Brother and Dad take my virginity


  I was 13 when I had my first sexual experience. I was always close with my brother, Roy, who is 7 years older than me. Roy and I always got along better than me and my other siblings, so we hung out a lot together. My father was Roy's Stepfather, but they seemed to get along really well also.

I was pretty well developed for a girl of 13; my breasts were starting to be larger than the size A bra I had, and I just started to get a little hair on my tiny pussy.

One night, while my Mom was visiting her sister in Chicago, I was laying in bed touching my tiny pussy, which is my usual nighttime ritual, when I heard a soft knock on my door. I quickly pulled my nightgown down and pretended I was asleep.

“Sara?” I heard Roy say. But I didn't answer him. . . I was supposed to have been asleep two hours earlier. “She's asleep, let's go. ”

I wondered what he was talking about for about half a second, then my door opened and I heard Roy come in. It was dark inside my room, and the hallway was lit brightly, so I opened my eyes just a little to see what was going on. Roy was standing inside my room with my father right behind him.

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   They were both wearing boxers only.

My dad put his arm around Roy and said, “are you sure you want this so much?”.

“Yeah, I've been dreaming about this for two years now. ” I looked at Roy as he put his hand down my dad's boxers and reached over and started kissing him.

My shock didn't last for too long, because before I could register what was going on, my brother's boxers were off and he was getting closer to my bed. My dad was right behind him. They both sat down on the bed.

“Are you sure she won't wake up?” My dad asked.

“I'm sure, I've come in here lots of nights and touched her all over and she doesn't even budge. She is a very hard sleeper. ” Roy said as he reached over and pulled my dad's boxers all the way off.

I peered through slits in my eyes at the two of them, both completely naked and sporting huge hard cocks. They appeared to be between 7 and 8 inches, but at least 3 inches around. I had to stop myself from gasping. I had seen a penis before, but it wasn't hard at the time and that really made a difference!

Roy reached over and pulled up my nightgown exposing my entire body to him and my dad.

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   I hadn't had time to put my underwear back on, so i was completely naked from my breasts down. Roy reached over and pulled my legs apart slowly and started lightly touching my pussy, which was quickly becoming wet. My dad was putting something all over his hard cock, but I couldn't see what it was. Roy bent over and started lightly licking my pussy as he stuck his but in the air. My dad got behind him and shoved his cock into my brother's asshole. As my dad was pumping in and out of my brother's ass, my brother was going to town on my tiny little pussy.

I accidentally let a moan escape and my dad's movement stopped for a second. “is she asleep still?” And Roy said, “don't worry, she always does that. ” Then my dad started up again.

This went on for a while until my dad finally pulled out. My brother sat up and got his cock very close to my little pussy. I was scared because it was so big, I didn't think I could take it all. But, my brother was going to do it regardless it seemed. He stuck his cock very close to my pussy and started to push it in. I moaned again as my brother pushed his cock all the way into my pussy breaking my hymen.

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   I felt hands massaging my breasts as my brother continued to pump in and out.

I opened my eyes a little and saw my dad putting his lips to my breasts and start sucking. I was in heaven. Everything I had thought about while masturbating was happening now. I just wasn't expecting that it would be my brother and my father.

“I'm cumming,” my brother whispered. My dad lifted his lips from my breast and pulled my brother's cock into his mouth. I never saw any cum drop so I assumed that my dad had swollowed it all.

“Okay, your turn,” my brother gasped as he switched positions with my dad. My dad came over to me and lifted my legs up. He stuck his cock – not in my pussy, but in my asshole!! I was scared because I knew it would hurt. He went in gently at first and then started pounding just like Roy had. At first it did really hurt, but the more he pounded into me, the better it felt.

After while of my brother sucking on my breasts and my dad pounding my ass, i started to feel an orgasm building. I couldn't do that now! They would know that I was awake! So, I tried to concentrate on something else.

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   But about a minute later my dad said, “I'm cumming!” Roy lifted his head and did the same thing my dad had done, sucked every last drop on cum from my dad.

“Roy, you were right, that was wonderful. We have to do that again. ” my dad said as he turned around and pulled his boxers back on. My brother did the same, and then leaned over and started kissing my dad. They kissed for a long time and then my brother said, “Yeah, but next time she needs to be awake. ” Then they left and shut the door.

I was still in shock about what had happened. Roy comes into my room at night? And my dad and my brother just took my virginity. I put my hands down to my freshly fucked pussy and started rubbing my clit. It didn't take very long for me to cum. And i had a feeling that it wouldn't take long from that point on.

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