Cindy's Story


"Loosen up mom, I'm just kidding" chuckled Cindy. "Well, do we need to have our little sex talk again before you go out?" asked Carol. "No mom, the last one was embarrassing enough," replied Cindy. "Well, just make sure he keeps his hands to himself," said Carol, "and under no circumstances do you let him take off any of your clothes or his, for that matter. Just don't get anything like that started, and you won't have to worry about trying to stop yourself. ""Yeah, yeah, I know," replied Cindy. But as Cindy finished applying her make up she thought more about what her mother had said. Why is it so hard to stop? Does it feel that good? If it feels that good, why stop? For that matter, if its going to feel that good, why not start? Oh well, Cindy had let Steve fondle her tits on their last date and it felt wonderful. He even touched her pussy through her panties, but when she gasped real loud he thought he had hurt her and stopped. I guess that's what mom meant about not being able to stop, thought Cindy. If he had only kept rubbing, she would have let him have anything he wanted. Well, tonight, she was going to make sure he didn't stop. Dave looked up at the clock; it said 11:30 p. m. Carol had been gone 30 minutes to her night shift duty, Erin was fast asleep, and Cindy wasn't due in until midnight. He was watching some soft porn on one of the late night movie stations and considering whether to jerk off now, or wait until after Cindy came home.

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   The growing erection in his fist was telling him to satisfy himself now. Dave pulled his engorged cock out of his shorts and started a slow rhythmic stroke, when he heard a car pull up. He stuffed his cock back in to his shorts when Cindy came in the door. As she came in he could tell she had been crying. She went straight to her room, and he could tell she started sobbing uncontrollably once she hit her bed. The way Cindy was dressed leaving for her date, going steady with her boyfriend, alone in the car, Dave knew what had probably happened. He didn't like the idea of his little girl having sex. In fact, it made him boil, but he knew it was a fact of life. He wished Carol was here to handle this, but he realized she was probably more strict on this topic than he was, and was more likely to fly off the handle. As much as he wanted to vent his own rage, that was not the thing to do here. After clearing his head, Dave went to knock on Cindy's door. The conversation was not exactly what Dave expected. "Dad, remember that night I went to a party and called for you to come pick me up?" asked Cindy. "Yes, I do," replied Dave, "you were pretty drunk that night if I remember. ""You always said I could tell you anything, and you would not get mad.

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   That if I was in trouble I could always count on you. And I said if you didn't tell mom, that I would not drink again until I was 21, remember?" she asked. "Yes. . . go on," he said. "Well, don't get mad. But I decided, I mean we decided, Steve and me that is. . . to, uh, well, have sex," Cindy said timidly. "Ok," said Dave, "I know your mother has talked to you about this. . . ""Yes, and I don't need another lecture right now," said Cindy.

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  "You aren't, uh, pregnant?" asked Dave. "Oh, no," replied Cindy, "we just did it tonight, you know, for the first time. "Dave was relieved his daughter wasn't pregnant, but he wasn't sure where the conversation was going. And, he wasn't sure how he felt about talking to his daughter so openly about sex, about her having sex. "Well, Cindy, is there something you want to know. . . " Dave couldn't hide a little grin. "Dad, this is serious. I have a real problem!" exclaimed Cindy. "Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Its just I never expected to be having this conversation. . . " said Dave.

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  "Well, I can't talk to mom about this. And I can't go to the emergency room because all the nurses know mom, and. . . " said Cindy. "Wait, emergency room? Cindy, just what is going on?" asked Dave. Cindy's face blushed a bright red; she couldn't look her dad in the eye. "Daddy, Steve lost his rubber," Cindy said quickly. "Well, hon, most guys don't save them. . . uh,. . . " chuckled Dave.

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  "Dad, it's lost inside. Inside of me. You know, up in there!" exclaimed Cindy. "Oh," said Dave. "Yeah, oh," said Cindy, mocking the way Dave said the word. "So, you can't, uh, get it out, and you don't want to go to the emergency room," Dave was thinking out loud. "That's right. All the nurses know mom and I just know they would tell her. And I can't even, well, you know, get even a finger up inside of me right now. I don't know what to do!" cried Cindy. Dave held Cindy in his arms to comfort her, and get her to stop crying. Until recently Dave had not thought of Cindy turning into a woman. She was still a little girl. But, he couldn't help but notice her as she left for her dates. At 5'6" she was medium height, but her slim build made her look tall.

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   She had thin but firm legs from all the athletics she pursued. Her short skirts showed silky smooth thighs, and outlined a firm round little butt. When she sat down and crossed her legs she had the look of a woman, and that he noticed. Her tops went from baggy to tight overnight. Budding little mounds on her chest developed into firm titties that stood out proudly. Several times she had bent over in front of him revealing her nicely shaped titties. The perfume she had on from her date was a popular scent he remembered from a strip bar he once visited. . . Cindy felt good in Dave's arms, her perfume, her soft, supple body. The thought of her being sexually active somehow put her in a different light. He noticed a stirring in his pants. He was confused. The signals mixed. His desire was building, getting the best of him.

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  "Dad, dad," said Cindy "what are we going to do?""Ok, Cindy," replied Dave. "Either I tell you how to get it out yourself, you get someone else to get it out, or. . . I can get it out. ""You, daddy," Cindy replied quickly "none of my close friends are home, and I want that thing out of me, and I can't do it myself. ""Cindy, this means I have to, uh, touch you, you know, in places. . . " Dave said as his voice trailed off. He was getting an erection just saying the words. "I know, daddy," replied Cindy, "Whatever it takes. Just do it. "Dave had his daughter lie down on his bed, on her back. He put pillows under her butt, and slowly removed her skirt and panties.

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   His cock was about to leap out of his shorts. He couldn't believe how wonderful her pussy looked. Creamy white skin around delicate pink folds with just a hint of light blonde hair. Her legs were spread apart, almost at right angles. He couldn't believe how limber she was. Dave licked his finger and placed it gently at the folds of her pussy. She gasped as he touched her. There was no way he could get even one finger inside her as she was so tense. "Cindy, you need to relax and let your body loosen up," said Dave. "Your body was not only relaxed but very excited when, uh, well, when the rubber got in there. You will have to get just as relaxed and excited, maybe more, before I can get it out. The hospital would give you something to relax you so they could go in with instruments. ""Give me something to relax then daddy, and get me excited," replied Cindy. "I don't care what you have to do, just get it out. "Dave had an idea.

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   He went to the medicine cabinet and got some Valium prescribed for his wife. That would make Cindy relax. Now, for the sexual stimulation. "Cindy, I have something here that will loosen you up and will make removal of the rubber very easy," explained Dave. "The only problem is that it is a very potent drug called an aphrodisiac. Have you heard of this kind of drug?""Yes, but I thought there was no such thing as a real aphro. . . whatever," replied Cindy. "Just ten years ago people thought it impossible to grow hair on bald men, and impossible to give impotent men an erection, but drugs make both of those things possible today," explained Dave. "This aphrodisiac is being tested in Europe and has not hit the US yet. The only problem is you can become overly stimulated, and crave sexual satisfaction. I don't know if I should give it to you. I mean, I am your father. .

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  . "Cindy's heart was racing. She had achieved an orgasm many times by her own hand, but earlier that night Steve had gotten excited and finished before she reached an orgasm herself. She wanted to know what it was like, did it feel as good as the girls said it would. "Its okay, daddy, " said Cindy. Dave gave her the pill and told her to lie still for 30 minutes for it to take effect. He took a shower, tried to watch television, anything to keep busy while the 30 minutes passed. It seemed to take forever. At the 30-minute mark, Dave went to his daughter. He gently lay down beside her, softly kissed her on her cheek, and asked her how she felt. Her eyes opened and were glassy. A soft smile came over her. She was ready. Dave slowly took off her clothes and started kissing her from the neck down to her soft, supple titties. Her nipples were hard as a rock.


   He licked, kissed, and sucked on her nipples making her groan. He kissed his way down her soft belly, slowly working his way down. She placed her hands on the back of his head, and helped guide him to the treasure between her legs. Dave slowly put his tongue between the delicate folds of her pussy, tasting her sweet nectar. Cindy let out a huge moan and thrust her hips up to meet his invading tongue. She was hot. The drug made her relaxed, the suggestion of an aphrodisiac made her horny beyond her years. Slowly Dave licked her pussy and rubbed her clit. Cindy reached one climax after another as Dave probed her pussy with his fingers and licked her clit. Finally he felt the used rubber, and pulled it intact out of her body. She never noticed. "Fuck me," Cindy said softly. "Fuck me, daddy. "Dave raised up and took each of Cindy's feet and tucked them behind her head. Her hot pussy was now fully exposed.

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   He put his erect cock at the entrance to her pussy and rubbed it along her engorged outer lips. Drops of pre-cum were oozing out of the tip of his cock, as he positioned it in her delicate opening. Cindy reached around to pull her thighs apart even more as Dave began to lean into her body. His huge cock head was stalled at her tender, tight opening. As he pushed harder his head began to plow through her delicate pussy folds, until his head was fully in her pussy. The heat of her cunt was overwhelming. Cindy was wiggling on the end of his cock, trying to get used to the huge invader. Her squirming was more than Dave could take. He lunged forward, driving his thick cock into her young pussy. Cindy screamed as she was being split apart. Dave didn't stop until his thighs were pressed against her ass, and even then he repositioned himself to drive home the rest of his cock. Never had Dave felt anything so hot, so tight, as his 16-year-old daughter. To top it all off she was begging him to fuck her, fuck her good, and she was having multiple orgasms. Finally he could contain himself no longer and shot load after load of boiling hot sperm into his daughter. She screamed with excitement when the first hot loads hit her insides.

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   She cooed with contentment as the last of his seed poured into her body. Feeling fully spent, Dave relaxed on his back. After only a few minutes he felt his daughter hovering over him, kissing him on his body. All over his body. When she reached his cock, she slowly licked all the juices from it before taking the head into her mouth. By this time, Dave was beginning to get hard, much to Cindy's excitement. She bobbed her head rapidly and Dave rolled his eyes into the back of his head. Boy, she knew how to give head. Suddenly Cindy stopped. Dave opened his eyes to see her on her knees with her butt waving suggestively in the air. Her pussy was still very wet, but it had closed back up to the narrow slit he remembered seeing earlier in the night. Dave positioned his cock at her slit. As he rubbed his cock head around the delicate folds of her outer pussy lips, she thrust her butt back. The sudden movement buried his cock head in her pussy, and she let out a huge moan. Dave held on to her hips, she was now in control.

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   Cindy rocked back and forth on her daddy's cock, slowly lubricating his shaft with her pussy juices. His excitement was building as he knew she was getting ready to lunge back again, and take his full shaft into her pussy. Just as Dave was about to grab her hips and take over, Cindy pushed back as hard as she could, driving Dave's cock deep into her cunt. Dave reached around and grabbed her titties, and got up on his feet, with his cock buried in her all the way. With his feet to her sides, hands full of titties, cock buried deep in her cunt, Dave proceeded to fuck his daughter. Dave could hear his balls banging on her ass as he savagely fucked his teenage daughter. Cindy was coming for the second time when Dave finally shot his load into her pussy. After on hour of rest, Cindy was sucking on her daddy's cock again. This time, too tired to get on top, Dave let his randy daughter slide on top and use his cock for her satisfaction. He lost track of how many times she had an orgasm before he mustered up enough strength to deliver the last of his seed. Fortunately the alarm clock went off an hour before Carol was due home, giving Dave and Cindy enough time to shower and clean up the mess. Dave was worried about Cindy the next day; she could barely look him in the eyes. The next evening Cindy stayed home instead of going out, saying she was too tired. After Carol went off to work, Dave went to Cindy's room to have a talk. "Cindy, we have to talk about what happened," said Dave.

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  "I don't see what there is to talk about," Cindy replied "you were right about those pills. I guess they made me do things I normally wouldn't do. I don't think I want any of them tonight, I'm kind of tired. But, tomorrow night, if you would leave one of them out on my nightstand after mom goes to work. . . "More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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