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"Yer panties look kinda wet and there's a brown place down near your shitter. You poop yourself?" Buck said with a lewd giggle. Mary Lou quickly shut her legs and responded. "That's my business. If ya don't like it, don't look. Now work faster like you promised. ""All right, little miss dirty pants, but ya gotta answer some questions else I'll slow down. ""What kinda questions?" Mary Lou answered. She was impressed with the speed Buck was shucking corn and didn't want him to stop. "Well, ya got any hair on your pussy?" Buck asked without a pause in his work. "No, I'm not old enough. I'm only 11, you stupid man. " She answered with a tone of anger. Buck licked his lips and continued. "You ever see a man's cock?""Sure, lotsa times," Mary Lou lied. "Ever suck on one like a lolly pop?" Buck asked, massaging his crotch.

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  "No way would I put your filthy tang in my mouth, Buck. " Mary Lou pondered the thought of Buck's cock in her mouth and really didn't think it would be too bad. "Mary Lou, you got me all hot talking about this. I'll do your chores for a week if you let me lick you between the legs. " Buck stopped shucking corn and waited for her answer. She thought for a minute then said, "Two weeks of chores and you can lick me. ""All I want to?" Buck asked anxiously. "I guess. " Mary said and continued her work. Buck shucked corn like a madman and finished the pile in short order. He was about to lead Mary Lou off to fulfill her promise when they heard a car pull in the drive and stop in front of the dilapidated frame house. "It's that preacher man again. " Buck said watching Mary Lou's mom dash out of the house and run towards the car. "Yea, and there goes mom again. I guess she's gonna help him with sick people again.

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  "Buck laughed and replied, "More like your pretty mom's going off to suck the preacher man's cock. ""You're so crazy, Buck. Preacher's don't do things like that. ""Why do you think they become preachers? It's so they can fuck all the fine, church going ladies. They really like little girls just like you too. Like to eat those sweet little pussies after they been sweating in church for hours. " Buck let out a loud laugh. Mary Lou's mother looked in their direction and yelled , "I'll be helping Rev. Taylor for a few hours. You'all finish the corn by the time I get back. ""Yes, mom. " Mary Lou answered and smiled. The corn was already finished. The car drove away and Buck immediately led Mary Lou into the corn crib. "This looks like a good place to lick a little girl's cunt.

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  " Buck said when they were inside and added, "Take off those panties and let me have a sniff. Mary Lou reached under her dress, pulled down her panties and handed them to Buck. He immediately put them to his face and inhaled deeply. "Christ, your crouch smells like a shit hole that's been pissed in. " He continued to sniff and run the panty crouch around his weather beaten face. "Ummm, nice. I like it. " Buck quickly removed his pants and started massaging his cock and balls with the damp panties. Mary Lou couldn't take her eyes off Buck's huge dick. He saw her interest and moved towards her, bobbing his dick up and down. "Wanna touch it?" He said with a sly grin. Mary Lou put out her hand and started to move one finger around the head of Buck's wet cock head. Her finger ran around the folds of foreskin and pick up a gob of thick white gook. "What's this stuff?" She asked holding up her finger. "It's cock cheese.

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  . . don't you know nothing? It's good, taste it. "Mary Lou put her finger in her mouth and sucked off the evil filth. "Umm, it is good. Taste like buttermilk. . . gimme some more. " Buck shoved his cock into her mouth and she greedily cleaned his foreskin, cockhead and as much of his shaft as she could get in her small mouth. "My turn, Mary Lou. " Buck pulled out of her mouth and pushed her down of a pile of feed sacks. She giggled and pulled her legs up over her chest exposing her wide open crouch. Buck's face was immediately between her legs inhaling her foul aromas. Stale piss, sweat and shit combined to assault Buck's senses.

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   He was in hog heaven. He ran a large, rough finger between the lips of her tiny cunt and found a nice gob of cheese. He sucked it off thinking, 'it does taste like buttermilk. ' He cleaned her pussy hole with his tongue and lips savoring the tangy taste of Mary Lou's dirty cunt. Buck had saved the best for last. Spreading her plump ass-cheeks as wide as he could get them, Buck moved back to relish the view of Mary Lou's shit smeared bum-hole. He loved the smell of her shitty behind and sniffed around her bum like a dog. Finally he took a long lick from her cunt to the top of her ass-cheeks, then rolled the flavor around in his mouth like a piece of his favorite pie. "You have a tasty little hole, Mary Lou. " Buck said and continued to lick her crack 'til her bum-hole sparkled like a rose bud on a summer's morn. Buck finished the job by shoving his tongue as far up Mary Lou shit tube as he could get it and devouring every bit of brown. "Ummm, that feels good, but it makes me feel like I have to take a poop. "Buck stared at her little hole in anticipation. "Go on and poop if you want. " He said. 

  Mary Lou thought about it for a minute and said, "How can I poop laying down on my back. I'll get shit all over myself. ""I'll catch it when it comes out. . . you won't get any on you. " Buck was becoming more excited and started to whack his cock while he waited for Mary Lou to produce. "OK, but you better catch it before it gets on my dress. " She said and started to grunt. Buck watched her hole spread and the tip of a turd started to emerge. He placed his mouth directly over her anus and felt the firm, smelly shit slide between his lips, into his mouth and over his tongue. When she finished, Buck had most of her turd in his mouth except for several inches sticking out like a lewd cigar. He took hold of the turd end and worked the obscene tube slowly back and forth in his mouth like he was sucking a cock. "That's making me sick, Buck. " Mary Lou said turning up her nose.

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  Buck removed the turd from his mouth and smiled. "You should try some, Mary Lou. Your shit is really tasty. " He held out his hand with the slobbery turd laying in his palm. "Go away. . . I ain't eating no shit, even if it is mine. "Buck took some of the shit and rubbed it around the head of his cock. "Here, suck my cock some more. . . I bet you'll like it. "Mary Lou did like to suck Buck's cock. She got on her knees in front of Buck and took his shit smeared cock in her mouth.

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   When the acrid taste hit her senses, she started to gag and tried to get Buck's cock out of her mouth, but he was holding the back of her head and pumping his shaft deeper into her mouth. After a few strokes, her taste buds deadened and the shit took on a sweet, pleasant flavor Mary Lou found not unlike boiled turnips. She finally relaxed and Buck released his hold and let her remove his cock. "Put some more shit on your cock. " She said looking up at Buck. "Turn around. You got plenty left on your butt-hole. " Mary Lou turned around and bent over. Buck wiped his cock along her bum crack and scooped up a large glob of creamy brown shit. "Umm, that's kinda nice. " She moaned and resumed her sucking. Buck continued to let her shit dissolve in his mouth and only started to chew it when he started to blow his spunk into Mary Lou mouth. Mary Lou was overwhelmed by the gush of thick liquid being pumped into her mouth. Buck once again had the back of her head and showed no mercy as she tried get his cock out of her mouth and get a breath of air. "Swallow it!" He grunted and shot the last of his cum into her overfilled mouth.

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   He pulled out, allowing her a chance to breath. She fell back on the seed sacks and swallowed hard. "Christ, Buck. You trying to kill me?" Her hand was between her legs reaching down to her bum hole. She wiped the last of the shit on her finger and put it in her mouth. With her other hand she massaged her tiny clit and sucked her finger until her body quivered with her first little girl orgasm. They got dressed without saying another word and Mary Lou skipped off to the house. She was very happy. She tasted the wonderful flavors in her mouth and smiled as she recalled the pleasure of making herself cum. Next time, she might let Buck put his big tang up her butt. She knew her pussy was too small for his huge cock, but she would let him stick something in her little hole. . . she just didn't know what. Mary Lou found her 10 year old sister, Julie, standing at the sink washing jars.

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   Canning jars were everywhere getting ready for mamma's annual apple butter marathon. Making and canning apple butter was one of their main sources of money and everybody pitched in. Mary Lou was still horny from her session with Buck. She and Julie liked to play around and Mary Lou was in the mood to try out a few things with her little sister. "You want me to play with your pussy, Julie?" Mary Lou asked running her hand under Julie's skirt and along her leg. "I gotta finish these jars or mamma'll kill me. " She answered, spreading her legs apart to let Mary Lou's hand get to her crouch. Mary Lou felt along Julie's little slit hoping to arouse her. Julie wiggled her butt and continued, "Help me finish up and we can go upstairs and do it. "They both worked and soon had all the jars were washed and dried and neatly lined up for the next stage in the apple butter canning process. Pleased with themselves, they went to the small room they shared on the second floor. When they removed their clothes, Julie said, "Mary Lou, where's your panties?""Buck ate 'em. " Mary Lou said with a laugh. She then told Julie about her deal with Buck and their activities in the corn crib. She even told Julie about sucking Buck's cock, but she left out the part about eating shit.


  "You let him put his tang in your mouth, Mary Lou?""Yea, it was fun. " she answered as they got on the bed. She continued, "You can do it too if you want. "Julie thought about it and changed the subject. "Did it feel good when he licked your pussy?""Ummm, yea. Want me to show you?" Mary Lou asked rubbing her sister's crouch through her panties. "Sure, if ya want to. " She answered. Mary Lou pulled her sister's panties down and started by kissing her pussy mound and the top of her slit. She was unsure if she was going to like licking Julie's pussy. Julie opened her legs and Mary Lou tried running her tongue along the outside of her cunt lips. It was very tangy and she could smell Julie's stale piss. "That really feels good, Mary Lou. Can I lick yours too?"Mary Lou and Julie experimented with several positions until they each could easily lick and suck the other. Julie was reluctant at first but soon was kissing Mary Lou mound and letting her tongue taste a little of her slit.

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   Mary Lou became more daring and eagerly lapped her sister's cunt. Julie soon took her lead and did the same. Mary Lou was loving the smell of her sister's bum and turned her attention to her tiny bud. Julie had recently taken a shit, but there was only a small amount of brown clinging to her pucker hole. Mary Lou quickly cleaned this off. "Mary Lou, that's nasty!" Julie exclaimed. "No it's not, Julie. Try it. . . it tastes good. " Mary Lou continued to suck and lick her sister's anus. Julie touched Mary Lou's bum-hole and smelled her finger. She probed a little deeper and smelled her finger again. Satisfied it wasn't too bad she took a cautious lick and was soon sucking Mary Lou's hole and seeming to enjoy it.

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  'Julie, do you feel like you want to poop?" Mary Lou asked. "Ummm, maybe. Why?""Well, you can shit in my mouth if you like. " Mary Lou said fearful she had gone too far with her little sister. "That sounds like fun. " Julie said to Mary Lou's surprise. "How do we do it?""Well, I'll lay on my back and you can squat over my mouth and just poop in it. ""Suppose I piss too. We'll get the bed all wet. ""If you piss, I guess I'll have to catch it in my mouth. Try not to piss and poop at the same time. . . and don't poop too much, I'm new at this. "Mary Lou lay down with Julie's butt positioned over her face.

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   Almost immediately, a dribble of piss started to enter Mary Lou's waiting mouth and stopped. "I really have to piss, Mary Lou, you want some more?""Go ahead, but don't poop yet. "Julie let loose and Mary Lou managed to catch ever drop. For a moment she thought of spitting it out, but swallowed it instead. She savored the after taste and decided she liked it. She licked the few drops from Julie's pee hole and waited for her shit. Mary Lou could see Julie's pucker hole open and the tip of her shit start to exit. Mary Lou was both excited and apprehensive as she waited for Julie's shit to drop in her mouth. "Here it comes, Mary Lou. " Julie said between grunts. She tightened her sphincter and cut loose a small, firm turd that fell directly into her sister's waiting mouth. She could hear Mary Lou making gagging sounds and quickly jumped off and turned around to investigate. "You all right?" She asked, peering into her sister's beet red face. "Yep. .

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  . I jef gut da poo cut in ma. . . " Mary Lou stopped trying to talk and spit the small piece of shit out into her hand, took a deep breath and continued, ". . . I got the poop caught in my throat. " she finally managed to say. "Mary Lou, you're really nasty. I don't think I could ever do that!""It's good, once you get used to it. It taste like boiled turnips. . . you like turnips, don't you?""Sure, but.

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  . . . " Julie started to protest, but Mary Lou cut her off. "Look, I'll put a little in my pussy crack and you can lick it out and see if you like it. You like to lick my pussy, don't you?"Mary Lou didn't wait for an answer. She could tell her little sister had loved sucking her pussy. Mary Lou wiped her sister's bumhole with her finger and scooped up a nice gob of smooth, soft shit. She then opened her legs and spread the poop evenly along her cunt slit. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked off the remaining shit, moaning her satisfaction. "You're gonna like it, Julie. Let me suck your pussy and asshole while you give it a try. " Mary Lou put Julie's turd back in her mouth. The little girls crawled into a comfortable 69 position, with Julie on top. Mary Lou pulled her legs back and wide to give Julie full access to her shit filled cunt. 

   Julie hesitated then took a tentative lick. She paused, then licked again. "My poop tastes good mixed with your pussy juice, Mary Lou. Can you poop a little. . . I want to see if yours taste good too. ""I'll try. " Mary Lou said straining. "Here it comes. . . . ""I see it. .

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  . it looks so funny and it's getting real long. ""See if you can get it all in your mouth, Julie; don't swallow it. . . you might get sick. "Julie took Mary Lou's shit into her mouth, then almost immediately spit the firm tube out onto her hand. She sat up and showed it to her sister. "Gosh, Mary Lou. . . you shit a lot. ""Let's save some for later. After it gets kinda hard, I want to shove some up your asshole and see what it's like when you poop it out again. ""Oh, that sounds neat.

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  "The little girls divided the shit and placed half in an old lunch bag. They each stuffed their share of the remaining poop into their cunts and resumed their 69 position. They greedily sucked and licked each other until their little cunts were dripping juice that turned the turds into mush. When the last of the shit was nearly consumed, both started to convulse and spasm. "Oh, Mary Lou. . . I feel so funny. ""Me too. . . we're gonna come. . . lick me harder and faster!"They sucked each other until both their faces were covered with shit and little girl juice, then fell over exhausted.

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  "Gosh, Mary Lou, that was wonderful. Can we do this all the time?""Anytime you want, Julie. "They fell asleep in each other's arms. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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Μη διστάσετε να ελέγξετε τους Συνοδούς στην Καλλιθέα κανε σεχ και να ανακαλύψετε πως είναι πραγματικά η ηδονή, ενώ σας προσφέρουν αποκλειστικής ποιότητας υπηρεσίας συνοδών.

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Η Ελλάδα, είναι μια από τις πιο εξωτικές χώρες σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Διαθέτει μια αξιομνημόνευτη ιστορία 4,000 χρόνων, είναι η χώρα της δημοκρατίας, του πολιτισμού, του φιλότιμου, με φιλόξενους ανθρώπους, και εντυπωσιακές φυσικές τοποθεσίες. Στην πραγματικότητα, εάν θέλετε μπορείτε να ελέγξετε μερικά από τα πιο φανταστικά νησιά στον κόσμο μόνο για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι θα ζήσετε μια αξιομνημόνευτη εμπειρία ζωής.
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