Brotherly Love


    Jake was about 14 when he decided that he was bi.   When he was changing in the locker room, he would always look at the other boys' boxers, wishing he could see what lies beneath. He desperately wanted to experiment with another guy. After careful thought and consideration, he decided he would first experiment with his sixteen-year-old brother, David. David was tall and athletic. He had long brown hair and green eyes. He had flawless skin with a little bit of a tan. Jake had often thought to himself that David was the reason he was bi.
    David was a heavy sleeper. Jake knew this because, when they were little and shared a room, he would sleep through anything, even if it had wakened Jake. That was a while ago, but Jake was sure that David still slept through everything. So, Jake decided to sneak into his room at night and have some fun.
    It took him a while to build up his courage, but he finally decided to do it. It was a Thursday night, right before dinner, when Jake made his decision. It was a school night, so he knew that David would be in bed no later than ten. When his mom called him for dinner, he came and ate with his family.

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   David was sitting right next to him and he found himself constantly looking down at his shorts. But David was having a conversation with their mother about his grades, so he didn't notice.
    Finally, when he was done with dinner, he went to his room and locked the door. He took the banana that he had taken from the kitchen out of his pocket and set it on the desk. He took his pants and boxers off and his semi-hard cock popped out. He knelt down on the floor, picked up the banana, and stuck it into his tight little butthole. He loved the feeling of the banana inside him and he let out a small moan. He pushed the banana in as deep as it would go and then he started to think about what he would do to David. As he thought about it, he started to get hard, so he used his free hand to stroke his cock. He closed his eyes and pushed the banana in and out as he stroked his cock. Shortly after, he came all over the floor. He pulled the banana out of his butt and set it on the desk while he cleaned up the mess. When his floor was clean, he took his shirt off, turned on the TV, and plopped down, completely naked, on his bed. His parents trusted him, so he knew that, as long as he stayed quiet, his parents would think that he was asleep. It got later and later as he watched TV and played with his dick.

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   At around ten, he heard the door to his brother's room close. His brother was going to bed, so now he just had to wait for him to fall asleep.
    He turned off the TV and laid there, letting the fan blow a cool breeze over his naked body. He looked down at himself and smiled. He was a good looking boy. He was skinny and average height. He had smooth, soft skin with an even, complete-body tan, since he loved to swim naked in his pool when his parents weren't around. When fully erect, his cock was around five inches long.
    At ten thirty, he decided that he had waited long enough, so he slipped out of bed. He went to the desk and picked up the banana. He knew he would need it. He quietly unlocked and opened his door. He walked down the dark hallway and stopped when he got to David's room. He took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door open. He walked in and looked in the opposite corner of the room at David's bed.

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   He was sound asleep. He crept over to his bed and knelt down beside it. He set the banana down on the ground and then looked at David. He was lying on his back, underneath all the covers. He gently pulled the covers off, exposing his bare chest. Jake pulled the covers all the way down and saw that he was only wearing boxers. He ran his hand down David's chest and started rubbing his nipples. They started to get hard. He lowered his head and started to kiss and lick his nipples. As he licked, his hand slid down David's boxers and onto his cock. Even though he wasn't hard yet, it already felt big.
    Curious to see its actual size, Jake carefully pulled David's boxers down and his dick popped out. Jake rubbed it and it instantly started to get hard. It started growing and growing and Jake wondered if it would ever stop. When it was fully erect, it was huge compared to his own.

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   He quit rubbing it and just looked for a while. Then, he rapped his lips around it and started sucking it. He got it halfway into his mouth when he gagged. But Jake was determined to fit as mush of his brother's cock in his mouth as he could. He kept sucking and it went deeper and deeper down his throat. Finally, Jake had the whole thing in his mouth. He kept bobbing his head up and down until David's hot cum filled his mouth. Jake tried to swallow it all but some dripped onto the bed. He loved the salty tasted and when David was done, he licked it off the bed.

        Then he looked at David to make sure he was still asleep. When he decided he was asleep, he licked David's cock clean and then started licking and sucking his balls. One of his hands moved down and stroked his own dick. He was really horny now and desperately wanted something in his ass. He looked nervously at David and then thought, "What the heck. He'll sleep through anything.

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       He climbed on David's bed and then squatted down on top of him. He rubbed David's dick against his butt hole and then slowly pushed it in. He moaned in delight as his brother's cock stretched out his hole. When it was in all the way, Jake started to bounce up and down, riding his cock. It filled him up so nicely, and he loved the thought of having his brother inside him. He bounced faster and faster, trying not to get too excited and wake him up. Soon, David came and filled his bowls with cum. as more and more shot out, it started to leak out of Jake and drip all over his legs. When he was done, Jake got off the bed and lick the cum off of David's legs.
        Now Jake really wanted to cum and he decided that the best place to do it would be in David's ass. At this point, Jake was so horny that he didn't even care if David woke up. He rolled his brother over and then squeezed his ass. He spread out his ass cheeks and exposed his tight hole. He started to lick around it, and then stuck his tongue all the way in. As he did this, he grabbed the banana and stuck it in his own ass.

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       It slid in easy now that he was stretched out and coated in cum. After a while, he stuck a finger in David's ass. He fidgeted, but he was still asleep, probably having the best dream he had ever had. Pretty soon, he stuck a second finger in. He pushed them in and out until he decided it was time. He pushed the banana all the way into his own ass until it disappeared. Then he climbed on the bed and stuck his cock deep inside of his brother. He pushed in as far as deep as his cock would go and then started thrusting back and forth. David's ass was so tight and he knew he wouldn't last long. The tightness of his hole was more than Jake had ever felt before, and when he did come, he shot load after load after load. He came with such an intensity that, when he pulled out, he had to lie down and catch his breath.
        After a minute, he stuck his finger in David's hole, covering it with his cum. He brought it out, opened David's mouth, and stuck it in, wiping it all off on his tongue. He would wake up in the morning tasting his little brothers cum. He pulled David's boxers back up and then covered him up.

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       He was almost to the door when he remembered the banana. He squatted down and pushed until the banana shot out. He went back to his room and put the banana on the desk. He lay down on his bed and thought about David while he touched himself until he drifted off to sleep.
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