Auntie Babs farm


     Barbara Lindenwood stood at the kitchen sink, washing the lunch dishes. Her 17 year old nephew Richard, and her 15 year old niece Abigail, could sure pack away the food. She smiled, she didn't mind, having them on the ranch for the summer was a huge help. Richard was young and strong, and had no trouble handling the chores that needed some muscle and brawn, while Allison had taken to the less strenuous chores, like collecting the eggs, milking the cows, cleaning out the stalls with a zeal that made her look like she'd been doing this all her life.

    Only 1 PM, and the mercury was up to 88 degrees already. Looked like the heat wave wasn't ready to break just yet, and with it being the last week of June, she hoped the whole summer wasn't going to be a giant sweatbox. She been a farm girl ever since she was born, and at the age of 45, she couldn't imagine doing anything else with her life. The A/C was helping to keep the heat down to a tolerable level in the house, and so were the red shorts she was wearing, leaving her legs bare, and a red and white checked shirt that was knotted up to just below her breasts, with the top two buttons undone, leaving her midriff bare. The heat was taking her along, down a track from two years ago. . . .

     His name had been Clint Lomard, he was 25 years old, and she'd hired him as the lead ranch hand. He had shown that he knew how to take charge, and the other ranch hands operated like a well oiled machine, with Clint there to direct them, and make them work. The other ranch hands lived in the nearby town, and went home in the late afternoon, but Clint stayed at the ranch, to tend to any emergencies that may arise after hours. There was a smaller guest house behind the main house, that Clint stayed in.

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     It was just past 5 PM, and Clint had gone upstairs to take a shower, just before Barbara started making dinner. She went upstairs to get a tablecloth, and just as she turned down towards the linen closet, the bathroom door opened, and Clint stepped out. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, they both froze, and stared at each other. He had a well developed six pack, strong sturdy abs, she couldn't help it, her eyes went lower and locked onto the bulge below the towel, watching as it got bigger. Her breath caught, my god, it must be huge.

     Clint had been eyeing her too, she was hot. Her shoulder length red hair, jade green eyes, nice big jugs, those sexy tanned legs, that he'd admired may times during the hot summer days, nice curvy waist, he'd stroked the meat several times, imagining that he was fucking her.

     Clint saw her looking right at his cock area, he grinned, and dropped the towel.

     Barbara gasped as she saw his cock. Thick and steely, it was easily 9 inches long, and curved slightly upwards. She stared, mesmerized, she never seen such a big beauty, let alone had one that size inside her, it was a whopper. The idea of that huge pussy splitter opening her up made her face flush, and she could feel a pulse of heat traveling right to her pussy. It had been 5 years since she'd had a man inside her, not that she was unattractive. Clint's cock was proof of her attractiveness, it was just with the ranch being a more of a full time job than anything else, she hadn't had the time to find a lover. Her fingers and her vibrator took care of her needs, but now, with the real thing just a few feet away, her pussy was a lust filled center of heat, her panties were soaked with her juices.

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     "Do you like what you see, Ms. Lindenwood?" he asked softly.

     Barbara felt tongue tied, but she managed to form, "Oh yes, I like it very much. "

     He took a step forward, and that huge pussy pleaser was inches from her, the head almost touching her.

     "Like to feel it?"

     Her hands reached out, and she grasped that big stick. She felt the throb of his cock in her hands, the need, the overwhelming urge to have that huge cock deep inside her. She took him towards her bedroom, one hand still wrapped around that cock.

     Closing the door behind them, she whispered "Now, strip me, call me Barbara, and fuck me. I need it, my god, I feel like I'm gonna explode if you don't!"

     Clint easily slipped her clothes off, with her stripped down naked and ready for action, his cock was at full extension. Oh yeah, her big melons were perfect, big, round silver dollar sized nipples, stiff, erect and reddened, needing attention.   She kept her pubic patch of red hair trimmed down to a neat, uniform patch. He had a massive thing for redheads, redheaded muffs just drove him wild. He pulled her body close, and his mouth descended on her breasts, tongue licking, lips tasting, Barbara let out a cry of pleasure as she felt his lips wrap around first one nipple, then the other. His mouth switched back and forth, sucking, licking, and nibbling gently on her hard, achy, throbbing nipples, Barbara could feel the zings of hot pleasure shooting straight from her tits to her pussy. She moaned, and was just about to shove her hand into her pussy, and finger her clit, my god, she was creaming like a teenager, right on the brink, when Clint took care of that.

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   He needed to taste her redheaded pubic patch, and Barbara quickly found herself on her back, Clint's hands pushing her legs up and apart, spread wide as Clint dove in, eager to taste her. Just the first two swipes of his tongue across her twitching clit brought it on, she howled with relief as her pussy convulsed, hard, her first orgasm rocketing through her. He kept licking at her, his tongue was like a paintbrush, and he was the master artist as he gave her throbbing cunt a pussy licking like she'd never had. He quickly brought her back up, and she squealed with pleasure as she felt her second orgasm slam into her, which was quickly followed by a 3rd.

     He raised up, she saw his stiff cock, 9 inches of prime, granite hard cock, ready to open her up.

     "Fuck me, fuck me, oh god, FUCK ME!" she cried.

     She felt him nudge against her, then the thrust of pleasure as he slid in. She felt her neglected pussy get the splitting open it needed, her walls being spread open by the intrusion of that instrument of pleasure. She let out a growl of pleasure, she felt a zing of pain as he opened her up fully, his 9 inches being buried balls deep in her churning pussy, it merely amplified the pleasure, and she pulled her legs back, wrapped them around his waist, tilted her hips up, and she urged him on.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, ride me Clint, fuck me, it's been too long, fuck me, and pour your passion into me, let me have it!" she gasped.

     He was so big, painfully, wonderfully big, as he pulled back, and rammed it into her again, right to the balls. It made her pussy burn with a mix of pain and pleasure as Clint started to ride her, driving his cock deep, over and over. Her pussy started to loosen up just a bit, the pain faded, and all that was left was the mind filling pleasure. Barbara was seeing stars, as her pussy was split open, again and again, his pussy pleasing tool stretching her, filling her to capacity. It had been a hot day, and the heat made the sweat break out, it made their bodies glisten and gleam, their writhing forms making the slapping noise of their sweat damp bodies fucking crazily.

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     "Yes, fuck me! Hammer your cock into my burning cunt! I love being fucked by your big cock, make me cum!" Barbara gasped.

     That spurred Clint on with a rush of excitement, knowing that Barbara was loving it, and wanted more. He untangled Barbara's legs from around his waist, hoisting her legs over his shoulders, her knees were pushed up against her tits, and he rode Barbara hard. The excitement turned him into an almost savage fucking machine. He wrapped his hands around Barbara's ass cheeks, and lifted her hips in rhythm to accentuate the thrusts of his cock into her, power fucking her wildly. Barbara felt that if she died at that point, she could die happy, she was almost dizzy with lust, as the sensations reached the boiling point.

     "Oh my god, my fucking god, yes, yes, fuck YEEEESSSSSS!!"

     Barbara screamed as her orgasm exploded in her like a bomb, she felt like she was flying apart as her orgasm tore through her, her pussy started to spasm crazily, clamping tightly around Clint's cock. He swelled with a massive urgency, Barbara felt another zing of pain as his cock wedged open her cervix, and he growled like a tiger. Barbara could feel the pulses shooting through his cock, and the heat of his sperm jetting into her, the gushes shooting right into her womb.

     Clint could feel the rippling spasms milking wildly at his cock, he fired 6 thick ropes of cum, filling up her womb, and he let the spasming, quivering muscles suck every drop out of him, both their bodies shaking and shuddering, soaked in sweat, their cries of orgasmic completion filling the room.

     Clint pulled his well milked cock out, and flopped down next to Barbara. She had a look of rapture on her face, and Clint smiled, she was super fine, hot, tasty and oh so eager. He was eager to taste that redheaded muff again, between her legs, with Barbara making small noises of passion as he licked her, the sight of that red hair and the taste of the mingled passion inside her brought him up quickly, hard and eager again. This time, Clint gave her a slow, unhurried time, giving her a lovemaking, rather than the hot, frenzied fuck that Barbara had needed to burn off.   The skill of his lovemaking brought her up, and over, crying out with pleasure as she felt her climax slam into her.

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   His cock took some building up, and that big pussy splitter rode her to orgasm after orgasm, she was almost faint as orgasms pummeled her one right after the other, until he buried his cock deep, and roared with pleasure as his throbbing tool unloaded a thick, juicy load, her inner muscles again eager to suck out every drop.

     Later that night, Barbara was between his legs, she wanted his load in her mouth, and the hard arc of his cock, so ready to be sucked, drew her mouth. She took in 6 inches into her mouth in one gulp, listening to his gasp of pleasure as she clamped her lips tightly around his prick, and let her mouth work over his shaft. She slobbered all over it, wanting to take more. She took in 7 inches, bobbing her head up and down, 7 and a half, she was eager to swallow it all.

     "Yeah, oh yeah baby, you are such a great cock-sucker, suck my cock baby, and let me cum in your mouth!"

     Being called a cock-sucker just turned her on even more, and she bobbed down to eight inches. A few more up and downs, and she did it, his 9 inches of prime meat was stuffed into her mouth. She deep throated him, his cock was throbbing, ready to blow.
     "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum baby, gonna cum, yes, oh fuck YEAH!"

     She pulled her head back, until just the top third of his cock was in her mouth. It would have been fired right down her throat otherwise, she wanted to taste his load. A large pulse traveled up his prick, and his cock went off. The first thick juicy blast hit the roof of her mouth, three more thick streams spewed all over her tongue, and his cock then oozed out the squirts and dribbles. Her mouth was in overdrive, fuck, his spunk tasted good, her mouth was full, she was savoring the taste as long as she could, then she quickly swallowed, she didn't want to spill a drop.

     A few moments later, she was flat on the back, and Clint's mouth was between her legs. She could feel his hot breath, then the sizzling sensation as his paintbrush of a tongue went to work.

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   She was soaked with the juices of her lust, her thighs spread wide. She felt completely naked and open to him, legs spread wantonly, letting him use her cunt for his licking pleasure. That quickly propelled her, and she let out a shriek of lust as she came, her juices gushing, his tongue still working over her, driving her to 5 orgasms before she slumped down, almost delirious with pleasure.

     He spent the night, and every night for the next 18 months in her bed. His skill at oral sex, and his big cock kept her smiling all the time, it was wonderful how much better the world looked, and how much better she felt, with a lusty, virile hunk of fine male servicing her hungry sexual desires. She had more orgasms in the first month, then she'd had in all her lifetime. When he was pounding her back into the mattress, or ramming her doggy style, or having her riding his cock cowgirl style, she would cum like a fucking train, over and over.   Then the pussy lickings, to drive her on and on, my god, she didn't think there was so much pleasure in the world.

     Six months ago, he had to go, some kind of family emergency, and he promised he'd be back as soon as possible. The hollow ache of not having him between her legs was torturous, she was masturbating like crazy. The remembered pleasure of Clint, and his fucking and sucking had drenched her panties as she stood in front of the sink. She reached down, unbuttoned her shorts, and she was just going to slip two fingers down, and give herself a bit of relief. She didn't hear the back door open, as Richard came in, stopping and staring at his Aunt. The scene was easy enough to figure out, and Richard's 8 inches virtually sprang up like a jack in the box. He slid up behind his Aunt, and pressed against her.

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     At first Barbara was so wrapped up in her remembering that she pressed back against Richard, letting out a low moan of desire, feeling the stiff cock tenting up his jeans. Then she shook off the fantasy, and realized that her nephew, Richard, was pressing against her.

     "Richard, no, we can't. . . . " she managed.

     He pressed against her tightly, and the feel of that thick throbbing cock started her resistance crumbling. Still, it wasn't right, and she struggled to say something, to make it stop, my god, she couldn't let her sister's son fuck her.

     "Where's your sister, we can't let Abigail walk in on us, it's not right" she croaked, her voice getting thicker, the passion fighting her resistance.

     "Abby's out taking a walk around, she won't be back for a while. " Richard countered.

     The truth was, he didn't have a fucking clue where Abby was, but he wasn't about to let such an unimportant detail like that stop him. His Auntie was a guaranteed hottie, that red hair and those green eyes, her long bare legs, and her shirt tied up under her fantastic melons, fuck, he had to have her. He'd heard all the stories about how all middle aged women were fucking cougar hotties, who'd fuck his cock six ways from Sunday.

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     Even if he'd known that Abigail was at the kitchen window, watching with wide eyes as her brother had his way with her auntie, it wouldn't have stopped him.

Her first reaction was teen girl disgust, but, she couldn't stop watching.

     Barbara heard his zipper unzip, and suddenly his cock was much closer, pressing against the seat of her shorts. His hands reached up and around, and untied her shirt, and her blouse gaped right open. He felt his warm hands cup her breasts, gently running his fingers under the hanging weight, his breathing speeding up. His fingertips started to glide around her stiff nipples, then his fingers started to tug gently on them, feeling the stiff nipples between his fingertips. His cock was throbbing, and he pressed himself against her, humping at the seat of her shorts.

     Barbara groaned, her cunt felt like a raging river, my god, she loved having her nipples stimulated like that, she had never been so turned on. She felt him dry humping at her ass, then the growl as his cock went off. She imagined the wet warm squirts of his load covering the seat of her shorts, and some of the more powerful sprays shot up above the waistband, as she felt two thick trails splash on her lower back. She grunted, damn, she wanted that load somewhere else. . Fuck, what am I thinking? My god, my god. . .

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  and she felt his erection refusing to shrink. His hands went down, she felt her shorts loosen as he lowered the zipper, and she felt the shorts settling around her ankles as they hit the floor. She was almost naked, just her open shirt, and nothing but a thin layer of nylon between her overheated pussy and his still eager cock. Even as her mind was yelling at herself to stop it, her hands reached down, and she pulled her soaked pantie crotch aside, her body in a turmoil of desire, her cunt was blazing away, she was powerless to resist it, and she needed his cock, NOW.

     "Fuck, fuck, fuck me my darling nephew, fuck me!" she growled.

     "Oh yeah Auntie Babs, fuck, you're so fucking hot!"

     Hearing him call her Auntie Babs just added fuel to her fire, she was going to let her sister's son fuck her. It was so wrong, so perverted, so fucking nasty, and so fucking HOT. She felt the nudge of his cock against her, with a growling moan of desire, Barbara thrust her hips back hard, and felt the stretch as Richard's 8 inches slid smoothly into her. She let another growl of pleasure as she felt her walls being parted by Richard's thick cock, her pussy was bubbling with juices, Richard went in, to the balls easily, the heat and her juices surrounded his cock, drawing a grunt of pleasure from him. He pulled back and and buried his hardness into her wet, hot pussy again.

     Barbara squealed with pleasure as he drove balls deep over and over, 3 strokes and she went roaring over the edge, her voice rose to a shrieking wail of pleasure as her overheated pussy got the release it needed, her orgasm slamming into her, body shaking and shuddering, her inner muscles gripping at Richard's cock, he growled as he felt himself wrapped in the tight, wet, clutching heat. Richard was working on his next load, and he started to power fuck his Auntie's cunt, the heat and the clutch were fantastic, as Barbara jumped on the orgasm merry-go-round, a chain reaction of climaxes, her warm wet muscles gripping and milking greedily at his manhood.

     Abby had been watching, her disgust had fled, replaced by rapidly growing lust, feeling her teen pussy start the churning, the juices of her own desire slicked up her tight lips. Without even thinking what she was doing, she unzipped her shorts, and her hand quickly reached in. She could feel the heat and the dampness of her desire patterned against the crotch of her panties, and her finges slipped under the waistband, hungrily seeking out the throbbing ache.

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   Cupping her sex, her entrance was hot and slick with her lubrication, and her fingers got busy. Watching Richard fuck Auntie Babs spurred her on, a few deft flicks of her fingertips across her twitching clit was all it took, and she let out squeals of joy as she tumbled into orgasm, her body felt like she was turning inside out, my god, she'd never felt such a powerful cum, it left her body limp and giddy, leaning against the house, looking through the window. Her pussy twanged again as she watched, hearing Richard let out a roar, and his hips hunched wildly at his Auntie, pouring his sperm into her.

     Barbara was shaking though another orgasm as she felt his cock start pulsing wildly, and the feel of his seed pouring hotly into her. Richard thrust deeply, letting the tight spasms of her last orgasm milk every drop from his prick. He pulled out, now that the fever of needing to fuck was over, Richard was unsure of what to do. He quickly pulled up his jeans, and made a hasty retreat out the back door.

     Abby yanked her hand out of her panties, zipped up her shorts, and quickly headed in a different direction, as she lost her lust fever.

     Barbara was starting to get her bearings back, ashamed that she had let her nephew have her, but being unable to stop it. Her lust had taken command of her body, and her rational thought process had been sealed up in a box, while the lust fueled animal took control. She could feel the thick load deep inside her, looking down, she could see the trails of his first load splattered all over the seat of her shorts. She realized what a sight she looked, wildly she grabbed her clothes, and sprinted upstairs. The shorts were folded up and tossed into her laundry basket, she had a quick shower, to wash the cum off her back, she felt his thick sperm draining out of her, running down her legs as she washed off. Drying off, she slipped a tampon up inside her, to soak up any left over cum, freshly washed and dressed, she was back downstairs soon.

     Three minds were thinking a range of different thoughts, that afternoon.



     Richard was thinking how super fine it had been to fuck his Auntie Babs, and he hoped he could do it again.

     Barbara was thinking that she had to get control of herself, and not let her lust run away with her better judgement.

     Abby was thinking about how much she was going to see, this could turn out to be an interesting, and educational summer.


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