Bi trans Father gets his daughter and her friends too/ PART 2


You would have surely read the part one by this time. If not please do so otherwise it would be difficult to follow up. The next morning i taught every things going to get difficult , I was expecting ,my daughter, in her teenage might take advantage of , knowing about the secret of her father. Dancing around in womens clothing and fucking a underage daughter. I was expecting my daughter, would dance on my head to get every thing done. But instead , i was having a very beautiful relation ship with her. Just the way all faterhs would like to have. Even my wife was surprised about it. Once she hugged kissed me and told me. I think you are the best father in the world, i hear the other parents having lot of problems with their teenage kids. So I just smiled and didn't answer. My daughter all ways came to me when ever she had a problem. And she trusted me as is was her best friend. .

any way time to time when we got horny we both looked at each other and knew what we want. And it was easy to get out of the house for both of us, mom didn't even ask me where are you going.

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   And the daughter too didn't have to answer anything when she left home with me. Soon as we left our town. The next parking lot in the forest was ours , we opened the bags. rushing and slipped on to our slut clothes. Thanks to my daughters advice , i have improved my looks , looking now a perfect bitch. I enjoyed walking with my daughter. hand in hand in the forest. and the people mostly old, looking at us top to bottom. We even could see some men alone tried to take a peek under our skirts when we bend just pretending that something wrong with our boots. Or as we sat on the bench.

One day when we were still i our car, i haven't changed yet but we were kissing and my hands were between her legs and she was holding and playing with my cock. Just then we saw a old man watching us, his hands were in his trousers, jerking him self. As we saw this it turned us on. We did more and more. Giving the man a show.

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   Then i open my daughters blouse and started to massage he titties, as he saw this he moved close to the car . Still having my daughter with open blouse i started to open her legs rubbed her thighs and pussy, and she was looking at the man and struggling under my hands. Finally he pulled out his cock and wanked slowly showing it to us. My daughter asked me dad may i , so i smiled and opened the shutter for him. Soon his hand joined along with mine rubbing her tits ans they moved slowly down to her thighs , his fingers trying to find their way in her pussy. Now i took my hands back jerking my cock enjoying , my the sight my daughters smooth legs and short skirt with boots and the opened blouse and this manly hand between her legs. Very typical school girl show, was fascinating. She once turned around on the sat and started to blow me offering this man her entire ass. Now i count see what he was doing but every time my daughter moaned and went down on my cock.

I could feel that he was inserting his fingers in her. After while she got out the car. And soon she was on her knees , and the old mans pants was hanging on his knees and the white shorts too and my daughter was now showing him how good she was in sucking cock. I also got out of the car and i moved about watching them both , not wanting to miss a beautiful sight. then my daughter turned around held the car and he still with his trousers at his knees walking like a penguin to her and kissed her thighs and licked her pussy up to asshole for some time then he got up again and planted his cock in her pussy. It was so beautiful and i was jealous at the same time.

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   I was asking the question in me how could she do this looking at me. Then her eyes were close and she was concentrating all on this cock which was moving back and forth in her tight little pussy. Finally he pulled his cock out an my daughter rushing turned around and took it in her mouth and blew again.

This was too much for me. So i joined them jerking my cock harder and she left his cock and sucked mine, the man moved a little making me some space and then we were both jerking just for her. Looking down, at her smooth face and lips , i could`nt hold back any longer and the man either. And we both came on her beautiful mouth, lips her face and hair. Then the final drops we wiped on her lips. And she looked at us smiling and licking her lips as she has just had some sweet. Then we had a small talk. The the old man was very impressed , about her beauty and body. So asked her to completely strip for us , what she did too. He looked like the luckiest man on the world. He felt young. And was praising and blessing us , and was asking me how did i find her.

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   So i told him the truth and he was not shocked at all , he was very exited and gave us the telephone number and invited us on a norther day.

Now i was eager to do my part, as he left i quickly jumped in to my slut costume. I asked my daughter to be out still. As i was finished putting on my make up , i came out feeling very slutty. Went immediately started kissing her , trying to find here and there sperm what she didn't find jet and licked from her face. I was angry asking her, you bitch you got fucked right? But i was surprised where she reacted, with you bitch where were you all this time, where were you , where i got fucked all alone. And now you bitch got the cum smell. Then she pressed my head to her pussy, and asked you like it see, its filled with honey. And she slammed my face on her pussy. And i started to put my tong deep in her hole drinking much cum of him. Clean it clean me quick. This old mans cum is surely smelling bad in my pussy, but a bitch like you, i know you ll love. and she shouted to me lick it up. I was obeying her and licking her cunt . Finally as she came she let go my face and hugged me lovingly and oh dad that was great again.

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   We then took a walk together , now both of smelling and spreading a fresh fucked up. sent. And talking and all the time even ignoring the other people. And some of the ignored us too. It gave me the feeling that they didn't really realize that i was in a girl costume. I became more and more free. Then i got the bright idea. To go to a norther town to buy a double ended strap on dildo, what i did too. I left my daughter in the car, as just in case, cant forget that she was only sixteen.

It was rather a funny shy feeling as i entered a sex shop in a women costume. But soon lost, the shyness as soon as the women at the shop greeted me normally and and asked my wish. Now this was the time i had to speak , and became red again that i would reveal my identity. iremembered, the rules and instead of speaking with a squeaky voice i started to speak softly. And told my wish. And the women showed me many strap on dildo, and i chose the one, one one end for vagina and the other for anal.

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   And the sales women was now trying to convince me. If i buy that also to buy a norther dildo for vagina which easily could be mounted on this strap on dildo. So i tried to explain her, that i will not want it. Finally i had to tell her that i don't have a vagina. And she looked at me like i was a seventh wonder. She still didn't understand. To stop all the conversation i took her to the changing cabin and lifted my skirt , pulled my cock from the leg opening of my panties. I quickly guided her out of the cabin before she would have got a hear attack. This women didn't utter a word any more. Gave me my bag and took the money , she didn't even know how much balance she should give me back.
Came back to the car like a hero! No like a bitch won have won lotto. And i showed what i bought andtelling the storywhat happen right now.

Next stop we made was at a resting place on a highway. We both went to the toilet, but i got confused , where should i go men or women. Until my daughter pulled me with my hand to go with her.

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   I was very careful in side not to get noted but. No one bothered , i was happy that they had cabins and not like we men standing on a row. After the loo. The toilet was now empty. So i was happy see my daughter again and we both used this moment to look in to the mirror and adjust our make up. At this very moment lot of young girls walked in they also looked very slutty but i could see them all through the mirror. Passing behind us , looking at our ass where our skirt was lifted high

this turned me very much on. And i whispered to my daughter did you see that, she said yes. And as i wanted to go out she held me back. Now we were still doing our make up and these girls joined us
at the mirror, now it was getting crowded. And i could see as the other girls did their make up i could see their bum too,which was now turning me on and i was leaning more to give a full show. Through the cool breeze i could now realize my my bum was fully free. As my daughter saw this she did the same. Then one of the girls came towards us and she said hm mm. And held my daughter on her hips and did movements like fucking her, then she came to me did the same, and we smiled at them bitchy way.

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   Then they walked out saying leave some men for us too. And you better cover that ass before you catch a cold. This was terrific. Coming out of this toilet my daughter looked at me , and asked now do you realize , that threes nothing wrong if i dressed like a bitch , nor manly you scold me leaving the house if i get dressed like this. But if i don't , not even girls are going to talk to me. Of course i saw this and i was happy to see this from her point of view.

soon in our car and we drove to a pup. This happened because now I`m so eased that i really felt like a women and was shy or feeling man at all. So we chose a pub with disco, letting us down at a dark corner and i was already looking behind every nice ass on the dance floor. I noticed that a man in my age kissing all the girls there and greeting them. . i asked my daughter is he pimp. She laughed and said no. But later i was surprised where he came to my daughter and called her by name and asked for a dance. She soon went.

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   They i also noticed that my daughter was extremely wiggling with her ass, as if shes giving him a private show. Then they were talking something and soon she came to my table. I asked her , Darling are you going to tell me who that was? She told dad anyway i have to tell you now. This guy over there spends money on every girl and gives money too for favors. Soon some drinks arrived at our table. To see the guy was raising his glass to us. So did the same, and now sipping our drink as my daughter talked more. I asked her so did you?. . . she answered no dad i have sucked him and he has given couple of bucks. Don't worry i have only sucked him you were the first guy who fucked me. And the second person was the old guy at the forest. So why did you do it i asked.

She smiled and said dad wont you do this if you get your drinks free and earn some pocket money too.

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   Now i was quiet. She told me now let me tell you what he wants now. I looked questioningly and she said he wants to know if we both could suck him in his car. And he would give us 50 bucks. I was asking fifty bucks , i think i was so loud , this guy walked to us and said OK OK , i give you each thirty. And left us alone. My daughter said , if he asks you are a Friend from Norway. And soon as we finished our drinks we left the pub. This man was not to be Sean. Coming out , this guy was waiting for us came to us and took us both toward the car holding our ass, squeezing tit tightly. At the car he asked your , foreign girlfriend don't talk much doesn't she? My daughter nodded , nopes. He said but she know what a blow job is right? And was lifting our skirts and petting our asses, i thought bad joke if he get under my panties he Will be surprised, and quickly went down, and took his cock out and started to do what i could do the best. and soon my daughter joined me. We were both sucking his balls and cocks in turn and he was leaning against his car and enjoying this soon few girls came that way, but the guy and my daughter didn't even panic. As they came to us.



They called him SAM and kissed him on his lips. Then they looked down at us and gave a small kiss on our lips too. The next kiss landed on his cock. And he was telling them girls girls , i will come to you later. Soon we were at it now almost fighting with an norther to get the cock in our mouths. I felt my daughters hand reach down under my ass cheeks and she somehow managed to get at lest half of my cock out, and making movements like milking a cow. The much i got turned on the much i sated to suck this cock. And almost at the same time we both came. He was cumming in our mouths in turn and i was cumming down on the road. Then i felt my daughter pushing my cock back in the panties and wiped her hands on my ass. Finally we stood up. The guy pretended to kiss us and he was careful that he didn't even come closer to his own cum on our lips and faces. And he pulled his purse and gave us sixty bucks and said no wait, he took the money back, as we looked refused and he handed us a hundred buck and smiled. So we thanked him and walked like sluts back to our car. Now even i was wiggling my ass left and right , just as my daughter do too.

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   Finally in the car i said. Now I'm getting tired , please fuck me before we go home. And my daughter got naked down there, first struggled a little fixing the strap on dildo, and as she got the one end in her pussy, she aimed my now ready ass. She fucked me doggy style and very hard than Sara's father. She kept on fucking until she came. And i was enjoying so many anal cumming. The jelly like thing escaped my asshole every time she hammered her cock in me. And making my thighs dirty.

And i felt my entire ass and balls were full of this stuff dripping to my thighs. . finally as she came she moaned loud, almost attracting a whole bunch of men and women who was passing that way. And i looked down toward my thighs it looked so finished. My daughter who didn't know about anal orgasm . She was enjoying , looking and licking my ass balls and inside my thighs. And as were finished.

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   We were bothgot out of the car removed all our cloths and started cleaning the make up on our faces. And got dressed up and now i looked like dad and drove home with my daughter happily. And coming home took a long deep kiss. Until our next time we came to the door. We had at the front panorama windows. What we saw there shocked both of us. I saw my wife in doggy style legs wide apart sticking two fingers up her parting pussy, and at a little distance my son sitting and playing with his penis. . my daughter and i locked at each other , and she got hot again looking at mom and her bro like this,We had one question dose she know that my son sitting there watching or doesn't she. !.

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