Behind the closed doors – 3


It was like for 3 months now that I have been fucking my step-mom. After the hooker incident I was pretty much excited about 3 some orgy but somehow we never got to do it again. In the mean time mom thought she wouldn’t depend on her dad’s money anymore and got a job for herself. She got the job by fucking a managing director of the company and was now in pretty much a high position. Every now and then she used bring in the managing director and fuck his brains out. I was ok with that and things were running smooth. We shifted to a new house, it was an apartment and we lived on the 31st floor and everything could be seen from there, the whole city. I had started working as a DJ in a local club and it was one day while working there I saw my grand mother with a middle aged man. Grand Ma was around 53 years old and she was married at 18 and had my step mom when she was 20. Anyways she was this very hot brunette who maintained her figure like her daughter and she could be called around 43 years old easily because of her figure. Since I know my people around the club I told a guy to take photos of her and had a huge game planned in mind. I paid off the guy and he didn’t tell anyone about it. I also noticed their dance moves and it seemed that she was a getting turned on by him. I saw him caressing her breasts and squeezing her ass and kissing her very frequently. She was one horny slut.
<!--[if they left I was doing my job and the photographer printed out the photos and gave it to me in an envelope that I kept inside the pockets of my jacket.

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   I got off pretty late and was tired. I drove back home quickly and upon entering the house I got a noises coming from mom’s room.   I ignored it and went to bed. The next day I had already scanned the documents and opened an email account in an anonymous name and sent my grandma the photos. I knew about Internet tracing and everything so I sent it from a cyber café and not from home. I also told her that if she doesn’t reply in 24 hours, these would be sent to her husband. I checked my mail after 6 hours and there was reply. I told her to meet me at a mall and then we could discuss the matter from there. When I reached the shopping mall I already saw her sitting tensed at the table I had asked her to. She was equally shocked and surprised to see me. I told her all about it. She was like, ‘why cant you mind your own business and give me those photos back’. I said ‘because I want to fuck you and I want it today otherwise those pictures are going to your hubby’. She agreed because she was very scared of grandpa. We checked into a motel and as soon as we got inside the room I started to kiss her sucking her tongue and also in all places.

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   She protested at first but later started to enjoy it. She was moaning as I undressed her. I told her to suck my cock and she started doing as I asked. I pulled her hair and made her suck my cock like a whore I could tell that she was enjoying it. I was very hard and excited and shouted out, ‘you like my cock in your mouth slut, huh, huh?’ She nodded. Then I stopped her from sucking me and pulled her up and pushed her on the bed I plunged my cock into her and she moaned out loudly I started to fuck her very fast as I was very much excited. I kept on fucking her until here came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum. I took out my cock and put it inside her mouth again. After giving me two or more licker with her tongue I exploded in her mouth and didn’t take out my cock until she drank all my cum. ‘Fuck off bitch’ I said and came out of the motel after washing myself leaving her gasping on the bed. It was sure a good fuck. When I reached home I was horny again. Mom opened the door and said that she was going out. ‘You don’t have to go out, all you have to do is fuck me’ I said and closed the door and pushed her to side of the room. She kissed me and rubbed my cock for a while and said that it was very urgent and she went out.

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   I jerked off later on and took a shower and was back to normal. Mom returned home with her assistant and she introduced me to her. She was a woman in her early 20s and had awesome tits and a huge ass. She introduced herself as Linda. She noticed that I was admiring her and mom left us both to get changed. As soon as mom left she said, ‘Your mom said that you like 3 some sex. ’ I was totally surprised. But I said yes and she instantly came to me and started to kiss my tongue and bite my lips. She was one wild whore. She began to moan in a way that made my cock straighten up. She began to rub my cock very hard and then she pulled down my pants and started sucking my cock as wildly ad ever. I felt the greatest pleasure of all time. I squeezed her breasts while she was sucking my cock and it was awesome, they were all soft and juicy. I never noticed all this time that mom was watching us with a seductive smile on her face and a sexy nightdress with red bras and panties on. I looked at mom and indicated her to join in.

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   she came and shoved her pussy right into my mouth and I started sucking it as well. I had no control over my self and they were treating me like somewhat like their slave. After a while of pussy eating she came down and started to suck my tongue. Linda was done by that time and she made me eat her pussy while she kissed my mom and sucked her breasts. Mom made me finger her and I was almost gonna explode and compalained that they were wayyy to wild for me. ‘Shut the fuck up and do what we say son’ shouted mom. ‘Your son’s good Benny’ moaned Linda. He’s too good. Suddenly they stopped and stepped back from me. She began to suck my cock after pushing me on the couch and 2 sides of the cock was being sucked by 2 people. I couldn’t take it and exploded right there and they drank all my cum. They must have realized that I needed rest as I drifted off to sleep in that position and when I woke up I saw that it was late and that mom left a note, ‘Linda and I are moving away to another city forever, you were not good enough for us so we are leaving you behind, GO TO HELL. ’ I smiled. I was going to have to find someone new now.  
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