Aunt Jean and I


 This is a work of fiction/fantasy. The people in this story, although based on real people in my life, are not real. The names were changed to protect the innocent! J


  I moved in with Aunt Jean and Uncle Norman when I was a sophomore in high school, due to the death of my Mother, Aunt Jean’s older sister. When I was a senior Uncle Norman became real sick and after local Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, he was referred to a large hospital, in another state, for tests. The tests could take up to a week to do, depending on what they discovered. We made all the necessary arrangements and made the trip to the other state. Once there we dropped off Uncle Norman at the hospital and got him settled in, before we left to go to our hotel to get checked in.


   Aunt Jean and I got settled in we decided to go for swim. I talked Aunt Jean into bringing her swimming suit since I knew our hotel had a pool. Aunt Jean changed into her one-piece yellow bathing suit in the bathroom as I changed into my suit in the room. There wasn’t anyone in the pool when we got there, which I’m sure was a relief to Aunt Jean. Let me take time to describe Aunt Jean, she’s a pretty middle-aged women, a little old fashion in her dress and hair style, but still a handsome women. She has a mature women’s figure, with large breasts. Once we climbed into the pool it soon became clear to me that once her yellow suit had gotten wet, it became somewhat transparent. I could see the size, shape and color of her nipples, which were smaller than I would have thought given the large size of her breasts. I must have been staring at them, because after awhile Aunt Jean noticed me and asked what I was staring at, and I mumbled “N-n-nothing!” Then she looked down and exclaimed “OH MY GOD!” and covered her tits with her hands as she dropped lower in the water.

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   She said, “I’m getting out and going to the room!” I talked her out of it, saying, “I’ll quit staring and no one else is here!” She said, “Ok but if anyone else shows up I’m getting out!” I quit staring, but I couldn’t quit looking, I just was careful to not get busted. I really enjoyed it when she floated on her back! After awhile she said she was going back to the room and get cleaned up so we could go out and get something to eat. She grabbed a towel, dried off a little and covered her tits with it. I told her I’d be up in a bit.


  When I got back to the room I heard the water running in the tub. Aunt Jean heard me come into the room and called out to me, but with the water and exhaust fan running I couldn’t hear what she was asking me, so I opened the unlocked door and walked in. She yelped, “Do you mind?” as she was trying to cover nakedness up! I said, “No I don’t mind. What did you want?” as I sat down on the stool. After covering herself as well as she could she said, “I wanted to know where you wanted to eat?” I told her that I thought the restaurant in the hotel looked fine. She said, “That’s fine with me, now how about getting out, so I can finish my bath?” I said, “Ok, but first I need to get out of these wet trunks and I have to piss too. ” With that I dropped my trunks and stepped to the toilet, the whole time, facing her. She exclaimed, “DONNIE!!!” To which I replied, with a laugh, “What, are you the only one that can expose themselves around here?” Let me take this moment to say that compared to the guys, from my high school baseball team that I’ve showered with; I must assume that I’m pretty well hung. As I stood at the stool pissing Aunt Jean tried not to look at my cock, I told her it was ok, she could look, I didn’t care. “Besides now we’re even!” With that I noticed her gazes remaining longer, before she shifted her eyes away. After I got done pissing I left the bathroom to get dressed, but I left the door open as I exited.

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   As I got dressed I watched Aunt Jean’s reflection in the mirror as she climbed out of the tub and started to dry herself off. She looked into the mirror and seen me watching her get dressed, but she didn’t change what she was doing. Dinner was good and pretty uneventful, other than there was tension in the air, and Aunt Jean tired hard to act like nothing out of the usual had happened.


  After eating we stopped back in to check on Uncle Norman. We stayed there for a couple of hours before heading back to our room around 9pm. Once back in the room she grabbed her ‘old ladies nightgown’ out of the suitcase laying on the first bed, and headed off to the bathroom to change, this time locking the door behind her. When she came out I noticed her ‘old ladies nightgown’ was quite warn and a little on the thin side. Like her wet swimming suit I could make out the nipples through the material, not to mention she had a case of T-H-O’s that could put your eyes out. I stated that I was going to get into the shower, then stepped out of my cloths and headed toward the bathroom. Aunt Jean tried to act tuff and admonish me to not do that in front of her again, that I should go into the bathroom and close the door. I shrugged it off and got into the shower, again without shutting the door. I came out with just a towel around me, only to find Aunt Jean lying covered up on the far side of the far bed. I walked between the two beds, dropped my towel and crawled under the sheets with her. She said, “That’s your bed over there!” I told her that the suitcases were on the bed. She told me to move them.

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   I told her I didn’t want to. She said, “then I’ll move them. ” And started to get up and move them. I grabbed her arm and told her they were fine where they were. “Besides, I want to sleep here. ” She said fine, but lay still, it’s been a long day and we need our sleep, as it will probably be another long day tomorrow. I said fine, and with that I moved over to spoon her. She asked me to get back on my side of the bed. I told her I would in a little while. With that my cock was starting to get hard and began nuzzling against the crack of her ass. She said, “ARE YOU NAKED?” I grabbed her hand, which was lying on her hip, and placed directly on my half hard cock. She yelped “DONNIE!!!” I shushed her, and told her she could pretend to go to sleep if she wanted. We both laid there quietly for what seemed like a long time, but was actually only a few tense filled moments, when I placed my hand on her hip. She pushed my hand off, replacing it on her hip with her own, to which I retaliated by pushing her hand off and putting mine back on there. This went on for a couple more times, until she must have decided my hand wasn’t doing any harm there.

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   Again I must interject, I over heard Aunt Jean talking to her other sister on the phone, and during their conversation the topic of romance and intimacy came up, or more precisely about the lack of it, since Uncle Norman had gotten sick several months ago. I could tell from the gist of the conversation that Aunt Jean really missed the intimacy and craved to have a man hold her again. Apparently her sister must have suggested that she have an affair, because I heard Aunt Jean exclaim, “I could never do that!” “Besides I wouldn’t even know…who…I…could…do…that…with” as she measured her words carefully. Her sister must have suggested she pick up someone at a bar or something like that. “Oh I couldn’t let myself be picked up by a stranger! Besides I hate the bar scene” Once she realized I was close enough to hear her side of the conversation she told her sister they could discuss this topic more later and changed the subject. Back to what was going on in our hotel room, once she decided to leave my hand on her hip, I left it there awhile before I slid it up and cupped her left tit. She grabbed my hand and said, “DONALD ALAN, YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT GOES ANY FURTHER!” The interesting thing was, she had grabbed my hand but didn’t try to pull it away! She then added, “We can’t do this………………we shouldn’t do this!!” I whispered in her ear, “Shhhh, just act like you’re asleep and let it happen, that way you’re not to blame that I took advantage of you while you was asleep!” She started to speak again and I shushed her again. Before long she is breathing through her mouth as if she were asleep. I continued to massage her left tit and play with the hardened nipple. I reached across and started to play with her right tit too. The whole time I am rubbing my now hard cock along the crack of ass and along the lips of her pussy. After dividing my time between her right and left tit, I slid my hand down and between her thighs, gently tugging her left leg up and over my left leg. At this time she let out some light snoring noises. I now was able to easily play with pussy, first through the cloth and then inside the fabric of her Granny panties. I quickly found the moistness of her womanhood.

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   I then located her clit and started massaging it as I slid my fingers along her very wet pussy lips, occasionally let 1 or 2 fingers slide in and out of her pussy. This went on for a bit and then I slid out from spooning her and rolled her onto her back. I then spread her legs and knelt between them. I started rubbing my hard cock along the cloth-covered folds of her pussy, gently pushing some of the cloth into the opening of her pussy. I reached down and pulled the bottom of her nightgown up so I could grasp the waistband of her panties. I said, in a hushed voice, “Raise your butt up so I can take your panties off. ” She did as she was told, all the while under the guise of being asleep. I quickly removed her panties and positioned my cock at the opening of her soaking wet pussy. As I rubbed it back and forth across her split and then her clit, Aunt Jean started moaning and pushing upward toward my cock. I slowly worked the head of my cock into her pussy then pulled it back out, then back in again. Slowly I worked my cock all the way in and Aunt Jean was moaning out loud. I fucked her for a few minutes then pulled out and slid down and started licking her pussy. From the way she acted I thought it may have been the first time she’d ever had that done to her. As I was licking her clit I was finger-fucking her too.   I slid back up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy, but before I entered I whispered to her that I wanted to suck on her tits, and needed to take her nightgown off.

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   She whispered, “Tear it!” So I grabbed it at the collar, just above both breast and slowly, very slowly started tearing it. Given the worn condition of the fabric it actually tore quite easily, but I still took my time tearing it. As I tore at the worn nightgown, Aunt Jean’s breath got heavier and heavier. Her chest heaved in and out with every inch of torn fabric. Once I tore enough that her breasts were exposed, I stopped tearing and returned to massaging her tits, this time I was able to suck on her hard nipples as well. I positioned myself to re-enter her, when I started kissing her. Lightly at first and then deep passionate kisses. I hadn’t kissed her prior to this, as she was pretending to be sleep. As our kisses got more passionate I positioned my hard cock at the entrance of her still wet pussy. As I entered her, Aunt Jean started biting my bottom lip, at first not hard, but harder as she went. It hurt, but I didn’t care. I’m not sure if she sensed how hard she was biting it now, but she quit and started moaning in my ear. I started whispering in her ear. I told her how wonderful her mature pussy felt wrapped around my young cock. I just kept whispering things in her ear, such as how beautiful she is, and how much I love her big natural tits.

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   I told her that I’ve always wanted to see them, even before I could understand why I wanted to see them. After more whispering, passionate kissing and light nibbles on her neck I could feel myself getting ready to cum. As my thrusts in and out of her became more intense I could feel her matching me thrust for thrust, as if we were a well-timed machine. After I finished shooting my cum inside of her and her own climax ebbed, we collapsed into each other’s arms. We lay there in each other’s arms, slowly kissing each other, first lips then cheeks, ears, necks and such. As I slowly withdrew my softening cock from her pussy, I slid down and started sucking on her still hard nipples, first one and then the other. I slid off of her, toward the foot of the bed, and as I got my first view of her well-fucked pussy I stopped and admired how lovely it looked.   What I did next still, to this day, amaze me that I did it, I started to lick her pussy again. Aunt Jean grabbed my hair and ears to try and stop me, but I continued. It didn’t take long before her effort to pull my tongue away from her pussy was replaced by her pulling my tongue into her pussy. I continued until she came to an earth-shattering climax. I lay there with my head resting on pubic area, looking at her as her breath started to return to normal. I slowly got up and grab the towel on the floor that I had used earlier, and wiped the combination of our juices from my face and lay down next to her. We didn’t say anything for a long time, Aunt Jean lay on her side with her right leg over my right leg, lightly playing with my chest, my nipples and the small amount of hair that I had there. She told me we needed to get to sleep.

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   I said  “But first”…. I then grabbed her hand and put it on my re-hardening cock, (it was so great to be young). We again enjoyed each other’s bodies, in everyway that my inexperienced mind and her limited experienced mind could imagine. She sucked my cock for the first time as I was eating her pussy again. After we both exploded in climatic bliss, we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


   When I woke up my hand was still cupping Aunt Jean’s breast with her hand holding it there. The thoughts of the night before caused my cock to come back to life. As I slid away from spooning her, Aunt Jean rolled over onto her back and stretched as she started to wake up. I put one of my knees between her legs and she willingly spread her legs to allow me full access to her pussy. I started kissing every part of her and eventually started to suck on her clit. She wasn’t as fresh as the night before but I didn’t care. After getting her good and ready I rolled her over onto her hands and knees and entered her dog-style. I really enjoyed this as I could reach around and play with her big hanging tits, as I fucked her from behind. After we fucked a good portion of the morning away, Aunt Jean looked at the clock and said we better get ready and go over to the hospital. She told me she would get into the shower first as it will take her longer to get ready than me.

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   With that she gave me a long kiss and jumped out of bed and headed into the bathroom, without closing the door. I heard her start the water and sit and pissed while the water got hot. As I lay on the bed rubbing my half soft cock, I looked into the mirror on the wall and watched her. As she got up and flushed the toilet she could see me watching her in the reflection of the mirror. She smiled at me, as it made her feel good to think that this young stud couldn’t get enough of her. A couple of minutes after she pulled the shower curtain closed behind her, I pulled it back open and climbed in with her. I grabbed her soaped up washcloth and lathered up her breasts, stomach, pussy and thighs. As she leaned back against me to let the water rinse her off, she could feel my re-hardened cock pressing against the small of her back. She turned to face me, and laid her head on my chest as she stroked my cock. “Donnie…Donnie…Donnie…What am I going to do with you?” “Well…” I said, as I gently pressed her shoulders downward. She slid to her knees and sucked my cock with a great deal of enthusiasm. As I got close to cumming I warned her, that she better stop. I even tried to pull her off of my cock, but just as I had done with her, when she tried to stop me, she wouldn’t stop and I came in her mouth and swallowed every drop! After she finished she got up and gave me a big French kiss and said hurry up and finish showering so we can get breakfast, as she exited the shower.


   We left the room and headed for the elevator. After we finished our breakfast we jumped in the car and headed for the hospital.

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   Once in the car I told her I wanted to ask her a question. “Have you ever done that before with Uncle Norman?” “What?” she asked. “Let him cum in your mouth like that?” “Ha!” she said, “No, dear I never let that happen before with Uncle Norman, or anyone else for that matter. ” “Anyone else? You mean there were others?” I asked. “Yes” she said, “There were others. ” “Before you were married?” was my reply. “Well I wasn’t a virgin when I married your Uncle…There were a couple of others before him. ” She added. “What about since you got married?” I asked.

There was a long moment of silence. “There have been others!” she finally admitted. I wasn’t asking in a prying manner, and I told her she didn’t have to tell me if she didn’t want to. No, I’ll tell you. In fact I’ve kept this bottled up inside of me for a long time, and often wished I had someone I could talk to about it. ” “There has been a couple more since we got married.


   One happened because I was mad at Norman for working so much and never being home. That and I found out he had ordered something that we neither needed nor could afford. So when the guy stopped by to deliver the parcel, I started talking to him, and told him how disappointed I was that Norman had ordered it. He had a very sympathetic ear, and was quite handsome on top of that. One thing led to another, and I don’t know if he seduced me or I seduced him, but we ended up in bed. ” “Wow!” I said, “Was it any good?” “Not really, it was over very quickly, and I immediately felt extremely guilty over letting it happen. ” she continued. “The only other time…well besides you Donnie was with your Uncle Bob. ” “UNCLE BOB…You did it with Uncle Bob? Now let me add that he is my uncle’s brother, so he’s not really my uncle, but I’ve always knew him as such. How did that happen?” I asked. “Well I was home alone and had just got out of the shower and walked out into the living room naked, and ran right into your Uncle. He had come over to borrow some of Norman’s tools and I didn’t hear him come in. I covered up as best as I could and ran down the hall to my bedroom. As I shut the door behind me, I realized Bob was right behind me and pushed the door back open before I could get it latched. He followed me into the room and over to the bed, while unbuckling his pants.

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   When I backed all the way up to the bed he pushed me down on the bed and pulled his pants down. I had the feeling that if I hadn’t given into him, he would have taken me by force!” “You mean Uncle Bob would have raped you?” I asked. She said, “Yes, from the wild look in his eyes, I believe he would have!” “He fell on me and fucked me like a wild man. We did it almost all afternoon. The only way I got him to leave was that I pointed out that Norman was due to be home at any moment. ” “He pulled his pants back on and left in a hurry, kissing me on the way out. I barely got my panties and bra back on when Norman walked in. When he saw me dressed like that, he got excited and asked if I was glad to see him. I told him of course I was, and he wanted to go to the bedroom so I could show him how glad I was to see him. My mind was racing trying to think how I was going to explain this to him. After we got into the bedroom he sat on the bed and pulled me down to him. He immediately wanted to finger my pussy, but I tried to stop him by telling him He wanted to know why not, and I couldn’t think of a reason to not let him, so I reluctantly let him finger my freshly fucked pussy. He commented how horny I must be, because my pussy was wetter than he had ever felt it. He pulled his two fingers out of me and looked at how slick it was and then he shoved both fingers in his mouth. I about crapped at the sight of him licking off his brother’s and my love juice! Wow, your pussy taste a little different, good, but a little different than usual.

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   He then put the two fingers back in me and repeated it several more times, before he finally climbed on top of me and fucked like he hadn’t done in some time. ” “WOW, this is hot!!” I added, “Back to Uncle Bob, what was it like to fuck him?” “Well, his cock was a little longer and a little thicker than Uncle Norman, that and he lasted longer than Uncle Norman…Uncle Norman has a little problem with premature ejaculation. ” “Is Uncle Bob’s cock the biggest you ever had?” I asked. She said, “Until yours it was!!”


  By now we were pulling into the hospital parking lot. We put our conversation on hold during our visit. We walked into Uncle Norman’s room and he was finishing his breakfast. He was very glad to see us. Aunt Jean asked if everything was going ok, to which Uncle Norman replied sure is. Uncle Norman turned to me and asked, “So Donnie are you taking care of Aunt Jean?” As Aunt Jean started to cough as if she had just swallowed a cough drop. I replied, “I’m trying to. ”  “Are you ok, Dear?” he asked her. “Yeah, I’m fine, I must have inhaled something is all. ”


  We spent most of the day there with Uncle Norman, coming and going as the Nurses and Dr’s needed us too. Around 7pm Uncle Norman seemed tired from the tests and procedures, so we decided to head back to the hotel. As I gave my Uncle a hug, he told me to continue to take care of Aunt Jean.

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   I told him, “Don’t worry I will”. As I walked out of the room I said under my breath, “Don’t worry I will take care of ALL of her needs!” Uncle Norman asked me if I said something, to which I replied “No”.


  As we headed toward the hotel we decided to eat at a Steakhouse that we had seen on the way to the Hospital. The meal was very good and the talk centered around how Uncle Norman seemed upbeat and how we hoped they would be able to find out what was wrong with him. After a dry spot in the conversation, where my thoughts had returned to our activities of the night before, I asked her, “Are you going to have to pretend to be asleep again tonight?” She said, “You know Donnie, we shouldn’t be doing this. Its wrong in so many ways!” I kind of hung my head and said “Oh” when she added, “…but no, I won’t have to pretend to be asleep”. She then smiled and winked at me. I asked her if she wanted to go swimming again, which she thought sounded fun.


  We chatted on the way back to the hotel. I brought up Uncle Bob again, by asking her if anything ever happened again. She said, “Not really”. She said she made sure she was never alone with him. I asked her, “but you said not really, so that means something happened”. She went on to say “There was an occasional ass grab or tit rub, when no one was looking, and I guess I was ok with that, as long as it didn’t go any further. ”


  I parked the car in the hotel parking lot, & got out and walked around to her, I took her hand in mine.

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   She looked down and it and then at me and smiled as she squeezed my hand in hers. Once in the room she grabbed her suit and headed for the bathroom. I stopped her and asked her where she was going? She smiled at me and said “Sorry force of habit”. As we stripped naked in front of each other, Aunt Jean notice that my cock was coming back to life and said, “Well I guess we need to put off swimming for a little while”, and then fell on to the bed. We kissed and fondled each other for several minutes and finally ended up in the ‘69’ position, with me on the bottom and her lovely ass above my face. After several minutes, she had came and I was getting close to cumming, I told her to stop as I wanted to cum in her pussy. Just like that she rolled off of me and lay on her back. I let her know that I wanted her on top, as I wanted to see her big beautiful tits swaying above my face. She positioned herself over my cock and took it all the way to the balls. It didn’t take long before I came and she came again. We lay there for a while before we got dressed and headed for the pool. As we left our room I noticed 4 boys, around my age, getting on the elevator at the end of the hall. They all had on swimming trunks and carried towels. As the door closed behind them, I figured Aunt Jean wouldn’t go swimming now, but she didn’t say anything. Maybe she didn’t notice.

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  As I opened the door to the poolroom I notice the 4 boys were in fact swimming. I continued into the room only to have Aunt Jean stop just inside the door. I asked her if she was coming. She didn’t answer me, so I told her it would be fine. She reminded me that about her suit and said so, these boys don’t know you and will never see her again once we head home. Besides just think you’ll be giving them a cheap thrill that they may masturbate to tonight. With that she gave me a coy smile and slowly continued in to the room with me. The boys watched as we set our stuff down on a chair. They continued to watch as Aunt Jean walked to the deep end of the pool and dove in and swam to the shallow end before coming out of the water. When she did come up you could her all 4 boys gasp in unison as they seen her suit had become see through. Aunt Jean’s nipples were sticking out like six-shooters as witnessed the effect she had on the boys. She continued to swim around the pool, alternating to floating on her back, as I sat in the chair and took it all in. She asked me why I hadn’t gotten in, and I told her I would soon.


  The boys hovered in one corner of the shallow end, watching every move Aunt Jean made, not trying to disguise the fact that they was staring. She was enjoying this and purposely swam such that she came up right by them.

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   She stood there for a few seconds and said “Well hi boys, are you having a good time?” They all nodded there heads yes, but none of them said a thing. Aunt Jean said “Good”, gave them a smile and swam to the other end of the pool. The boys huddled in the corner, talking amongst themselves and when the came out of the corner they started playing ‘Marco Polo’, but for some curious reason they kept the pursuit going in whatever direction Aunt Jean was in. By now I had gotten into the pool and started swimming with and around Aunt Jean. I would playfully grab her ass, or run my hands up her side, stopping with my hands on the side of her breasts, but never actually putting my hands on her tits. A couple of times I came up behind her, while under water, and put my head between her legs and lifted her out of the water, on my shoulders. While facing the deep-end I would lean forward and allow Aunt Jean to dive/fall into the deep end. Shortly there after we decided to get out and head back to our room, to continue on with the rest of our evening. As expected the boy’s eyes followed every move Aunt Jean made. After she dried off, she walked to the edge of the pool and told the boys to have fun and play safe. There eyes were huge, and I soon seen why. Not only was Aunt Jean’s suit still somewhat see-through, but her blood engorged pussy lips created one of the most impressive ‘Camel-Toes’ I have ever seen!


  Aunt Jean and I got on the elevator to head up to the 6th floor where our room was.

We immediately started making out and fondling each other, as soon as the doors closed behind us. The didn’t stay closed long as a couple, close to Aunt Jean’s age got on, as the elevator stopped on the 2nd floor. We didn’t stop what we were doing, nor did we care that they were studying us.

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   As the elevator stopped I looked and seen it was on our floor, so I said, and I have to admit that I said this on purpose, to see there reaction, “Come on Aunt Jean, this is our floor. ” We both looked back at them as we left the elevator arm-in-arm, and smiled as they looked back at us slack-jawed! As the doors started to close Aunt Jean decided to add her own comment by saying, “You’re such a good nephew, Donnie. ”  We were still laughing at what they must be thinking, as we entered our rooms, but as soon as the door closed we turned our attention to more pressing matters, such as pressing our matter against each other! J


  We enjoyed each other’s body every chance we got, which amounted to at least 3 times a day, during our stay. On the 4th day there we were told, during our visit to the hospital that they were 90% sure of what was wrong with Uncle Norman. They were waiting for one more test result to come back before they could say conclusively. They expected that result tomorrow morning or early afternoon at the latest. They went on to say that Uncle Norman would be able to leave tomorrow as well. After our visit with Uncle Norman was over and we headed back to the hotel, neither of us spoke much. There was a strange feeling in the air, one of relief that we would finally know what is making Uncle Norman sick and hopefully he will be cured. The other feeling in the air was the one of knowing that our days of enjoying each other’s bodies were about to end.


  I’m not sure how Aunt Jean would react, would she draw the line in the sand and say that it ends now! Or would she take the position of well we have one more night of sexual bliss, but then it all stops tomorrow. We decided to eat at the same Steak House that we had enjoyed so much earlier in the week. As we waited for our food to arrive I got the answer to my quandary. Aunt Jean looked me and said in no uncertain terms “Donnie, you know we won’t be able to go on like we have been for the past several days. ” I said, “Yes I know”.

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   She went on to say, “So we better enjoy tonight as much as possible. ” I must have gotten a big smile on my face upon hearing that we had one more night. If that put a big smile on my face then what she said next must have put an even bigger smile on my face, as she said, “From here on out we will have to be very careful when we can get together, and it may even be days before we can have sex”. Days………Days…I can live with Days, it was Cold Turkey that I wouldn’t have been able to handle. She went on to tell me that we may still have some fun in between times, such as an occasional kiss or feel, or perhaps she might be able to flash me some tit, kitty or ass once in a while.


  Back at the hotel we did not waste one minute of time, as we were ripping each others cloths off before the door had a chance to latch. We fucked, sucked and licked until the early morning hours. When we were finally satisfied, Aunt Jean told me that she wanted to go asleep in my arms and that is exactly what she did. The next morning, although we knew it might be awhile before we have another chance, we decided to forgo the morning romp, mainly due to the fact that we were so satisfied from the night before. We decided to get a early jump at getting to the hospital, so Aunt Jean decided to get in the shower 1st as it will take her longer to get ready. As I sat, still naked, flipping through the channels with the sound of the shower running in the background, I started thinking of Aunt Jean…naked…in the shower…lathering up those beautiful breasts, and I decided screw our original plans and I climbed in the shower with her, for a very hot and passionate quickie!


   At the hospital we found Uncle Norman in an upbeat mood, I assume due to getting to go home. We hadn’t been there very long when his primary Dr. came in to see him. The Dr. wanted to talk to him privately 1st so we left and went down to get a beverage.

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   Upon our return Aunt Jean was directed into the room. They were in there for about 15 to 20 minutes, when the Dr. came out, leaving Uncle Norman and Aunt Jean alone in his room. They remained in the room for a good half hour to 45 minutes, when she came out and had me go in. When she approached me she was smiling, but looked like she had been crying so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


   When I walked in the room Uncle Norman was in his street cloths, sitting on the edge of the bed. He looked as good as I had seen him in quite some time. He appeared to have had a load lifted off of him. I asked him how he was feeling had he said, “Good, real good” and then instructed me to sit down. He said, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that what I have isn’t curable, but the good news is that with proper medicine it is very controllable. ” I let out a sigh and said, “Thank God!” He went on to say,  “Although I will be able to return to a fairly normal life, there will be some things that I will not be able to do, and that’s where I need your help”. I said, “Sure thing Uncle Norman, I’ll do anything you need, just name it”. “Well Donnie, that is the hard part, just naming it! The thing is I need help with Aunt Jean!” “I don’t understand. ” I told him.

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   He went on to elaborate “The medicine that I’ll be on for pretty much the rest of my life, or until they find a cure, will leave me impotent, so for that reason I need you’re help with Aunt Jean”. I looked at him and said, “Oh…………. . OH!!!” as what he was telling me finally sunk in. “Are you sure…I mean do you really…and what about Aunt Jean…. what will she say about it?” He chuckled at my inability to complete a sentence, but said, “I discussed it with her and she was against it at 1st, but changed her mind when I convinced her it was what I really want. She expressed concern over whether or not you would go along with it. I mean is this the outcome I had hoped for? No! But you have to play the cards that we are dealt. Trust me, this scenario is much more appealing to me, than loosing your Aunt Jean to another, more able man! So what do you think? Can I count on you to help me, help us out?” “Well yeah…I mean sure…that is if you’re sure that’s what you want”. “Yes I’m sure!” was his reply, “And don’t worry, if it turns out I can’t deal with it, well then we will all sit down and talk about it!” “I’m not sure just how we will do this. By that I’m mean, will she spend a couple nights a week in your room, or will I have to leave the house for a while so you can have some time together” I chimed in, “A couple nights a week? Will she really need it that often?” I asked knowingly! “She might,” He said, “She still a young vibrant woman with normal desires”. I was starting to get the feeling that this was an easier decision for him to arrive at than I thought it might be! It crossed my mind that maybe this was a fantasy of Uncle Norman that Aunt Jean take a lover! Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to see how this plays out.


   We finally got Uncle Norman checked out and headed down the road it was mid-afternoon, to late to make it all the way home, without stopping for the night. It was a quite ride; Uncle Norman was doing the driving. I assume we were all lost in our own thoughts.


   I was wishing I could get Aunt Jean aside to find out how her conversation with Uncle Norman transpired. I got my chance when we stopped for gas and Uncle Norman had to go to the Men’s Room. When the chance arrived I asked her how it played out for her. She told me she did start crying when she found out he was going to be all right. I asked her about his proposition, and she said he was straightforward and quite open to the idea of it happening. “Do you think he’s sincere?” I asked her. She said, “Oh yeah, I think so. You got to remember I’ve known your uncle for most of my life, so I know when he is serious about something”. I told her about my suspicions and she told me, that the same thing crossed her mind too. She went on to say that he seemed almost eager for it to happen. I told her that he might let her sleep with me a couple of nights a week. She said he told her the same thing, or if we wanted to go up to the room while he was watching TV that would be ok too.


   We got back on the road and decided to drive until we got tired or hungry or both. We stopped at about the halfway point to eat and got a room for the night. I offered to stay in my own room or in the car, so Uncle Norman and Aunt Jean could have some time alone, but they wouldn’t hear of it.

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   The room had two double beds and Uncle Norman and Aunt Jean took the one nearest the window, and I flopped down on the other one. Everyone said they were going to go right to sleep, but I don’t think any of us believed it. I could hear them toss and turn and sigh, and I’m sure they could hear me do the same. Eventually someone turned the TV on thinking that would help. After a few minutes Uncle Norman said, “Ah God damn it, lets just do it and get it over with. We all know that’s what’s keeping us awake!” What do you mean Norman?” Aunt Jean asked. “What we discussed, what we planned, that’s what!” was his reply. “Jean get out of bed. ” Which she did. “Now, take off your nightgown”. Aunt Jean asked him if he really wanted her too, as she already had it pulled up to her panties. “Yes, and when you get done go ahead and take off those granny panties!” he added. And again she complied. “Now get in bed with the boy!” That she hesitated doing. “What are you waiting for?” he asked.

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   “Well” she replied, “What about you? Where are you going to be?” “Right here in this bed. ” He replied, “and if it’s ok I want to watch? After all you know how much I enjoy it when you cum!” With that she looked at me for approval, and I just pulled the covers back. That was all the encouragement she needed as she climbed in bed with me. As we started to kiss and explore each other, I was experiencing some sort of performance anxiety, as it was kind of freaking me out have my uncle watch me, as I’m about to fuck his wife. Aunt Jean on the other hand was responding quite nicely to the audience, and she kept looking over at the other bed to make sure he’s still watching. As time went on I was able to block it out, or I was getting used to it. My cock came to life and Aunt Jean slid down to suck it the rest of the way hard. Uncle Norman seen the size of my cock for the first time and said, “Oh my God Jean, look at the size of that thing. I think you are in for a treat!” I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, so I pulled her up to where her pussy was just above my now throbbing cock. She didn’t need any more encouragement than that as she took it by the base and started rubbing it against her sopping wet pussy. In no time flat she had me balls deep in her pussy. She still looked over at Uncle Norman as it was happening. Uncle Norman said, “Are you enjoying the size of that boy’s cock?” “OH GOD YES!” was her response. “Is it going to make you cum?” he asked. “I already had a couple of small orgasms, but I feel the Big ‘O’ cumming!” She no more than got the words out of her mouth than her prediction came true! As she was cumming she told Uncle Norman how much she loved my cock.

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   He asked her, “Why do love it so much, is it because it’s so big!” She blurted out, “Fuck yes, my pussy is so fucking full I can’t stop cumming!” Uncle Norman asked her if it was the biggest cock she ever had, to which she replied, “Fuck yes…fuck yes…FUCK YES, AND I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!” With that I started to feel my own orgasm start to happen. I shouted out, “I’M CUMMING TOO, AUNT JEAN & UNCLE NORMAN!” After our orgasms subsided I got to thinking about what I had just said and thought to myself how stupid that must have sounded to call out both of there names! J    


   This was the beginning of a long and lustful relationship. I pretty much fucked Aunt Jean at least once a day thru the rest of my senior year of high school. Uncle Norman never did develop any issues over it and encouraged it to continue when I moved away to college. I would come home on average of once a month and Uncle Norman pretty much let me move in to their bedroom on those occasions. Many times during the school year Uncle Norman would let Aunt Jean come down on campus to spend a weekend with me. Once I graduated from college and I accepted a job a few states away, our romance suffered, but we still got together 2 or 3 times a year. Sometimes I would head their way, and sometimes she would head mine, and yet other times we would meet somewhere else. We have met in such places as New Orleans during Mardi Gras & Jamaica @ Hedonism III.


   I later married and started to raise a family but my occasional visits persisted. My wife knew and understood about me being raised by my Aunt & Uncle and she accepted my closeness to them. Uncle Norman passed away last year, and I’m trying to get my Aunt to move in with/or closer to me. She hasn’t decided to yet, but she has been asking when I plan on visiting her again, as she misses and needs me.  

                                                        The End





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