Boys Will Be Boys


Chad couldn't believe his eyes, it couldn't be. There was his mother in all her beauty, and what a beauty she was. Debbie was only 34 years old, she had Chad when she was 18. Debbie had long beauty curly red hair that cascaded down over her shoulders, her eyes were dark, and her shape remained very cute and adorable. Chad had many passing sexual thoughts of his mother during the past 3-4 years, many times ending in his masturbation to thoughts of making love to her beautiful body. Chad's mind reeled back to his first masturbation episodes over his mother. He remembered seeing his mother's bra and panties in the dirty laundry hamper. The erection he immediately obtained when he picked them up, they were so sensual and silky feeling. Chad remembered bring the bra to his lips for the first time, thinking what it would be like to feel in mother's breasts inside her sexy bra, pressed against his lips. The smell that her panty's crotch was intoxicating to him, the heavier the musk fragrance the more he loved it. Several times, Chad had licked his mother's panties crotch, that mere action intensified his erection and subsequent ejaculation to unbelievable levels. The lingering fragrance and taste excited him beyond explanation. Several times he found them wet and he wondered if it was all his mother's pussy juices or a combination of her juices and his Dad's cum which had seeped out after their love making. Chad often wrapped his cock in her panties and bras while masturbating, spewing his cum into the crotch of her panties, or catching his pulsating load in the cup of her bra. He couldn't help but think about his cum being next to his mother's breasts and nipples, as well as nestled against the mounds of her hot sexy pussy lips. Another moan from his mother caused Chad to instantly snap back to reality.

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   His eyes went back to where his mother was laying on her bed. There his mother lay, he couldn't believe his eyes. She looked so beautiful in her tailored black pin striped suit dress. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist -- he could see her sheer black nylon hose glistening along with the lacey garter belt that held them in place. Her suit jacket and white silk blouse were unbuttoned and laying wide open. Chad blinked, his breath catching in his throat. His mother's breasts were fully exposed in all their glory, her nipples deep red and fully erect, they reminded him of large ripe raspberries he picked as a much younger boy. His mother's facial expressions were contorted in some form of sexual ecstasy and was turned to the right facing the door which he peered through, but her eyes remained tightly closed as she moaned over and over uncontrollably. But the real shocker was seeing his younger brother Billy positioned between his mother's out stretched thighs. It wasn't registering, that is until he realized that his mother was moaning from the pleasure she was receiving from his younger brother. The movements were undeniable Billy was thrusting his hips with a relentless pounding rhythm, as his mother's hips raised to take each passionate thrust that Billy delivered. Billy and Mom were fucking with wild abandoned, like lustful lovers not able to get enough of each other. Chad couldn't believe his eyes, his 13 year old brother was fucking the woman of his dreams, am I dreaming he asked himself. No, Chad wasn't dreaming, Billy was in the throws of passionate love making, both Debbie and Billy were unaware that they now had an audience. "Oh Mom, you feel so good, I love fucking you" Billy said, as he began thrusting faster and harder into his mother's wanton pussy.

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   "Yes yes, Billy, that's it, faster and harder. You know what Mommy likes baby, give it to me honey, fuck me baby, take me, make me yours sweetheart". Debbie was moaning louder and louder as her head rolled from side to side with each building wave of orgasm that quickly approached her twitching pussy. She was lost in the moment, her only thoughts were of Billy and her fucking, the taboo and yet the pleasure, coupled with the burning desire to feel Billy squirt, racked her body and mind. She loved the thought of Billy's cock fucking her cunt, he was at the perfect age. Billy's cock was in-between that of a boy and a man, that mere thought drove her absolutely wild, she loved the smoothness and baldness of his young shaft and scrotum. Plus, Billy could cum 3 and sometimes 4 times in a row, she loved feeling her pussy filled to the brim with his hot young creamy sperm. The fuck session made her crazy, she felt so horny and naughty as she felt Billy's cock slip deep into her slick silky pussy. What he was watching, the sounds and the musk fragrance that was filling the room memorized Chad. Unconsciously, Chad had unzipped his pants and brought his own engorged cock out to stroke as he watched the taboo incestuous love making that unfolded before his very eyes. Chad's cock was that of a man, he was a full eight inches in length and at least 2 inches in diameter. His initial strokes were long slow caressing strokes, he loved the stiffness of his cock, the power he felt from his raging hard on. Pre-cum droplets quickly formed on the bulbous head of his pulsating cock. As Mom and Billy's tempo quickened so did Chad's masturbation strokes. His hand was securely wrapped around his thick shaft and his strokes had gone from light and gentle caressing strokes to long fast pounding strokes of desire.

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   With each stroke, he imagined his cock slipping in and out of his mother's silky pussy, he too wanted to fuck her. The scene was so sexually charged he still felt as if he was dreaming. The familiar sexual sensation of his approaching orgasm was beginning to build in his scrotum and pulsating shaft. Chad didn't want to waste this masturbation by simply squirting all over the wall and floor. He was in a sexual induced trance, his little head had taken over all rational and control. Setting his coke down, he quickly stripped out of his clothes. His raging hard-on stood at full attention and was quite impressive as his youthful erection laid stood straight up, laying tightly against his hard six-pack abdomen. He resumed his stroking as he pushed the door open and walked to the edge of the bed. Mom's eyes opened in a dreamy gaze, Billy's eyes were closed, his head tilted back as his hips thrust powerfully back and forth. Mom never missed a stroke as her hips meet each of Billy's increasingly faster and harder pounding thrusts, she was an incredible fuck machine. Chad moved even closer to the bed, Mom during one of her upward meeting thrusts shifted slightly and brought her head to the edge of the bed. Without a word being said, only building moans of ecstasy intertwined with primeval grunts of sexual passion filling the room, Mom opened her pouty lips and slipping her right hand around the back of Chad's hard muscular body, she grabbed his rock hard butt checks and pulled him to her. He was more than willing as he directed his glistening engorged cock into his waiting Mother's mouth. As her lips and tongue swirled the head of his cock, Chad felt a rush of light-headedness, his knees become weak. The sensation of his mother sucking his cock was indescribable.

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   Slowly she engulfed more and more of Chad's rigid cock down her throat. Chad was memorized as he watched his mother's lips wrapped around his cock, experiencing sensations never before known. Except for the motion being created by Billy pounding into his mother's cunt, Chad had totally blanked out everything else but this incredible sensation his mother was giving him. He couldn't imagine how his mother could take him so deep without gagging, where was she putting his throbbing eight inches of cock. Without thought he reached down with his left hand and placed it on the back of his Mom's head. He wrapped his fingers in her long curly red hair and as if taking charge of the rhythm he began thrusting his hips forward as he pulled her head down onto his pulsating shaft. Chad was fucking his mother's mouth, and it felt to damn good. With his right hand he reached out to cup her right breast. As his hand cupped his mother's titty for the first time he couldn't comprehend the emotion and sensation of ecstasy he was feeling. The softness, smoothness, yet firmness was driving him sexually crazy with desire. He kneed her full ample titty over and over, feeling the erect nipple in the palm of his hand as he caressed her. His mother's moans increased noticeably as he fondled her swollen breast. Chad then using his forefinger and thumb began to tweak his Mom's deep red ripe raspberry sized nipple. She obviously found that very sensual as she was moaning with so much pleasure, it was constant with each tweaking. The harder he tweaked the louder she would moan, and it appeared that her thrusting hips and lips were accented by stronger and stronger thrusts and sucking motions. 

  Billy was the first to break the non-verbal arena of pleasuring sounds. "Mom, oh Mom, I am going to cum. . Oh God, you feel so good Mom. I love you! Mmmmm Mom take it, take it all" and with that he thrust his hips forward and began to grind his pelvic against Mom's pussy lips. Chad watched as his brother Billy sent his young creamy load of hot sperm squirting into his Mom's love canal. Billy's head was swinging side to side in total ecstasy as he drained the load of sperm from his scrotum into his waiting mother's cunt, he had fucked his mother. As his mother ground her pussy against Billy's pelvic, Chad only saw love. He didn't see anything dirty or disgusting, rather a sharing of emotion and feelings through tangible physical touch, the though of it being incest meant nothing, for it was the purest form of love that was being expressed. Chad felt his own orgasm closing in. "Mom, I am about to cum, can I cum in your mouth"? Mom, lovingly raised her eyes to his and he knew the answer, that look triggered his orgasm. Chad thrust his hips forward as he pulled her head deep onto his now engorged pulsating shaft. He could feel Mom's tongue swirling around and around, along with the pleasure of her sucking. Then with the rushing torrent of a damn bursting. Chad felt the first stream of his hot creamy sperm race up the length of his shaft.

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   Involuntarily his cock shaft began to powerfully pulsate, jettisoning each stream of cum deep into his mother's waiting mouth. Chad's knees felt weak, his cock continued to pulsate and send stream after stream of his hot salty cum into his mom. She took every drop, he could feel her swallowing load after load that shot out of the head of his probing cock. As his orgasm subsided, she pulled back off his cock and began to swirl her tongue around his bulbous cock head. The sensation was indescribable, it sent electrical sensations of both ecstasy and almost pain to his receptors. Billy had laid down on top of his mother, her breasts now cushioned against his chest as everyone tried to catch their breath. Mom had taken hold of Chad's shaft and was licking it lovingly as if it was her's and her's alone. Billy's cock remained nestled inside Debbie's cunt, their juices mingling together, his sperm swimming in search of her eggs. Her juices covering his cock shaft and balls, she was incredible wet. Chad was the first to speak. "Wow, Mom that was incredible. Thank you so much, I love you Mom". Debbie looked up at her handsome young stud of a son standing next to the bed, his cock now hanging in a relaxed position, but still glistening with some of his sperm and her salvia. She smiled and said "Chad, I love both you and Billy so much, thank you for the pleasure you brought to me this afternoon" Billy, raised up and kissed his mother's lips, it was a lingering kiss of pure love. As their kiss broke, Billy said "Mom I can never tell you how much this means to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart"Billy slipped out of Debbie's cunt and flipped over to one side, Chad climbed on the bed and laid next to his Mother on the other side.

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   Both boys cuddled, placing their heads on their Mom's chest, their lips drawn to her still erect nipples. Each boy gently began to suckle from her breasts. Debbie's breathing quickened, as the sensation of both her boys sucking her nipples was very arousing. She arched her back slightly as if wanting to shove more of her titty and nipple into each of their exploring and sucking lips. She reached out and putting a hand on the back of each Billy and Chad's heads, she gently pulled them towards her excited breasts. The boys hungrily sucked on Debbie's nipples, they loved the sensation that her huge ripe raspberry sized nipples created as their lips wrapped around each one. Debbie's mind reeled back to when she had nursed each boy as a baby, how each had drank her mother's milk. She remembered several times how the sensation of the baby boys sucking on her nipples caused her to actually orgasm. Her pussy was gushing with renewed wetness, she loved the thought of Billy's sperm seeping out of her pussy lips and running down the crack of her ass, streaming ever so slowly across her puckered rose bud. Chapter 2As Chad and Billy suckled their mother's nipples, all three began to feel the arousal of their sensual touch. Debbie moved her hands to both of her son's cocks, she loved the feel of their young strong cocks. Taking Billy's cock in her left hand, and Chad's in her right hand, she gently began to caress and stroke their now ridged hard-ons. Debbie smiled to herself as she looked down to see the top of each of her son's heads as they quickened and intensified their sucking and caressing of her breasts and nipples. Debbie loved the noticeable difference in cock sizes as she stroked both dicks. Both boys began moaning as Debbie began to increase the tempo of stroking each of her sons cocks.

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   Her mind was reeling in sexual pleasure and building thoughts of wanton desire. Chad stopped his sucking for a moment and looked up lovingly into his Mom's beautiful eyes, she smiled back and responded with a very sexy wink. Chad scooted his body upwards and without a word being spoken his lips met his Mom's in the most passionate kiss of his life. Their tongues naturally searched for the others, their lips were hungrily mashed together, kissing like teenagers in heat. Both Chad and Debbie began moaning as their lingering kiss continued in a lustful and passionate pursue of building sexual desire. Chad was lying against his Mom's side, his cock resting against her creamy soft yet firm thigh. He couldn't help but to start thrusting his cock against her leg. She smiled to herself, slightly interrupting their passionate kiss. She loved the feeling of his long thick cock against her flesh, she couldn't help but think of Chad as if he was a dog in heat, humping her thigh. Both Debbie and Chad found themselves gasping for air after their deep passionate kissing session. Billy continued to kiss and suck his Mom's breast, he loved the feeling of her titties. Billy's cock was now also nestled tightly against his Mom's leg, but he hadn't begun the humping action that Chad was doing. Debbie continued to arch her back, feeding more and more of her titty into Billy's eager mouth, the sensations of his lips and tongue on her breast and nipple was sexually electrifying. Billy stopped sucking his Mom's nipple and moved upward until his lips found the crook of her neck, Billy knew she loved having her neck kissed. Debbie moaned out loud as she felt Billy's lips on her neck.

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   She was ready, she wanted to be fucked again and again. Her hand went to the back of Billy's head where she held him close as he kissed and licked his mother's neck. "Oh baby", Debbie moaned. "I love you both so much". Debbie bent her head down slightly and kissed the top of Billy's head as he continued with his lingering kisses. Chad allowed his right hand to cup his mother's right breast, he was enjoying the incredible sensations of feeling his mother up and her titties were so full and firm. Chad was grunting and moaning as his dick slid up and down the outside of his mother's thigh. Debbie could feel the slickness of his pre-cum coating her thigh as he humped her. She wanted to feel his cock slip between her pussy lips, to feel every inch of his thick shaft as he slipped deep inside her waiting and wanton cunt. All she could think of was the sensation of Chad fucking her for the first time, the thought of his sperm mixing with his brother's deep inside her pussy. Both of her sons creamy loads drenching her cunt, each of their sperm fighting to try and impregnate her eggs, the thought was intoxicating to her. Debbie couldn't contain her sexual desires for another moment, "Billy, honey I want Chad to fuck me". Both boys stopped, Billy looked up, smiled and tenderly kissed his mother's lips and arose from the bed. Chad couldn't believe what was happening, but all he knew was he had to have his Mom, he wanted to fuck her more than anything in the world. He leaned forward and both Debbie and he engaged in another passionate kiss.

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   Chad shifted his body and positioned himself between her spread thighs, his cock shaft was laying up against his six pack tummy, as it came in contact with his mother's outside pussy lips for the first time. His cock head was a deep crimson color glistening from both his abundant droplets of pre-cum as well as from being engorged to the point of looking as if it would burst and split open from so much sexual excitement. Debbie loved the look of Chad's cock like that, she knew and could feel how much he found her sexually attractive. Her sixteen old son was about to enter her waiting cunt for the first time, together they would join in a mutual desire to fuck each other to unexplainable levels of incestual pleasure. Debbie began grinding her pussy lips against Chad's pulsating cock shaft. As they continued to passionately kiss, Debbie slipped her hand between their bodies and pried his ridged cock downward so that he might be able to enter her waiting pussy. As she touched his cock, Chad moaned and his tongue swirled against hers. He slightly raised his hips to better position his cock head between his mother's cunt lips. 'Debbie toyed with his cock, rubbing his swollen cock head between her slippery pussy lips. Chad was breathing so fast and labored, his level of sexual excitement was off the scale. With animalistic desire and urges he began thrusting his hips. Debbie's cunt was so well lubricated with Billy's sperm and her own pussy juices that Chad's cock slipped in full length with his first thrusts. Chad couldn't believe it, his cock was buried in his mother's cunt, he was actually fucking the woman of his dreams. He became light headed, the sensations of his mother's pussy wrapped around his pulsating cock was incredible. Both knew he wouldn't be able to last long.


   Debbie moaned as Chad's long thick cock split her pussy wide open. The sensations she was experiencing were wonderful, so different from the sensations of Billy's cock. Chad couldn't help himself as pure passion took over. He slipped his arms along side his mother's sides and under her arms so that we was gripping her shoulders. He lowered his chest to her breasts, the sensation of her cushioning breasts and nipples against his chest drove him even crazier. Chad was taking charge, with wild abandon he began pounding into his mother's yielding cunt. Debbie was pinned beneath her muscular sixteen-year-old son's body as he fucked her passionately. She couldn't move, she was his and he was taking her, she couldn't have stopped him now if she wanted too, not that she did. Chad's hips were in a rhythmic fucking motion of long strong pounding thrusts. Debbie was floating with ecstasy, with each downward powerful stroke of Chad's pounding cock, a involuntary grunt came from her throat. Chad's cock head was bumping off her cervix as he was penetrating her pussy so deeply. She was being so well fucked, her mind couldn't comprehend all of the wonderful sensations that were racing through her mind and body. "Oh baby, baby you feel so good in mommy's pussy. You are such a wonderful lover Chad, fuck me son make me yours, baby. Do me Chad, fuck mommy's pussy, shoot your hot creamy load of sperm inside me.

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   Come on honey, try to make me pregnant, come on Chad, give it to me, squirt inside my pussy. Your cock is so big honey, fuck me baby, fuck me like your Daddy fucked my pussy when I was 17"That was all it took, Chad couldn't hold back. He began moaning as he thrust his cock faster and harder into his waiting mother's cunt. She was going to be his, they were lovers and he was claiming her as his. With a final deep thrust he arched his back and ground his hips into her pelvis. His cock was sunk inside his mother's cunt to the max, his first rush of cum came rushing up his long thick shaft. He could only moan as he felt his sperm begin to gush into his waiting mom's pussy. This had to be a dream, but the sensations were so real so wonderful he could only hope he wouldn't awake from this wonderful moment of manhood. Chad's cock was pulsating with such force, he had never cum like this before, stream after stream of his white hot sperm spew out of the head of his cock which was nestled up against his mother's cervix. His eyes were clenched close, his head thrown back. Debbie was in total ecstasy herself, as she felt the first stream of sperm erupt from Chad's probing cock it triggered her orgasm simultaneously with his. They were experiencing their first orgasm together as lovers. The waves of orgasm continued to wash over her, each one exploding with renewed intensity, to the point that she thought she might pass out from the pleasure Chad's cock was delivering to her. The thought of his creamy load squirting into her was so exciting and yet so fulfilling. Debbie was grunting and moaning uncontrollably as she was grinding her pussy unto Chad's cock, her legs involuntarily wrapped around Chad's, as she raked her nails over Chad's rock hard butt muscles as she tried to take even more and more of Chad into her wanton pussy.

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   Their orgasm continued on wave after wave, the duration was incredible for both Debbie and Chad. Chad finally collapsed, lying on top of his mother, feeling her full breasts cushioned against his chest. Both were panting from the intensity of the orgasm, it had been so wonderful. At that moment they heard Billy moan too. They both instinctively looked towards were Billy had been standing next to the bed watching Chad fuck his mother for the first time. Billy threw his head back, both saw his hand slipping up and down on his cock shaft, then as if in slow motion they watched as squirt after squirt of his hot cum spewed out of his erect cock. The first load landed on the side of his mother's neck and shoulder, the next two squirts landed on Chad's back. The entire family had orgasms together. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER. has the huge list of hotties and escort services in Brussels!

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