Babbysitting became fun


This story is not real it never happend. it is my first story so be fair!         Enjoy
I always baby-sit on a Wednesday night, as my aunt has to go on her late night course at uni. Little did I know that this particular Wednesday was going to be the day my fantasies came true.
It was about 6 o’clock when I arrived at my Auntie Janie's house, one of my cousins opened the door and said she wanted to talk to me before she left and she was upstairs. When I went upstairs I knocked on her bedroom door and she shouted “ill be there in a minute I am getting dressed” I took the opportunity to take a peek through the keyhole where I saw her leaning over the bed in nothing but her undies. She must have noticed because she turned her back to the door while finishing off. She quickly gathered up her uni supplies came out of the door and said make sure that they are both of them in bed by 8. With that she gave me a little peck on the lip (this made my dick almost break a trouser button. ) and said thanks and ill see you later.
Once she had gone I said to my cousins, if you behave very well for me I will let you stay up till 9. My cousins are maturing so. They behaved quite well. And when 8 o’clock came. I turned to a dating channel, and one of the boys then said this is boring can we watch cartoons. I said back I know a channel that is much better than that, as I turned to a hardcore porn channel. Their eyes lit up, I could see that they were both getting hard ons.

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   And as soon as I grabbed for my dick so did they, while they were jacking off to the anal sex on the television I was slowly massaging to the beautifully shaped image of their mom wearing just her undies. Once we had all come over particular images I said right, off to bed now.
They went with no hesitation. And I fell asleep with the porn still on the TV my erection had subsided so I put it away. But all I could dream about was ramming my tool home in my aunt. But I was disturbed from my pleasant dream by the door slamming shut. I looked at the time; by god it is ten o’clock. I remembered about the porn on the TV, I tried to change channel quickly. But my aunt saw me change over. She said to me “did I interrupt your personal moment of reflection” I hesitated and went flushed. Before I could say anything she said “don’t worry we all do it” I was shocked when under her breath she said “even me”
She said she was going upstairs to check the boys who were sound out. Then she would come down and sort me out. I thought that I was going to be in big trouble. I sat on the sofa waiting for a rollicking. She came downstairs and said, they are sound out so we can make as much noise as we want.

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   I was confused, so I turned round to look at her. She had changed into her silky cream pyjamas, and from what I could tell she had on no underwear.
She walked up to me and put her lips to mine and stopped, and then she moved her hand to my crotch and copped a feel. She said my my aren’t we huge today. It was true my dick was so large that it hurt me to retain it. She relieved my pressure by undoing the button and zip of my trousers. It sprang out with such speed that it almost bruised when it hit my leg. She carried on kissing me, then went to her knees and practically swallowed my whole 8” it did not take long for the inevitable to happen as I squirted a huge stream of hot spicy cum straight down her neck. She stood up and slowly sexily she removed her nightie. Her hot gleaming pussy was first into view, I was ready to pounce, but she moved back and revealed her DD jugs she through the top to the floor and walked toward me, and lay down on the sofa, she whispered to me, I wanted you all through my lesson today, now finger fuck me now.
I wasted no time and buried 4 fingers into her 32-year-old loose cunt. She started to grunt and wriggle to the sensuous pattern that I was fucking her to. She started moving and screaming harder as I fucked her with my whole fist. As she came she squirted out a stream of cum that was almost endless, I started to drink as she was squirting. Until she said “I cant bear it anymore, just take me”
I did, and I gave her the ride of her life.

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   She said that I was the biggest cock she had ever taken so I managed to ram right passed her cervix. And started fucking right deep into her, she said that it hurt, but I was stopping for nothing. I carried on until I felt a warm feeling shoot up my dick. She said don’t come inside of me, I am not on the pill anymore. I tried to pull out but her cervix refused to let me out, so I had no choice but to shoot my load deep inside of my aunt’s cunt.
She said to me “oh well the chances of me getting pregnant with you at this age is unlikely. She said that she would take me home in the morning after a shower together. She also gave me a wonderful hand-job while driving me home.
Since I came inside my aunt that time we have not made love in that way. Only hand jobs and finger fucking. But she is worried; she is late and thinks that she may be pregnant. I guess that means that I am in trouble with her again. (I look forward to it. )

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