Cousin Lovin at the lake.


Let me start this story with telling you a little bit about myself. I am 19 years old, 6 foot tall and in decently good shape. I just finished my first year of college and I try to keep this relationship up.

This all started when I was younger. Down at the lake house I am laying in bed about to fall asleep. My cousin Sarah climbs in bed to sleep. With so many kids in the house we had to share. So the older cousins stayed in one room and the younger in the others. So me and Sarah are laying there when I roll over and feel bare skin. She giggles and says Mommy says it is best to sleep with no pants on at night. So I just pay it no mind and attempt to drift to sleep. Shortly Sarah is sound asleep as I slowly place my hand on her bare hip. Careful not to wake her up, I slowly continue to move forward to explore with out waking her. I have never seen a nude woman before in person. So I slip my hand up her shirt and gently touch her nipple and than down her stomach over her belly button and to the top of her slit. Over joyed with myself I lay back and go to sleep with the hardest woody of my life.

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Years go by with innocent playing, the occasional skinny dip, which I naturally try to get as close as possible, at times grabbing her jokingly as she wraps her legs around my waste to try to avoid me throwing her into the water. I always love it, the thought of her pussy touching my bare waste and her budding titties pressed against my chest. This goes on one last summer before I cant contain it.

I am 16 now and I am getting ready for a shower when I hear a knock at the door of the outhouse, so I pull my boxers up and see who it is. Sarah tells me she is going to shower soon so I let her in and we talk when I hop in the shower. I finally finish and hop out and start to towel off as she gets undressed and I “promise” not to look, I quickly sneak a few peaks as I know she is hinting at it. She than moves to the shower as I get my boxers on. She begins showering when I sneak over for a better look. This time I slip on the wet tile that I am trying to sneak across. My fall brings out a loud crash which happens to be a blessing in disguise. Sarah of course out of care swings the door open to see what is wrong and sees me laying there right at her feet. She kneels down to see if I am alright. I nervously take her hand and sit up and kiss her, with caution at first until I see how she reacts and move on to a much more passionate kiss. We are sitting on the floor her kneeling next to me making out when I pull her onto my lap, my dick hardening by the second and I begin to caress her breast. I kiss her down the neck with he slight moans as I move to her chest and being to suckle her nipples.

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  My hands on her ass I give her a slight spank as I move one hand around her waste to her thigh and begin to rub the lips of her sweet pussy. And she slowly pulls my hard cock out of the fly whole of my boxers. Slowly jacking my cock as I finger her and we kiss passionately. Slowly sliding down my body, and sheepishly tells me she has never given head before. I assure her it will be okay as she wraps her lips around the head of my dick for the first time. She continues to suck the full length of me dick once done, she asks me if I will be her first, not knowing at the time she would be my first. I gladly say yes. She pulls my boxers off and crawls up my body and wraps her legs around my waste as I lift her and lay her on her back on the outhouse floor. I slowly begin to penetrate her wet tight pussy. As she slightly moans and I push deeper her hips start meeting the rhythm of mine as we begin to move from making love to fucking. I am plowing her pussy as she squeezes me tight as I fuck her harder and harder. She starts screaming digging her nails into my back and I just keep on fucking her. We are in perfect rhythm as my dick pushes deeper and deeper until finally she lets out a scream as she cums and squirts her juices all over me and the room. I get right back in her pussy and start pumping faster, I am getting close to cumming I tell her as she tightens her grip with her legs encouraging me to fill her pussy with my cum. I make one deep push in and release right into my cousins pussy.

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   Sarah kisses me and asks me to lay with her a while. Before she is about to fall asleep she gets in the shower. This time asking me to join we kiss passionately as we wash each others bodies. I get out first to start drying off first knowing it is quicker and I can slip out with out being noticed. Sarah finished up and dried off got dressed and headed into the house to start helping on dinner with grandma. Sitting next to each other at dinner lead to some fun times getting “hands” under the table. Especially when I realized Sarah had no panties on under her skirt. This is the start ofbeautiful relationship. Ever since me and Sarah took each others virginity's we take turns staying at each others houses and ravish each other at every opportunity we get. Its been 3 years and our sex is still as great as the day we started….

I can say I love fucking Sarah more than just about any other girls. And who would have known incest could feel so right. And who ever said you could’t have more than one incest lover ;) more to come.