''Camping in Style'' pt 1


"Can we sleep in the tent dad?" "If you want, but it might get cold during the night""We have our sleeping bags and some blankets""Okay" I saidThey went off about 30 feet from the motorhome and set up the tent. I could hear the two of them giggling while I collected firewood. I built a nice campfire and settled down in a chair to relax. Usually I'm a beer drinker but for some reason I had bought a fifth of whiskey (of course I got some beer too) and some wine coolers for the girls. "Were want to go to the springs for a dip,” my daughter said"Its getting kind of late" I replied"Ah, come on dad" she pleadedSo off we went. When we got to the spring the steam was slowly rolling up from the hot water. We all got in and started to relax. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, as I lay there I heard them start to giggle. I opened my eyes just enough to see them. They were looking at me and whispering to each other. After we were done we headed back to camp. It was nearly dark and the fire was going good. The girls were in their tent talking girl talk. They had a small lantern on and I could see their silhouettes on the side of the tent. That’s when I got an eye full, they were changing out of their wet swim suits, I just sat there watching their shadows as they undressed. As Sandy undressed I began to get a hard on, she had a gorgeous shape for a girl 15 years old.

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   Soon they came out and joined me by the fire and we sat talking. By now I had drunk about six strong mix drinks and was starting to feel pretty good. I got up and went into the motorhome to get some hotdogs to roast. That’s when I over heard my daughter. "My dad has a big one,” she said"How do you know?" Sandy asked giggling"I've seen it""When did you see it?""One night when he was drunk and passed out on the couch I opened his robe" "REALLY?" Sandy asked"Yea, and I stroked it and got it hard""I've never seen a man's cock""Well maybe we'll get lucky and he'll pass out. If he does I'll show you" my daughter replied gigglingHearing my daughter tell her friend this not only shocked me but it also turned me on. I thought it just might be fun to let them. So I decided I was going to pretend to get drunk and pass out. I headed back outside with the hotdogs and a hard on. "Here's some hotdogs to cook,” I said"Okay dad, would you like another drink?""Sure why not, I'm here to relax" I saidI noticed Sandy watching me as I cooked my hotdog over the fire. The warm glow of the fire lit up her face and she looked so delicious sitting there. I stood up and out of the corner of my eye I saw her look down at the bulge in my cutoffs. Knowing she was looking at me made my cock even harder. I figured it was time to put my plan into action so I pretended to stumble as though I was drunk. I kept this up for about an hour pretending to get drunker.

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   Then I asked my daughter to help me into the motorhome, she was more then happy to. Once inside I told her I'd be fine, after she left I stripped down naked and put my robe on then crawled into bed. I had the window open and I could hear them giggling but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I peeked out of the window to see what they were doing; they were in their tent. Seeing they had the lantern on I could see they were getting ready for bed. I laid back down thinking "Oh well I guess not tonight". About 30 minutes passed when I heard the door to the motorhome slowly open, my heart skipped a beat. I had purposely left the night light on so I would be able to see them in the dim light. As I lay there pretending to snore I could see them through the slit in my eyes as they approached the bed. Both were wearing T-shirts and I could see their beautiful legs. "Is he sleeping?" I heard Sandy ask"Yea, I think so" answered my daughter"Dad? Are you awake?" as she lightly shook my shoulderI didn't make a move but kept on snoring. I could feel my cock getting harder as Linda crawled on one side of me, and Sandy got on the other side of me. Kneeling beside me Linda reached down and untied my robe and opened it up exposing my erect cock. "Wow, his cock is hard,” said Sandy"Yea, and look how big it is" Linda repliedThe two of them just sat there admiring it then I heard Sandy whisper, "I dare you to touch it". Linda placed her hand on my shaft and began to lightly stroke it.

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   She ran her fingers from the tip of my cock all the way down over my balls. The feel of her warm fingers touching me made my cock jump with excitement. They both giggled. "Now its your turn to touch it". The two of them sat there and played with it for a few minutes. "I dare you to kiss it,” said Sandy. With that my daughter wrapped her hand around my cock and bent over and kissed the head of it, then while my daughter held it Sandy bent over and kissed it too. "Have you ever sucked a man's cock?" asked my daughter"No" replied Sandy"I have and seeing my dads hard cock makes me want to suck it. Will you suck it if I do?""Yea, but what if he wakes up?" Sandy said"I don't think he will, he’s pretty drunk". My daughter then leaned over and slid her warm lips over the head of my cock and began to slowly suck it. As she did I felt her one hand slide down and gently caress my balls. It took everything I had to lay still and pretend I was passed out. Then Sandy took her turn at sucking my cock. This was the first time she had ever seen a cock let alone sucked one so she really didn't know how. When she slipped her mouth over it she took too much in and started to gag.

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   "Take it easy, don't try to deep throat him just lick and suck the head of it" my daughter instructed SandySandy withdrew it a till all she had was the head of my cock. She swirled her tongue around it slowly as she moved her mouth up and down taking in only a few inches of my shaft. The feel of these two young girls sucking me was fantastic. Sandy finally finished and sat up. "Do you think he felt that?" Sandy asked"No, he’s out like a light, I don't think anything can wake him when he’s drunk""If he’s as passed out as you say then I dare you to fuck his cock,” said Sandy giggling"I don't know, that just might wake him up” said Linda. "CHICKEN" whispered Sandy"Okay, I'll do it" I thought to myself, "This is to good to be true" as my daughter got up off the bed and took her panties off. She then got on top of me and straddled my cock. Reaching down she guided my hard shaft into her horny little pussy. Slowly she lowered herself onto it letting it slide deep inside. She began to slowly rock back and forth fucking my manhood. I couldn't believe what was happening. I wanted to grab her and start thrusting my cock into her wet little fuck hole but I was afraid if I did it would scare them and then it would be over, so I just lay there and let her continue fucking my cock while Sandy watched. Then I heard her moan so I peered up through the slit in my eyelids at her and saw her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily as she rode me. Suddenly I felt her pussy tightens around my cock and her whole body began to quiver as she let go with a powerful orgasm. I couldn't hold back and my cock exploded sending my hot cum deep into her waiting pussy.

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   My daughter sat there for a minute then got off of me. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack. "Its your turn now" she told Sandy, but Sandy chickened out so they left and went back to their tent.
    I lay there exhausted but still horny so I reached down and jacked myself off thinking about fucking Sandy. I decided that tomorrow night I was going to play a game with them and fuck them both. Early the next morning I got up and started a fire. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happen the night before. The thought of getting fucked by my own daughter was over whelming. I could still see her fucking my cock and the more I thought about it, the more aroused I got. I heard the girls start to stir in their tent and then Sandy came out to warm by the fire. I went on tending the fire as though nothing had happened the night before. As she stood there in her nightshirt I couldn't help but take in her beauty. She had long brunette hair that flowed down over her shoulders and her skin looked so soft. She was turned around with her back to the fire warming her buns. With her back to me I crouched down to put more wood on the fire, this gave me the opportunity to look up under her nightshirt.

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       My eyes followed up her long luscious legs till they came to her little white panties. I just sat there admiring her round little ass wishing I could just reach out and touch it. My cock was beginning to get hard so I got up and went to start breakfast. I heard my daughter come out of the tent. Her and Sandy were talking by the fire when I came out of the motorhome with the food. "Morning dad, did you sleep good?" my daughter asked"Sure did, I slept like a rock," I said pretending not to know anything"Boy dad you sure got drunk last night, I had to help you to bed," she said as the two of them looked at each other and giggled. "I hope I didn't make an ass out of myself or embarrass either one of you" I replied"No you didn't, in fact you was real good about everything" she said with a smileAfter breakfast the girls went on a hike leaving me by myself. I cleaned up around camp, got some firewood then went down to the creek to try my luck at catching some trout. As I walked downstream fishing I heard the familiar voice of my daughter coming from the other side of the creek. I quietly snuck up close to where they were sitting across the creek and listened as they talked. "Boy that sure was something last night" I heard Sandy say"You’re telling me? I always wanted to fuck him but never had the guts" my daughter replied"Was it good? I mean what did it feel like?" asked Sandy"It’s hard to describe but it’s a wonderful feeling having a cock inside your pussy""Did you cum?""Yea, and I think I made my dad cum to""He did?""I think so I'm not sure, I felt something real warm all of a sudden so I think it was his cock squirting cum inside my pussy" "Wow now I wish I would have done it, but I was scared, I've never been with a man" said Sandy"You mean you’re still a VIRGIN?""Yes, I want to get laid I just don't know how and I'm afraid it might hurt""It only hurts for a minute when he pops your cherry then it feels wonderful" my daughter told SandyHearing that Sandy was still a virgin made me want her even more. The thought of popping her cherry made my cock hard, I knew I had to figure out a way to get her into bed. Quietly I left and went back to camp. To be continued:More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.