Brother and sister's romance


 After I turned 16 I got my driver's license as soon as possible. It seemed to be required at my high school if anyone wanted to have an actual social life. Of course, that still wasn't enough by itself. Our family had just moved to the state the previous year, and I had yet to really get settled in. My 15 year old sister Jennifer, on the other hand, had moved too quickly.
Dating some older guy she had met at our new high school just three months after we arrived, he had led her on and gotten sexual favors from her all the way up until that day, when she refused him sex once and he completely turned on her. I heard about it from a mutual friend at school the next day, and immediately set off through the halls to find her.
What I found surprised even me. Her boyfriend was standing in front of her, saying something aggressively, while she just stood with that look in her eyes like she was going to cry, while his friends and onlookers all stood around them entertained by the soap opera drama that was playing out. I came closer and caught only the end of what he had to say, “. . . can't be hanging around me all the time like this anymore. I didn't decide to break us up, you decided to be the frigged bitch. ”
This guy couldn't be serious. As much of an ass as he was, even this was too much.

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   I kept getting closer and expected to see his friends tear him down, but they stood motionless, like he had finally done the right thing. Jennifer was about to lose it and break down, and I didn't miss a beat. Her boyfriend had barely seen me before I slugged him straight in the face and threw him back onto the ground. Finally his friends reacted, groaning with the appropriate “Ohhh”'s that go along with seeing a brother let loose on someone who was abusing his sister.
No one stepped in, and the dazed boyfriend stayed down on the ground for the moment, recovering his senses. Turning back to my sister, Jennifer ran into my arms and held back her tears. She was so embarrassed already, she couldn't stand to make it worse. We stayed that way until the first period had ended. The rest of the day she stayed with me as much as possible, sometimes crying and sometimes just angry, but not wanting to face anyone else for the time being.
Having lost her boyfriend she had also ended up losing her entire circle of friends. They were really his people to begin with. She would find others, it was only a mater of time. Nice, friendly girls like her don't stay lonely for long. For now though all she wanted was to be in the comfort of her own family, the people she knew from home. We had never been nearly as close as we were in the following weeks.

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   Every night, after we had finished our homework and our parents had gone to bed, Jennifer and I would sit close together on the couch watching a movie. We usually started sitting apart, then she would sling a pillow at me, and I would sling it back, which devolved into a full scale pillow fight. This eventually became a wrestling match, where I would simply try to restrain her from scratching me. When I finally got her pinned down she would be laying in my lap, with her arms crossed in front of her chest, held closely in place by my hands.
One night she had pressured me into watching a romance movie with her, which was even worse than I thought I would be. It featured the cheesiest dialog one could imagine. Jennifer laughed and mimicked, “Oh hold me, Adam. ” Which I did, “Kiss me, Adam” Which I did. It didn't seem like anything significant, we had just kissed each other briefly, but it was enough to have broken the ice. I had no plans to do anything with my sister, but I had to admit it was pretty fun. How can one really kiss a 5'6 brunette with long flowing hair and a nice body without feeling at least a pleased happy about it?
Nothing really changed that night. It was on the following nights that when we went to bed, just before we left each other we shared a friendly kiss. I got kind of adventurous after the first week and began putting my hands behind her back to draw her in for the quick kiss goodnight. It felt nice to have that kind of physical contact after being alone for so long, and for her it was reassuring to be kissed by someone who cared about her after how harshly she had been rejected, but we were still nothing more than brother and sister.
We would start hanging out together more, going to parties and movies and such.

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   It was a blast, I couldn't believe how much fun my sister was, and she had been there the entire time. One night, during one of our movie sessions she sat down in front of me, and I had been around enough girls to know what that meant. I began messaging her shoulders, and she laid her head back onto my lap. Moving my hands up I began running them through her silky dark hair. She closed her beautiful brown eyes and moaned with delight. It wasn't until she shifted her head a little bit that I noticed I had gotten an erection. It didn't seem weird, it really wasn't the first time I had gotten one for my sister, but it was the first time she could obviously tell. She didn't seem to mind though and neither of us wanted to ruin the moment by mentioning it. Even after she felt me pressed against her she still let me kiss her goodnight.
But back to my driver's license. I couldn't wait to use my new found driving freedom to visit our drive-in theater. My time spent with my sister had put a huge dent in my efforts to get a girlfriend before the theater started playing anything good. But they were finally playing something I really wanted to see, and I was going to go one way or the other.
“Aww, I want to go too. Just take me with you.

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  ” Jennifer pleaded.
“I don't know, it's kind of a date thing. I think I'd rather ask some girl at school to go. ” I said, thinking of one in particular I kind of had my eye on.
Our mom, who had been listening to our conversation, cut in at that point, “I'm not sure what you think you're going to be doing in our car, but I really don't like the idea of you going to drive-ins with girls yet. Besides, you should be nice to your sister. Just take her with you this one time. I thought you two were getting close. ”
I had no problem with taking my sister to see a movie, but that was about all that had been happening for the past month now. I wanted to at least take some steps towards getting a girl.
“That's fine, I'll even pay. Just let me take one of the local girls next time. ”
My mom reluctantly agreed and we went to the movie that night. On our way there we kept talking about the previews we had seen for the movie and it occurred to me why it made so much more sense as a date film. It looked like there were quite a few sexy parts, which can set the mood just right on a real date.

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We set ourselves up in the back of the car, with all the necessities. Blanket, snacks, pillows. The pillows may have been a mistake though. We got into a pillow fight before the movie even started, and by the time the previews were rolling I had her pinned down against me. I wrapped my arms around her and she laid her head against my chest. The movie was captivating, and we had lost all sense of our surroundings until the first sexy scene arrived. A man and woman were having sex on a chair, and her bare breasts were jumping up and down. What really caught our attention though was the car in front of us. The shadow of a head was visible between the seats, and it was bobbing up and down. Someone in the car in front of us was getting a blowjob, and between the two images I couldn't hold myself back at all. My hard-on came all the way up into Jennifer's soft back. This time though, she did say something.
“I'm sorry I've been taking up so much of your time lately. I really appreciate that you've done so much to help me get over my break up. ”
“Hey, don't worry about it.

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   I really like spending time with you. You're more fun than any other girl I know. ”
“It has been great. But I know you miss being with other girls. ”
“Heh, I can't imagine how you could tell. Is it really that obvious?”
“Yeah, it is pretty big. ” She explained. “Isn't it uncomfortable?”
“A little bit. You're kind of squishing it. ”
“Here, let me move help you. ” She offered, raising herself up and sliding down.
She then grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. Reaching in she went through the opening in my boxers and wrapped her warm young hands around my cock. Pulling it out into the open she finally looked at it.
Rolling her hand up and down my shaft just a little she finally said, “It's so sad that you can't get what that guy in the next car is getting.

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   I think I owe you some attention. ”
With that my sister raised her head up and let some of her long brown hair fall down over her face. Her mouth lowered onto my cock, and she took me deep inside, so that it bulged out the side of her cheek. My own sister was working on my cock, slowly rolling her head up and down, side to side. I was in absolute heaven. I had been given a blow job before, but never anything so good. Her boyfriend must have taught her everything while they were together.
“Oh, god, Jennifer. ” I moaned, moving my hands up and down the length of her body instinctively. She had the most wonderful curves. A dip where her waist was, a well toned stomach, and the softest, firmest B cup breasts I had ever felt. I squeezed her arm and pulled her close into me. She responded by taking my cock even deeper into her head. For the first time in my life I began to feel the back of a girl's throat. My own sisters! It was so tight and warm.

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   I had never felt so cared for in all my life.
I reached under her shirt and began massaging one of her breasts. With my other hand I unhooked her bra, setting her young boobs free. She had the most fantastic nipples. I had fantasized about them for years, and now they were in the palm of my hand. Her head was bobbing faster now, stroking all the way from the head down to nearly the base of my shaft. Her tongue was flickering and slithering around every inch of it all along the way. Caressing down her entire front side I reached into her jeans, where she sucked in her gut to allow my hand inside. Sticking my fingers under her panties I stroked her warm, furry mound. Brushing my hand up and down her slit, her hips began to grind into my hand, bucking back and forth, pressing herself into me grip.
I couldn't take the sensation any more, I felt the pressure swelling up inside my balls, burying me into every inch of throat she would offer. In one instant I felt myself about to explode.
“Jennifer, don't stop honey. I'm cumming. ”
She kept her head nearly in place, with my cock buried into the back of her throat, rapidly bobbing up and down only a single inch.

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   I felt my sperm burst out the tip of my cock, splashing against the back of her throat. Streams and streams of my huge load drained into my sister's mouth, which she kept tightly within the seal of her lips. When I was finally finished cumming she sucked all of it up the length of my cock, turned her head over, looked and me, and swallowed.
“Did you like that?” She smiled.
I could barely see. She had almost entirely knocked me out, and I was struggling just to catch my breath, “That felt wonderful. Thank you so much!”
“I thought that was what you needed. ” She said, now playing with my exhausted penis. “And it wasn't weird or anything?”
“No! That was just great. ”
“Good, cause I was thinking we should try something else after our movie tonight. ”
And we did. From then on I eagerly awaited every movie night. And my search for a girlfriend became indefinitely postponed.
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