Billy got his first look at his older sister, and she dropped her robe onto the floor, she stood there in the buff! The way she moved, one would have thought Ellen was trying to get a sexual reaction out of Billy and Andy! But, Ellen had always talked such things down, what was she doing in here, then!? Billy almost went out to ask!"C'mere, my lovely little Vixen!" Andy replied, "C'mere and kiss me!"Billy saw Andy had removed all his clothing and his penis was standing up tall. It was very tall! Or should I say it was very long and thick? Dunno!Ellen approached the bed wrapped her arms about Andy's neck, rubbing her tits. . . really obviously Rubbing her tits against Andy's front as they kissed. "OOOO, MMMYYY! Andy, you've got a Cock, whatever shall I do with that, do you suppose!?"'A Cock!?' Thought Billy, 'Of course. . . he has a Pen. . . no, Cock! Andy is a boy, ain't he!? What's she mean by that?'"Yeah, and it's all for you, my little Slut!" Andy cried. 'Slut!?' Billy thought. 'That's my. . .

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   Our sister! How can he call her a slut?'Ellen used her best cornpone voice, "Wouldja like me to suck it, Dahlen!?"Andy indicated his erection, and said, "C'mon. . . c'mon and Suck it then, my little Tart! Suck it good!!" And he whispered in her ear, "Ya smell Billy's scent in here, El?? He's in the closet! Let's put on a gooodd, Show for him!"The door opened again, and there were not so little Suzi and Daddy. "This a private party or can anyone join!?" Both the new comers were naked and Daddy rubbed Billy's two year older sister across her budding little nipples as she massaged his penis. Billy was in shock at the size of the other's pen. . . Cocks! His was so tiny compared to theirs. . . "Suz. . . come sit on El's mouth, it's too.

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  . . Empty!" Andy cried gleefully. And Suzi did just that, she centered her sex on her sister's mouth and settled it onto her eagerly waiting mouth. And Ellen began sucking loudly as the two above her began to kiss and rub each other's chests, hers almost flat, his certainly. . . well, male, anyhow! Then, Daddy joined the fun by guiding his penis into Andy's eager mouth. . . Suzi began teasing her Daddy's tits as her Daddy teased Andy's. Billy was going crazy in the closet! He couldn't believe this was even happening! And, for the first time in his life, Billy found himself with a full grown Cock that had developed due to other than his own imagination. It wasn't very big, of course, but it was full grown and very hard! He didn't have the nerve to leave the closet but did start jacking his meat to orgasm. . .

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   before the evening was over and everyone had left the bedroom, two and three times. In the end, he fell asleep in the closet. . . The following morning he found himself in his own bed and a little sore in the penis area! Billy looked up and there was Mommy. . . sitting on the overstuffed chair beside his bed. "Welcome to the world, Sleepy Head!! How you feelin' this of all mornings??"Billy smiled and replied, "Good, but a little sore and perhaps just a little tired! Uh, how you feelin'?" Billy remembered being in that closet, and he didn't remember walking to his own room. . . at all. So, who had carried him to his room!?"Time, my darlin', to do some talking to you! Which, if you were wondering, is why I am in your room sitting on your overstuffed chair. "For the first time, Billy noticed his mother was naked! He began blushing. .

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  . "Uh, where's your clothes, Mama? Ain't it against the rules to go without. . . in this house!?""Used to be. . . You naughty little boy, or are you my bigger boy, now?" Mommy rose from the chair and approached the bed, she gently but firmly lowered his covers. Billy was shaking with apprehension now, another rule he had been breaking was going to bed without at least underwear. And he was completely naked!"M. . . Mama, please don't get angry! Some. . .

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   Someone undressed me last night to put me to bed after finding me in the closet! Like. . . Like. . . this!?" He kept talking until he saw the smile on Mommy's lips, she reached down and kissed him gently on the lips. . . "Now, baby! Do I look Angry with you!? Gonna teach you some things you're ready for. . . or at least. . .

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   I, we think you are!?" And climbing onto the lower mattress, and astride his crotch, kissed him again. The ere, Cock was back! As Mommy kissed her little boy, she slowly lowered herself down to fill her tummy with his. . . Ah, well, small cock!Billy gasped as she began caressing his thing. . . his Cock with her. . . uh, Pussy! His mouth opened a little and Mommy shoved her tongue between his lips and passed his teeth. And Billy felt his very first dry orgasm from stimulation other than his own hand and a mental picture from his own imagination! "Mommy. . . Oh Mom! Squeeze It, Squeeze It Mommy!?" He cried out loud. 

   Billy never did know how loud he had been, but he fairly shouted his orgasm. Mommy massaged the little penis that remained in her pussy mouth for a second longer and climbed off her sweet little Billy. Her Ten year old Billy! And announced breakfast. . . Giving his hand into his Mommy's, Billy allowed himself to be taken to the breakfast room. . . There was a sight Billy wasn't used to seeing. He blushed deep red to his navel on seeing all his older siblings and Daddy standing there as naked as his guide and himself were!"How'd he do, Mama??" Said Suzi while idly penching her nipples. "He was Great," cried Mommy, "he came like a Pro!""What did I do, Mommy!?""What you did, my darling, was you Came. You came for Mommy! Did it feel Good, Billy!?""It was wonderful, Mama! Can we do it again. . . uh, sometime??" And he blushed again as his family gathered around.

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  . . him! Billy couldn't believe his nerve. . . he had never been able to be so bold before!"Billy!?" Mommy cried in surprise. "Did Billy say that. . . !?" And other questions of like content flew around the group of family members. "Yeah, he said it!" Daddy cried in surprised pride. There was a party that evening, and Billy was allowed to remain up for about half of it, but had to go to bed at nine pm. The following morning, Billy awoke to a strange feeling. It was nice, it felt good and he looked down to his crotch which was where it was happening. .

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  . There was Suzi, knealing beside him and sucking his th. . . Cock! into her wet, warm, suctioning mouth. If not for the fact her mouth was tightly around him, Billy would have sworn she was smiling!Over the next year, Billy was put into sexual situations; he learned to suck both pussy and cock. He learned what Mommy and the girls liked done to their tits. Daddy really got off on having his tits sucked and it didn't matter if it was a boy or girl doing it!On New Years Eve, Billy found himself in bed with Suzi and doing it. . . Fucking her. Every night that month and into the next, Billy found he was the only one doing. . . Fucking Suzi's Cunt! Billy had also learned the talk.

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   Billy knew girls could get pregnant because it was all part of his sexual education but he had thought all the girls were using protection. . . One evening, Ellen sat on Billy's bed. . . Daddy allowed Billy to corner him and explained that Suzi had decided to get pregnant and had chosen him to do it. . . She wasn't sure he would agree if he knew she wasn't using protection, taking her pill, so she let him think she was. . . !Well, there's another one; Pant, Pant!!Feel like commenting?You know the drill:yyyaaarrrggh@theglobe. comMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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The nightlife in Batumi is just as vibrant and varied as the city itself. There is something for everyone, from high-end casinos and hip nightclubs to posh pubs and authentic Georgian restaurants with in-house musical and dancing troupes. Nighttime is when the city really comes to life, when the Black Sea reflects the neon lights and the streets are filled with the sound of music.

Batumi is a tourist destination with many exciting opportunities. Incredibly beautiful structures, from sleek high-rises to historic homes, can be seen all across the city. The Batumi Botanical Garden is one of the largest in the world and a fantastic destination for ecotourists. The city's beaches are great for anyone looking to unwind, and its lively markets and shops are great for experiencing the local culture and food.
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