Auntie's Secret Place


We pulled up to the house shortly before sunset. My Aunt & Uncle's house was a gorgeous lakefront property in the estate area of Meredith Hills. Upon entering the modern stone & cedar home, we were greeted by my Uncle Jeff. Jeff had made a fortune in the architectural business and we weren't shy about enjoying the fruits of his labor by visiting his estate often. My uncle noticed me glancing around and said:"Krystal is out at the lake, why don't you go found her and let her know we'll be eating in about an hour. "Nodding in compliance, I headed for the side door that led to the huge deck and the lake beyond. I walked along the beach, enjoying the fresh breeze off the lake, and the warm rays of light from the soon-to-set sun. I looked all around but didn't see my aunt anywhere on the beach or in the water. I was about to turn back, assuming I'd missed her and she had returned to the house. When I detected movement in the bushes and trees only about 40 feet from where I was on the beach. The undergrowth was thick and the movement was well concealed. At first I thought it was just a squirrel or a bird, but the movement was strange, sort of steady and rhythmic, not what you would expect from a small animal rustling the bushes. As I crept closer I could see a hint of golden color in the movement, at this point I thought maybe it's a golden retriever burying or digging up something. The fading light was gradually making it more difficult to make out whatever it was. I decided to move up the small embankment and continue my approach from behind. I didn't want to startle a big dog and be on lower ground to try to outrun it if it attacked.

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   As I circled around more undergrowth and some trees blocked my view almost completely, but I detected that the movement had quickened. Because of the heavy undergrowth I was about 5 feet away by the time I could see clearly, and I almost screamed in surprise. Krys was sitting on a crate, leaning forward slightly and moving her ass up and down. Looking closer I saw that her bikini bottoms were off and she was fucking her cunt with a thick broom handle that was sticking out of a hole in the box obviously made just for the purpose of holding that broom handle in place. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. But it didn't take long for my shock to disappear and my cock to start hardening. As quietly as possible I bent lower and could see her pussy squeezing the broom tightly. I could also see that her juices were flowing liberally all over it and pooling around the hole in the crate. As I came to my senses I heard my auntie's delicious moans and gasps too. I gripped my cock through my pants and squeezed and rubbed it, just then she went into full force and started fucking that stick like it was the hottest prick she'd ever felt. She started shaking and her movements went from rhythmic to feverish. I realized I was going to cum in my only pair of pants if I didn't let go of my cock. So I did, but that still didn't stop me from moaning, to myself I thought, as my aunt's body was racked with a wildly powerful orgasm. I was panting with her, as if I had just cum as well, when she turned around and looked me right in the eye. I froze.

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  "Shit!" I thought. There was no denying it; the large bulge in my pants and the redness in my cheeks made it obvious that I had been watching. To my surprised however, she just smiled a sweet loving smile and then very sensuously pulled up and off her large sex toy. I gulped as I listened to the wet sucking sound made by her sloppy pussy as the thick hard shaft was removed from it. "Well you saw the whole show, you may as well come on in and have a seat," She said. As I moved around the box and sat next to her, she sat down gently, letting out a soft sigh both from the slight tenderness of her cunt, as well as from content. I could now see that she didn't have her bikini top on either, and for the first time I took in the naked beauty of my sweet aunt Krystaline. She had a warm, rosy glow, and despite the events of a few minutes ago, she was hungrily eyeing the lump in my pants. She wasn't the only one doing some eyeing though I kid you not! I had always thought she was pretty, but I had no idea her body was this hot. "Ah, by the way, Uncle Jeff sent me to tell you that we're going to eat in about an hour," I said, my eyes roving over the smooth soft skin of her incredibly plump and juicy looking tits. They were swollen from her hot fucking and the nipples stuck out much further and harder than I'd ever noticed before when I'd seen them behind a bikini top. "So that gives us about 45 minutes then," She said, grinning wickedly. "What do you mean?" I asked, nervous of the look on her face. "How about we start with you taking off your clothes. I think it would be only fair for you to let me see you naked, since I'm sitting here naked, don't you?" She suggested.

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  I was a little embarrassed, but I figured she was right. So I stood up and started to untuck my shirt. But she pulled me over to her and removed my hands, and started to undress me herself. First went my shirt, then I kicked off my shoes, then she unzipped my pants and pulled them and my underwear down till my cock sprang out. She looked lovingly at it, then up to my eyes, then back and she leaned forward and licked my whole cock all over. "Uhhmmmm," I groaned. She continued to pull my pants down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. She motioned me to turn around, and as I did she took a good look at my whole body. Then I sat down again, and we simply looked at each other's bodies. Our gazes met and before I knew it, she'd leaned forward and out lips met. Our kiss grew from a simple exploratory smooch to sexually charged frenching; our arms wrapped around our bodies and we fondled and felt all over each other. My hands came to rest on her beautiful breasts; I rubbed and squeezed them gently rolling my thumbs over the hard nipples. She moaned softly and said:"Yeaaaah, do it like that, most guys are too rough but you know just the way. "Pleased by her encouragement, I lifted and pressed them in every which way. I was utterly fascinated by these symbols of femininity.

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   One of her hands found its way down to my cock, and as soon as she wrapped her slender fingers around it and squeezed lightly, my attention was draw to how hard it was throbbing and how much it was aching. She gently massaged my cock and I did the same with her tits and our kissing became extremely hot. Our moaning got louder, and we let go of our respective playthings to pull each other closer. It was apparent by now that we were going to fuck, a moment later this thought was confirmed as her moan turned very sexual and in one movement, she broke our kiss, lifted up, rotated, and moved towards me saying:"Wait, wait, let's fuck honey. "As she said that she moved into the same position she was in when she fucked the broom, with her back to me, and lowered herself to my lap. She reached back and grabbed my cock, fitting it into her hole she quickly sat down, plunging my whole cock into her. Her pussy was hot and wet and stretched comfortably from her fucking of the broom handle. It was the first cunt I'd ever been in, and although I've felt tighter, I've never felt better. Her ass snuggled into the seat created between my thighs and stomach, and her cunt felt unimaginably hot and delicious as it held my cock in it's grasp. My arms wrapped around her and I took hold of a tit in each hand, massaging them against her chest, she moaned again and then started to lift and fall. Slowly a rhythm emerged and I started to rock back and forth in time with her. I rubbed her breasts in clockwise and counter-clockwise circles as well as up and down and from side to side. My fingers rolled the soft fat all around and pinched each nipple making her gasp each time. I rested my head on her shoulder and against her cheek and held her tight as she gave me my first sexual experience. It was warm and loving and gentle, but at the same time it was also sexy and horny and wet.

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       With the caring moans of love, came the hard grunts or animalistic desire. (Just let me know if I'm getting carried away here *grin*)By now she was rapidly fucking herself on my cock and I could feel the tension building throughout my cock and balls. I knew a heavy load was just moments from exploding from me. I rocked against her harder and held her tighter, she turned her head and our mouths met as we sucked each other's tongues and licked each other's lips. She grunted and jerked a few more times then she started shaking and I realized she was just about to cum too. I quickly lifted her up, pulled my cock out, turned her around and pushed her to the ground. Her legs opened and I shoved my prick back in, her legs wrapped around me and our arms around each other. I thrust in and out several times, and then I lifted up again, this time onto my knees. She held her legs tight around my ass, keeping my cock locked inside her cunt, her arms fell back and she braced herself against a tree and my hands went around her where I took a firm hold of her ass. In this new position I started fucking into her for all I was worth, and she offered her help by pulling her pelvis up and down with her legs. Moments later I stood straight up and pulled her upper-torso up with me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and her full weight dropped onto my cock and I groaned and arched my back as an enormous torrent of thick hot fuck was ejected from the tip of my raging pole. At the same time that I was stiffened and growling and humping obscenely in my explosive orgasm, the sudden pressure of her weight dropping on my cock sent her over the edge too. Her body shuddered and she fell back against my hands that were around her back. She howled, and continued fucking her cunt up and down my cock as we rode through our amazing combined climax.

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      Our orgasms lasted for what seemed like a long time, but as the intensity subsided, I nearly dropped her as my legs gave out. I flopped down on top of her on the ground and for a few minutes we were the sweatiest, messiest and happiest pile you could believe. Still panting we looked into each other's eyes as we lay there, just enjoying our wet bodies pressed together. My cock had softened but was still hard enough not to fall out of her pussy. She smiled and gave me the sweetest little kiss and said she loved me. I told her that she was the most wonderful woman I've ever known and despite my lack of experience was sure I loved her too. We lay there for a little while longer, before we heard the cook yell that it was time for dinner. We quickly dressed and gave each other one last longing kiss before I went to the side door to sneak downstairs to wash up in the bathroom there. While she went to the front door and up to her bedroom to put on some more clothes. Another family joined us for dinner and I sat at the one end with their children, while Krys sat at the other with the adults. A couple of times we looked over to each other and smiled when no one was looking. Over the weekend we never got another chance, but we did get a few minutes alone before I left and we kissed soulfully and passionately. We expressed how much we wanted to make love again and promised we would next time, then we said our good-byes. That was a few weeks ago, and next weekend my family and I will be going up to Uncle Jeff's and Aunt Krystaline's place again. I'm really looking forward to it.

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      The End. Copyright 1998 Moist Dreamshttp://get. to/moistdreams - Story archive & Mailing list info. moist1@home. com - CommentsMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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