Bath and Story Time


“Angel Pie, time for your bath!” Daddy called to me from the bathroom as he began to run the water.
Sometimes at bath time, I like to play games on Daddy and hide from him. I had been watching my favourite cartoon, Care Bears, and was disappointed that I wouldn’t get to see the end of the episode now! Pouting, I stood up and started to drag my feet towards the bathroom. Then I had a naughty idea! I would hide on him! That would show him to interrupt my show! Quickly, I ducked out of sight.
“Krissy? Did you hear me? Turn off the television and get your bottom in here for your bath!” Daddy called again after a few minutes, turning off the water.
No response.
“You’re not being naughty are you? Daddy isn’t in the mood to play games with you, young lady…” His voice was stern, but he wasn’t angry yet. “You’ve had a long day and it’s time for your bath. If you don’t hurry, there will be no bed time story or cuddles for you”.
With that threat, I slunk out of my hiding spot, under the kitchen table. I sighed, still pouting about my show and shuffled towards the bathroom.
“Get a move on, Missy! I haven’t got all night!” Daddy gave my bum a firm swat as I walked by him.
I slowly undressed and got into the bath. Grabbing the soap, I wet it and began to lather it in my hands. I washed my arms, legs and my face. Daddy says that I’m not old enough to wash the other parts of me as good as they should be washed, so he always comes in a bit later to wash them, along with my hair.


Daddy came back about 5 minutes later. “Did you wash yourself, Little One? Give Daddy the soap and stand up”, he instructed.
I stood and he lathered the soap. He smoothed it richly upon my 34C breasts and gently pinched my pink, erect nipples as he massaged them. I moaned quietly, enjoying the sensation. Then he began to move south, washing my belly button (to get all the lint!) and the belly piercing to avoid infection. He lathered more soap and then began to massage my pubic region.
“A little scruffy I see… Sit on the potty with the lid down, Babydoll. Keep your legs as wide as you can”.
Daddy stood up and went to the cabinet above the bathroom sink as I got out of the tub and sat as he instructed. He sat back down between my spread legs holding a can of shaving cream and a razor.
“Now, be still, Krissy. Daddy doesn’t want to hurt you…”
He squirted some shaving cream into his palm and then spread it onto my pussy. I shivered a little because it was cool to my warm skin. Daddy looked up and gave me a warning look.

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   Then he raised the blade to my lips and began to shave gently, being extremely careful to not nick or cut my delicate cunt.
“I like when you take care of me, Daddy. It makes me feel all special inside”, I said in my 5-year-old voice, watching intently to what he was doing to me.
He smiled as he continued to shave to stubble. “Little girls have smooth little pussies and you’re a little girl. Daddy doesn’t want you to grow up. He likes to take care of you. Does it make you feel special here too, Love?” He began to flick his finger over my clit and I saw that my nub was starting to harden and peek out from under its hood.
I giggled. “Mmmmm…that makes me tingle there, Daddy! It kinda feels like I gotta make peepee sometimes! I like it lots!” I cooed happily, completely shedding my pouty attitude from before.
He laughed at me. “Aaaww…. Daddy’s girl is so precious! There we go! All done! Back into the tub you go! Get down on all fours in the water, Honey. We need to make sure that bottom of yours isn’t dirty…”
I gulped as I got back in the water. I always got squirmy when Daddy washed my bum hole.

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   I couldn’t help it! It felt a little bit funny!
He spread a thick coat of soap on my ass and began to swirl his finger around my rosebud, every so often applying gentle pressure. It made my feet twitch and my tummy flip flop! He pushed a little harder and passed my sphincter.
“Ooh, Daddy! I don’t like that!” I complained, tightening up my hole by accident so that it was more uncomfortable.
“Does it hurt, Little One?” He pushed deeper and deeper each time, loosening my asshole. “You need to keep your bottom clean. You know that. Would you rather Daddy gave you enemas every night instead?”
“Oh no, Daddy! Please don’t! I’ll be a good girl! Mmmmm…It feels nice now, Daddy! Could you touch my pussy while you wash my bum? It’s still dirty too…” My eyes were closed and I could feel my clit throbbing for his touch. All I could think about was how much I wanted his fingers inside me…
“Oh really? Well then, if you insist…” He slid two fingers from his other hand into my pussy and began to work them around.
    “I see what you mean, Krissy. I must have missed all this wetness before…”
    I giggled. “Silly, Daddy! Ooh, it feels so nice!”
    After a few minutes, when I was just about to cum, Daddy stopped. “Time to wash your hair, Babydoll!”
    He drizzled the shampoo over my head, missing sometimes and cool droplets fell on my breasts and perky nipples. I cooed happily.
    After all the soap had been washed away, Daddy unplugged the drain and I stood up for him to wrap me in a towel.
    “Do you need a diaper tonight, Honey? Or are you a big girl?”
    I thought a moment.

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       “I need a dippy, Daddy”.
    He nodded and went to my bedroom to collect the diaper, baby powder and the cream.
    When he came back, I was lying on my back with my knees up and spread.
    “You’re such a good baby tonight, Krissy! You might just even get an extra bedtime story!” He knelt down and opened the cream. Scooping a generous glob on his fingers, he began to spread it around my smooth cunt, working it into my bum crack and hole and then into all the folds of my pussy. “Wouldn’t want that precious little puss to get a rash!”
    He sprinkled the baby powder and I coughed a little at the cloud it created. He spread that around as well, teasing my still-hard nub but refusing to let me cum just yet.
    He placed the diaper under my butt and pulled the front up tightly. He taped the sides, allowing a little extra room for the reading of my bedtime story…
    I was seated in Daddy’s lap wearing my Grumpy Bear shirt that says, “I get grumpy when I haven’t had my hug” and just my diaper on the bottom. I had my doggy in the crook of my arm and was quietly drinking my bottle of milk. Daddy was reading me my favourite book, “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”. As he read, he was gently rubbing the front of my diaper.
    Soon, I was cooing into the nipple of the bottle as I sucked at it, getting closer and closer to sexual release. As he read the last page, he finally allowed me to cum. How wonderful it was! I moaned softly as I began to relax and, within minutes, I was sound asleep!

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