Aunt Jessie Part 2 The weeds


John walked into his aunt’s House after being dropped off by his parents to help with some yard work.  He knew that his aunt had other plans but he would play along.   She greeted him with a long passionate kiss and a firm grab of his young butt.   He replied with a firm squeeze of her huge ass.
She told him that she needed some weeds pulled and she would reward him later with some fun.   So John went outside and began to pull the weeds throughout the back yard.   It was about noon when he aunt called him inside for some lunch.   He came in and noticed that she was wearing only a robe and from what he could tell there was no food being served.   She was bent over looking through a cupboard to find a glass.   John could help but pull his cock out and start stroking it to the site of his aunt’s large ass.   She turned around and saw what John was doing and opened her robe and walked to him.   She grabbed his large member and began to stroke it as John kissed her deeply.   He began to run his hands all over her breast and she slowly dropped to her knees.   Her lips covered his hot member and she began to suck his cock slowly.   It was all John could do to not come in her mouth.   He pulled her up and bent her over the kitchen table and started to kiss her sweet ass.

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    She let out small moans as he licked her ass from top to bottom.   She then begged him to fuck her and he finally laid his cock into her pussy.   He pumped slow at first then harder as her moan got louder and louder.   Then he stopped and slowly inserted his cock into her ass.   She slammed her hand on the table and screamed “YESSSSS John Fuck my filthy ass!!”  He pumped and pumped until her was about to explode.   His aunt turned around and grabbed his cock and began to suck on it while she fingered her pussy.   As she climaxed John spewed his cum down his aunt’s throat.   He dropped to the floor exhausted and his aunt continued to clean his cock.  
As he rested his aunt went to wash off for there afternoon of pleasure.

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