, her body was betraying her. She was getting turned on, her nipples were hard and she could feel heat building between her legs, she struggles to suppress these feelings. Ashley had never done anything like this with a boy, let alone two. The most she had done is masturbated, and once she used Mandy’s skinny little vibrator, that was when she took her own cherry. She was scared now because everything about her brothers was bigger, even their fingers looked big. She was still harboring some hope that they would only want to feel her tits.
This hope was soon crushed, when she felt Toms hand slide up her thigh, The fingers started to stroke her through her panties, and she felt herself getting wet. Mark stopped sucking on her nipples and flipped her on to her back. Tom ripped off her underwear and then her skirt, leaving her completely naked.
After this he pried her legs apart and kissed up her thighs, he slid his tongue over her hard little clit, and all up and down her pussy, making her quiver and shake. She had never expected it could feel like this to have a tongue invading her most private places.
Mark was getting bored so he unzipped his pants and stripped down to nothing. Ashley looked up towards him and her eyes landed on his cock. It was huge, especially to Ashley who had never seen one in real life before. It was 9 inches, which is big on any standards, but to Ashley it looked gigantic.

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“Suck on it. ” said Mark, but Ashley only gapped at him. He grabbed the side of her head with one hand and pinched her nose with the other. After a second she opened her mouth and he slid himself in. He was surprisingly gentle, but Ashley had to stretch her mouth to accommodate him. He made her suck for a while, then he had her lick up and down, all the while Tom was eating her out.
She felt Tom pull away from her pussy, and place a finger at the opening, it was bigger than Ashley’s but she was really wet, even though she was scared, and it slip in easily. After a while he slid in a second finger, this felt big in Ashley, but he gave her time to get used to it, so it didn’t hurt at all. As he did this with one hand he managed to pull of his pants and boxers with the other. Ashley pulled away from the cock in her mouth, and stared at Tom’s dick.
It wasn’t quite as long as Mark’s, only about 8 ½ inches, but it was still huge. It was also a little thicker than Mark’s, making up for the difference. Ashley knew now that they weren’t planning on sticking to foreplay.
“Are you still a virgin Ashley?” Asked Mark as her pulled Ashley’s head up towards him.
“I don’t know” said Tom “ I didn’t feel anything.

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“ I popped it myself” said Ashley looking embarrassed.
Mark pulled her mouth back onto his cock and nodded at Tom. Tom slid one more finger into Ashley making her tense and writhe, coming harder than she ever had by herself. After a couple seconds Tom pulled his fingers out and lined himself up with her tight little hole.
Ashley started to shake her head, and try and protest, but Mark wouldn’t let her get her mouth off of his dick.
Tom rubbed the head and down her hot pussy, then placed it at the hole and pushed. The work he had done with his fingers had loosened her up so that it didn’t hurt very bad. But he was still a huge guy, and she felt stretched and extremely full when he had slid into her. Ashley moaned onto Mark’s cock as Tom filled her up, he started to slide in and out slowly, but Ashley still was rocked to her second orgasm. Mark pulled out of her mouth and said something Ashley couldn’t quite hear to Tom. Tom then flipped her over so that she was on top of him, with her tits pressed against his chest. Mark stood up and left the room. Tom slowed his pace and Ashley got a second to collect herself.
“Tom, this was Mark’s idea wasn’t it?” she asked out of breath.
“Yeah, it was” said Tom a little confused.

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“Well you can stop Tom, stand up to Mark” said Ashley with a begging look in her eyes.
“Oh Ashley, It was Mark who planned it out, but I probably wanted to as much or more than he did. ” and he almost laughed at the look of disappointment in her eyes. “Just enjoy it Ashley. ” and he picked up the pace again.
After a couple seconds of heavy fucking, she heard Mark enter the room. She didn’t know why he had left, until she heard Tom speak.
“You get the lube?” he asked
“Bet your ass I did, or rather, bet her ass I did” said Mark, and he laughed.
Then Ashley heard the snap of the lube bottle being opened, and felt something wet and gooey being spread on her tight little ass hole.
“NO, NO, NO. ” shouted Ashley “Please, please don’t do that Mark, I’ll do anything, just don’t do that. ”
“Calm down Ashley. ” said Tom as he pulled her in and pressed her lips to his, cutting off her protests.
Mark put lube around her hole, and spread in on one of his fingers.
“Tom, maybe you should pull out for now.

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  ” he said
“You’re the boss. ” said Tom as he slipped slowly out of Ashley.
“Good man. ” said Mark, and he pushed his finger in up to the second knuckle. Ashley screamed, more out of shock than pain, the lube helped a lot, and she was trying to relax, she knew she wasn’t getting out of this, so she was going to try and make it hurt as little as possible.
Mark shushed her and Tom kissed her, after sliding his finger in and out and letting her get used to the feeling, he lubed up another finger and poised it to joining the first. Ashley whimpered but she couldn’t get away. Mark pulled out the first finger and slipped the two in together. This time it did hurt a little, Ashley felt stretched and uncomfortable. Then after about two minutes the pain went away completely and the fingers in her ass actually started to feel good.
    She moaned without knowing it into Toms mouth, And his boner jumped at the sound of it.
    Mark finally lubed up a third finger, and Ashley was once again scared. He pulled out and slowly slid in all three. The pleasure disappeared briefly and pain like fire shot through her ass, but that went away soon and the pleasure came back. She moaned and sighed, and then the fingers were gone.

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       She didn’t know for a second what was happening but it didn’t take long for her to realize. Tom pulled away from her lips and moved so his cock was touching where his mouth had just been. Ashley accepted him, and he filled her mouth. Just then she felt something big pressed against her asshole, and she knew the moment hade finally come. She pulled her head back to try and protest one more time. But Tom kept her firmly in place.
    Mark’s 9 incher was nice and lubed, and so was her tightest hole, but he was still so big Ashley didn’t think she could take him. He proved her wrong as the head popped in. Ashley screamed onto Tom’s dick, and tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. Mark slid in an inch, and waited until she quieted down. After she was quiet, he slid in another inch, then another until he was entirely inside her. Ashley felt almost sick. She had never in her life even considered anal sex, and now she had her brothers giant cock all the way in her ass. It hurt really bad, and he wouldn’t stop entering her. Just when she thought he was done another inch would come.


       After a second or two of letting her get used to it, he pulled back and then slid back in, it hurt for what seemed like an hour, but was only about 5 minutes. Then it started to feel good again, really good. She moaned and was screaming but this time it was from the pure pleasure of her brother filling up her ass.
    “Ok Tom. ” said Mark from behind her. “ I think she’s ready. ”
    “Ready for what” she asked between moans, but they only laughed.
    “Ready for WHAT!?” she shouted.
    “Just hold still” said Tom as he moved back down to his position beneath her.
    “No, No way! I could barely take one of you at a time and now you want…AHHHHHH” she never finished what she was going say, because mid sentence Tom entered her extra tight pussy. She was surprised and him sliding in not only hurt like hell, but it also managed to send her into another of her countless orgasms. The crazy mixture of pain and pleasure was too much for her and she almost passed out. Instead she went into a daze where she lost track of time and place and only could concentrate on the pain as it melted away into unbelievable pleasure. The two giant cocks in her holes, filling her up beyond belief, sent her through at a stream of orgasms that never stopped coming. Vaguely she heard Tom and Mark talking, one of them said they were almost there and the other agreed.

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    She came too enough to here them say
    “One…. Two…. THREE!!” and the both pulled out at once. The flipped her onto her back and came all over her face and chest. Getting it in her hair and on her lips, which she licked subconsciously, as it slid down her tits and over her nipples. They laughed and high-fived. Ashley was a little more awake now, she felt used and humiliated, raped in all holes and covered in her brothers come. By now it was 4 in the morning, and she was exhausted and crying on the floor of the living room. Mark grabbed her up and carried her up to her room, with Tom close behind. They laid her down in bed, and told her she was a good little slut. She passed out almost as soon as she lay down and they left the room.
    The next morning when Ashley awoke, she was sore all over, and the cum had dried on her skin and in her hair. She got up and almost had to hobble over to her closet to grab her bath robe. She couldn’t believe what had happened last night, and she hoped her brothers would apologize for their drunken actions. She didn’t know what to say to them.

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    When Tom, who was in the kitchen with Mark, heard her get up, he yelled at her to come downstairs. She walked stiffly in her bathrobe, looking sore and disgruntled.
    Mark look at her deviously.
    “Well you had quite a party last night. ”
    “What?” she asked.
    “Well, Tom and I have some video of you drinking beer, and having sex with two guys. You can’t see their faces, but you can definitely see yours. ”
    “But, that was you guys. You raped me, you don’t remember?”
    “Oh, we remember, but mom and dad weren’t here, so if you don’t want them to see the video…”
    “I can’t believe this. ” Ashley said tears welling up in her eyes.
    “Why don’t you go hop in the shower” said Tom “Get cleaned up, we’ll be up in a second. ”
    Ashley said nothing and walked out of the room in a stupor. She couldn’t see any way out of this situation. She climbed into the shower and turned on the water, feeling the hot spray caress her bruised body. She washed the dried cum from her breasts and hair.

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       She was just getting relaxed when she heard the bathroom door open and her brothers come in. They climbed into the big shower and immediately started to grope her and poke her with their huge dicks. Ashley sighed and let them do what they wanted. Mark looked at Tom over Ashley’s head.
    “I call ass this time” said Tom and Mark nodded.
    Mark hoisted Ashley up and slid into her pussy, his slightly longer dick going in farther then Tom’s had last night. Tom got behind her and pushed himself into her ass, being slightly thicker he stretched her even more. The whole time they squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples, sliding in and out of her holes while she hung suspended, silent and crying.
    It was going to be a long two weeks.
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