Aunt Sarah


My parents were going on a holiday in Margarita for two weeks. Even though i was sixteen they knew that I was mature for my age and agreed when I told them that I wasn’t coming along with them. Mom told her brother and his wife to check in on me on the Fridays. Uncle Craig managed his own law firm but he and Aunt Sarah agreed. Aunt Sarah was thirty six years old, about five foot eight and had the body of a goddess. Her breasts always seem to ripple in her tight bra and her butt bounced in a hypnotic way in her tight jeans. She had a pair of full red lips and her medium brown hair and her big brown beautiful eyes framed that sweet look of her face. We lived on the beach. Around this time of the year it was the rainy season as the normal warm atmosphere became frigid. On the scheduled Friday visit Aunt Sarah called. Uncle Craig had an emergency meeting that day and couldn’t come to see me,nor would he be coming home on that day either,something about an important client so he suggested that she spend the night with me. After agreeing with the new organisation I hung up and went to organise the guest room. After an hour or so a horn honked in our driveway. As Sarah came out I helped her with her bag and she proceeded to the kitchen. Aunt Sarah was wearing a short white pair of women’s shorts that barely contained the cheeks of her bottom and a red tank top,her boobs giving an encore performance of big contained water ballons. Joining her in the kitchen she tip-toed to give me a hug,her breasts spreading their warmth to my chest and the rest of my torso.

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  Although it wasn’t late the place was becoming dark and cold. Waves were becoming rough and in a matter of a few hours it would begin to rain. After the dinner of chinese takeout that she brought,we sat on the couch and talked about the old days to catch up on old times. She joked about how she was getting to old to remember the dates of things,so I told her that she looked just as nice as she did when she married Craig. This made her blush and smiled,a pretty smile too. ‘Thank you Brian,’she said’ ‘catching up like this takes me back to the times when you and I used to wrestle in the yard’ ‘The only difference is that there is no way you can win me at wrestling anymore’I grinned. I was sure that she was no match for my five foot ten frame. ‘Oh is that right now?’ she said and with a laugh she sprang from the sofa and pounced on me,holding my hands to my chest and sat on my thigh. Laughing,I shoved her back into her seat and threw my weight on her. I tried to push her hands to her chest but she freed my grip and making me grab her boobs! Not seeming to notice she grabbed my hips and brought me back in position on the sofa with all of her weight on my lower tummy. I pretended that i couldn"t move since my hands were still on her hot breasts. This stimulation began the course of a hard on coming on to me and there was no way that I can hide a ten inch penis in my soft shorts. I acknowledged her victory. Smiling she relaxed her grip and sat right back fully onto my hard dick. For a moment I was spellbound but she then got up and asked me to show her my computer to check her email.

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  . Securing my gun back into its holster I followed her into my room. After reading her mail,a lot of which she made me read and all of which I had to help her in replying she became tired and was ready for bed. Kissing me goodnight she made her way to the guest room. By now it was really cold and I was having trouble falling asleep. There was a knock on my door and Sarah came in and asked if we can share a bed since she was feeling so cold and was a little afraid of the occasional thunder. I agreed and she skipped to my bed happily . She was wearing a large t-shirt that didn’t nothing to hide her curves. With the waves cracking ,the rain above our heads and the feeling of warmth overwhelming me of my snuggling aunty I began to drift off into sleep. I didn’t know how long I dozed off but somehow I was awaken. Aunt Sarah’s legs were locked around my hips and my arm was around her waist. We were under my big blanket and her head was pressed against my neck. Her hair smelled like lavendar. I suddenly realised that her t-shirt must have rided up because because my arm was touching her bare flesh and my left hand was caressing her right breast. It was big,soft yet firm.

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  I also realised that she came to bed without any underwear on because I felt the stubble of the shaved hairs of her pussy scratching the tip of my penis. my penis became aware of this and began to grow. I was only wearing my favourite thin pair of boxers. It was my favourite because after my dick reaches maximum stiffness it would start to slowly wedge itself out of the top of the boxers,at least five out of ten inches. As Sarah continued cuddling my tent pole was slowly increasing in size and length. The tipwas still in its barrierand was in reach of aunty’s cunt. As it touched her cunt she moaned softly and cuddled closer,her hip grinding lower onto my dick. I tried to pull back but I had no space, with her legs locked on my hips. Dreaming a nice dream and moaning softly she was grinding her pussy onto my dick,her shaved pussy grating my tip like sand paper,only more enjoyable. My tip parted its cloth prison slowly began to wedge itself into her parting pussy lips. It was so hot and she was wet,almost flooding with her fluids. slowly,in centimetres my head was going deeper into her vagina,which was getting warmer at each progressive depth. By four minutes four inches of my ten was inside of her. Sarah was still asleep. By now I could have guessed what she was dreaming about.

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  Suddenly I felt slow moving contractions around the inches of my penis inside of her. Aunt Sarah was manipulating the walls of her vagina around my shaft. It felt as though she was sucking me with her vagina,the feeling was euphoric. I couldn"t pass this one up. Freeing the rest of my dick I slowly began to insert my entire penis into the succulent cunt of Aunt Sarah. Inch by inch she was swallowing my dick,as her vagina walls manipulated its way around my shaft. So here I was,locked into my aunts pussy,with her still asleep and I was to come at any time. The reality then hit me that I was really having sex with my Aunt Sarah,I never really fancied her except on how she looked.
    Sooner or later my luck would run out and I’d be in a whole lot of trouble. Especially when I come because she would know when it happened for sure. After that thought I was feeling the urge to come when suddenly my aunt’s pussy contractions stopped as it suddenly clamped onto my shaft. Aunt Sarah was starting to wake up. Moaning,she said,"hmmm,you"re in a fiesty mood tonight darling,if you can take me i"m yours. " With that she giggled and brushed my hand away from her breast and tried to push me off. She only managed to displace six inches of penis out of her because she didn"t shove hard enough.

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      Arching my back,I angled my dick to maintain the rest of my dick in her cunt. She was now pushing my chest,still giggling "oh my have you been practising baby,i never thought you would last so long!" I placed my hands around her hips and started trusting my dick. She was still trying to win the mock battle and was still pushing me away. Releasing her hips i grabbed her hands and pushed them above her head. with no more resistance from her i slammed the rest of my penis into her wet vagina,with her hips still trying to wriggle away. i began to thrust my dick in and out of her. My hands were now wrapped around her lower back. Moaning sexily she laid there and let me have her body to my hearts content. Then with a gasp from the both of us we began to come,her body began to buck furiously. I was thrusting faster ,shooting my entire load into her tightening vagina. I was still pumping after that when Aunt Sarah came again,just as violent as the first time. I came with her again . Tired, I collapsed on her boobs,my dick still in her. "My goodness Craig,you seemed a lot bigger tonight" Oh crap i thought. All this time she thought i was Uncle Craig.

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      She began to run her hands through my hair,stopping suddenly she realised what had happened. Her vagina contracted on my softening dick in shock and she stopped breathing. We both remained silent and still for that moment. The contraction caused my dick to become big again and it was growing right inside Sarah"s vagina. Her walls began to work along my shaft again. the sounds of our fluids inside of her was making me horny again. The length of my penis reached maximum as Aunt Sarah began to make that sexy noise again,as she threw her head back and arched her back for more access to her body. Pulling my head to her she began to kiss me,her soft sweet velvet tongue explored my entire mouth and mine hers. I pulled away from her and began sucking her tits. They were so firm and warm on my face,her nipples were hard. pulling me to her face again we resumed making out. Locking her legs around my hips i felt the tempo in her vagina increasing as she held me tightly against her body. my dick was right inside of her,the entire shaft was enjoying this full work out. I began to feel myself coming again for the third time with her at the same time. Holding each other tightly she shuddered and screamed.

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      The entire bed was shaking and we were sweating profusely. As she contracted i began thrusting again which made her scream with pleasure. Thank goodness it was raining she was really into this now. As we came she screamed and bucked to and fro so violently that she hit my head. The next day met us in bed still wrapped around each other,tounging each other softly. The weather was still bad,so Sarah couldn"t leave until the next day so she told Craig that she was staying for another night. Uncle Craig said ok and told her to have fun . It would be very disrespectful to disobey her husband and my uncle right?.
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