Aunt Jenna


    It all started when I was about 5 after I had accidently walked in on Aunt Jenna when she was taking a bath. Back then of course, I didn't really know what sex was, but seeing naked women was just like a forbidden thing that I couldn't get enough of. "Peter! You don't barge in the bathroom when the door's closed! You're supposed to knock!" Jenna said while trying to cover herself up with her hands. "Oh, I'm sorry Jenna, I didn't know you were in here. " I said after taking a good look at her and turning around acting as if I didn't see anything. "It's okay Peter, now get out. " She said with a shiver in her voice from being shocked.     I quickly left the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. I ran to the living room giggling the whole way. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV, but I couldn't concentrate on anything that was showing. I kept thinking about Jenna's big, perky breasts. I sat there thinking for about an hour, because Aunt Jenna was too embarrassed at the time to get out of the tub.         I heard the bathroom door open, and heard Jenna's footsteps coming towards the living room (her bedroom is past the living room). She only had a towel around her, but it seemed so tight that she was trying to make sure that there was a 200% guaranteed to stay on. She hurridly walked into her bedroom, but of course I watched her the whole way trying to see her titties.     After about 10 more minutes of waiting, she came out fully clothed.

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   She walked over and sat on the couch beside me. "Whatcha' watching?" Jenna asked. "Blue's Clues. " I said. "That sounds fun, can I watch with you?" she said. "Sure, if you want to. " I replied. We watched the TV for about 15 more minutes then Jenna all of a sudden asked. "Peter, how much did you see of me when you walked in?""Um. . . ""It's okay Peter, I just want to know what you seen. I won't be mad, I promise. ""Well. .

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  . I seen your boobies, and your middle part. ""Oh God. . . Well promise me you won't tell anybody, especially your mom, because you aren't supposed to see things like that. OK?""I promise Jenna. I won't tell anybody""Ok Pumpkin. " She said while giving me a quick kiss on the head and walking into the 10 years have passed since then, and I still get horny thinking about that day, and having various sexual fantasies about her. But by now I have discovered masturbation, and I would jackoff every chance I could. I would even roll up my window blinds and jackoff in the window when my aunt was outside, hoping she would one day see.     Our whole family went to a theme park one year, and while we were walking to different rides, I would barely rub on her ass, making sure it was so gentle of a touch that she couldn't feel it. She was swinging her arms, strutting around the park, and I got close enough to her that her arm would swing back and hit the my crotch, not hard enough to hurt though, but hard enough for her to feel my rock hard dick begging to get free of my pants. "Whoa! Sorry about that Peter!" Jenna exclaimed. "It's okay Jenna, it didn't hurt any.

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  " "That's good. " She said. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was looking down at my crotch. We rode a few rides, played a few games, ate some food, rode some more rides, THEN we decided to go to the waterpark. PERFECT! I get to see her in a bathing suit. We went and got ready, although I tried to wait until I seen my aunt in her skimpy bathing suit before going and changing myself.     She came out. Oh my God, did she look amazing! Her top was so small I could see the bottoms of her tits flowing out from underneath, and her thong was almost invisible it seemed, because I could see all of her large plump luscious ass. Seeing this made my dick jump fully to its 9" erect state in under a second (no joke). You could tell she seen it spring up, because she took a quick look at my crotch and then giggled. "Hehe, Peter aren't you going to go change?" Jenna asked. "Yeah, I was just waiting for some people to come out, because I don't want to be in a changing room full of naked cocks!" I said jokingly. I walked into the changing room and quickly changed.     We decided to go to the wave pool first and cool off. I let Jenna go ahead of me just so I could watch her perfect ass bounce to my pleasure.

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   We arrived after about 3 minutes of walking, and by now my dick was hurting from being so hard so long. But I had an idea to do something. "Mom, Me and Donny are going to ride the water slide instead. " Jake said to Jenna. "Ok Jacob, be careful!" "I think I'll go too," My mom said, "Do you want to come Peter?""No, I think I am just going to go with Jenna to the wave pool. ""Ok, stay with her, I don't want you getting lost!""I will!"    Mom and my cousins went in the direction of the water slide. The line was backed up a lot so this gave me the perfect chance to execute my plan. There were lawn chairs laid out everywere so me and Jenna went to the one farthest away from the water where the least amount of people were. "Peter will you put this suntan lotion on my please?" Jenna asked. "Sure Jenna!"    She handed me the lotion and turned over on her front for me to put the lotion on her back. She untied her top and let the ends hang over the sides of the chair. "Rub it all over me, I don't want to leave any white spots!" Jenne demanded. "Sure thing Jenna. "    I took the lotion and poured it on her back and began to rub it in, trying to pleasure her with a massage at the same time. I started with her shoulders and her upper back.

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  "Mmm, Peter that feels so good. I only asked for lotion, but you're doing incredible!""Thanks. " That was the only words I could think of to say.     I started going lower on her back, trying to make it feel as good as possible. I then came to her ass. I decided to go past it just incase it would make her uncomfortable, so I started massaging her calfs and thighs. "Peter, why did you skip my butt?""Oh, I just didn't want to make you uncomfortable by touching you there. ""Peter it's okay, please put lotion on my butt, I don't want it whiter than the rest of my body!"    I slowly started rubbing her ass. Oh God did it feel like heaven. I would take handfulls of it and massage it like I was rolling bread dough. Then I decided to pull her thong down past her ass cheeks so I could get all over it. I grabbed them and started pulling them down. "PETER!" Jenna exclaimed. "What?" I asked trying to sound confused. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!""I was just pulling them down a little bit so I wouldn't leave any tan lines.

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   I'll pull them back up in like 10 seconds when I'm done. ""Well. . . Ok, but hurry. "    I disobeyed what I said I was going to do. I pulled them down to her ankles, but she didn't seem to say anything. I took some more suntan lotion in my hand and rubbed it all over her ass and hips. Then I went slowly towards the crack of her ass and slowly went in between them. She still wasn't saying anything so I kept going. I started going lower. I could see her pussy under her so I went slowly towards it. I started rubbing the slit back and forth, until eventually, my finger went inside her pussy. Jenna let out a large gasp, but didn't resist. So I started finger fucking her pussy hard as I could.

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  "Ooh God Peter! That's it, finger me baby! OHH!""You like that Jenna? You like me finger fucking you?""Oh God yes! Harder!""Yeah Jenna, I been wanting to do something like this to you for 10 years. "    Then, out of nowhere, Jenna had a change of heart. "Peter. . . Ohh God. . . stop. . . mmm. . Peter stop! This isn't right!"    I pulled my fingers out, with a confused look on my face. "Why Jenna? I thought it felt good.

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  ""It did, It's just that. . . I'm your aunt, and your my nephew and this just isn't right!""It's ok Jenna, I understand. I won't tell Another year had passed and me and Jenna haven't done anything or had any weird feelings about each other; it was just like normal. Until one day when my mom had to go away for a few days on business, and I had to stay at Jenna's house. The first day went by normal, with me hanging out with my cousins, playing video games, playing basketball, etc.     The next day, Donny and Jake had to go to the doctor (which is about 2 hours away, and always jam packed with patients, so they wouldn't be home til late). Again, I had another plan, but this one was big! Jenna was outside on the porch in her skimpy bathing suit again getting a tan. I started to jackoff to the point where I was about to cum. I walked outside to ask her if she needed any help. "No thanks Peter, I can do this myself. " You could tell she remembered last year when I ended up finger fucking her. "Jenna, what happened in the past, is in the past. I promise that won't happen again.

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   Here, let me help you. ""Well, Ok but promise you wont cop any feels. ""I promise. " I was lying. :-)    She rolled over on her stomach, and untied her top. I took the suntan lotion poured some in my left hand. I then laid the bottle down, pulled my dick out, and began pumping it. I pumped it for about 5 seconds and then I cummed. It went all over her back. "Wow, why is the lotion so warm?""I don't know, I guess it's because it has been sitting out here in the hot sun. ""But I just brought it out here. . . " She sounded confused, but I think she knew what I had did. "Well then I don't know.

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  "   I rubbed the cum all over her back and began to give her one of my infamous massages. "There you go, you massage so good. ""Thanks Jenna. "    I then came to her ass again. "Jenna you need to pull your thong down again. ""OK, but remember. You promised. ""Yeah, I know. "    Jenna then pulled her thong totally off and threw it to the side. Just the thought of what she might have been thinking, made my dick jump again. Now was the time to pull off my plan. I quietly unzipped my pants and pushed them to the ground along with my boxers, exposing my full erect 9" dick. "Jenna, look at this. ""What is-  Oh my god! Peter! What are you doing?!""Jenna, I been longing to have you alone for  the longest time, and I just want you to see my cock. ""Well.


  . It is really big!" She said getting up, and walking over to me. She grabbed my cock, "Wow, it's rock hard too!" She  went down to her knees. She then pulled my pants up and covered my dick. "But I don't want to see it. ""Now get back over here and finish rubbing the oil on me"    By now, my cock was hard as steel, and it was time to finish off my plan! I unzipped my pants again and pulled my pants and boxers totally off and threw them to the side quietly. I then put my leg across her as gently as I could, so she wouldn't hear. I then grabbed her ass cheeks as if I was still massaging her, and spread them apart. I lowered myself down and rammed my cock in her ass, all 9 inches at once!"OH MY GOD! PETER WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING! OH SHIT! OW!""I'm fucking you in the ass Jenna. Oh God it's so tight!""OHHH! PETER! STOP! PLEASE IT HURTS! OHH GOD!" Tears were running down her face, but I wasn't stopping anytime soon. "Jenna it will only hurt for a little while, then you'll love it!"    Jenna was begging me to stop, but wasn't resisting at all! I kept ass fucking her for the next 15 minutes, until i let off a hot stream of cum all over the insides on her ass. I pulled out and cum started dripping out of her asshole. I then stuck my dick in her pussy hard. "PETER! NO! YOU'LL GET ME PREGNANT!""I don't care Jenna, I have been wanting to fuck you for the longest time and now I'm going to!""YOU JUST FUCKED ME IN MY ASS! I'M FILLED UP WITH CUM! PLEASE JUST STOP!""No, I want to fuck your pussy!"    I fucked her as hard as I could, going all the way in and coming all the way back out over and over. "Oh God Peter! You're so big it hurts! Ohhh god you're ripping me apart!"    I continued fucking her as hard as I could.

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  "Peter! Oh God yes! Fuck me baby! OHH! FILL ME WITH CUM BABY! OH YES!"    I kept on fucking her for at least an hour before pulling out and shoving my dick in her mouth and blowing the biggest load ever down her throat. After this we both collapsed on the lawn chair and layed there for what seemed like forever. "I told you it would feel good Jenna. ""Oh God yeah it was amazing!""So do you think we can do this again one day?""We can do this a lot more, Peter!" .