Caught by Mom and Claire, Chapter 2


“How’s my naughty little boy?” she asked smiling. These were the last words I expected to hear from her. “I’m ok,” I replied. “I see you’ve been a good boy and done what Mommy told you to, staying in bed till she got home. ”“Yes Mom. ” It was a warm summer’s night, and I just had a white sheet over my naked body. “Claire and I talked, and we agreed that if you are going to pull your cock, better that its with us, at home, than with some dumb, sleazy girls you find on the street or at school. ”“So, so you’re not mad at me anymore?” I stammered. “How could I stay mad at you,” she cooed reassuringly. “You’re my little man. But you have been a naughty boy, and I think you should make it up to me by being a good boy from now on, and helping Mommy with her guests. ” She was even stroking my hair. “Of course Mom, I always love to help you out. ” I was trying to relax, but I was still worried she would glance down and see my hard cock sticking up under the sheet. But it seemed I needn’t have worried. “That’s my good boy,” she said, and actually reached down and gave my cock a friendly tug through the sheet.

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   “You know Claire thought you had a nice cock. ”I blushed. Mom said, “Now put this on and come into the living room. ” I hadn’t noticed she had brought into the room with her a little apron that tied around the waste. “I want you to make and serve us coffee. ”“You mean you want me to put that little apron on over my pyjamas?” I asked. “No no no. Just the apron itself is enough. We don’t want you spilling any hot coffee on that thing do we now?” She gave a little laugh and left the room. I thought what to do. Mom was being friendly, but she wanted me to come out into the living room with just an apron covering my cock and nothing else on! I had to at least wait a minute for my erection to go down, but in the end I thought I better do what she says. When I came out into the living room, wearing nothing but the little apron, all conversation stopped. There were four women in the room, all in their late thirties or early forties, all of them very attractive. Apart from Mom and Claire, there were two others, Jane and Sarah, two friends of Mom’s who I had seen at a distance but didn’t really know. They all stared at me, so that I felt for sure Mom and Claire had told the other two everything.

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   I am sure my face was bright red. After what seemed like an eternity Claire broke the silence. “Do you two know Timmy?”“Hi Timmy,” Jane and Sarah said together. And Jane added, “Have you been a good boy Timmy, while Mommy has been out partying. ”I was too embarrassed to speak. As though to save me from further embarrassment, Mom directed me to the kitchen to make the coffees. I could hear their voices from the kitchen, but it seemed as though they were keeping them deliberately quiet to prevent me from hearing. What WERE they saying about me? The feeling of dread was returning. Finally I brought the coffee plunger and cups in to the living room on a big tray. Not knowing what to do while waiting for the coffee grounds to suffuse the water, I just stood by the table, as though I were a servant in an aristocratic household, but one wearing nothing but a tiny apron covering his cock and balls. Standing there, while the women joked and laughed, I started to get hard again, and my cock started to push up the apron. Jane noticed and said with a smirk, “We’ve heard you have a very nice young cock Timmy. Can Sarah and I just have a peek?”I looked at Mom, not knowing what I could possibly say. “Come on Tim,” Mom said, “you’re not here to waste people’s time. Jane’s asked you a question.

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  ”I lifted my apron, and there was a generalized indrawing of breath. “Mmm,” said Jane, “Claire was right. ” My cock was standing straight out. “Claire, how could you resist spreading your legs for little Timmy,” Sarah said jokingly. Claire laughed. “I just enjoyed the show,” she replied. I could take it no longer. I let go of the apron, depressed the plunger and poured everybody’s coffee. “Milk and sugar,” I asked politely, starting with Mom, since I knew how she had her coffee. I then stirred the milk and sugar into Claire’s cup, but when I got to Sarah, she said she preferred cream to milk in her coffee. “Um, I don’t think we have any cream,” I responded. “I REALLY prefer cream,” she continued. “Well I could go down the street to the 7-Eleven and get some,” I volunteered. “Oh but the coffee will be cold by then,” Mom interjected. “Timmy come here,” Sarah said.

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   I stepped closer to the table. She immediately grabbed hold of my cock and started pulling it like it was an udder. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I was very turned on. After all, I had been pretty much masturbating constantly for the hour and a half Mom was out. After about a minute I could feel I was losing control. “I think I’m going to cum,” I said, to everybody’s general amusement. Sarah drew me even closer, and brought her cup up so that it was just in front of my cock. She pulled and pulled, slowly but firmly, until I exploded. About half of the cum went into the cup, and the other half shot across the table, nearly hitting Mom. “Oh you clumsy boy,” Mom said, looking at the mess, while Sarah calmly stirred her cup. Sarah took a sip. I stood there dumbfounded. “Timmy, I think I’d prefer cream too. ” It was Jane, totally deadpan. I walked over almost automatically, but when I got to her I said, “Um, I don’t think I can.

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  ” Everybody burst out laughing. “But Timmy,” Jane said more seriously this time, “I really want cream in my coffee too. ”Mom said, “Now Tim, do not argue with the guests. Jane is a good friend of mine, and she wants cream!” Jane was already pulling my cock, but I was still recovering from the last cream incident. Claire could see I was having trouble getting it up. She looked into my eyes with that same look on her face from earlier in the evening. “Timmy,” she said, “Don’t you want to get hard again in front of Mommy and her friends? We want to see your big cock get hard again. Don’t you want to show Mommy how many times you can cum for her?”By the time she had finished this little speech I already was hard. Jane’s somewhat forceful hand and Claire’s lascivious words, were more than enough to get me standing up again. Jane pulled and pulled and I was hard as a rock, but still I couldn’t cum. The coffee was getting cold. “Oh for Christ’s sake, Tim,” Mom said, standing up, “How long is this going to take?” She came around the table, came up very close behind me, and brought her mouth to my left ear. She whispered. “Now be a good boy, Tim, and serve our guests. ” At that point I felt one of Mom’s fingers worm its way inside my asshole.

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   It was both painful and pleasant, and that, combined with Mom’s breath in my ear, and Jane’s hand, was sufficient for another long stream of cum to shoot out. Mom’s finger had caused me to jump, however, and I pretty much missed the coffee cup altogether. Nevertheless there was a general shout of hooray from the women, and Sarah even clapped. They sat and sipped their coffees at the round table for a while, totally ignoring me, discussing cute guys who were at the bar they’d just been at. But after a while, Claire said, “Well he’s a good coffee boy, but does his tongue work as well as his cock?”“Well Claire, I think Tim here owes you big time, so why don’t you find out. Tim, get under the table. We don’t want to look at you while we’re having a discussion amongst ourselves. ” I obediently got under the table, finding myself surrounded by eight very sexy legs. I looked around me and realized that not one of them was wearing any underwear! The pair of legs that belonged to Claire spread themselves, and she slid down just a little in the chair, to improve my angle of access. It was obvious what I was supposed to do, and I had always wanted to taste a pussy, so I just went ahead and began licking Claire’s delicious pussy. Occasionally I would hear a sound, something less than a moan, emanating from the body above me, while Claire tried to carry on the conversation. Every now and then she would grab my head, or my hair, and try to reposition my mouth to a position that she thought was preferable. After a while I heard Sarah say, “My turn,” and so it went, one after the other. Even Mom insisted I lick her out. I must have been down there an hour at least, and I went around the whole table twice.

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   I was now there toy, to play with or ignore. By the end my tongue was aching, but I had tasted four gorgeous pussies. Everybody seemed pleased, and there was a general consensus that I was a good boy after all. Eventually everybody finished there coffees, and I gathered all the cups and the plunger and the sugar onto the tray to take back into the kitchen. Now our kitchen is separated from the living room by those kind of swinging doors you see in saloons in Westerns. As I pushed through the doors tray first, I noticed the plunger start to slide and, overcorrecting, I ended up causing two of the coffee cups to fall of the tray and empty their remaining contents onto the kitchen floor with a loud crash. I watched both the cups bounce, and, after the first bounce, I watched both the cups shatter. “What the FUCK was that?” I heard Mom shout and, as though they were about to witness an interesting car wreck, all four of them herded themselves into the kitchen to survey the carnage on the tiles. “Sorry Mom, I accidentally smashed a couple of the cups,” I helpfully explained. “I can see that. You blundering fool. I go out of my way, in SPITE of your wretchedness, to make allowances, to PERMIT you to make up to me the shocking display you gave Claire and I, and THIS is how you repay me. ” Mom was in a rage. “I’ll bet you were thinking of your little cock again, weren’t you?”“Mom it was an accident,” I tried meekly to respond. “Don’t give me that shit, you little worm, its time for your punishment.

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  ” Get down on that floor and kiss my boots. I dutifully got on all fours, realizing there was no point arguing. As I licked and licked with my already sore tongue, I felt something against my balls. It was Claire, poking between my legs with the toe of her shoe. She rubbed it against my balls, and then seemed to be trying to poke my asshole with her stiletto heel. When Mom had had enough subservient licking on my part, she told me to lie down on the cold kitchen tiles. I had lost the apron somewhere along the line. “You disgusting little pervert,” Mom drawled angrily, “Jane, you grab his arms. Sarah, sit on his legs. We’re going to teach you a lesson. ”Jane grabbed my arms above my head and held on tight. My wrists were hurting from her grip. Sarah, probably the heaviest of the women, sat atop my legs. “Claire, which end do you want?” Mom asked. “The head,” she replied.

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  They both stood above me, legs astride. “Open your dirty little mouth,” Mom commanded. Hesitatingly, I complied. “And keep it open. If you close it I will chop off your cock AND your balls,” she menaced. “Wider. ”My mouth was wide open. Before I knew what was happening, I thick stream of hot piss shot out of Claire’s pussy and straight into my mouth, filling it up. I kept my mouth open, tasting and smelling it as it gushed over the sides and onto the floor. Then Mom let go, and her piss rained down on my cock, warming it. Instantly my cock was rock hard again. The two of them just stood there above me, letting me have it, two warm jets drenching my cock and my mouth. Mom laughed derisively as she saw my cock get hard while they humiliated me. I was dying to jerk off, but of course my arms were firmly within Jane’s grip. Then, either out of pity or out of lust, Sarah reached across and grabbed the shaft of my cock tightly, and began pulling it violently.

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   She didn’t seem to care that her hand was getting pissed on as much as my cock. Waves of ecstasy rocked my body. Claire was squeezing the last few squirts of piss into my mouth. Before I knew what was going on, a long curved line of cum shot out of my cock and arced its way directly into my piss-filled mouth. Claire saw it laughed, and immediately crouched down to hold my mouth closed. “Now swallow,” she said, as Mom dribbled her final drops of piss onto my cock, which was still shooting off everywhere. “Good boy,” Claire said as I swallowed. The four of them stood up and surveyed the scene before them, Anne Bailey’s little boy lying on the kitchen floor in two pools of warm piss, his body covered in his own cum. “Well,” said Claire, “I think you’ve shown us with that display exactly how you would like us to treat you in the future. ”“Clean up this muck,” Mom scowled at me. “Us girls are going out again, clubbing. Think of us as the four wicked witches, and you are little Tim-derella. If you are a good little boy, and get this place spick and span, maybe one day you can come to the ball, or, at least, we might let those big balls of yours cum. ”And, for the second time that evening, Mom left. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.



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