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Her wet panties were resting atop my pelvis, and I could feelthe warm moons of her ass rest on my balls as we lay there pantingfrom the horsing around in the water. There was a moment as we bothrelaxed when she straddled my waist, that I became very conscious thatmy hard-on under my shorts was positioned straight up against herpussy. The head of my cock was resting on my navel. I was so comfortable that I didn't realize that the head of mycock was hard and throbbing out the waistline of my shorts until mysister looked down between us. I thought it was her panty hem thatwas bruising the head of my throbbing cock, and that's why I hadn'tnoticed my exposed cock. As I looked down between us, I raised myself up and Karenlooked, too. She said something like, "Oh, no," and then it was anentirely different thing altogether. We locked eyes for a moment, andthen my sister started rocking her body on top of me and sliding herass and pussy all along the length of my cock. For a moment I had aguilty feeling, but I looked up from our pubic areas to her eyes andI saw that they were closed as she rocked her head in lusty circles. My cock was being scraped raw by the panty cloth and hem andthe top of my waistband. I tried to free my hands from her grip, butshe was too strong. My blood circulation was being cut as I felt myarms going numb. Karen wasn't saying a word, and neither was I. Wewere just dry-fucking each other over our underclothes. When my sister started going faster, I was the first one thatspoke up. I said, "You're bruising my cock with your panties.

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  " Shestopped, and we both looked down between us. The elastic waistband ofmy shorts was rolled down, and her panties were very wet as her handreached between us to touch my curved, fiery-red cock. Without a word, Karen lifted up and shoved the panty crotchcover aside, and she placed my cockhead to her furry pussy. I didn'tknow a damned thing about fucking so I just started humping up. I feltmy cock hit a hot, tight, resisting wedge, and it felt so good that Igave it an extra-hard shove. I felt a little tightness, and then itparted, and my cock went part-way into a very hot, tight moist place. She said, "Yikes," or something, and I broke my hands loosefrom her grip. I grabbed my sister's hips and turned into a wildanimal as my cock wedged deeper into her. I felt her pussy tightenaround my cock as I kept thrusting into her. She flattened her bodyon top of me, and I just drove my cock in as deep as I could. I don't know if she rolled me on top of her, or I rolled ontop, but I suddenly found myself on top of her, and then I startedspurting and gushing inside of her, over and over, as we both groanedand moaned. My sister had her arms around my neck, and I swear Ithought she was going to break it, she was gasping so hard. My spurts and gushes started to slow down, and I just lay ontop of her as we eventually went limp. I started to relax so muchthat I was almost asleep when she shook me and told me to get off ofher. My cock made a wet, sucking noise as it came out of her tightwedge.

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   I had just fucked my first female, and it had been wonderful. *The next day we went to the same area, and we worked for awhile, weeding some turnips. When I tried to horse around with her,she wouldn't have anything to do with me. All that week we worked inthe same area, and I couldn't get another rise out of her. Afterhaving fucked for the first time, I was more than ready for my nextone. I didn't care about her being my sister. By then I just wantedto have that feeling of my cock spurting in her pussy again. Karen didn't bring up the subject until a few days later. Wewere working in a different part of the farm, when she said out of theblue, "I got my period today. "I said, "So what?" I didn't know what it meant to her. Shesaid, "Dummy, that means I didn't get pregnant after what we did theother week. " I was so jolted by the whole thing that I didn't knowwhat to say. I had completely forgotten any fear of pregnancy because Ithought Karen had just not wanted to fuck anymore with me. I had beenjacking off every night after our first fuck and thought that that hadbeen the end of it. But after that, things went a little smoother.

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   We startedfucking with rubbers which my sister bought at the drugstore for me. We only had one more scare -- once when the rubber burst as we werefucking one day standing up behind the chicken coop. After a few days,she came back happy again and told me that there was nothing to worryabout. However, after awhile, my sister went to live with my auntbecause she was laid up with some ailment. My father also planted thenew crop and found a job in town while the crop developed. Sometimeshe would stay away for days on end. It was during the winter, and withvery little money coming in, my mother would try to save by heating upthe house and then turning the heater off. One day when my father was away, she told me to sleep with herto save on the heater use. I didn't want to because I had been jackingoff in a steady way every night since Karen had been gone. After awhile I reluctantly agreed. The first few nights I went to bed beforeshe did, and always took a little rag to wipe myself off after I jackedoff. *The fourth night I will always remember for the rest of mylife. My mother made me help with the dishes and held me there withher until she went to bed. I didn't have a chance to jack off, and Ididn't want to do it in the bathroom because I had never liked jackingoff standing up. As usual, my mother placed a small bedroll between us as we layunder the bed covers.

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   I tried to jack off on the sly after I thoughtshe was asleep, but she woke up and said in the dark, "Are you rest-less?" I answered, "No," and went to sleep with sore balls. Sometime later that night when I was not quite awake, but yetI was not asleep, I came conscious of my mother's back against me. Thebedroll was no longer between us, and my mother's behind was nested inmy pelvis as we both lay facing in the same direction. In thatTwilight Zone-state, I became aware that my cock was swollen, and itwas touching my mother's ass-moons very lightly. I couldn't help it, I just automatically put my free arm aroundher and I guess I faked a snore, just in case she was awake. By thenmy cock was throbbing and jumping like a heart against her ass buns. I kept faking my snores for a while and then the unforgettable startedto happen. I felt my mother fumble with her sleeping gown, as she re-moved my hand from around her waist. I could tell that she didn't want to wake me up as she keptfumbling with her sleeping clothes. After awhile, she sat up just fora moment in bed, in the dark, and then lay down again. She faced me,just for a moment, as I continued to fake my snores. Shocked, I then watched her search for my shorts waistline andpop my buttons open.
    Thereafter, my mother tugged on my shorts to slide them downoff my body. I helped a little by snoring and moaning as I turned toallow her to remove my shorts. When she had removed them as far as myankles, she placed her foot between my legs and I relaxed as she pushedthem off with her foot.

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       She lay down sideways, facing away from me,and then very slowly started inching her body toward mine as I keptfaking my snores. My mother inched her body so slowly that by the time her bareskin touched the trunk of my cock I could feel my cock oozing its sexfluid. When my cock was lined up between her buns, she just keptsliding her body higher as I snored and tried to slide my body down onthe bed sheets to help her. When she finally slid as high as she couldand I as far down as I could, the head of my cock fell, throbbing, justbelow the roundness of my mother's buns. I could feel the tickle ofher pussy's coarse hair. Then she did a very strange thing; she started to bend forwardas far as she could as she opened her legs. I felt her hand cup thehead of my cock. I felt her thumb rub the open hole, soon oozing asshe started to wet her pussy lips with her fingers from my cum. I bentand arched my body forward, and she made one quick motion and slippedthe head of my cock into her hot, comfortable nest. I quit faking my snores then and reached around her waist androlled on top of her. There was no resistance like I had had with mysister. This was just good, comfortable, sweet fucking. I heard mymother gasp, "Oh, you're so sweet, baby; give it all to me," as shebounced me on her backside. I found out the difference between a real woman and a girl likemy sister who didn't know how to throw her ass around as we fucked. Mymother turned sideways as I lay on top of her and placed one leg be-tween both of mine and one across my stomach, and I felt my cock go inall the way to my balls.

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       She said, "God, baby, you have a good-sizedcock," as we just groaned and gasped in the dark. After I came in her, we lay very quietly, connected for a longtime as her pussy kept milking my cock, something my sister didn't knowhow to do. When my cock became hard again, we fucked some more - untilmy balls had no more cum in them. She repeated milking my cock withher wonderful pussy, and after I was through, she said, "Let me get upand douche. My, you sure had a lot of cum in those big balls. "After she came back, the sun was up already and she sat down bythe bed. My mother told me that if she had known how big my cock was,she would have "broken" me in before then. She said that she had beenafraid of frightening me. She went on to tell me that she had raised the subject lightlywith my father, and that he had laughed at her, so she never brought itup again. So, for that reason, she said I should be sure and nevertell him about breaking me in. She also told me that she was going totry and tell my sister to let me break her in. I laughed, and told herthat Karen and I had already started fucking about a month before shewent to stay with my aunt. My mother scolded me, telling me never to say "fucking" becauseonly dogs "fucked" -- humans "comforted" each other. She was alsoconcerned about me possibly making my sister pregnant. She told methat if I ever needed "comforting", I should come to her, because I wasliable to get Karen pregnant.

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       But she also told me that if Karen and Iever did do it again, we should always use rubbers. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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