Continuing Sibling Saga


When both my sisters went to university, however, I was naturally without something that I once had in abundance. I waited patiently even still and so you can imagine what any holidays where they would return meant to me. The following experience was just one encounter with the girls this summer. It was a quiet afternoon. The three of us had the day off and this was unusual. Naturally, I wanted to make the most of it. Jessica, however, seemed to be dozing in her bedroom and Amanda had disappeared somewhere. I sat on the couch in the livingroom playing with my dick just waiting for something, anything at all, to happen. Sure enough, Amanda, who I thought was not at home, came in the back door. Our house was small and the livingroom was adjacent to the kitchen - the place where the backdoor led into the fenced in backyard. With the privacy of the yard Amanda had apparently thought she would tan topless and so when she entered the house her one piece bathing suit had been stripped to her waist. Her beautiful, tanned B-cup tits were bare and her large dark nipples erect. The sight of her was more than enough to inspire my own erection. As she entered, she spotted me on the couch. “Playing alone, Mark? Where is Jessica? The two of you used to always be all over each other. ”Realizing she was teasing, I replied simply, “I think she is sleeping.

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  ”“I was just nodding off when I noticed that the kid next door mowing the lawn was spying on me. ”“You can’t blame a kid for taking a look. ”Amanda began rummaging through the refrigerator. I took the opportunity to remove my hard dick from my pants and to begin stroking slowly. “Do you think this might hit the spot?”, I asked. She looked over and allowed a slight smile. “You haven’t changed. ”“By the looks of your state of undress, neither have you. Want to give me a try?”She stood up and closed the fridge door, her tits settling against her chest. “I guess I haven’t spent any time with you all summer. . . what the hell. ” She approached slowly but with a strut that made her tits jiggle seductively. I was absolutely hard now as I was certain that I was going to get everything I could want of her.

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  As she approached, she knelt before me, allowing my hands to roam over her tits and hard nipples. She then grasped my dick with both hands, smiled a moment while looking into my eyes, and then bowed her head to take my stiff member into her mouth. After playing with my dickhead a moment she used her tongue to lubricate my shaft. Once it was drenched, she took my bloated dick into her mouth completely, all fat 6. 5 inches. All I could do was close my eyes, breath deeply, and grasp her slowly bobbing head. I allowed my fingers to penetrate her thick, shoulder length brown hair. Sadly, this lasted only a moment as the phone began to rang. After the third ring Amanda became distracted and she stopped sucking me off to find the telephone. By the fifth ring she had the phone in hand, her bathing suit still around her waist, but she was being drawn into a conversation. I was left to consider how much she had learned about giving head since leaving for school. Soon my dick began to shrink and so I thought of ways to keep it hard. I thought I would drop by Jessica’s room since it was on the same floor and nearby. I left the couch with my pants and underwear just around my knees. When I reached her room I found her wide awake watching the television.

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  “I thought you were asleep!”, I said in mock surprise. She responded without looking at me. “Just watching a movie before I take a shower. ”“I don’t suppose you want to fool around. ”She thought a moment. “You can join me in the shower, if you like. ”That immediately brought back memories of our first encounter. I had seen her flipping through our father’s porn collection, looking for some bedtime reading. Seeing her the night before being eaten out by Dad and then afterwards being fucked wildly by him I know she was ready. So I took the initiative to approach her then and there. In no time, I was eating her out, then fucking her in all the positions I could imagine, and then we cleaned off with a shower. It was one of my most memorable nights. It was the night that touched off everything that followed between us. My response was quicker than the thought. “I’ll start the water.

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  ” I backed into the living room again. Amanda was still on the phone though she was sitting on a chair now while fingering herself. She could be hours on the phone for all I knew. I needed to be satisfied. I continued on to the bathroom and adjusted the water temperature appropriately. I jumped in, soaked my body and hair. It was just a minute or two before Jessica entered with a just towel around her. The shower doors being open I saw her drop the towel and enter the shower. I allowed her in front of the shower head and she too drenched herself. Once she had, I began to fondle her from behind. I ran my hands up her hips and sides until they reached her underarms and from there I reached around her tiny frame to her A-cup breasts. Her hardened nipples contrasted the softness of her pale skin. I moved closer to allow my once again hardened dick to touch the top of her ass. She must have been hot when I arrived in her room because she immediately placed her hands behind her back, grasping my hips to pull me closer. I ground my groin into her cheeks.

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  She spoke softly. “I thought you and Amanda would be at it. ”“She was on the phone when I came in here. Didn’t you see her?”“I must have missed her. ”I lowered my hands to her hot and wet pussy. My fingers inserted with ease and I knew that she was ready to fucked. But that was a bit too sudden for my taste. I knelt down and turned her, placing my head to her cunt. I began to lick her deeply. She groaned and pulled at my hair. After a few moments of this she began to coo and so I stood again, turned her around and bent her over. She placed her hands on either side of the tub. With one hand I opened her cunt lips and with the other I directed my hard dick into her pussy. She moaned immediately, craving what I was about to deliver. With one thrust I was deep inside of her though not quite all the way in.

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   Enough, however, to make her moan with all the following thrusts. I soon ripped into her, holding her hips tightly and pulling them into me as I thrust into her clenching pussy. In about five minutes she was coming, as proven by her shortness of breath and high pitched moaning. I followed shortly after, never slowing until I was completely emptied. Slowly I withdrew myself and she rose to meet my lips. She played with my tongue a moment and then the someone knocked at the door. Without answering ourselves, we heard Amanda. “Guys? Are you in there?”“Come on in, Amanda. ” I opened the shower doors to reveal the two of us though Amanda could have seen both our silhouettes through the steamy glass. “I thought you would’ve waited, Mark. And Jessica. . . I am surprised at you. Judging by how loud you and Dad were last night I thought you would have been out of commission.

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  ”I offered an explanation. “She is saving for a car. . . she gets twenty bucks every time she services him. And someone has to keep her in shape. ”Amanda smiled widely. “You little whore! I never knew I could get money out of him!”To be continued. . . More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.