Boy to Girl part one


hi im sheawn im fairly atractive guy 6' brown curly hair 16. i have never felt right in my body and have dreamed for a long time that i was a women and it finaly came true.
damn bro what is ur problem are you fucking gay or something i never see u with a girl. Shut the fuck up man u just never see theem i said lying. yea whatever pussy get some balls. that was the last straw that night i was so depressed and felt almost suicidal. i was a reck i was freakin out and didnt no what to do so i just laid there as i was almost having a nervous break down knowing i could never change who i was. i started to pray for something to happen over and over i prayed for a few hours i then past out from fatigue.
 i awoke the next morning felling a little better i kinda just accepted my fate as a man for the rest of my life.   i got out of bed and grogily went to go to the bathroom to shower and get ready for school. i got in the bathroom turned on the shower and went to the toinleet to take a piss as i looked down i diddnt realize the huge boobs absructing my veiw of my coak then i pulled down my drores and then realy past out.
i quickly awoke and started to panik i quickly pulled off my shirt and underwear. what i saw in the mirror shocked me. there i stood around 5' 8''  long brown curly hair d cup breasts and a hairy vagina also a girl version of my face wich i had to say was pritty hot. i did what any one would do and started to touch my slef and get used to my new boddy i took a shower and it hit me how was i sapposed to handle this. i go to school i have parents i have a brother amd howe am i sapposed to tell them.

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   i put my shirt on and pocked my head out the door to check if any body was comming. i ran to my room and just missed my bro. i jumped in my bed and not a second to soon my brother walked i covered myself up. he said what r u doing we have to go to school get out of bed. i told him i cant im not feelin to good. he said u do sound kinda funny ill call mom and dad and tell them. no dont please. why not they dont care. come on bro im goin to bring a girl over do u get it now just go. damn bros a pimp well good luck and i wont tell the parents have fun. he left and the house was empty.
i got out of bed and just stood there admirring my body. i toched my new pussy and felt an incredible pleasure. i started to finger myself it felt awsome i fell on the florr with pleasure. knowing how a vigina worked from porn i started to find my clit and went nuts.

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   i rubbed it and noticed that i was wet all over i tasted my self and loved it. i was dripping everywhere then it hit it was huge my first orgasm i was twitching and figiting with excitment and just laid there for a while. i decide i needed some clothes so i dressed as fasonably as a girl could in my old guy clothes ended up lookin like a skater chick. i found the keys and headed for the mall. i went and found some clothes in my price range witch being pritty rich with a credit card was high. i ended up looking kinda sluty probably cause of my dude tendancies but at least like a girl.
as i was leaving the mall i noticed that all the guys were staring at my ass and tits witch made me nervous never having this much atention. i kinda played with a few winking at them and shoving my boobs out grabing alot of atention. i noticed that i was dripping wet and saw my cum dripping down from underneath my new minni skirt.
i went home and worked out a plan that i would tell my bro first. then all of a sudden the door burst open and i was busted i was just sitting on the couch when my bro walked in early and the realized he has no idea who i am. he imedieatly said are u sheawns girl i said y-yes i am. where is he? aaa. . he is at the gas station.

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  . for what. . . he went to get. . . . . condoms i said nervously. damn u and my bro are about to fuck lucky bastsrd ur way out of his league. . thanks i said kinda proud and turned on. My brother then to my disgust started to hit on me he sat next to me and asked when did his brother(me) leave. being a now stupid girl i said u just missed him.

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   did he realy? it will probaly be about 30 minutes befor he gets back. i guess. wow did he tell u how fucking hot u are. n-no he is very quiet. yea he is a dork while he was putting his arm around me. have u ever had sex before? no im a virgin. thats cool he said whilee putting his hand on my thigh. i accidently let out a moan. hey u like that. that was all the encouragement he needed. he grabbed my breast and stuck his hand up my skirt hittin his mark. i let out a loud moan.   ddamn u are soaking wet girl he pulled his hand out glossy. he started to kiss me deeply forcing his tounge in my and to my suprise and disgust i started to respond back i was lost in pleasur.
    he picked me up and laid me out on the couch and quicly removed my top revealing my new victorias secret push up he fonddled my breasts for a minute and i could feel his hard on on my crotch.

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       he took off my braw and started to suck on my completly hard nipples i crumpled with this new pleasure. i grabed his head and held him there. he then up picked my ass and removed my skirt. he then wwent down and removed my new soaked thong off with his mouth. he barely toched my pussy and i went into orgasm. he quickly undressed and reveled his huge coack. it was huge compared to mine. and i got scared but he then picked me up and set me infront of him on the floor. his dick in my face. i just looked at him. he asked if i have ever sucked coak before and i said no. he said well hear ill teach u he grabed ny head and put his dick to my mouth. ok now u r going to have to open up ok. i nodded and opend my pretty full lips he said for me to lick it first. i slowly stuck my tounge out and tasted my first cock.

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       i licked his tip and tasted his cum. i dont no if it is differnet when u r a girl but it tasted good. he then ruffly said open up its time. i wraped my lips around his 9" dick and he shoved it in all the way to his balls i chocked but he didnt stop. he was face fucking me. my head was leaned on the couch and he was freely fucking my face. i started to get the rythm and started to breath. i also started to work his dick with my toung. he was moaning and i could feel his coack swell in my mouth. he kept that pace for 10 minutes then all of a sudden started to speed up i could feel him twich as he pulled out he came half in my mouth with  a huge load fill ing my mouth and squirting the rest on my facefor a good thirty seconds i was drenced. wow that was the best blow job ever thanks. i was just frozen i was swollowing all the cum in my mouth. to my suprise i was wiping all the cum on my face into my mouth and swollowed it all. so how was ur first blow job. i said it was great and started to make out again.

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       he was instantly hard again i felt him at my entrance he looked at me and said r u ready i said yes and he quickly speard me breaking my new pussy in half. i screamed and started to cry a little he was realy ruff. he was pumping relentlesly i cam right there in like 30 seconds then again  and again over and over i lost count he then flipped me over and bent me over the arm rest and continued his asault from a new angel, i sarted to lossen up and he noticed and picked up the pace even harder. i came repetedly again over and over. i felt him finaly start to twitch and he blew his load all inside my swollen pussy for what seemed like for ever. he finaly went limp inside me and i felt him slide out with a plop and i came again with that and seeng all the cum and bood poor out of my pussy. we boath just laid there for about five min. he then asked where the hell is my brother. i got the curage and looked him in the eye and said. . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . . to be continued part two cumming soon tell me how u liked it and sorry about punctation i write these fast
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