Cousins Unite


"And you have to promise to try it once," Julie quickly added. "No chickening out. Lickety Split isn't for babies. You'll have to try and be mature, Lynn. "

"Lickety Split?" I asked. It certainly sounded like something for babies, and the way that Heidi and Julie cracked up laughing at the name made me doubt how mature a person had to be to play their game. But I was also a little wary. They were laughing like little girls, but they also kept sharing knowing looks and smiles. I was worried that they were trying to trick me into doing something that would end up embarrassing me. I knew that Julie was a little wild, so I was also worried that they were talking about drinking or smoking, maybe even drugs.

"Well, do you promise?" Heidi asked.

"One of you has to do it first," I answered.

"Oh, that isn't going to be a problem," Heidi smiled. "We just want to make sure that you aren't going to tell anyone about what we're doing, and we want you to promise to do it, too. Believe me, you'll love it. "

I promised but I knew that if they were doing anything really bad that I could always just leave.

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   After I promised, Heidi told me to go sit in a chair and Julie went and locked the bedroom door. Then she turned the stereo on, really loud. I sat in the chair and watched as Heidi and Julie started acting out a scene that changed my life forever.

As Julie started walking back to the bed after cranking the stereo up, Heidi rose up on her knees on the bed and took off her tee-shirt. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were small and she reached up to cup them and pull at her little pink nipples. "Oooh Julie, this was a great idea. I'm already so hot and wet just thinking about Lynn watching us. "

"I know," Julie answered as she knelt on the bed in front of Heidi and, pushing Heidi's hands away from her breasts, began fondling them. "I've fantasized about someone watching me play with myself so many times . . . With someone really watching us doing this, I just know that I am going to cum and cum and cum. "

I was shocked of course, really shocked, and I didn't even understand half of what they were saying. I couldn't believe that Heidi was letting Julie touch her breasts like that, and the way they talked, they planned on doing much more.

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   And my presence was somehow making it better? Turning them on? They were bad, really, really bad, and by just being there I was participating in some sort of sick, sexual . . . thing.

I decided to leave, to get out of there as fast as possible. Would it be better to go right away or to wait until they were more into their thing and less likely to notice my going? I glanced at the door and then back at the two girls on the bed. Julie was trailing her wet, pink tongue down Heidi's neck. Heidi's head was thrown back, exposing her delicate throat to Julie. When Julie's tongue continued down to draw a pink nipple into her mouth, Heidi arched her body up into Julie's mouth and raised her head. As Julie sucked and nibbled her nipple, Heidi's green eyes, filled with sensuality and passion, were staring directly into my own. Her stare glued me to my seat, I couldn't move or look away. All thoughts of escaping the bedroom vanished from my mind. All that I knew were the intense feelings of pleasure, need and desire that Heidi's eyes were sending to me, with Julie's every movement.

Heidi tangled her fingers through Julie's silky hair and began moaning and talking to Julie, but all of her words seemed to be directed at me. Her excited voice sent shivers through me and made me breathless.

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   "Oh, Julie, yes . . . oooooh, I love to feel my titties in your hot mouth . . . Ah, ah, that's right . . . suck me hard . . . ah . . .

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   Oh, Julie, I need you . . . my pussy . . . my pussy is so hot and wet . . . lick my pussy, Julie, suck my clit . . . "

Julie raised up and looked over her shoulder at me. "Come on, Lynn," she ordered. "Come and sit next to me.

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Doubly shocked, I started thinking about leaving again, but then my eyes met Heidi's. She was my best friend and it just seemed like she needed me or something. I had to be a part of what was about to happen. Whatever it was, I couldn't say no, couldn't run away. I stood up and went over to the bed.

Heidi and Julie moved over to give me room to sit down. Julie pushed Heidi down on the bed and removed Heidi's shorts and panties. Heidi and I had been friends for years. I'd glimpsed her naked before, seen her changing her clothes, even showered with her. But this was so different. Her legs were spread, she was moaning for Julie to touch her, her pussy seemed bigger, puffier, red . . . it was definitely wet. I was wondering if her pussy was always like that .

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  . . mine wasn't like that . . .

Suddenly all three of us jumped, as someone started pounding on Heidi's door. We heard Heidi's brother, Will, shouting at her to turn her stereo down. I looked down at Heidi. Her brother had a huge temper and I knew that she was afraid of him. She took a couple of deep breaths and then shouted at Will to go away. Julie giggled at Heidi's response and removed her own shirt. Like Heidi, she was braless.

Julie looked at me and said, "See this?" She reached out and ran her hand over Heidi's pussy. "This is the split. " She ran her fingers up Heidi's slit and Heidi moaned.

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   "And it's time to starting licking. "

While I watched, she spread Heidi's pussy-lips wide and circled a little pink nubbin of flesh with her finger. Heidi stretched and moaned under her caress. "This is the clit. It feels really good when you touch it and lick it and suck it, better than anything you've ever felt before. Right, Heidi?"

"Yes, it feels so good. I want you to lick and suck my clit, Julie," Heidi begged.

"And this is the fuck-hole. " Julie's finger trailed down and started circling Heidi's entrance. "This is where guys put their dicks, but if you don't have a dick, then a finger will do just as well. " She rammed her finger deep into Heidi's hole and Heidi gave a loud cry of satisfaction and started bucking her hips and pushing her pussy against Julie's hand.

"Oh, that feels good, doesn't it, baby?" Julie purred to Heidi. Then she turned to me. "You're next, Lynn. I'm going to finger-fuck you and suck your clit so hard that you'll be back every day begging for more.



I gasped at Julie's threat but I didn't even think about leaving. I was intrigued and excited by what was happening. Heidi was enjoying what Julie was doing to her, with a kind of intense pleasure that I had never imagined existed. I couldn't wait to see what Julie would do to Heidi next, and what Heidi's response would be.

Julie dipped her head down and started licking and sucking Heidi's glistening little clit. I was mesmerized as I watched Julie's mouth move on Heidi's pussy and her finger pumping in and out of her little hole. Heidi was moaning and thrashing, pressing her cunt into Julie's face, moaning and begging for more.

Heidi's moans grew louder and Julie inserted a second finger into Heidi's pussy and finger-fucked her dripping hole as fast as she could. I watched as Heidi seemed to spasm, and with a loud cry fell back on the bed limp. Julie lifted her head from Heidi's pussy with a smile of domination and satisfaction. She looked at me. "Your turn. "

"No, wait, I . . .

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  " I started to move from the bed. I wasn't sure if I wanted to leave or stay. All of this was happening very fast and I needed some time to think about it, but Julie caught my arm and pulled me back down into the bed.

"Oh, no, Lynn. You promised, remember?" She pushed me down on the bed and, lifting my legs up onto the bed, she took off my sandals. I put one foot back down on the floor but she held my other leg. She trailed a hand up the inside of my leg, sending a shiver through me. I was wearing a short sundress, and she pushed the light material up above my panties. I looked over at Heidi for help but she was lying there half-dazed with a smile on her face, obviously prepared to enjoy the show.

I looked back at Julie and her hand moved back down and rubbed over my pussy through my panties. She looked up into my eyes. "You're all wet, Lynn. Is it the first time your pussy has been all hot and wet like this? I can tell it is. You're a good girl, aren't you, Lynn? Mommy and Daddy's good little girl, with a cold, cold little cunt. But your good girl pussy is hot now, isn't it, Lynn? Hot, and so, so wet.

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   Watching me fuck your friend really got you off, didn't it? Watching me finger her tight little hole and lick her hard pink clit. Oh, yeah, that made you so hot, I can feel how hot you are. It didn't take long to turn our cold little virgin into a hot slut, did it? You must have been a slut all this time, just waiting for someone to come along and get you all hot and wet and make you beg for it. Right, Lynn? Did it make you hot to see me fuck your friend? Were you thinking about what it would feel like to have my finger inside of you? What do you think it feels like to have someone suck on your clit? Mmmmm, I bet you can't wait to feel it. I know I can't wait to taste your pussy. "

She was right - I was wet. Wet and hot . . . Did that mean that I wanted her to do to me what she had done to Heidi? Was my pussy puffy and red like Heidi's had been? Was I a slut? Julie slipped a finger inside my panties and ran it up along my slit. Then, pushing her finger between my pussy-lips, she ran her finger back down. I gasped and bucked at the strange sensations that the touch of her finger sent shooting through me - little lightning bolts of pleasure that made it impossible for me to lie still. She took her finger out of my panties and raising it to her lips, sucking it into her mouth. "Mmmmm, delicious. I have to have more.



She moved my leg back up onto the bed and slipped off my panties. She spread my legs open and began rubbing and licking the insides of my thighs, coming close to my pussy but never touching it. It drove me crazy in no time. All that I could think of was how much I wanted her to touch my pussy again. I felt as if I were being tortured. I heard her voice as if from far away. "What do you want, Lynn? Do you want me to lick you and suck you and fuck you, like I did Heidi? Tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything you want. "

I let out a strangled cry. I couldn't comprehend what was happening to me but I knew that I needed whatever she was offering. I started begging. "Yes, please. Lick me . . .

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   and . . . and fuck me . . . please. Please, fuck me. Please!" I bucked my hips towards her face, crying out in frustration as she evaded my hungry pussy.

Suddenly she grabbed my thighs and pushed me down into the bed. Her face dove into my pussy and her mouth attacked my virgin clit. My clit was so virgin. I'd never even realized that it was there, let alone able to send huge bolts of hot pleasure through me. I was totally unprepared. I had no defenses against such unfamiliar sensations, no understanding of them and no way to control them.

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   I lay back on the bed, and as every lap of Julie's tongue on my pussy or stroke of her fingers on my thighs crashed through me, pleasure suffused every inch of my body.

All that I could do was lie there and moan and cry out at the wonderful new sensations that were flowing over me in waves, each better than the last. I felt a hand on my tummy and looked down through dazed eyes to see Heidi pushing my dress up. She pulled my bra down, letting my big titties pop free. She began kissing and licking my soft white flesh with her hot wet tongue while molding and squeezing with her hand.

The combined sensations were overwhelming. Heidi's ministrations intensified the pleasure of Julie's movements on my pussy. I had my first orgasm, squeezing Julie's head with my quivering thighs and crying out again and again in pleasure. Julie and Heidi did not stop. They continued to ravage my titties and pussy. Julie pushed a finger into my quivering virgin hole and finger-fucked me to two more orgasms while her hot little tongue licked and sucked my clit and I screamed in uncontrollable pleasure.

After that I lay on the bed trying to regain control of myself and watching as Heidi began licking Julie's pussy. I was just about to join in when Heidi's and Julie's brothers succeeded in picking the lock to the bedroom door.


I lay on the bed in the aftermath of my orgasms trying to catch my breath and collect myself. I was amazed by what had just happened.

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   Part of me couldn't believe any of it - was ready to reject all of it as inappropriate, disgusting, immoral. But I couldn't reject it - it had been too wonderful. I'd never felt anything so amazing - I'd never felt so satisfied. Was I really a slut like Julie had said? If this was what it felt like to be a slut then I guess I wouldn't complain. I lay there watching as Heidi began to kiss Julie and then work her way down to Julie's pussy. It was just so erotic and soon I knew that I had to join in. I sat up and removed my dress and bra and then moved over next to Julie and Heidi.

I was just reaching out a hand to fondle Julie's pert little titties when I looked up and noticed the door opening. Heidi's brother Will and Julie's brother Jake walked into the room. Will tossed a paperclip that he had straightened out to pick the lock with onto the floor. I was so shocked and scared that I was frozen, unable to move or say anything to warn Heidi and Julie. Will and Jake stood staring at the three of us on the bed until Julie noticed them standing there. For a moment Julie just smiled at them and put extra passion into her moans as Heidi ate her out. Finally she reached down and pushed Heidi's face out of her cunt.

Heidi wasn't nearly as bold as Julie.

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   When she noticed her brother and cousin standing there, she let out a little yelp and jumped back, landing in my lap. Jake locked the door and Will went over and turned the stereo off.

Will walked over to the bed, his eyes devouring the three of us. "Well, well, well," he said. "Look what we have here. Three little sluts all snug in a bed. "

"Will, get out of here!" Heidi shouted, her voice shaky with fear and the threat of tears.

"Oh, I don't think so, little sister. I have some questions to ask first. " Will sat on the bed next to us. "You see, I've been very worried about you. I heard strange noises in here. Moans and cries, even screaming . . .

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   I thought that someone was sick or hurt. But you aren't hurt, are you, Heidi? No, you're far from hurt. "

Will reached a hand out and began stroking Heidi's calf. Heidi jerked it away but Will slowly took her calf in his hand and moved it back to where it had been. This time his hand moved higher, his fingers caressing Heidi's inner thigh. Heidi began shaking. "So, tell me, Sis, how does it feel to eat your own cousin's pussy? How does it taste? Does Julie have a sweet cunt? The kind you just can't get enough of? Do you love to eat your cousin's pussy?"

Heidi was beginning to whimper but Will ignored her. He looked her body up and down, taking in her nakedness. After a struggle he forced her legs open wide and looked at her pussy.

"Oh, yeah, Baby Sister, you've got the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. Your little clit is just begging me to bite it, and I know your pussy must be begging for a real fuck from a real cock. Isn't that right, Heidi? Tell Big Brother what you want. Tell Big Brother you want a good fuck with his great big cock. " Will's hand moved higher and his fingers ran through the light hair of Heidi's pussy. He let out a little groan and then dipped his fingers between her pussy lips.

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   His fingers moved relentlessly, exploring his little sister's soft cunt.

"No, Will. Please, don't do this. Please, stop. " Heidi started to cry. She had landed on my lap when she'd jumped at the shock of seeing her brother and cousin. Now she was sitting between my legs, leaning back against my chest. She tried to pull away from Will, pushing closer to me and I put my arms around her, trying to protect her and to comfort her as she cried. I couldn't believe what Will was saying and doing to his own sister.

"Oh, no, Heidi, baby. I'm not going to stop. If you wanted so much to taste your cousin's pussy then I'm sure you'd just love to taste your brother's big cock, and Jake's too. " He played with her pussy lips for a few moments more and then looked up at her. "Isn't that right, you spoiled little bitch? Don't you want my cock in your pussy? Don't you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a guy instead of a girl? Don't you want the real thing?"

"Will, please, don't . .

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  . " Heidi continued pleading with her older brother but he ignored her.

"Too late, Heidi. You fucking deserve this. The way you walk around the house flaunting your body. You're begging for it. You're always begging for it and I should have given it to you long before this. I'll make up for it now. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll never forget it. "

Will stood up and quickly stripped off his clothes. Heidi and I stared in wonder at the first cock we had ever seen. It looked huge to our virgin eyes, over six inches, so much bigger than Julie's fingers . . . Big and throbbing, it looked like a weapon and Will was certainly wielding it like one.


   He grabbed Heidi's ankles and yanked her down on the bed until she was lying, still between my legs, with her head on my tummy. He spread her legs wide again and stroked his fingers up her inner thighs to her pussy. Spreading her pussy-lips wide open, he drank in the sight of her hot young pussy, a smile of triumph on his face as he contemplated conquering his sister.

"No, Will, please . . . " Heidi was still protesting, but I was surprised to hear a difference in her voice. The sight of a real cock, or the thought of being fucked by it or her own brother, was turning her on, whether she wanted it to or not.

Will knelt down between Heidi's legs and took her little breasts into his hands. "Perfect," he breathed. "Absolutely perfect. More beautiful than I ever imagined. " He caressed her titties, groaning in satisfaction as he watched her tiny pink nipples harden under his fingers. His hands slid down to Heidi's thighs and he spread open the lips of her pussy, drinking in the sight of the virgin cunt that he was about to make his own.

Will lowered his head to Heidi's pussy and slowly licked from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, tasting every inch of her.

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   After lapping her clit a few times, his tongue trailed back down to her hole. He circled her hole with his tongue and then pushed it up inside of her. He fucked her hole with his tongue, and Heidi started gasping and moaning. Heidi was enjoying things now, without a doubt. Remembering how good it had felt to have Heidi playing with my breasts while Julie ate my pussy, I began molding Heidi's breasts, pulling and pinching her hard little nipples.

Will sucked and lapped up Heidi's juices, enjoying the taste of his little sister's pussy. His tongue moved back up to her clit and swirled it around and around, lapped at it a few times and then drew it into his hot mouth to be sucked. The sight was so erotic that I couldn't help but buck my own hot hungry pussy up against Heidi's back.

Suddenly Heidi started shrieking and I looked down and saw her pink little clit caught between Will's gently biting teeth. I held Heidi tightly as she had an incredibly intense orgasm. As soon as her orgasm subsided, Will had his cock at Heidi's entrance. I watched him push the hard length of it into Heidi's tiny hole, my own pussy hot and jealous, begging for the same treatment.

I held onto Heidi tightly as she moaned, gasped and whimpered while her brother forced his big cock inside of her. He stopped moving for a moment and Heidi looked up at me.

"How does it feel?" I whispered, pushing her white-blonde hair away from her face.

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"It hurts a little and it's really big, but . . . it's good," she whispered back and then tensed up as Will started pumping her pussy slowly with his cock.

It didn't take long for Heidi to relax and start meeting her brother's thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his waist and I continued playing with her titties, wishing that I was beside Heidi so that I could taste her nipples. My pussy was almost unbearably hot from watching my best friend fuck her older brother right between my legs. I continued to buck my pussy up against Heidi's back but it just made me more frustrated.

Will started thrusting hard and fast, pushing Heidi against my pussy and tummy with each stroke. It made me breathless to watch them, I couldn't imagine how Heidi could stand having that huge cock plunging into her so hard and fast, but she was obviously loving it, moaning and crying out her pleasure to her brother, begging for more. Heidi suddenly grabbed my hands and pressed them harder into her titties as she had another orgasm.

Immediately after that, Will groaned and shot his load up into his baby sister. He collapsed on top of her and they both lay between my legs breathing heavily.

"Hey, Lynn!"

When I heard my name I looked around and saw Julie. With the excitingly erotic scene that had been played out in my lap, I'd completely forgotten that she and her brother Jake were in the room.


   I could see the top of Julie's body over the top of the bed, and from the way she was moving I figured that she must be riding her brother's cock.

"Lynn, your pussy must be on fire," Julie said between gasps. "Come and sit on Jake's face. "

I was a little taken aback by her suggestion but I was more than ready to try anything to get some relief. I slid out from under Heidi and moved to the side of the bed. I looked down at Jake and he smiled up at me.

"Come on down here, Lynn," he said, and I got off the bed and, with Jake's help, positioned my throbbing pussy over his mouth. His hot tongue started dancing on my clit and I started orgasming immediately. I grabbed his hair and pushed my pussy into his mouth, begging for more.

When I'd had enough, I collapsed onto the floor next to Julie. Up on the bed I could see Will sucking on Heidi's titties.

"You know, Lynn, with two of them and three of us, it really isn't fair," Julie said.

"Yeah, you're right," I panted.

"Don't you have a brother?" Julie asked.


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   Yeah, I do," I said.


[WILL SPEAKING] My cousin Jake and I were watching a baseball game on TV when the stereo started blaring in my little sister Heidi's bedroom. Immediately I started getting furious. We'd just spent two weeks with Jake and his sister Julie, and the two girls had had the stereo cranked up almost the whole time. Since we were visiting. I'd felt that it was Jake's place to tell his sister to turn the music down, but he never did. Now I just couldn't believe it. Ever since she hit her teens, my spoiled-brat of a little sister pissed me off countless times every day but Jake never seemed to be bothered by anything that Julie did. And if anything, Julie had to be ten times as worse as Heidi.

I turned the volume up on the TV and tried to ignore the noise. I didn't want to look like I couldn't control myself in front of Jake. But I just couldn't do it. I kept picturing those silly girls up there in my sister's room. They were probably trying on clothes or putting on make-up or dancing around to the music. They were so spoiled and they weren't thinking twice about how the music might be bothering other people.

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   I finally couldn't take it anymore. I went upstairs and pounded on Heidi's door and shouted at her to turn the volume down. After a few seconds I heard her shouting at me to go away.

I stood there for a few minutes, totally pissed off. I tried her door but it was locked. I weighed my options, but the only thing I could really do would be to keep pounding on her door. I was about to give her door a strong kick and then go get Jake and head to the park to shoot some hoops, when I heard a noise from inside Heidi's bedroom.

It was some kind of cry, and the first thing that went through my head was that someone was hurt. I knew that Heidi was in there with her best friend, Lynn, and our cousin, Julie. They were probably dancing around and someone fell down or something. I was about to knock and see if everyone was okay when I heard the noise again.

I stopped dead. I recognized the sound. It was the sound a girl makes when she's being fucked. I stood there for a few more seconds in disbelief, then I heard the sound again.

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   Only louder.

I pictured them in there. My beautiful little sister with her white-blonde hair and green eyes, my cousin who was almost identical to my sister, and my sister's friend, Lynn, a hot little redhead with nice big tits. The three little sluts must be in there masturbating together, or even better, they could be eating each other out and finger-fucking. My cock was getting hard fast as the moans continued and all that I could think about was getting into that room.

I ran back downstairs to the living room. "Hey, Jake," I said, "it looks like our little sisters are growing up. "

"What?" he asked.

"They're up there getting off together. "

"Shit!" he exclaimed and stood up from the couch.

"Yeah, the door's locked but I bet we can pick the lock," I said.

After listening at the bedroom door for a few minutes, we got a hairpin out of the bathroom and started trying to pick the lock but it wouldn't work. The hairpin wasn't strong enough and our hands were just too shaky from listening to the sounds coming out of that room and picturing what was going on inside the bedroom.

Finally Jake said, "Shit, I can't take this anymore" and pulled his hard cock out of his shorts. He started pulling hard on his dick and I gave up on the lock and went to work on my own cock.

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   Jake can get off faster than anyone I've ever known, in no time he was shooting a thick load of cum all over the door to my little sister's bedroom. As I too shot cum all over Heidi's bedroom door, someone - it sounded like it was probably Lynn - started screaming in orgasm.

I shoved my cock back into my shorts and Jake said, "Fuck, we have got to get in there. I am going to shove my cock into whoever is screaming like that. "

I agreed, and we went searching for a better tool to pick the lock with, rummaging through the house. It seemed like it took forever but we finally found a paperclip and bent it straight. The paperclip worked. I opened the door and we stepped into the room. All three girls were on the bed. My little sister had her head between Julie's legs and Lynn was sitting next to them. She looked like she was about to grab a handful of Julie's little titties. Lynn noticed us right away and just stared in shock. Julie noticed us next and the little slut smiled and started moaning even louder, putting on a show for us. I looked over at Jake. He was going to get it easy.

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Julie pushed Heidi's face out of her pussy and my little sister sat up, her lips and face glistening with our cousin's sweet juices. As soon as Heidi saw us she gave a little yell and jumped back, landing in Lynn's lap. It was time to get things started.

Jake locked the door and went after his little sister. Julie jumped off the bed to confront Jake. It looked like she wanted a good old-fashioned fight before she was going to submit.

I went and turned the stereo off and then went over to the bed. I looked at the two girls who were still sitting on the bed. They were beautiful, half-lying there naked. Heidi's long white-blonde hair was tousled around her perfect face. Her green eyes were sparkling with fear, nervousness and defiance. I looked at her little titties with their pretty pink nipples, her long legs and the little bit of blonde bush showing at the juncture of her thighs. She was sitting in her best friend Lynn's lap. I looked at Lynn's big titties, they had huge nipples that were just begging to be sucked. Lynn's long red hair cascaded around her face and her hazel eyes looked mesmerized with shock and embarrassment.

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   My cock was hard again and ready to plow into both of them.

"Well, well, well," I said. "Look what we have here. Three little sluts all snug in a bed. "

Heidi scrunched up her adorable little face and shouted, "Will, get out of here!"

"Oh, I don't think so, Little Sister. I have some questions to ask first," I said, sitting next to the two naked little sluts. "You see, I've been very worried about you. I heard strange noises in here. Moans and cries, even screaming . . . I thought that someone was sick or hurt. But you aren't hurt, are you, Heidi? No, you're far from hurt. "

I started rubbing Heidi's lower leg but she jerked it away from me. I just smiled at her and slowly took the leg back.

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   I knew what I wanted. I'd wanted to bury my cock in my own little sister since she hit puberty, and after this little scene there was no way that I was going to let her get away. She was a hot little slut who obviously needed it bad and there was no one who could give it to her better than big brother.

I started rubbing her inner thigh, it was all I could do not to dive into that gorgeous cunt, but I wanted to tease her first. "So tell me, Sis," I said. "How does it feel to eat your own cousin's pussy? How does it taste? Does Julie have a sweet cunt? The kind you just can't get enough of? Do you just love to eat your cousin's pussy?"

She didn't answer of course, she just started whimpering. Shaking and whimpering. I didn't let it bother me. I took the opportunity to take another look at my little sister lying naked on the bed in front of me. Her soft white skin, her little titties with their pink nipples. She was so perfect. I grabbed her knees and forced her legs open to get a good look at her lovely little cunt.

"Oh yeah, Baby Sister," I said, "you've got the prettiest little pussy I've ever seen. Your little clit is just begging me to bite it, and I know your pussy must be begging for a real fuck from a real cock. Isn't that right, Heidi? Tell Big Brother what you want.


   Tell Big Brother you want a good fuck with his great big cock. "

I finally reached out and touched her perfect little pussy, running my fingers through its crisp blonde hair. It was a dream come true. I'd been watching my little sister's body maturing for a few years. Watching her titties grow and her hips start to curve. I'd jacked off a million times thinking about seeing her pussy, and now I was seeing it and touching it and soon I'd be tasting it and fucking it. I slipped my fingers between the soft, hot lips of her pussy, feeling her heat and wetness. I explored every centimeter of her pussy with my fingers. I'd never touched a pussy so hot and soft.

She started crying and said, "No, Will. Please, don't do this. Please, stop. " I looked up at her and watched as Lynn put her arms around her. I had two beautiful teenage sluts lying naked on a bed in front of me. There was no way in hell I was going to stop.

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"Oh, no, Heidi, baby. I'm not going to stop. If you wanted so much to taste your cousin's pussy, then I'm sure you'd just love to taste your brother's big cock, and Jake's too. " I kept playing with her hot little pussy. I couldn't get enough of the soft, slick feel of it against my fingers. "Isn't that right, you spoiled little bitch? Don't you want my cock in your pussy? Don't you want to know what it feels like to be fucked by a guy instead of a girl? Don't you want the real thing?"

She started begging me to stop but I ignored her. "Too late, Heidi. You fucking deserve this. The way you walk around the house, flaunting your body. You're begging for it. You're always begging for it and I should have given it to you long before this. I'll make up for it now. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll never forget it. "

I stood up and took off my clothes. I watched the two beautiful naked virgins on the bed staring at my hard cock, probably the first they'd ever seen.

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   Their eyes were wide with amazement and lust. I moved back to the bed and grabbed Heidi's ankles and yanked her to where she was lying down but her head was still up against Lynn's stomach. I wanted to be able to look at both of them as I fucked her sweet cunt. I spread her legs open wide and looked at her perfect little pussy.

I rubbed my hands over the smooth skin of her legs and made my way up to her pussy. I opened up the lips of her pussy, getting a good look at the cunt that I was about to fuck for all that I was worth.

"No, Will, please . . . " I heard Heidi saying, but her voice was telling me a different story . . . Her voice was begging me to take her.

I knelt up between her legs and cupped her breasts. They were perfect and I told her so.


   "More beautiful than I ever imagined. " I loved the feel of her soft skin in my hands. I'd had my hands up quite a few shirts in my time, but I'd never been so pleased to feel nipples getting hard in my hands. I would have loved to spend a lifetime playing with those perfect titties, but that sweet virgin pussy was too much to ignore. I had to have it, taste it, feel my cock in it, fuck it over and over again.

I spread her pussy open again, taking one last look at her virgin cunt before I was going to plow my cock into it. I was going to make her mine, and after this it wouldn't matter who had her - she would always remember that I was her first and that I owned her pussy. She would be mine forever.

I set my face between those soft white thighs and began licking and tasting every inch of her pussy, from bottom to top, ending with a few well-placed strokes on her clit. She was getting hotter every second, and the smell and taste of her was driving me crazy. I moved back down to her dripping hole, licking up her sweet juices and fucking her with my tongue.

Fucking her with my tongue drove me crazy, all that I wanted to do was replace my tongue with my cock and fill her with a huge load of cum. Heidi really liked the tongue-fucking. She was moaning and pushing that sweet pussy into my mouth, trying to get my tongue as deep inside of her as possible. I glanced up and noticed that her gorgeous friend Lynn had started playing with Heidi's little titties.

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   Heidi was melting in my mouth and I knew that she would be coming soon. I drank up more of her hot juice and then moved back up to her clit. After stroking it a bit, I began sucking on it. Heidi was moaning and squealing - she was going to explode any moment. I drew her delicate pink nubbin into my mouth and gently bit it with my teeth. Heidi went wild. She began shrieking and had a huge orgasm. I'd never felt so triumphant. I just kept thinking that she was mine now, all mine.

I was ready with my cock as soon as Heidi's orgasm was over. As much as I wanted to lose control and ram it up into her, I knew that I had to go slowly. I eased my cock into the tight clasp of her hot wet pussy. I could tell that it was hurting her - she was tense and whimpering. When I was deep inside of her, I stopped and gave her a few moments to get used to the feel of me inside of her. When I heard her whispering to Lynn that it felt good, I began to fuck her with slow short strokes.

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   It wasn't long until she was soft and pliant again beneath me. She began meeting my thrusts and wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing me as deeply inside of herself as possible.

I started fucking her fast and hard, her tight hot pussy gripping my cock with each stroke. I loved the sound of her moaning. I looked down at her beautiful face, flushed and contorted with the pleasure that my cock was giving her. Lynn's hands were playing with Heidi's nipples and Lynn's own large titties were right above Heidi's head. Every hard stroke of my cock drove Heidi into Lynn's stomach and Lynn's titties would bounce and jiggle.

Heidi started orgasming, her pussy munching on my cock. It was more than any man could take. I shot my jism deep inside of her with one powerful thrust. I laid down on top of her, my softening cock still in her hot cunt, which was still quivering with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She was mine all right. After this she would know where to come whenever she got an itching to be fucked, and I would always be ready and waiting.


[JAKE SPEAKING] I was sitting watching a baseball game with my cousin Will in his living room one summer. It was the tradition for Will and his little sister Heidi to spend a couple of weeks at our house and then for us to spend two weeks at their house.

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   It was our second day at Will's when we heard the stereo turn on in Heidi's room and someone crank it up full blast.

Will turned the TV up and we kept watching the baseball game but I could tell that the noise was really bothering him. He had a thing for his little sister and I couldn't blame him. She and my sister were almost identical. Medium height, very thin with small breasts, long white-blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes.

I've been wanting to fuck my sister for as long as I can remember, and I'd probably admit it to most people, but Will was ashamed of the fact that he wanted to fuck his own sister. He'd never admitted it to anyone, me included. He even mostly denied it to himself. But he saw his sexy sister all the time and all of that desire had to go somewhere. Generally it turned into anger. It never took him long to get totally pissed off at Heidi for being a regular teenage girl.

This time was no different. He finally tossed the remote control down and stormed off upstairs to confront his sister in a rage of sexual frustration. I waited around in the living room. He was gone for awhile and when he got back the stereo was still blaring.

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"Hey, Jake," he said, "it looks like our little sisters are growing up. "

"What?" I asked, wondering what in the hell he was talking about.

"They're up there getting off together," he answered.

"Shit!" I said and jumped up off the couch. I couldn't believe that our little sisters were up there playing with their pussies together.

"Yeah," Will said, "the door's locked but I can hear them in there. I bet we can pick the lock. "

I followed Will upstairs to Heidi's bedroom and we listened to their moans for awhile. Then we got a hairpin from the bathroom and went to pick the lock. It was a hopeless situation. The hairpin was too weak and we were just way too turned on to get anything done. Will was like an animal in a trap chewing its own leg off to escape. I knew that he was so intent on getting into that bedroom and getting at his sister's young cunt that he wasn't thinking straight. He'd just keep trying to pick the lock, when what he needed to do was shoot a load, calm down and think straight.

I took the situation into my own hands and said, "Shit, I can't take this anymore.

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Will looked up and I pulled my hard cock out of my shorts. I started pounding my cock and I watched Will drop his shorts and start doing the same. I came hard and fast, shooting globs of white cum all over Heidi's bedroom door. He shot his load all over his sister's door just as I had done. I watched him looking at the cum-stained door and smiling. He was marking his territory, claiming his little sister as his own, admitting to himself that he was going to go in there and fuck his own sister, whether she wanted it or not.

We listened as the moans in the bedroom turned to screams of passion. The sound went right through me. I wanted to ram my cock into the girl who was screaming like that and make her scream for me. I looked at Will and said, "Fuck, we have got to get in there. I am going to shove my cock into whoever is screaming like that. "

Will felt the same and we went to look for something else to pick the lock with. We finally got a paperclip and succeeded in picking the lock. Will opened the bedroom door and we stepped inside. The scene was amazing.

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   Three beautiful teenage girls lying naked on a bed. My sister Julie was lying on her back with our cousin Heidi's head between her legs. It looked like Heidi's friend Lynn was about to join in the fun.

Lynn noticed us first and just sat and stared, frozen. Then Julie saw us. The little slut actually smiled and started moaning even louder, working her pussy against Heidi's mouth. After a few moments she pushed Heidi away from her cunt. Heidi sat up, her face covered in my little sister's juices. She gave a surprised yelp and jumped back, into her friend's lap.

I turned around and locked the door and Will went to turn off the stereo. When I turned back to the bed Julie jumped off the bed to meet me. The little fuck-slut was ready for a fight. I'd always known that she was going to be a slut, even when she was a little girl. She had this way about her. She knew that she was beautiful and I could always tell that with every move she made she was aware of her pussy.

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I'd seen her bald little pussy many times when we were growing up. Our mother bathed us together when we were small. We'd play doctor and 'you show me yours' and one summer after our mother started working and we had the house to ourselves all day long, we started taking baths together again. We called it 'swimming' but we always did it nude and spent a lot of time staring at each other's private parts. I loved the look she got in her eyes when she stared at my dick and I could tell that she loved me looking at her naked body. Then one day we actually washed each other. I can still remember the feel of Julie's smooth young skin under my soapy hand. I spent a lot of time washing her bald little cunt, feeling her lips and her clit and her hole. I remember the sounds of her soft sighs and moans as I touched her most sensitive places. She did the same to me, I loved the feel of her small hands on my cock. It made me so hard I was in pain.

That was the last time that we bathed together. That night I jacked off at the memory of it and came for the first time in my life. I didn't want Julie to see me cum, so when she asked if we could take a bath together again I refused. I know that it really hurt her and pissed her off.


   She asked me again and again and I just kept saying no. I'm sure that that's when she started masturbating. She'd liked the feel of my hands on her pussy so she tried it for herself. I sensed a change in her soon. She was more mature and more comfortable with her body. It made my cock so hard to know that she was getting herself off, to watch her body developing. I'd sneak into her room and go through her laundry hamper, looking for juice-soaked panties to jack off with - I was rarely disappointed.

I knew that she was a slut, even though she was a virgin. I knew that she had a hot pussy that needed a cock in it but I kept telling myself that I didn't want to start something like that. But after hearing that she was getting off with other girls, the thought of it was just too much. I was going to have that naughty pussy. I stood close to her and looked down into her beautiful green eyes. "What are you doing, Julie?" I asked, reaching my hands out and rubbing my fingers over her nipples. Her eyes closed a little and I could see the pleasure rippling through her. "Teaching bad habits to little girls?"


I could see that she was trying to make me angry, but under that, I could see that she was still hurt because I had stopped taking baths with her - I'd rejected her.

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"Julie. " I stepped closer, pressing against her naked body and putting my hand between her legs. I fingered her soft wet pussy-lips, I could feel our bodies heating up where they came into contact. "I've found your pussy interesting since you were just a little girl. I can't tell you all the things I've dreamed about doing to your pussy. "

She gave a little moan and pressed her pussy into my fingers for a moment, but then she stepped back angrily and said, "What makes you think I'm going to give it to you? You wouldn't know what to do with a pussy. "

My blood started racing faster and my cock got harder. The little slut wanted more of a fight. She wanted me to take it from her. I smiled at her and moved forward, grabbing her and pressing her close, rubbing the bulge of my cock into her stomach. "Oh, I've got experience with pussies, Little Sister. More experience than any of these little girls. I don't think your pussy is going to be disappointed. "

I pulled away from her a little so that I could slip my hand between us and get another handful of that sweet wet cunt, but she started fighting me, pushing and slapping my hands away from her beautiful body. I went after her and after a brief struggle I forced her arms behind her back and held them together with one hand around her wrists.

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   I pulled her close to me again and whispered in her ear, "You can stop fighting me right now, Julie. I've been waiting for you for too long. You've been walking around with your sexy body just begging for someone to fuck the shit out of you and now I'm gonna do it. Big Brother is gonna take his big cock and ram it up your sweet box and there isn't anything that you can do about. So you might as well lie back and enjoy it. "

I put my other hand behind her and rubbed it over her firm round ass. She struggled a little and I gave her ass a few hard slaps. She looked up at me in shock. I could tell that she was shocked by the fact that I'd slapped her, but she was also shocked by the fact that she'd enjoyed it. It must have sent streaks of fire shooting straight to her little cunt, making her hot and wet. I looked into her big green eyes and chuckled, knowing exactly what my touch was doing to her, what was happening to her young body.

She was still and quiet for a moment, taking in what my look and my laugh had meant. She realized that I was the one in control, even if she was the one who asked for the fight. Even if she had wanted the fight, even if she wanted the fuck, I was still the one in control. I saw the anger rising in her eyes as her plan backfired, and she started struggling for real.


   I held her squirming body tightly against me and gave her ass a few more hard slaps. I wouldn't be able to hold her wrists with just one hand for long. I looked around my cousin's bedroom and saw a pink scarf draped over a lampshade. I pushed my sister backwards, grabbed the scarf and started tying her hands together behind her with it.

"You fucking cock-sucker," she hissed. "Is this the only way that you can get pussy? Tying girls up?"

I finished tying her wrists tightly together. I grabbed her pretty little face with my hand and forced her to look into my eyes. "There are quite a few ways to get pussy, Little Sister. I'm just giving you the one that you begged for. " I gave her ass three extra-hard slaps. "Now you shut your fucking mouth before I slap your face instead of your ass. I don't like hearing dirty words like cock-sucker coming out of my pretty little sister's mouth. You shut your mouth and take what I give you. You shut your mouth and take everything that you've been begging for. "

I held her away from me with one hand on her shoulder and reached out a hand to her pale little titties.

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   I ran my hand all over her soft skin, pinching and pulling at her pink nipples. "Oh, yeah, Julie. You have beautiful little titties and your nipples are so responsive. Look how hard they are already. You must want it bad, huh, Little Sister? Your pussy must be so hot and wet, aching for my big cock. "

I leaned down and took one of her tits into my mouth. The softness of her skin, the hardness of her nipple - she was delicious. I started sucking her hard and reached my hands around to cup and knead her ass-cheeks. She was moaning in no time, bucking her young pussy blindly towards me, wanting it to be sucked and fucked.

I pushed her down so that she was lying on the floor, her bound hands beneath her. I pushed her knees up and spread her legs wide open for my inspection. I looked at her pussy. It was covered with a sparse blonde bush. Her cunt-lips and clit were red and swollen and drenched with glistening wetness, just begging to be licked and fucked. Below her pussy her little rosebud asshole waited quietly - she had probably never thought of paying it any attention.

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I trailed my fingers through the wet lips of her pussy and brought them to my lips to suck off her sweet juices. "Your pussy is delicious, Julie dear. " I said and reached down to coat my fingers in her fuck-juices again. I brought my hand to her mouth and watched as her tongue lapped my sticky fingers and she tasted her own cunt.

It was more than I could stand. I buried my face in her perfect pussy, licking and sucking up all of her juices, tonguing her asshole and sucking hard on her clit until her pussy gushed more juices as it orgasmed under my mouth and tongue. She lay gasping on the floor and I sat up and looked around.

I saw a hairbrush on the nightstand and I grabbed it and shoved the handle up her quivering cunt. The handle was long and rounded, the kind that's covered with rubber and little nubs for extra grip. I started fucking it in and out of her pussy and diddling her clit with my other hand. Her hips bucked and she kept moaning and fucked the hell out of that hairbrush. I watched her face and her pussy as she had another orgasm.

When her orgasm was over I pulled the hairbrush out of her pussy and licked her cum off of it. She lay on the floor looking up at me in a sexual daze, watching me licking that hairbrush like a Popsicle. "Oh, God, Jake," she moaned.

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   "I want you to fuck me with your cock. Please fuck my pussy with your cock. "

I dropped the hairbrush and stood up to remove my clothes. When I was naked, standing there with my cock hard as hell and slapping up against my stomach, I looked down at my beautiful little sister. She was all sexy and relaxed from her two orgasms. Her legs were spread, just waiting for me to shove my cock in her and fuck her to another orgasm. She was staring at my cock in wonder and I could see her stomach muscles and pussy muscles flexing as she imagined it deep inside of her.

I knelt down beside her and sat her up to remove the scarf. Then I lay down on the floor. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"I've done enough of the work for today," I said. "If you want my cock you're going to have to climb on, ram your hot pussy down on it and fuck it yourself. "

She looked at my cock for a few moments and then went to straddle me. Her little hands hesitantly gripped my cock and guided it to her pussy. I moaned as her hot velvet wetness slid down over my raging cock.

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   I held her hips to steady her as she moved experimentally over my cock. It wasn't long before she'd gotten the hang of it and started working my cock with her cunt. I lay back and enjoyed, playing with her little titties and squeezing her pink nipples.

After a few minutes she called Heidi's friend Lynn to come and sit on my face. I'd completely forgotten about the others on the bed. Lynn's face peeked over the side of the bed, I could see the frustration on her face.

"Come on down here, Lynn," I invited, and she got off the bed and sat on my face. She must have just been a spectator up on the bed with Will and Heidi because her pussy was ready to pop. She was so hot she started orgasming almost immediately, grinding her softness into my mouth, juices streaming out of her pulsating hole.

With a beautiful redhead riding my mouth and my little sister's virgin pussy riding my cock, it wasn't long before I shot my load up into my sister's box. Julie slowed down as my cock softened inside her. She slid off of me and lay beside me, slowly stroking her hand over my stomach and thighs. Lynn's hot pussy finally got enough of riding my face and she lay on the floor next to Julie.

I lay there for awhile just taking in the loveliness of those two young teenage bodies. Then I moved over and put a hand on Lynn's pussy - there was still one virgin who had not been deflowered.

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   Lynn looked down at my hand stroking her pussy and then up into my eyes. "Oh, yes . . . " she sighed. "But don't . . . don't go all the way. I want to save my cherry for my brother. "

"Yeah, no problem, Lynn," I said and buried my face in that sweet pussy again. As I sucked on Lynn's clit, I watched my sister's small hands playing with Lynn's big titties. I knew that soon those hands would be wrapped around my cock. Soon my cock would be in her mouth. I moaned into Lynn's delicious cunt and imagined the pleasant surprise that her older brother was going to get from his own little sister.

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[LYNN SPEAKING] I lay on the floor next to Julie and Jake, thinking. Things had gone so fast. Two hours ago I'd only been kissed by a couple of boys and now . . . now I'd watched my best friend, Heidi, being eaten out by her cousin Julie, and then Julie had eaten me out, giving me my first orgasms ever. And there was more, Heidi and Julie's two brothers had picked the lock to the bedroom and joined us. I'd watched Heidi being licked and fucked by her own big brother, Will, while she was lying against me. It had turned me on so much, the only way that I could get satisfaction was to sit on Jake's face while his little sister, Julie, rode his cock.

That was the problem. With two guys and three girls, there just wasn't enough cock to go around. But did I want to invite my older brother, Shane, to join us? Could I even get up the nerve to do it? Did I even want to go all the way with anyone?

I looked up at the bed. Heidi and Will had started fucking again. I watched Heidi - the looks on her face and the way she moved her body - and I listened to her moans and her voice begging her big brother to fuck her hard. She was obviously having a lot of fun, being totally pleasured.

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   And the fact that it was her own brother doing it to her, it was just so naughty and nasty. I pictured Shane fucking me the way that Will was fucking Heidi - and I knew that I had to have it.

I felt a hand between my legs and I looked up to see Julie's brother, Jake, fingering my pussy. "Oh, yes . . . " I sighed. "But don't . . . don't go all the way. I want to save my cherry for my brother. "

"Okay, whatever you want, Lynn," Jake said, and he cupped my ass-cheeks in his hands and started eating me instead. I moaned and sighed, pushing my cunt against his face. His strong tongue licked over my pussy-lips, lapped at my clit and poked up into my aching hole.



Julie started sucking on my big pink nipples. "It's so funny that we'll all have our virginity taken by our big brothers, Lynn. You know it's so bad, but it feels so good . . . soooo good," Julie said. She began pinching my nipples with her fingers and moved up to kiss me. "Just think about Shane fucking your hot wet pussy with his big hard cock. Your own brother. And after that you can bring him over here. We'll have three brothers and three little sisters and we'll fuck all day long. Isn't that what you want, Lynn? Don't you want your big brother to fuck your pussy, and to watch him fucking your friends?"

"Yes," I moaned. "Yes . . .

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Jake slipped a finger into my pussy and started finger-fucking me while he sucked hard on my clit. Julie continued to kiss me and play with my titties and I moaned into her mouth as my pussy orgasmed around her big brother's finger.

We spent the rest of the afternoon fucking and sucking. Will and Jake taught us how to give head. We giggled as we watched each other sucking on the big cocks and tasting the hot white cum that came spurting out. I was suddenly absolutely in love with bodies. I couldn't get enough of touching the other guys and girls or of having their bodies touching me.

Our orgy finally had to end. We cleaned up Heidi's bedroom and made ourselves presentable before Heidi and Will's parents got home from work. I said goodbye and everyone wished me luck seducing my big brother.

When I got home some of my elation drained out of me. In the house that I had grown up in, the things that I had done that afternoon at Heidi's seemed impossibly far away. Shane was in the family room playing video games. He asked me how Heidi and Will's vacation had gone. He was so normal.

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   How was I supposed to break past that? It seemed impossible. Feeling more depressed and tired by the minute, I went upstairs to my room and took a nap until dinner.

As I lay there trying to fall asleep I was doubting my plan of seducing Shane. Maybe I would have to get Julie and Heidi to help me with it? Maybe I would just have to forget it . . . I woke up with my own hand in my panties, fingering my wet pussy in my sleep. My mother was calling me down for dinner. I hurried to wash my hands and rush downstairs, my pussy wet and aching to be satisfied.

At dinner it was all that I could do to keep my eyes off of Shane - my hungry pussy seemed to be calling his name. Like me, he had dark red hair and beautiful hazel eyes. I'd always thought he was handsome but I had never once had any sexual thoughts about him. Now that I knew the pleasure that I could find in the body of another person, all that I could think about was tearing Shane's clothes off and begging him to fuck me.

What would it feel like to have my big brother touching my body? What would his mouth feel like on my pussy? What would his cock feel like deep inside of me? What would his mouth and his cock and his cum taste like?

At dinner I couldn't wait to find out the answers to those questions, they were all that I could think about. But by bedtime I was more nervous than anything.


   I lay in my bed staring at my ceiling, trying to figure out how I could approach Shane. He was always so calm and level-headed, always thinking of the right thing to do. This certainly wasn't the right thing to do. I was going to be asking him, begging him, to fuck his own little sister. It was definitely morally wrong and it was probably even illegal. How was I supposed to get him to forget about everything and just fuck me?

I couldn't find an answer and I eventually fell asleep. About two hours later I was shocked wide awake by a loud clap of thunder. It was a storm, a really big storm. I lay in my bed fighting my usual fear of storms when it suddenly occurred to me that I had the solution to my problem. I forgot all of my fear as I jumped out of my bed. When I was a little girl I used to go and get into bed with Shane whenever there was a storm. I hadn't done it in years but it was the perfect excuse to get me into my big brother's bed now.

I started out of my room but then I turned back. If I was going to do this I had to do it right. I slipped off my pajama bottoms and panties, leaving only my thin white pajama top that fell just below my ass.

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   As I climbed the stairs to my brother's attic bedroom, I thanked fate that my parents' bedroom was on the first floor, two floors below Shane's bedroom. We wouldn't have to worry about them hearing anything.

There was a little light showing under the door and I slowly pushed it open. Shane was sitting in bed reading a book, the only light was his bedside lamp. He hadn't noticed me opening his door.

"Shane . . . " I called out quietly and the same moment that he looked up a loud crack of thunder filled the room. I cringed and said, "Can I sleep with you tonight? Please?"

He shook his head at my childishness. "Aren't you a little too old for this, Lynn? I thought you'd gotten over your fear of storms?"

"Well . . . I mostly had. But it's such a big storm and I'm really scared and I know that I won't be able to sleep alone.

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   Please, Shane," I pleaded.

"All right," he said and I crossed the room and crawled into bed with him. He started putting his book away and I stopped him.

"No, Shane, that's okay. You don't have to stop reading, the light won't bother me. I'm so tired I should fall right asleep," I said and he opened his book back up and started reading.

I lay on my side with my back to him. My heart was pounding, I was so nervous. As soon as I heard another clap of thunder I made a little sound of fear, rolled over onto my stomach and covered my head with my arms. I lay still. My movement had been perfect, I could feel the night air against my bare asscheeks. My round white ass was exposed to my brother's eyes. And I knew that he had seen, that he was probably still staring at it wondering what to do. Normally he would be telling me to calm down, not to be afraid of the storm, but he was totally silent, shocked by the sight of my naked ass.

Another loud clap of thunder filled the room and I spun around and latched onto Shane.

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   I threw a leg across his legs and wrapped an arm around his chest. I could feel my pussy pressing against the bare skin of his leg and I knew that he had to feel it too, he was rigid with tension.

"Shane! Shane, were you counting? Were you counting to see how far away the lightning is? Is it very close?" I didn't have to try to make my voice sound scared. I was filled with nervousness and the feel of my pussy pressed against Shane's leg was sending white-hot desire shooting through me. There was no way that I would have been able to keep my voice even.

When Shane didn't answer I pressed even closer to him and started rubbing his chest with the arm that encircled him. "What's the matter, Shane? Are you scared too? Is it that close? Oh God . . . "

He finally got some control over himself. He began stroking my back, comfortingly, but I could feel the tension in his hand. "No . . . no.

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   It's okay, Lynn. Just calm down, it's not very close. "

"Okay . . . okay," I said, but I continued to lie there with my head on his chest and my cunt pressed against his leg, my hand stroking his chest. Shane kept stroking my back.

After a few minutes he squirmed a little beneath me, his leg rubbing and pressing for a split second against my pussy. It was all that I could do not to moan aloud and grind my aching pussy against his leg. I looked down and noticed the reason that he had squirmed. I could see his hard-on straining against his boxers.

It was exhilarating to know that my big brother wanted me, but I knew that I had to make my move soon. If I didn't, he'd be making an excuse to get me out of his bed or to go to the bathroom and jack off. I raised up slowly, leaving my leg thrown across him, making sure that my pussy remained snug against his leg.

"Shane, thank you for helping me tonight.

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   You're such a good brother, you always do all that you can for me. I want you to know that I appreciate it and that I love you," I said and then leaned forward to kiss him gently on the lips. Then I hugged him, pressing my face into the curve of his neck and my breasts against his chest. I remained like that, with an arm around him and a hand softly stroking his neck. "I'm going to miss you so much, it will be so lonely around here. It didn't bother me when Margot left for college, but I'm so much closer to you than to Margot. And Margot never comes home in the summers. Promise me that you'll come home in the summers, Shane. Promise you'll come back to see me. When you go I'll be the only one left, I'll be so lonely. I love you so much, Shane, I'll miss you so much when you go. Promise me . . . promise me .

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  . . "

I raised up and started kissing his soft delicious lips. He didn't respond at first. He put his hands on my waist as if he was going to push me away. "Oh, Shane, please . . . please kiss me, please love me. I want you so much. "

I went back to kissing him and he started kissing me back. His tongue licked over my lips and I opened my mouth to his exploration, loving the feel of his tongue against mine, loving the taste of him. His hands pulled my top up behind me and began cupping and kneading my ass. It felt so good, I moaned into his mouth and pressed my pussy against his strong thigh. I felt his hard cock pressing against my leg.

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   I raised up and looked into his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Shane . . . Shane, I can tell that you want me," I bent and kissed him again, then pulled away from him and moved so that I was straddling him. I reached up and removed my white pajama top, letting my big titties swing free. I saw the delight and desire in his eyes as he looked at my tits. He reached up his hands and began playing with my large nipples. I threw back my head and moaned. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have my big brother touching my titties. It was making me so hot. I started stroking his hard cock through his boxers, it felt so big . . . "And I want you, too.


   I want you so much. I want you to touch me and kiss me all over. But we have all night for that. Right now I want you to spread my legs and fuck me hard with your big cock. "

"Oh, Lynn, you are so beautiful. " He cupped my titties in his hands and leaned forward to suck on my hard, sensitive nipples. I grabbed his head and held him to my breasts, enjoying his hot mouth licking, sucking and nibbling. It made me so hot, my pussy was dripping juices all over his muscular thigh, begging to be fucked.

Finally I couldn't stand it anymore. I pushed his hands away and pulled off his t-shirt and his boxers. I let my hand stroke his thick cock lightly and then I lay back opposite him and spread my legs wide. "Come on, Big Brother, Little Sister's pussy wants your big cock. Come and fill me with your cock, Shane. Come and give me what I want. "

He moved over me and I felt the hot tip of his cock at my wet opening.

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