Aunt Jane


It must have been obvious to her what I was doing but she even began telling me when she needed to pee. I loved the summer. I would get to watch her change into her bathing suit, take it off and dry her body. When we were alone, she would change two or three times in an afternoon, however, when there were other people around, she wore her suit all afternoon. I'm sure she liked my watching her. I used to pee and put my bathing suit on in front of her too. She never mentioned my stiff little penis until I was twelve. When I turned twelve, my penis began a big change. It got much larger and my balls grew as their sack dropped. One summer day right after lunch, Jane walked toward the bathroom and I followed, saying that I had to pee too. I started getting erect when she was dabbing her cunt. She stood up and moved aside for me to pee. She slowly pulled her slacks up. "My goodness. You have really grown a lot lately. " she said.

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  She was looking at my penis. She turned and left after a few seconds. "Let's go for a swim. " she called over her shoulder. By the time I got to her room, she had her top on and was pulling her bottoms up. She sat there and watched while I put my suit on over my hard prick. After the swim, we went to her room while she changed. I was so involved with watching her rub her towel over her breasts and cunt that I hadn't even taken my suit off when she finished putting a fresh set of shorts and a halter on. "Aren't you going to change?" she smiled and asked. When I took my suit off, Aunt Jane took her towel and rubbed it over my buttocks, my balls and my penis. It felt really good to have her rub me there. She then stepped back with a smile. "There. You're nice and dry. "She then turned and left the room.

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  One other thing happened that summer. One rainy day, I was at her house watching TV. I noticed that Jane wasn't around. I went to look for her and when I went into her bedroom, she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was nude and her legs were spread. She had one hand between her legs and it was moving up and down. I walked in to get a better look. She was looking down at her cunt and didn't see me at first. "I've got this itch that won't go away. " she said when she saw me. She kept rubbing and I noticed her middle finger was inside her slit. She was breathing rapidly. Suddenly she closed her eyes and rubbed faster. She then layed back on the bed and removed her hand. I noticed her cunt was all wet and her pussy lips were swollen.

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   I also noticed that her nipples were hard like they were when she got cold after a swim. A couple of minutes later, she got up and got dressed. "The itch is much better now. "I still think of that episode a lot, especially when I masturbate. Over the next winter, I didn't get to Jane's house as often because of the school schedule. I still got a good look at her blond pussy every once in a while. She still didn't seem to mind my obvious stares, although she didn't go out of the way to expose herself to me. I was undergoing some major physical changes. My penis grew to over six inches long and I started growing pubic hair. I awoke one morning to a wet dream. It was about Jane pressing against my upright penis. I was really happy to have summer break come. I was old enough now so that I didn't have to check in with aunt Jane every time I wanted to go somewhere but I didn't want any change and nobody seemed to think anything about my going to her house every day. The first day of vacation I arrived at Jane's a few minutes after her husband left for work. She was in the kitchen cleaning up.

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   She was happy to see me and gave me a big hug. She was dressed in a cotton house coat and when we hugged, I could tell she was nude underneath. We sat and talked while she drank some coffee and I had some fruit juice. She said she had some house work to do and then we could go swimming. I told her I'd be glad to help her. We soon finished our drinks. Aunt Jane said she had to pee. I followed her and watched her lift her dress. She sat with her legs parted so I could see that beautiful blond bush and watch the stream of water. I took out my stiffening prick, saying that I had to pee too. Jane's eyes bulged when she saw how much I had grown over the winter. She stood there for a full minute while I tried to pee. Finally I started. "Maybe we should have a swim right away. I have a suit for you in my room.

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  " she said rapidly. When I got to her room, she tossed me a bathing suit and removed her dress. She bent over a drawer looking for her suit. As I undressed, I was looking at her ass and cunt which were clearly visible while she was bent over. She straightened up and turned to face me. I was nude and my prick was hard and upright. She looked at it for a few seconds and stared. "Come here. " she said as she sat on the edge of the bed. "Did you know that I have a little penis?"I shook my head. Jane then spread her legs and with her fingers, exposed the lips of her cunt. She told me to look at the top to see the bulge. I got in front of her and looked real close as she rubbed each side of her clitoris. It grew visibly and actually looked like a little penis. I told her I saw it.

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  "Sometimes I have to rub it because it tingles. Lay down beside me, while I get rid of the tingle. "She laid on her back with me beside her. I moved closer to her and reached for her breast while she rubbed. Her nipples stiffened under my fingers. "You can kiss them if you want. " Jane said. I got on my knees and bent over her and began sucking her nipples, going from one to the other every few seconds. My penis was pressed against her side when I felt her free hand grasp it. I raised up so I could see her hand buried in her crotch. It was moving rapidly now. "Pump your penis so I can see. "I wasn't sure what she meant but the sight of her bare body, my having sucked her breasts and her pumping hips made my dick feel like it was going to explode. I grabbed my prick and started pumping it so that the foreskin rubbed over the head. "Yes! That's it.

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   Keep pumping. " Jane gasped. She had her hips thrust forward and I could see that two of her fingers were inside her cunt as she began moaning. Suddenly I began cumming. My semen shot over her stomach. A couple of globs splattered on one breast. She never took her eyes off my dick as it ejaculated. She then took her hand from her sopping cunt and began rubbing my semen over her nipple. "I see you had a tingle that needed attention. Feels much better now, doesn't it?" Jane said in a low voice. She then said that we better have our swim now. The rest of the day was pretty normal. I helped her with the housework and we ate lunch. That afternoon I went out to play with some friends. Before I left, Jane cautioned me that our little secret should remain something between us.

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  The next morning I arrived as soon as Jane's husband left. When she hugged me, I lowered my hand to her buttocks and rubbed her cheeks. She just hugged me back. When we finished our drinks, she led me directly to the bedroom. As she undressed, she explained that she wanted a massage and that it would be better if we were both nude. She laid on her stomach and I straddled her ass. I began with her shoulders and moved down her back. My prick was resting in the crack of her ass. As I worked back up toward her shoulders, I pressed my dick against her. She responded by wiggling her ass and squeezing her cheeks together. After a few minutes, she asked me to do her legs. As I moved down, she opened her legs and I put my knees between them. I massaged her calves and thighs for several minutes. She praised me frequently. She then turned over and positioned her legs so that I was kneeling between them.

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   I was looking at her beautiful breasts and her blond bush with her moist labia protruding. I began kneading the top of her thighs. I moved my hands closer to her cunt. I rubbed my thumbs over her fatty mound and spread her lips open to see her clitoris. Her hips rotated so that she got more stimulation. I glanced up. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. I then leaned forward to kiss her breasts. I pushed my stiff prick against her silky mound. When I started grinding against her, she stopped me. She said we must control ourselves because it was wrong for relatives to have intercourse. She said it was alright to play with my penis over her. I raised back on my knees. She reached down and began rubbing her cunt. I grasped my prick and began stroking.

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   I watched as Jane massaged the area around her clitoris. That pink bud stuck out between her fingers as she moved her hand up and down. Her other hand was tweaking one of her nipples. I was so excited that I started cumming. The first couple of spurts landed on her lower stomach. The rest landed on her cunt and the hand she was rubbing it with. She started moaning and began rubbing my semen into her slit. She said she was sorry about stopping me but she wasn't comfortable about us fucking. We then had our first shower together. She let me wash her breasts and cunt. She loved my rubbing the slippery liquid soap into her slit. I think she came again. I know she has cum many times after that when we showered. For about a month, we repeated our masturbation ritual. She even did it while she was having a period.


   She just put a towel under her ass to catch the blood. One day I got on my knees in front of her. I had my head between her legs looking at her wide open cunt, when I got the urge to kiss her thighs. I began licking the inside of one thigh and slowly moved toward her bush. She seemed more excited than I'd ever seen her. When my mouth got close to her pubic hair, I became aware of her sexy odor. I glanced up to see that she was rolling both nipples between her fingers. I knew then that I wanted to kiss and lick her labia. I moved my head so that my tongue reached her slit and put my hands on her hips to hold her from pulling away. She obviously had no intention of stopping me. I ran my tongue up and down her slippery slit. Each time it neared her clitoris, she gasped and pushed toward me. I finally took that protruding bud between my lips and gently sucked. Aunt Jane began moaning and pumping her hips. She repeated 'Oh, Yes!' several times as she came.

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   I thought I was going to burst and I wanted it to be inside her. I stood up so that my prick was just inches from her pussy and leaned forward. Jane was still breathing hard when my prick head pressed against her wet lips. She gave no resistance as I easily penetrated that swollen love box. As I felt her muscles grab me, I began coming. I pumped for several seconds before I emptied my balls into my aunt's cunt. I collapsed on top of her and she hugged me as she finally talked. "After what you did for me, I couldn't stop you from what you and I both wanted. It feels so good having your huge penis inside me. "Before long I began pumping my still hard dick slowly in and out. She returned the thrusts. I felt so close to her. The full lengths of our bodies were together. The feeling of her breasts against my chest and the grasping cunt muscles squeezing my cock created an indescribable pleasure. We slowly fucked each other for a good half hour before she told me she couldn't hold back any longer and started pumping real fast.

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   She came before I did but I was close behind. After the first time, Jane lost all pretense of concern about the incest issue. She loved fucking, especially after I had sucked her clitoris and she had sucked my cock. She said that we both could last a long time after sucking and really fuck the way it was meant to be. The summer ended all too fast. That fall, my father got a big promotion and we had to move to a city about an hour away. My mother stopped working and was at home most of the time when I got home from school. I beat my meat every day while thinking about Jane. I even started looking at my mother and comparing her to her sister. They were built pretty much the same but mom had smaller breasts and her hair was coal black. Mom was much more modest and I had never seen her nude. Once in a while I caught her in her underwear but it was always an accident and she immediately covered herself. A couple of months after we moved, mom told me that Jane was coming over for the day. She wanted to see the new house and said she missed me. I was really happy when Jane drove up.

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   She gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear 'I've really missed you. I've been thinking about that big cock buried in my cunt ever since you left. 'A couple of hours after she arrived, mom said she had to go to the grocery store. Jane said she would stay with me and catch up on old times while mom shopped. Mom agreed and said she would be back in an hour. The car was just out of the driveway when Jane looked at me with a smile and walked toward my room.
    She stripped immediately as did I. She laid back and spread her legs. I knew just what she wanted and I began licking her thighs and cunt. "Oh I've missed your tongue. When you finish, I'm going to suck that beautiful prick. Yes, yes, keep licking, I'm coming!" Jane said after a few minutes. Just then the door opened. I heard my mother yell. "Jane! What are you doing?"I turned to see my mother with a shocked look on her face.

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       She just backed out of the door. Jane got up and got dressed quickly. I was really scared. "Stay here. I'll take care of your mother. " Jane said. They were in my mother's room for an hour. I couldn't hear what they were saying, although I could tell they were raising their voices several times. When they came out, I was watching TV. "Your mother and I are going shopping. We'll be back soon. " Jane said as they left. When they returned an hour later, they both acted as if nothing had happened. "Aunt Jane has decided to spend the night. Why don't you help her make up the guest bed?" Mom said.

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      As we made the bed, Jane told me there was nothing to worry about. My mother understood and wouldn't give me any trouble. That evening, mom, dad, Jane and I spent the evening together. I didn't notice anything that would give a clue as to why the women acted as if nothing had happened. That night, after mom and dad had gone to their room, Jane sneaked into mine. "I owe you something. " she whispered. She then gave me a slow blow job. After licking all the semen from my dick she mounted my still stiff dick and we fucked for a long time. We both wanted it to be slow. I began feeling her cunt muscles grasping my penis. I knew she was ready and I began pumping faster. She kept pace and we both muffled our moans as we climaxed. A few minutes later, she got up and returned to the guest room. Jane left just before noon the next day.

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       I dreaded facing mom. However, she acted as if nothing happened and I wasn't going to press the issue. On a Saturday morning a little over a week after Jane left, dad had gone golfing. When I got to the kitchen after my shower, mom had fixed me a breakfast and left, saying she was going to take a shower. I was cleaning up when I heard mom call me to her room. She was sitting on the edge of her bed dressed in her bathrobe when I entered. She said that she needed to talk to me about something important and asked me to sit in the chair which was facing her. I had on a short bathrobe and had to adjust it as I sat down to keep my self covered. Mom started talking about sex between older and younger people. She said a great deal of harm can come from such a relationship when the young person feels forced or coerced into having sex. She wanted to know if I felt dominated or intimidated by aunt Jane. I told her that I was the one who initiated the sexual activities and that Jane always made me feel that I had a choice. Mom then said that Jane had said the same thing and that I was very mature for my age. Mom then said she felt much better knowing that I understood that the relationship was a mutual expression of love. Mom then seemed hesitant for a while.

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      "Tell me about the first time you had intercourse. "Mom shifted her legs and crossed them while she was talking. Her robe parted and exposed one leg nearly to the top of her thigh. I caught a flash of her dark bush and my prick started to react. I described to her how Jane was sitting on the bed nude and I got a strong urge to kiss her thighs and vagina. I told mom how excited the odor made me feel. As I talked, I got up and got on my knees in front of mom. She uncrossed her legs but kept them together. I put my face in her lap and began kissing her thighs. "What are you doing?" she said weakly. I lifted my face a little. "I want to show you what I did. "She didn't push me away and I could tell she was breathing hard. I gently pulled her thighs apart with my hands and began licking the inside of mom's thighs. She resisted only a little and then laid back on the bed.

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       I worked slowly toward her cunt. Although her pubic hair was black, it was thin and I could see her fatty mound through it. I massaged that mound with my thumbs and spread her slit open so I could lick around her pussy lips. As I moved to her clitoris, I couldn't believe how big it was. It was twice as big as Jane's. When I began gently sucking on that amazing protrusion, mom began moaning and pumping her hips. "You're better than Jane said. "It wasn't long before mom started to come. I then moved up and pushed my penis against her slit. She returned the pressure and before I knew it, I was buried to the hilt in my own mother. "Fuck me! Fuck me with that big cock!" she moaned. She ground against me. I could feel her huge clitoris pressing against the top of my penis. I had never been so excited before and soon began coming with abandon. Mom was right with me.

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       After several minutes, we collapsed in each other's arms. "I've been thinking about this ever since I saw you and Jane. Jane told me you were good but she didn't say how good. " Mom whispered. We then had a shower together. I got my first good look at her body and loved every minute of it. Mom later told me that she and Jane, had fucked their brother for years before he was killed in a car accident. She said nobody ever knew about their incest but Jane and she often reminisced. They both missed him a lot. I hoped to take my uncle's place and was well on my way. I've been having sex with mom for over a year now. It's best when dad goes on a business trip and we can sleep together. Last trip, Jane came over and spent the weekend with us. I'll never forget seeing them suck each other's cunt. Being in bed with two hot women is an experience I'll never forget and look forward to many more business trips.

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