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"Hey lil' sis" he said messing up my hair like he used to when i was younger. I giggled and playfully punched his arm. "it's good to see you here bro. We've all missed you. " I said in a shaky voice. As the days went by all I could think about was David. I found myself late at night begining to fantasize about him. About how it would be like to kiss him and touch him all over. I also started to have feelings of shame for thinking these things but yet I still managed to touch myself as i thought about him. We would hang out during the day in the house but of course my parents were always around. At night he'd go out with his friends and party til sunrise. But it just happens that one fateful night my parents were going away to a highschool reunion for the weekend. I was going to be left alone with David. The first night we were left alone it was a Friday night very hot night. I decided to put on my little short blue jean shorts and pink tank top and put my long brown hair in a ponytail. Mom hated when i wore that outfit because she always said that little girls shouldn't dress lke that.


   I alawys wore it anyway when they were not home. I decided to go downstairs and watch tv. I though David was in his room so as I was about to turn on the tv I heard David's voice from behind hin the kitchen. "Hey Jessy would you like anything to drink?" I rolled my eyes at him and said "David don't call me Jessy no more it's Jessica I'm older now. " He just laughed and said "whatever. . . your my lil' sis and I'll call you Jessy for as long as you live. " He came over to the couch and handed me a glass of soda as he drank a beer. I couldn't help but look at him. He had his blue jeans on and a white t-shirt something very simple but oh my gawd he looked so sexy! I guess he noticed me staring at him he looked over to me and just got on top of me and we started to wrestle on the floor like we did when we were kids. He began to tickle me as he pulled up my shirt just a bit to show my flat belly. we were rolling all over the floor and I was loving every moment of it. I could feel his hard body on mine his muscular arms around me and his strong hands pushing me down. Our wrestling began to die down as he stopped and stared at me.

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   Our eyes met for a long time as he began to stroke my hair and then all of a sudden he kissed me so sweetly. I felt his soft lips touch mine and then slowly as he slid his tongue in my mouth and I then began to touch his tongue with my tongue. We french kissed for what seemed to be an eternity. I wrapped my arms around him. I began to feel what a wonderful person he was. He was so sweet, smart, gorgeous and now he was kissing me. it was all just so sexy! I didn't wanna stop but he stopped and got up and just said "hey i'm sorry Jessy. I didnt' mean to do that. " without me saying anything he got up and left and ran out the door. He was gone all that night. I slept in my room hoping he'd come in but he never came home that night. The next day i got up and decided to go to the movies with some friends. I was gone all day and got home around 9pm or so. As my friends parents dropped me off I saw David's car was there. I was so nervous as I entered the house.

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   I decided not to do anything and just let him come to me. As I stepped into my room I saw David sitting on my bed looking a bit sad. "oh shit David you scared me" I said in a jumpy voice. He just looked at me and I saw him staring at my legs as I was wearing a short little white skirt with my black spaghetti strap black top that showed my breasts really well. He didn't say anything so I decided to make the move. I walked over to him and made him looked up at me. I leaned down to kiss his soft lips as he slowly began to kiss me back. No words were needed as we kissed and I felt him begin to pull up my skirt. I felt his strong hands touch my legs up and down and slowly take off my panties. I broke our kiss and looked at him and said "David I love you so much. I've missed you all these years. I think ur the most gorgous guy I've ever seen. I want you to be my first tonight. There is no one else I can think of giving my virginity to but you. " He smiled softly at me and stood up tall before me.

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   He gently turned me around and wrapped his arms around me holding me whisepering "Jessy I love you too. You've turned out to be such a cute girl. I love everything about you. I'd love to be your first too. " With that he layed me on the bed and began to take off his shirt exposing his nice hard chest. I could see all his muscles and his six pack stomach. He then began to lift my top up as hesaw my barely developed breasts I heard him gasp a bit. I touched them gently rubbing my nipples sending fire all over my body. I felt my pussy get wet as he touched me anywhere and everywhere. I fetl his soft lips touch my breats as he kissed them and sucked my nipples. Then he just put his hand up my skirt as he touched my wet pussy. I felt him put in one finger then two. I moaned softly as he sucked my nipples and finger fucked me. I moved his fingers in slow motion getting me ready for him and then began to go really fast. I couldn't help but moan loudly.

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   "Yes jessy moan for me baby. show big bro how much you love it. " I heard him whisper to me. I felt myself almost comming to an orgasm but then he stopped and put my legs around his neck and began to lick my pussy so fast it only took about a minute til i had the first and hardest orgasm in my entire life. I stayed between my legs for a bit tasting all my juices. then he came back up and we kissed so softly as i could taste myself in his mouth. I held him closer wanting him in me at that moment. He then got up and began to take off his jeans and boxers and I just stared in awe as I saw his huge cock! It had to be at least 8 inches at the most. It was so nice so hard so big! I wanted it so bad in my pussy. But I knew he was going to want me to suck on it.
    Some of my friends had already sucked cock so they'd told me the stories on it. I knew a bit about it. I got up and got on my knees on my bed as he stood in front of me. I took the head of his cock and sucked on it tasting the precum. It was a bit salty but It turned me on knowing it was from my brother.

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       I began to take his cock more inmy mouth and sucked on it harder and harder. I felt him grab my long hair and hold it as i sucked him. I knew he wanted to cum in my mouth but I also knew he'd rather cum in my pussy. He stopped me after just 3 minutes of blow job. He layed me on the bed with my skirt still on and my legs wide open. He stood in front of me and put my legs on his shoulders. He slowly stuck in his big cock in my tight pussy as I moaned in pain at first then pleasure. He went slowly. "I'm going to take it easy on you first baby. " He said in a sweet voice. I could feel him thrusting his cock in me making my tits bounce a bit. Then I wanted him to go faster so I yelled out "David fuck me faster. I want you to fuck me really fast. I'm so ready for you now. " With those words he began to speed his rhythm.

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       I felt him so deep in me. I wanted him to cum in me sooo bad. I was so ready. I whispered "David cum in me please. " Being out of breath he says "but sweetie I might get you pregnant. " I dind't care about that at that moment I didnt' care about anything! I just wanted his juices in me. I wanted all of David. "David I don't care. I want to have your baby. I want anything and everything from you. I love you. " I said looking into his eyes. "oh baby" he said as he felt himself cum all in me. I felt his hot cum shoot all in my pussy it was incredible! It felt like he'd cum a lot. He then slowly put my legs down and layed his head on my chest.

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       I ran my fingers through his blonde hair. "jessy I hope we didn't make a mistake" he said softly. I closed my eyes for a moment "david that was no mistaked. even If i do come out pregnant I'll never tell it was you. It'll be our little secret. "The next day our parents got back and I could feel the tension in the air as me and David werein the same room. We tried to keep our distance away from one another for a bit but we could not resist each other. We'd kiss each other as often as we could but we could not have the chance ot have sex any more. I did come out pregnant and my parents were furious but I never once told them it was David's baby. I was ready to have his baby but i had a misfortune and had a miscarriage. After that David was very sad and he moved away from home and got a job across the country where he'd gone to college. He still calls me though and he still loves me but our love was impossible. He'll always be the man for me though. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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