Topic: BLACK SHEEP CUMS THEN GOES Pt. 3 Blacksheep gives my wife a marathon fucking,then its goodbye.
 Best to read other blacksheep parts first.
 My brother-in-laws last screwing of his my wife and sister to Harvey had played down the naughty heavy flirting activities she always enjoyed when we visited the local oom-pa bar. I in turn went along with this as I thought my brother-in-law would be more than enough for his sister to fuck at the end of the evening. As always us men were ready to go in no time while my wife had barely started to get sorted. We sat waiting for her in our open plan lounge when her antics started anew.
 Coming to the top of the stairs in just a frilly shorty housecoat that clearly displayed from down where we were. Black stockings supported by a purple suspender belt,with a support bra' that had her adaquate tits hanging out almost to her nipples. 'What do you think'? - OOPS! one nipple accidentally escaped the bra' - 'I should wear,these or these'? - she waved two pair of panty's above us while struggling to capture her wayward nipple. 'None,I'll settle for a night in with you and we'll send pom,(Rich' that's me) off to the bar while we fuck all night' Giggling,I'm sure over the success of her prick teasing of her brother.  'No,seriously,which colour should I wear,after all I'm doing it for you tonight Harv' Rich will have all the other times to decide,wont you Rich'?
 I shrug, 'Make the most of it Bruce,this is a one off for you' He did,he shot up the staircase and in a flash as my wife screeched in phoney alarm. 'No don't you dare you,you'll make me all wet before we go,NO! Don't stop that you horny Australian bastard' 'Come on sis' let me put them on for you' He had hold of her panty's. 'No,please don't ladder them,they're brand new. Come on,the mauve or red,which should I wear'? 'The mauve sis' but take the other's in case I've made you wet already' ''BASTARD YOU ARE' utters my wife with passion.
 So,we're off and arrive in no time at our destination.

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   Bruce raises an eyebrow at me when the bouncer's make a fuss of Jackie and her mates who are already outside waiting. Jackie, 'our usual table'? 'Of course' the head bouncer confirms and as we trail them,Harvey comments, 'How many'? I look dumb, 'How many of her mates have you fucked man'? I raise a finger. 'Only one,you dead or something,I'll tell you,I'm going to fuck that one with the accent you can garentee that. She's as hot as you'll ever see one' With that he was gone up behind the women like a flash and grabbed at the very mate he'd said he intended to fuck. Una's head flashed towards him then back to my wife. 'Your friend just grabbed my ass,I l-i-ke him'
 Una was a man eater,we reckoned she had two men fuck her everytime we went with her to this venue. We knew she had no qualms about having two blokes having her together at the same time either. From the start,we introduced Harvey as a friend from Australia with no mention of relationships. Just our friend from Aus' I always mentioned myself as the sober driver for the girls if any letching horny bastards latched on to my wife,with "Be my guest mate" Certain of the group loved this approach as they thought this made me free game for their antics as they became more and more intoxicated. Who was I to complain?
 The youngest mate from Jackie's work I knew had the hots for me for some reason, - I was nearly twice her age of twentynine, - I just let her have her head and had a feeling she was getting near to asking me to fuck her. - So tonight may be the night being that she'd realised already that my wife was destined to be fucked by Harvey. I knew this because as she always managed to get me aside,she commented, 'Just how well do you reckon your Jackie will get to know your Aus' friend tonight'? My reply was entrapping, 'About as well as you get to know me tonight I suspect' A wry smile came across her face,I smiled back. 'Rather than dropping me off first,does that mean you will drop them at your house, - he is staying with you isn't he? - then drop me last after the other's'? 'I don't have a problem with that,if that's what you'd prefer' A more scheming smile. 'I would and you can come in and check I'm safe in home as I'm on my own this week' How very convenient thought I!
 So my night is set up,lets see how the other's pan out. Many happy revellers had been there before us and the stien's were already having some effect.

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   They stood on bench's were stomping to the oom-pa sounds of the band and one woman with a boob tube had already displayed a wonderful set of boobs to all around,giggling while putting her tits back in promply flipped her skirt hem at the rear up to reveal no knickers and in turning back her tits popped out again. Bruce homed in on me, 'What's a matter with all you pom's,can't you see that girl needs help with her escaping tits' and was gone,only to be lensed by me as he danced opposite the boob girl as she laughed at what ever he was saying,then promptly pulled the tube out for Bruce to get a good look down and let it flip back in place. - Asking later what he'd said - 'Oh only that we didn't have display's like hers in Aus' so would she give me a lasting memory to take home,so she did'
 The necky bastard,I couldn't believe how he read women's sensuality. Not neglecting my wife I kept a watching brief on her but knew apart from the bouncer's sniffing around her,her moments always came after her second stien,which was after the mid break of the band who also latched on to us regulars for a chat. All proper this. Not so her mate Una,I seen her heading down the fire escape corridor steps with two blokes and I knew that would be the last we saw of her. Bruce had missed his chance there. Still if he was having Jackie which we knew he was it was just as well. I had no idea where he had in fact disappeared but it was some time later he appeared at my side.
 'Fuck pom,that's some big bastards on that back table there' 'Yeah,they play for a county rugby team,they always call in when they're up this way,Jackie loves their attention' 'I'll bet she does' 'Yeah their manager gets a bit flustered but since I assured him the women were out for a good time with no husbands in tow he just sits and have's his drink while they attempt to ply their charms' Charm's be fucked,they're built like brick shit houses' 'Yeah,just how your sister likes them' 'Fuck,she ain't going to let one of those apes fuck her is she'? ' NO! Like I told you,they start her engine but I drive the bus home'
 He's watching in facination as a prop with legs like two oaks,nods to me and heads for my wife. The band had already started up again and on seeing this bloke,my wife smiles a welcome and clearly in recognition he places his mouth close to her ear as she remained sat on the bench. He clearly added another comment which got a 'NO' nod but his hand was rubbing her neck by now and just smoothing down inside the back of her dress. Her response was to push her head back towards his hand as her mouth mouthed a 'NO'. But she did start to stand up smiling and holding on to what was clearly a large pair of biceps she made to step up on the bench intending to stomp with the best of them.
 In a second instead of being helped by muscles,he just gripped her under the ribs and planted her fairly and squarely on the bench to let her stomp away.

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   Smiling while mouthing a 'thank you' she bent forward to whisper something and his eyes nearly stuck to her tits. She in turn pressed her top against her chest and made to smack his cheek. Now not taking any further interest in what or where he was looking she got into the rythm of things as did I. A jab in my ribs got my immediate attention as Harvey's eyes sent mine over towards my wife. Still dancing she showed no sign of what was happening behind her. Being on the rear bench of the two at her table,she was at the end part with muscles alongside and slightly to the rear. His hand was rubbing her leg at the back and as we watched it was climbing to her ass.
 Bruce couldn't contain himself, 'Horny bastards working her up' I shrug, 'That's what I told you,a couple of drinks and she loves it' We watch on. The tightness of her dress over her bum cheek showed clearly his hand rubbing her ass. 'Fuck,she's loving it,look now he's after getting his hand inside her pants,see how he's wriggling at her,there see,you can even see the leg trim outside where his hand is.  A minute or two later,the music stopped but she stood as did he with his hand still in her knicker leg. Then her hand brushed behind her and his hand re-appeared below her dress from her ass. He lifted her down and stood and took a swig from her stien then offered her a swig.
 Again he spoke in her ear,again she nodded NO! 'I'd love to know what he's asking her for' 'A feel outside somewhere,they always do and she tells me what they ask later' 'Do she,you know let them take her out for a bit'? 'Don't be so impatient,just watch and give it time,you'll see' The music started again and he lifted her back up for a repeat,but she turned towards him now and on stomping to this particular beat,at a suitable stage she flipped her dress front before his eyes and kept this up till,even where we were,you could see he was hard.
    It all stopped again and as he lifted her down it was obvious he slid her down against his hardon.

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     She made a comment which was about his bulge because she looked at it. He almost looked guilty. She at the same time made off from him and he followed calling to her but above the hubble it wasn't possible to know what he said. She looking back pointed towards the powder room and he slowed waiting and looking a bit in doubt as to whether she was away for ever. His face beamed as he seen her reappear heading back towards him. 'Come on Harv' this is where we see her engine started' He followed me as I knew exactly where she was heading for. Now out of sight of her mates she allowed him to lock his lips on hers. She led against the peripheral wall and let him kiss and play his tongue on her neck while reponding as all women do to this treatment. We could see his hands were now interested in the front of her thighs as oppose to her ass as he was earlier. Jackie kept pushing his hand away but we could see he was getting more and more up her dress as he worked at her neck.
     The chief bouncer appeared and muscles looked as though all was lost. Then smiled as he the bouncer walked away smiling also. Now holding muscle's hand she led him to the keg room. Muscle's made to close the door then realised a wedge stopped it happening. My wife mouthed, 'Not a problem' as she pulled him nearer.

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       she was obviously horny and was in urgent need of what she chose to give him and him her. 'She's going to let him fuck her I tell you,can't you see that'? 'Watch,see how far she goes' No holds barred now ,muscle's had her dress up and was putting his hand in and on her pussy as she searched out his cock from in his trousers. She giggled as he tried to thrust at her hand as she pulled it out into the open. - It wasn't that big for a big bloke although he was as hard as iron, - Her knees opened as he fumbled in her knickers, she was trying to get his fingers right for her masterbation because she left his cock swinging around until she felt settled then whispered in his ear and he kissed again as we saw him working now at her pussy.
     Back now holding his cock,she started to wank him. He in turn while playing her pussy was trying like hell to push his cock towards her cunt. The best he was getting was the head hitting her thigh as she continued to guide it away from her slit. He stopped wanking her and tried to get hold of his cock and was clearly asking her to let him fuck her. NO! looked clear enough and by her guesticulations,he was getting a feel of her cunt and a wank or nothing. Back to her he went until her increasing speed on his knob brought a healthy spurt of cum squirting all over her upper thigh. She must have been brought to an orgasm by his warm sperm as she trembled and pushed towards his knob. He in turn thinking he had his chance pushed his cock at her pussy and for seconds they appeared to be fucking but it was only sliding along her slit.
     He looked at her all forlorn hoping to get it up her,But almost ruthlessly she took some tissue and wiped his offering from her thigh and brushed the same tissue across his cocks head,then put it away almost like a doctor might. 'Fuck pom,let me get her in the car to keep that engine warm,I really thought that big fucker was going to get his' she's so clinical,its frightening' We headed back to the bench area and before Jackie returned my offering friend got me on the last smooch and daringly squeezed my cock end,Her stien drinking had definately brought her wicked ways out of her. 'I want that,I do truly,I saw you watching Jackie and your friend needs some time with her like I do you'
     One small happening that often took place at these occasions; On getting to the car park my wife needed a whizz so with me and Bruce on one side of the car she squatted down pulled her panty's to one side and pissed while we not missing an opportunity dirtily looked under the car at her quim.

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       Not to be out done my future fuck without further ado,promply squatted down on our side of the car and pissed a stream as we both took in her pert shaved pussy. Smiling as she got up,she whispered to Bruce,that's just to get you hard for his wife while he drops me home. Bruce looked at me and made a low whistle,saying as the women got in, 'Fuck that looks so tight I bet you got a virgin there'
     How did he know these thing's?
     concluding part later.

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